Secret Adventures of Leila

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Leila had been in love with David ever since she was 17. But being in the kind of conservative community they came from, there was no way she could do anything about it. She talked to him once in a while when they met alone in the village fields and felt comfortable with him. And because he never took advantage of her meeting him alone, she grew to trust him over the years.

David understood her feelings but chose not to act on it because he felt that she was too young and vulnerable. She wouldn’t be able to handle it, he thought. But over the years, David had become strongly attracted to her and had several fantasies of what they might do together.

During their long walks in the fields David often questioned and provoked Leila’s beliefs about what love and sex were about. And she would spend the next few weeks just pondering on where she got her ideals and morals from. Sometimes they would discuss a hypothetical situation where they would act on their attraction. After much thought, Leila would overcome her fear and want to explore the world of sex with David, who was several years older and much more experienced. At least he would know what he was doing, she thought.

But each time Leila said yes, David would hold back, not wanting to yield to temptation, and not wanting to take a young girls whim for a well thought out and ready answer.

So the years passed.

Leila left the village to explore the outside world. And David took a wife within the village. Someone else that he had eyed for a long time.

One day, Leila came back to visit the village. Things had indeed changed for her since her young innocent days in the conservative village. She had met outsiders, adapted to their ways and had become experienced herself. She had heard of David’s marriage and strived to forget whatever feelings she had for him. But it was slow going. When she had a lover of the outside, she had experienced feelings she had never known before, feelings of pure lust. His instrument was large and she found the love-making very pleasurable indeed! But she knew that what she wanted in the long term was a feeling of home. And she would never get that with an outsider.

She saw David bostancı escort bayan walking near the grove one day and asked him if he would like to meet in the fields like they used to. He sure did. She wanted to find out what feelings were left in her for him. She debated the morality of acting on her attraction.

He had asked her if she would ever act on it if she felt ready and he was married by then. She had said no. But she wanted to see how much of all the social questioning he had taught her she could actually act on.

Two days later, the sun was at 4 ‘o’ clock when they met in their usual place.

He spoke of his love for her. His fantasies. She responded by telling him how she imagined it should’ve been like. She internally understood that a man who would talk this way with another woman while married was not the kind she wanted to keep for life. He was indeed not as perfect and amazing as she had believed in her younger days. But she wondered about her attraction to him. She watched his lips as he talked. How well she knew his face. She caressed him arms and his face with her gaze. His proud and definite eyebrows, and his prominent nose. She wondered how his hair would feel under her soft, fine fingers.

She understood her risks. If anyone found out, she would never be welcomed back to the village again. She could undo all the progress she had made in her time away in forgetting him. And by indulging in her attraction, her conscience may haunt her forever about what an immoral thing she had done. But this battle had been fought in her mind long enough. She would act. She would do what she wanted. Raise the stakes and fall on one side or the other. the conundrum would end either way it went.

She spoke clearly, telling him that she wanted to know how it felt like with him. David was not surprised. He knew that some day she would say she was ready and want to act on it. He didn’t know why though. What had made her change her mind? He spoke through what it involved. Asked repeatedly if she was ready. She had thought it through. She was ready for the gamble. ‘Alright.’ he said, ‘Come here’. the words thrilled her.

She stood and closed the ümraniye escort distance between them. He sat her on his lap her legs on either side of him. She had never seen him in such proximity before. He suddenly seemed so human. He closed his eyes and kissed her softly. She returned it with some hesitation. Nothing about this was spontaneous. Slowly, the kisses grew deeper and deeper until their mouth fought using ferocious teeth and tongue. He was precise and accurate with his kissing. No fumbling like her previous lover. It felt just ordinary though. She had expected, if there was love, a blooming of love within her heart as they kissed, or an explosion of fireworks. Neither happened. It was pleasant and well crafted.

She did what she wanted to do with her hands. She ran them through his hair, and over his chest. Meanwhile his hands were wandering too. He lifted and removed her upper garments one by one and pulled her closer to him without parting lips. When her breasts fell free, he bent to take them in his mouth. She sighed and undid his upper garments. By then he had moved to her skirt. Her bow was troubling him so she helped untie it. She stood away in a single garment over her nether regions. While he discarded the rest of his clothes. He bent further down to plant kisses on her belly button and the border of her remaining flimsy wear. She tried not to quiver. He lay her down again and explored her torso with his mouth. Bit and sucked on her bountiful breasts until they became so tender. All she could do was grasp at his mane.

He skillfully removed her last defense and began stimulating her button gently with his finger. She marveled at his skill of pressure and region. Soon she found herself basking in the art that emanated from his tongue. He used his fingers to enter her tunnel while his mouth teased her botton. He lifted her legs and quickened pace until she was gasping for breath.

He came back to reclaim her lips. She reached for his organ, wondering how hard it had become. Surprisingly it was quite soft. Had it been her previous lover, he would’ve been hard as steel and throbbing by now. He invited her to perform her oral skills. He let out his first escort kartal groan when her tongue made contact with his head. Gaining confidence she took more of it in. He tasted fine. She felt it grow in her palm. But he didn’t let her continue for long. He slipped on a protective sheath and entered her. She felt his small-medium instrument slip inside her and the rhythm began but too soon he announced this climax.

He went back to using his oral skills. Suddenly, they heard a shout somewhere in the outer fields. Like deer perk up their ears when suspicious of a nearby predator, they stopped and listened.

She knew it was the end and began to dress. He did too. ‘Wait here’ he said as he peaked above the grass to see who was there. He came back and silently they cleared up the evidence of their act. He was irritated with the interruption. She took it in stride because she had realised something more important. It made her smile. This discover made her bold enough to initiate another round of kissing but he withdrew saying he was too nervous about the approaching people. They had better go back into the village main area and part ways. She didn’t mind at all.

As he gathered his things, she smiled up to the sky. At no point in their love-making had she felt emotionally involved. At no point, in specific, did she feel like telling him she loved him. That was because, at long last, she didn’t. She was over him. Finally over him!

All the nervousness that she usually felt around him- gone. All the dizzy and blind feeling of hypoxia she felt during her apprehensive anticipatory moments- gone. All her idolising him into being super-human- over. They were finally just friends again. She felt a breezy sense of ease. As they walked away from the trees he asked her how she felt. The always supportive David, she thought. She told him the truth: ‘I feel good.’ ‘No freaking out? No regrets?’

‘None. I’m surprised at how easy that was.’

He seemed reassured. And went on to explain more about bonding and norms. Back in their clothes and talking again, it almost felt like nothing had happened between them. Indeed, nothing had.

Much as Leila enjoyed the intimacy and new comfort level she now shared with David, the over-hyped love was gone. The connection of oneness had left and a new bond of secrecy had come in its place. They were partners in ‘crime’. A battle is easier fought and won in reality than in one’s mind she concluded. Free at last!

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