Sensual Betrayals

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Sensual Betrayals
The day couldn’t have been better for our little reunion. It had been a year since the four of us had last gotten together. It was the summer break after our first year in college and we decided to meet in a little coffee shop in town. There was Jill, my best friend since 4th grade, Britney who we met in 6th and Tonya who moved to our town during 9th grade. Through the rest of our days in high school, we were a foursome. Always together and as tight as four friends can be.

We were also the most popular girls in our class. Britney was our homecoming queen during our senior year and was always considered the most beautiful girl in our class. With blond hair and a great figure, she was very popular with the boys. If we weren’t hot ourselves, we might be jealous, but Tonya and myself were cheerleaders and always had boys chasing after us. Jill, my oldest and dearest friend was in my estimation the hottest. Some might say she was a little plump, but she was the cutest girl with the biggest titties and butt of the four of us. She was also the wildest and had the most boyfriends.

Jill was the only one of us who was mostly raised in a single parent household. When her parents divorced while we were in middle school, Jill just lived with her mom. She was also the only one in the group who didn’t have any siblings. As soon as Jill developed her DD sized tits, she had many boys hit on her. She had a lot of boyfriends, only to be heartbroken later. She must have had seven boyfriends since 9th grade, that was more than the rest of us combined. I only had one since 10th grade, Britney had two about as long and Jill had three starting in 9th grade. Well, serious boyfriends, ones that we did sex stuff with.

We all got to the coffee shop a few minutes apart from each other and as soon as one of us got through the door we hugged and laughed ourselves to tears. Tonya was there when I walked in, she looked so different and older in just a year. I swore she got taller and filled out a bit. She was a cutie with her long brown hair (with a great curl job) and was dressed so hot showing off her boobs that I swore were bigger than the last time I saw her.

She said I hadn’t changed a bit with my shoulder length blond hair and said I was as curvaceous as always. I told her I was still a gym rat and even took up jogging. My new boyfriend in college loved my C-cup sized breast and said I had a butt you could bounce a quarter off of. If the cook wasn’t already checking us out enough, when Brittney walked in, he was absolutely staring. As always, Brittney just looked hotter than the rest of us hands down. I have said a thousand times that she should have gone into modeling, she’s just that hot.

When Jill walked in, we all could tell she was beaming, like she had some exciting news. The rest of us went to college out of town, Tonya went to a university out of state. Only Jill stayed home and went to the community college in town, it was the best her mom could afford on a nurse’s salary. But after we all said our hellos and hugged, it was Jill who was bursting to tell us some news. Giddy with excitement, we huddled in the booth and asked what had her so happy.

“I’ve been dating Cedric Bell.” She said with a squeal. We all looked at each other in shock and amazement.

“The basketball player?” Tonya asked.

“A black guy?!” Britney blurted.

“Yes!” Jill exclaimed.

“But…but why?” Britney said quickly.

“Oh my God, he’s great.” Jill answered. “He’s funny and smart and oh my God…” She trailed off. We all looked at each other with bewildered eyes. “He’s…” Jill looked around the shop and held up her hands about 12 inches apart.

“He’s what?” I asked. I had no ideal what she was meaning. Jill held them up again. We looked at each other, then Tonya gasped. “No way!” She said out loud. Jill just shook her head yes. I was bewildered.

“What?” I felt like I was dumb. Like a light bulb went off in her head, Britney said “Are you talking about his dick?” Jill nodded with a smile and then held up both of her hands in a circle about the width of a coke can.

“No way!” Tonya said again. This all sounded unbelievable to me. Jill was known to embellish stories, particularly about new boyfriends. She would tell us how great they were and how much they were in love and then cry on our shoulders weeks later after the bums would ditch her or cheat on her. What was really hard to believe was that she was trying to convince us that someone could have a dick that big. My boyfriend in college had the biggest one between the two I had seen and his was maybe 6” and about as wide as two or three of my fingers.

As Jill continued, Britney and Tonya seemed to hang on her words of description about how big his thing was. I started to think about Cedric himself. In school he was a star basketball player and we all thought he might get a scholarship somewhere but at the start of our senior year he was busted for having pot in his locker. During his suspension he was arrested for something, the rumor was he stole money from his job and was in jail for a couple of months. Basically, he messed up his chances to go to college and was just hanging out here. As Jill was going on and on about how big Cedric was, I interrupted her by asking, “Does your mom approve of him?”

“She doesn’t know, and I hope I can trust that none of you will say anything.” She answered.

“Jill! I can’t believe you!” I shot back. Now I’m not prejudice, but a black guy? And a criminal to boot? I was so disappointed in my friend at that moment. It was then that Britney said what I suppose we were all thinking.

“I couldn’t date a black guy.” She said. “My dad would disown me. Plus, I really don’t think it’s true what they said about black men.”

“What do they say? I asked dumfounded, I didn’t really know.

“That they have big ones, really big. Like humongous.” She said.

“Oh, that’s bullshit!” I exclaimed.

“Tammy!” Brittney said shocked, “You never cuss!” She was right, it wasn’t like me, but this all sounded like a horrible prank, like they were all pulling a joke on me.

“Is that what this meant?”, and I held up my hands like Jill was earlier, making a circle with both hands. Jill simply nodded with a devilish smile. “Your telling me his thing is that big around?!” She nodded again. “Oh, that’s crap!” I said. Britney and Tonya just laughed and squealed on their side of the table.

“I hear they can go for a long time!” Tonya said with excitement. Then looked at the expression on my face and quickly followed up with, “But I wouldn’t be with one either.”

Jill responded with confidence, “Oh it’s worth it, trust me. I thought Mike Bellows was good in bed, Cedric beats him hands down!”

“Hands down?!” Tonya shot back.

“Oh my God!” Britney interrupted. “You said yourself that Mike was the best sex you ever had Tonya!” Mike was the only boy that had two of us. In 11th grade he took Tonya to the prom and they had sex, she already had been with two boys before him but dated Mike our senior year but found out he was also doing it with Jill during Christmas break. It really caused a strain between all of us because Jill and I were always so close and I sided with Jill saying that it was Mike’s fault and that Tonya should be most mad with him. After two months of not talking to each other, they worked it out. Jill showed the texts where Mike swore they were broke up and admitted she shouldn’t have touched him out of respect, but Tonya often bragged about how good Mike was. Tonya finally accepted her apology and that Jill was probably sexually curious about Mike. One night during a slumber party they both traded sex stories about him. Even Britney and I were amazed that they still had these great things to say about him as a lover.

Mike was a creep, he bragged to everyone that he had bagged half of the “Four Babes”, that was our nickname in school. As I said, we were a tight group that all of the boys wanted and many of the girls hated. I don’t men to sound stuck up, but its true. I looked at Tonya and she had this strange look on her face after Jill said that Cedric was a better lover than Mike.

Britney then told Jill, “Sweetie, you’re my good friend and all, but don’t think you are ever going to bring Cedric Bell to my party Saturday night.”

“Oh, so I’m not invited.” Jill said with an insulted tone in her voice.

“No, your invited. But I can’t have a criminal in my house or a…” Britney looked around the shop, “…thug in my parent’s house. I would rather have Lisa Haley at my party than him!” Lisa was last year’s homecoming queen; she was in the class after us and had just graduated last month. She was also the girl that dated Britney’s younger brother and hurt his feelings when she broke up with him a while back. Britney already disliked her but now she was her mortal enemy. She always had something bad to say about her, even though the rest of us never had anything against her. We didn’t feel so bad for Britney’s brother, he was a bigger creep than Mike Bellows and had hit on all of us from one time or another.

“He’s not a thug!” Jill shot back. “Your just jealous because I’m fucking a bigger cock than you!”

“Whatever!” Britney said coldly. A few moths ago, Britney texted us all about an Italian guy she met at a sorority party. The next day she simply texted, “I think he is eight inches!” I have never given much thought about a man’s size. My boyfriend in high school was maybe five inches and Paul, my current boy friend is a little bigger, maybe six. I just felt that’s about as big as a guy gets, I haven’t seen many. Now all of this talk about black men having a penis even bigger just sounds like some story, like how they can all can dance or rap.

I guess I should make a confession, when I was in 10th grade, there was a black classmate of ours named Tre’ Jackson. I never told anyone, not even Jill but I had a crush on him. He was so cool and could dance & sing. He was the starting quarterback of our football team. He was really cute, for a black guy and during 10th grade we kissed behind the cafeteria. He was the first boy I ever kissed, we made out for about ten minutes and then I got scared when I thought I heard someone and ran. I often think about that day. I didn’t say hi to him for a long, long time. After that day, I avoided him because I was so scared of what my friends would say and mostly what my dad would think of me. I kept it to myself and just forgot about it. Jill’s confession about Cedric has got me thinking about Tre’. I was startled out of my daydream with Brittney talking loudly.

“Jill, I love you and I want you to be happy, but dating a black guy is a huge mistake and actually doing it with him…. what if you get pregnant?!”

“Yeah,” Tonya chimed in. “You also know that black guys are notorious for cheating on their girlfriends.”

“I don’t care about that, I let him see other women.” Jill said boldly.

“WHAT??!!” we all said in unison.

“Cedric, has been straight up and honest with me and told me he fucks other girls, he said his sex drive is too high for just one girl. I can only fuck him two or three times a week because I am so sore the next day.” Tonya and Britney looked at each other and giggled. “Its true, and going down on him makes my jaw sore. I just can’t hang with him, so I let him get some on the side.”

“Jill, listen to you.” I tell her. “This guy has you wrapped around his finger; you are blinded by something he has. I’m sure you really like him in bed, but nobody is THAT good.”

“He is.” Jill said assuredly. Suddenly Tonya jumped out of the booth.

“Well girls”, she said. “It’s been great seeing you again, but I can’t listen to this anymore. I’m sorry Jill but I think your making a mistake. I’ve said it and I won’t say anymore. See you all later.”

Britney also got out of the booth. “I have a party to get ready, Jill, please come but leave your boyfriend home.”

I looked at Jill and gave her a hug. “Well k**do,” I said to her. “I love you, but I think you should quit seeing him. I know you think sex is important but I think you have been listening to all of these stereotypes and trying to project the truth. Nobody has a penis that big.”

“Its true,” Jill said as I was turning away. “And its really great. You would love it; I know you Tammy and I know you would love black cock if you tried it.”

“I don’t and I never will.” I say coldly and I walked out of the coffee shop.

Three nights later one of the worse thing happened between us. Jill showed up at Britney’s party drunk, reeking of marijuana and with Cedric. The buzz quickly went through the party. Our school has been around 20% black and they usually keep to themselves and the white students do the same. We never had any interracial couples until Jill started seeing Cedric. Many of the boys acted disgusted and the girls acted aghast. When Britney saw Jill and Cedric, she blew up and cussed them out. Cedric cussed back and nearly got beat up when four or five guys escorted them out. Jill started crying and screaming “I thought we were friends!” Britney tried to tell her that she was too high and that before she met Cedric, she never got messed up like that. It was true none of us ever got more than a little tipsy at parties and we never touched d**gs. Jill screamed at me and Tonya for not leaving with her, as if we were abandoning her. I felt so bad but what was I going to do let her drive me around drunk and high?

Two days later I called her cell phone, I only got her voice mail. I had to leave for a couple of weeks with my little brother and younger sister. It’s been a canlı bahis tradition for several years that our folks drive us to our grandparents for the summer and leave us for a couple of weeks. Out of respect I always leave my cell phone and everyone knows that when I go to my grandparents for the summer I will be out of touch for a while.

When I got back, I had a ton of stuff to do for my next year of college. Because I was so busy, I only got to try to reach Jill a couple of time. The first time I called Tonya, she told me that neither she or Britney had seen Jill while I was gone. She said she ran into Cedric once and told her to stay away from Jill. She said Cedric acted like a jerk and she called him an asshole.

Britney said the same thing, saying that she ran into Cedric as Wal-Mart and asked him to tell Jill to call, that she wanted to apologize and he was rude. She also said she tried to tell Cedrick she was sorry and he wouldn’t hear of it. Britney said he called her a white bitch and that Jill was better off staying away from all of us.

Tonya, Britney and myself got together one last time before Tonya had to leave for her school the next day. I was due to leave in a few along with Britney. When we got to the subject of Jill, we all became quiet. Finally, Britney said that she made her own bed and would have to lie in it. She was willing to make amends but as long as she was with Cedric, she couldn’t be friends with he. Tonya said that Jill was just going to end up with a lot of mixed babies with many different black men and that she had changed too much since school. I felt sad and decided I would try once more to reach her.

After we said our goodbyes, I called Jill. It was about 7:00 pm, she answered but sounded drunk. I asked where she was and she said she was home. I asked her if we could talk and she said sure, I told her I was on my way but I had to swing by my mom’s work because I was using her Sienna minivan and had to give her a ride home from work. By the time I got to her house I saw Cedric sitting on her porch, smoking a cigarette and talking on his cell phone.

I pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. I had a rage building up in me and when I came up to the porch I asked bluntly, “Where’s Jill?”

“In bed, asleep.” Cedric said matter-of-factly.

“I need to talk to her.”

“Well that’s not gonna happen tonight.” Cedric said.

“Why not?” I asked feeling a growing amount of concern.

“Because…she…is…asleep.” He answered in a condescending way.

“I’m gonna wake her, I have to talk to her and you need to leave.” I said in a huff.

“Well, you won’t be able to wake her and I am trying to leave.” Cedric informs me.

“Why can’t I wake her? Whats wrong? Is she drunk?” My anger was really starting to show.

“Yeah, she had a joint and four shots of her mom’s vodka she keeps in the kitchen.” Cedric said in a cold manner.

“Why don’t you just leave her alone!” I yelled, crying with tears in my eyes. “Why do you always get her high and drunk!”

“Well for one thing, I don’t get her drunk, that’s her choice. I don’t even like alcohol. Second, if we want to get high, that’s our business. Smoking pot helps her sleep and she needed to sleep; she’s had a bad night.”

“Whats wrong, what did you do to her?” I screamed

“Why is it something I did? Why do you bitches always think I am hurting her?”

“Bitches?! Wow, Tonya and Britney were right, your rude, crude and disrespectful. No wonder we don’t like you!” I screamed back.

“Oh, so the rest of the Four Babes are going around saying I was disrespectful? Now that’s a laugh, they are some lying back stabbing bit…”

“Don’t you say it! Don’t you dare call them that!” I had never been so angry in my life. I could have punched Cedric if I was a man. Cedric just stood there and took a deep breath. “Look, I need a ride home. Will you give me a ride home?”

“Why can’t you call one of your friends to come and get you, you have a cell phone.” I said while trying to collect myself as well.

“Because they are afraid to pick me up in a white neighborhood!” Cedric said defensively.

“Why is a white neighborhood dangerous?” It sounded like a dumb excuse.

“You try being a black man driving in a white neighborhood, the police don’t like that.” He said with pain in his voice.

“Ok, but I am going to check on Jill first.” I go up to her room and see that she has been tucked in. A note by her bed reads “Sorry I couldn’t stay with you, I know I can’t be here when your mom gets home, but I’ll call you tomorrow.” C

It really sounded like a sweet letter, she looked peaceful and I felt like she was ok. When I got back outside after locking her doors, Cedric was standing by my mom’s van. “I appreciate the ride; my car is still in the shop.” He says to me.

“Yeah, yeah.” I say coldly “So where do you live?”

“Jefferson St.” He tells me. Its about twenty or thirty minutes depending on traffic and not in the best of neighborhoods. Its not ghetto, but I haven’t been in that part of town many times.

As soon as we get into the vehicle, Cedric asks. “Why are you so mad at me? What did I ever do to you?”

Before I start the minivan, I turn to him and say in a rehearsed tone, “First you got Jill hooked on d**gs and she never drank before she met you. Second, you have her all sexed up and convinced you are some kind of Casanova, convincing her that you have some special gift in your pants. You have taken her away her self-respect and she thinks she has to share you with other women. You have a criminal record, no future and will probably end up a d**g dealer. Worse of all you are mean and hateful to my friends who are only trying to help Jill.”

Cedric sat there quietly. I waited for a response, a minute passed and he still didn’t say a word. I gave up waiting for a response and started the van, before I could put it in reverse, Cedric spoke. “You know of everything you said you did get one thing right, I am some sort of Casanova, Jill knows it and she likes it. In fact, she likes that I sleep with other women and not only condones it but wants it.”

“Ohhhhh please,” I say in the most sarcastic tone I could muster, along with a huge eye roll. “You are about as sexy and erotic as dirt. You think because you are black that everyone thinks you have a big penis and I bet you are lousy in bed, thats why you always keep Jill high and drunk.”

“For the last time, I don’t get Jill drunk. She drinks because she is in pain!”

“What kind of pain is she trying to drink away?” I say in a sarcastic tone again.

“Her father is dying of cancer!” Cedric’s voice has a hint of sorrow and sympathy.

I am quiet. For a few seconds only the hum of my mother’s minivan can be heard. “Are you lying?” I ask softly and sadly. Cedric shakes his head no. “Why haven’t I heard this, why didn’t Jill tell me?”

“Because you three girls never pick up the phone and call her. She felt abandoned by you three and the fact is you haven’t really talked to her in a while. She found out a few weeks before we started seeing each other. He father has terminal cancer, he has a few more weeks to live and she has been drinking to kill the pain. I give her some weed to help her sleep, because she cries in her sleep.”

Cedric’s words cut deep; I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for what he said. I just didn’t know. I look his way and say softly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“Oh, and as far as being mean to your friends, they ain’t quite as innocent as you want to believe they are.” Now I’m back to feeling mad, he had me for a minute but any amount of sympathy I had just left.

“You lie!” I yell.

“And about my famous criminal record and getting kicked out of school, yeah I smoke pot. In some states its legal and ok, here its not but I have to lose everything just because I had a joint in my back back? Once lousy joint? And no, I didn’t steal that money, when the real thief was caught, they let me loose, but did everyone hear about that?” I put the car in reverse and start to drive. We are both quiet for about five minutes until I finally speak.

“Ok, I’m sorry. Maybe I misjudged you on some things and said some things I shouldn’t, but I know Jill is making up stuff because she is in pain and I know you have been mean to Tonya and Britney.”

“What is Jill making up?”

“She’s says your thing is this big!” I say holding my hands up like Jill did at the coffee shop. Cedric starts to laugh out loud. “And she claims you are like this thick!” Once again, I mimic her demonstration.

“Nah, I’m a little thicker.” Cedric brags.

Now I laugh, “Yeah, yeah…keep dreaming. I guess it’s because your black and all white girls just want your cock, well not this one.” I say with bravado.

“I can prove it.” He shoots back.

“No, no. I don’t think so. You are NOT going to get me to look at your average wiener, and I don’t appreciate you trying to hit on me while you are dating my best friend.”

“What if I tell you she has been asking me to show you for a few weeks.” Cedric says deeply.

“Jill told you she wanted you to show it to me. God you’re such a liar, how low can you get?”

“So, I’m a liar that Jill wants you to have some good interracial sex because she has known you love black cock since…”

“I DO NOT LOVE BLACK COCK!!!” I scream. Once again the anger is there and I am about this close to telling Cedric to get out of the vehicle.

“I’m a liar, Jill is lying and your friends are telling the truth.”

“Yes, Cedric that about sums it up.” I tell him in my most ice-cold manner.
“Here, see that hardware store, pull into the parking lot.” He instructs me.

“I don’t have time…”

“Just pull into the parking lot! I am about to prove you dead wrong.” I pull just to get it over with. “No, no pull to the side of the building, so we can’t be seen.” Now I get worried. “Just trust me Tammy, for once in your life!”

I pull the minivan to the side of the building and into an ally where we can’t be seen from the road. The area is quiet with all of the stores closed for several hours. Cedric takes his iPhone and plugs it into my mom’s power cord that is hooked up to the dash.

“First I’m gonna prove two things at the same time.” He searches on his phone and then hands it to me. With the phone hooked up to the car the audio comes through the speaker system loud and clear. A video is playing on the phone and I am stunned to what I see.

I see Jill and she is sucking a big…no, huge…no, gigantic, it’s a very, very large black penis. Her mouth is open wide and she is struggling to put a lot of it in her mouth. I have never seen a porno movie before, despite my boyfriend trying to get me to watch one. If you don’t remember the first time you watched one I’m sue you experienced the same feeling; the tingling of your skin, the knot in your stomach, the difficulty breathing. Yes, from just the first few seconds I immediately got turned on, but that was nothing compared to what was about to happen.

“Is…that…Y…y…you? I asked barely able to get the words out. The picture is close, like a few feet from Jill’s face but the big cock fills the entire screen and you can make it out from the top of its head to his balls. With Jill’s face to give it perspective it is indeed as long as she claimed and as thick as he did.

“If I tell you yes will you believe me? He says in a snotty way. “Just wait a second, Jill is about to reveal the owner and one other little request.”

As Jill sucks the huge black cock, she pulls it out of her mouth and says “Cedric, you have the most beautiful black cock. I just wish Tammy was helping me, she loves black guys too.”

Cedric’s familiar voice can be heard in the back ground. “Tammy, likes black cock too? She told you?”

“No, but a girl knows her friends. She gets so turned on by black men, but tries so hard to hide it from us. If she saw yours in person, she would go nuts. I know it would make her so happy and fulfilled.” Jill says while licking on the tremendous dark manhood in the video.

Again, Cedric’s voice is heard, “Maybe we might just do it, but I love what your doing to me now baby.” The camera starts to pull back and Jill begins to suck with more passion and vigor. “Mmmmm, suck it baby.” Cedric says. “Suck that black cock you and Tammy want.”

“Please! Please, promise me, promise Tammy will enjoy this cock too!” I am literally having a panic attack from breathing so hard and fast. My stomach feels like I got punched or it is being run through a wringer. My palms are sweating and I have goosebumps all over my arms and legs. Oh, and my pussy starts getting wetter.

I don’t say a word and neither does Cedric, he simply watches me as I watch the video with wide eyes and a blank look on my face. Jill is attacking his cock; she is a girl possessed. She is also over matched, you can see that it is indeed a struggle to fit it in her mouth and although she desperately tries to go down further on it, she can’t go but about halfway down on the long ebony shaft. She switches tactics and starts to lick it up and down, they are long laps with her tongue and Cedric moans loud. She also licks down to his balls while jerking his dick off.

I have never seen Jill like this, she is ecstatic, aroused and determined. In the background, you hear Cedric talking dirty and giving Jill orders. He has a fantastic spell on Jill and all she can do is follow his every whim. My boyfriend will complain about my lack of wanting to give oral pleasures to him and my first boyfriend from high school never got anything for a few hand jobs, but right now because of this video, I want to suck a cock so badly. Correction, I want to suck tipobet a big black cock badly.

Cedric starts to reach for the iPhone, “Here now let me show you another truth…” I snatch it away; I’m enjoying the show too much. I ask when was it taken. “Last week.” He answers. Another five minutes of oral carnality is on display, I can feel my panties literally getting soaked. Jill is really doing a superb job and with such passion, its an impressive display on an impressive cock. Although I want them to go for longer, suddenly Cedric starts to growl, exhale loudly and his cock throbs in her mouth.

“Oh my God,” I cry out. “You’re not about to…” The video reveals all, as Jill bobs violently up and down Cedric’s black tool with her mouth, cum starts to gush out of her lips and runs down his long shaft. Its not just a little either, you can clearly see she swallows as much as she can while more and more spills out. Her motion continues at least eight more times with the spillage decreasing after the fifth run over with her mouth. She holds it in her mouth as you can see her gulp not once but twice. Finally, she lets go of his cock and exclaims “Fuck, I love your cum baby!” Its all over her lips and chin and then she bends back down, cleaning it all up with her tongue.

Seconds later the video cuts off. I sit there stunned and in a daze hand the phone back to Cedric. I feel physically spent from just watching them, that’s how incredible it was to witness it. In a soft voice I simply say “You were telling the truth.”

Cedric takes the phone and starts to search on it exclaiming, “Oh it ain’t over yet.” When he hands me the phone back, I figure its another video of Jill and Cedric but to my complete shock it isn’t. I see Tonya, on a bed, completely naked on her knees and elbows with Cedric kneeling behind her. Fucking isn’t a good word to use, Cedric is destroying Tonya. In cheerleading, Tonya had the loudest voice by far and we would make fun of her screams when watched horror movies because they were so loud and high pitched. I never heard Tonya scream like this. Her face had a sheer look of pain and anguish on it mixed with complete and absolute pleasure. The two are perfectly centered in the picture and its as clear and vivid a picture as you will see. I have to turn down the volume on my mom’s van because Tonya might bust a speaker even at half volume.

Cedric’s speed, power and rhythmic fucking is remarkable and quite breathtaking. Tonya’s eyes are squinted and when she isn’t making a face of taking huge exhales with her cheeks blowing up full of air, she is gritting her teeth, clenched hard. If you didn’t know any better you would swear she is being tortured and needs someone to rescue her but the audio tells a different story. “Oh my God! Fuck me with that big black cock! I love it I love it! Don’t stop!! Jill was right!! She was right!! You have the best fucking cock!! Oh my God, she wasn’t lying!”

Cedric is not only no slouch in the humping department but he matches her dirty talk every step, “Take that cock bitch! Oh, that pussy is tight but I’m gonna ruin it girl! You feel that big black cock woman! That’s the power of Nubian ancestry bitch, we black folks just know how to fuck!”

“Oh my God! You do, you do! Black cock is the best!”

“You gonna go back to that puny white cock Tonya?”

“No, Cedric I swear, I swear I will never go back! Only black cock for this white pussy!”

When she isn’t talking filthy, Tonya is screaming as loud as I have ever heard her and moaning just as loud. The longest I have ever been penetrated is about 15 minutes, I watch them go at it hard and furious in this doggie position for about 20 to 25. When he finally pulls out, he jumps on his back on the bed and Tonya quickly jumps on his cock which is sticking straight up in the air like a flesh pole, all 12”. It’s at this point that I realize that I have been rubbing my pussy though my jeans and I can feel the dampness through the denim.

I should say right now that in my life I have masturbated exactly six times, they were so memorable, rare and unforgettable that I can not only keep count but tell you where and when it happened. But the important thing is to understand, I don’t play with my pussy unless I am EXTREAMLY horny and turned on. I’m actually so filled with arousal, my hand was subconsciously rubbing it, but even when I realized it, I didn’t stop. I just rubbed harder through my jeans.

Although Tonya was bobbing up and down Cedric’s, long thick black snake, she was also clearly trying to watch the length. It looked like she was able to take about 9” inside her and then she pulled back up. One other thing that you can see is that her pussy was coating his cock with white cream. She must have been so wet and the friction from all that fucking, they churned her wetness to some sort of sex butter. If the sight of the cream wasn’t proof, then the clear sloshing sound when she went up and down on him was. I could swear it sounded like a person stomping around in deep mud.

Both Cedric and Tonya never quit talking until I saw Cedric’s balls start to tighten and he started to make that now familiar mix of growling and heavy breathing, “Oh shit! Oh shit!” He screamed but instead of jumping off of it, Tonya simply continued to ride him and screamed “Yes! Yes! Fill my pussy with that black seed!”

The amazing thing was although she slowed down sliding up and down his cock, she continued for another five minutes, with Cedric never losing his erection. But the white cream all over his cock and her pussy doubled in amount. “Fuck! Your still hard!” She exclaims. “This is unbelievable….ohhhh! You came that much and…ohhhh! Are all black cocks this powerful? Ahhhhhhh!”

I then realized that Tonya wasn’t being honest. Oh, she undoubtfully ran into Cedric, but she wasn’t trying to help Jill and he wasn’t mean to her, well maybe to her pussy with the beating he gave it. I handed the phone back to Cedric once again. “When was that taken?” I asked.

“Late July, like the last Tuesday of the month.” It hit me that was the day we met at the coffee shop. No wonder she was so eager to leave, hung on to Jill’s description and had that look when Jill said Cedric was better than Mike. It all made sense.

“Was Britney lying too?” I asked in exhaustion, watching Cedric perform was almost as physical as being there…almost.

“What do you think?” Cedric answered with a sly smile, I then perked up.

“Oh Little Miss Prissy is on video too?” I get excited because I can’t believe that Britney might be on that phone.

“Oh, you have to see this.” Cedric once again searches and finds the file, starts the video and hands it to me. What I see makes my jaw drop and I yell “Jesus Crist!”

On the screen is Cedric’s huge black cock taking up the middle in its full glorious length, on the right Britney is licking his cock up and down and, on the left…Lisa Haley!! “Lisa Haley!!” I scream. “How in the hell did you get Britney and Lisa and the same time??!!”

“Now that’s a funny story.” Cedric precedes to tell me the story while I watch both Britney and Lisa licking up and down Cedric’s 12” cock. They clearly each take a side as they also run their lips up and down it, stroking it with their soft mouths. They are both laughing and giggling while they are doing it, clearly enjoying what they are doing and watching the other lick and suck on this massive black cock.

A few days after the incident at Britney’s party, Cedric was at Wal-Mart getting some parts for his car. He ran into Lisa in the parking lot when suddenly Britney speeds up to them in her car and cusses at both of them. Lisa doesn’t back down and begins to argue with Britney and it starts to turn into an ugly scene with people starting to take notice. Cedric said he stayed calm and told the ladies if they were going to go at it, they might want choose a better place.

While Cedric’s story continues, Lisa and Britney have licked their way up the top of Cedric’s bulbous cock head. As they lick, their tongues touch and you can hear Cedric’s voice say “Mmmmmm, oh yeah, I like that shit. Touch them together like that at the tip. Mmmmm, good girls, don’t be afraid, this is a peace treaty remember? No fighting, just sharing, oh yeah, that’s it, show that love.” Lisa and Britney’s tongues start to clearly touch and overlap each other and they begin to French kiss over Cedric’s big head. Still giggling and smiling, they look like they are having the time of their life.

Cedric said that they took Britney’s car to Lisa’s house because it was the closest and her parents were out of town for her brother’s baseball tournament. The whole way there Lisa and Britney fought and argued, while Cedric didn’t say a word. When they pulled into the driveway, Cedric got very, very dominant and told them both to shut up and not say a word. He lit up a joint and they all smoked it. He said this was what the Indians did, smoking peace pipes together to clear up their conflict. He said both girls were stoned in minutes and when they had the giggles, he pulled his cock out and they stopped giggling. He told them they could both have some, IF they shared and IF they never fought at any time. If one mean word was uttered, one jealous or selfish act was committed, his cock went back in his pants for good. I asked if they got along the whole time and Cedric simply said “What do you think?” and I continued watching the video.

By now I had to open my pants and slide my hand under my panties. Rubbing through my jeans was a good appetizer but I was ready for a full course of fingering. Besides, watching Britney and Lisa share Cedric’s big black cock was incredibly erotic. The two most beautiful girls in town kissing and licking a monster ebony rod. Their pretty, white faces on the left and right of his super thick, vieny cock. Two gorgeous blondes and a superior black cock was such a beautiful contrast. While I was stroking my pussy (God it felt good to get my hand in there) I was laughing and giggling with them, it was infectious. I realized they were silly because they were buzzed with Cedric’s pot, but they were all business taking care of his cock.

They were a great team and seemed like they were able to communicate without saying any words. If they weren’t giggling, they were moaning from sucking on Cedric’s African cock. One would work the balls while the other sucked on his cock. They weren’t shy with their saliva ether, coats and coats of their spit covered all over Cedric’s twelve inches. They moaned and whimpered like they were eating a delicious meal, so I concluded that because of the sounds and all of the saliva, Cedric’s cock was mouthwatering

It hit me that Britney used to brag at how Kevin Kerr and David Phelps used to beg for oral sex and she would only give them hand jobs. Yes, I was a prude with my boyfriend in high school the same way, but it was a pleasure watching Britney work Cedric’s fat piece of meat with Lisa and if those boys saw how talented that mouth was on that black cock, they would be so depressed they didn’t enjoy it.

For the whole twenty minutes the camera was fixed on this fairly close shot that just showed, Britney and Lisa’s face and Cedric’s dick. I have always wanted to see Britney naked and was curious about Lisa too. I was about to ask Cedric if there were any other scenes when suddenly the two girls got more feverish with their licking, sucking and moaning. The giggling stopped and they seemed determined to get Cedric to cum. When the two homecoming queens started to talk dirty was when I started to rub faster and harder.

“Oh yeah baby, shows us what that cock can do!” Britney said.

“Oh my God Cedric, your cock taste so good, I need to finish my meal! I wanna eat your cum!” Lisa begged.

While her tongue was completely out of her mouth lapping up and down Cedric’s cock, Britney said “I love your big black cock, baby!” I love it so much; I love sharing it with Lisa!” “We’ve been good, we’ve been kind just like you told us to be, we need it… we need your cum. We deserve it!” Britney pleaded.

Lisa countered with “Oh ya, Britney you look so good sucking and licking his cock. I love to share it with you too!” The girls tried to kiss with Cedric’s fat dark pipe in the middle, it was clumsy but it was sexy. I pulled my hand out of my pants and wiped the excess wetness on my pants leg, I have never been so fucking wet in my life. The girls started on a violent licking workout all over Cedric’s cock. I could tell that they were both sensing an arrival of the black man’s semen coming soon.

“I love it! I love it! I want it! Please cum a lot, please, please cum a lot!!” Britney begged.

“I will lick every drop of your cum Cedric, I swear.” Lisa promised. “But make it a lot, I have to share with Britney.”

“Oh my God, your so sweet Lisa!” Britney gushed. The growls, the breathing could be heard. Cedric’s cock twitched, pulsated, and throbbed and then shot. The camera didn’t catch how high it flew but the first four ropes left the screen for a second or two each time, so it must have been high. Cedric’s cum landed all over Britney and Lisa’s outstretched tongues, their faces, hair and all over his cock. I think this was his most massive load and had to be easily over a cup of hot black seed.

I watched as both girls lapped up and swallowed every drop, including licking each other’s face which were both covered extensively with thick white sperm. They really seemed to enjoy the taste of his semen, as they made yummy sounds the whole fives minutes it took to clean up. tipobet giriş “Mmmmm, mmmmm delicious.” Britney complemented.

“Thank you, thank you Cedric.” Lisa said. “That was everything I hoped for.”

My hand was feverishly stroking my pussy as I struggled to say out loud, “You did…did..didn’t…even…oh God!…Oh shit! (I really was going furiously on myself) You didn’t even fuck them!” I was disappointed and entirely fulfilled at the same time.

Cedric took the phone back, opened another file and handed it back to me. I had to wonder what kind of discipline he had to sit there as I was going crazy with lust stroking my pussy like a mad woman. My eyes were actually closed from fighting back an orgasm when he hit the play button as the phone was back into my hand. When I opened them, I came at the sight of what I saw. “OHHHHHHHHH! FUCK!” I screamed. “I’m cumming!”

Cedric had Britney’s legs wide open with his cock buried deep inn
her, she looked fantastic, just as I figured. Not a fault though her entire body. Lisa was licking the top of her pussy. It must have been early in their encounter because Cedric was still speaking to them about getting along and playing nice. “See Lisa, just lick your new friend’s pussy. That a girl. It tastes good doesn’t it?”

“Mmhmm” Lisa responds.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Your so deep!” Britney whimpers. “I’ve never had a black cock before! Lisa…Lisa move your head honey, I wanna see….oh shit! That black cock looks so good! Ok thanks, you can continue licking me.” Lisa obliged.

Cedric was holding the camera and had a fantastic angle; you could see his cock sliding in and out of Britney’s bald pussy and the sight of Lisa’s tongue lapping Britney’s clit. It was surprising because I didn’t notice it in the other scene but Lisa had a remarkably long tongue. Like Gene Simmons long, it was sticking quite a few inches out of her mouth and doing a number all over Britney’s clit and pussy lips (which were heavily stretched by Cedric’s thickness. The sight of his cock slowly sliding in and out, glistening from Britney’s obviously wet pussy was so fucking hot. Although my orgasm lasted about twenty seconds, I didn’t take my hand out of my pants.

Cedric took the phone again and found a different file, opened it and handed me the phone. Now Lisa and Britney were 69ing with Lisa on top and Cedric was fucking Lisa, Britney was feverishly lapping Lisa’s pussy underneath. “Aren’t you ladies glad you made up?”

“Yes!” Oh Yeah, fuck yeah.” Could be heard from both.

“Britney? Think Lisa is ready for another inch?”

“Yes baby, Give it to her please. Another inch for that cute pussy.” On the next thrust his cock obviously dipped a little deeper.

“Oh God!” Lisa let out.

“How many is that?” Cedric asked.

“About seven daddy, looks like seven inches.” Britney informs him.

“I’m going for eight.”

“No, no. Not yet, hold on.” While Cedric continues to pump at the same methodical speed at the same depth he is at, Britney feverishly licks all around, including Cedric’s cock. She is obviously providing some lubrication.

“Lisa was a virgin!!??” I asked with astonishment in my voice.

“Good girl,” Cedric responded. “You are smart and beautiful. Yes, she was.”

“YOU BROKE A GIRL IN WITH THAT!!??” I screamed, I had to imagine there was blood all over the place.

“Well…, she had her hymen broke by her boyfriend a few months ago, but I was her fist cock.”

“Jesus, where does she go from here?” I said jokingly. I stated to rub again with Britney informing Cedric that Lisa was ready for her next inch.

“Mmmmmm, ow ow ow.” Lisa cried.

“Your doing good Lisa!” Britney complemented her. “You guys look so great from here! Cedric’s big black cock and Lisa’s tight pink pussy.”

“It feels so fucking good!” Lisa exclaimed. “I really am glad you are helping me with this Britney.”

“See how nice you ladies can be?” Cedric said like a peace treaty moderator.

I told Cedric that it was his cock that made them friends, it was a sincere compliment. Although I had a huge, body shaking orgasm, I just had to ask, “So…um…anymore videos.” I said in a sweet leading tone.

“Yeah I got one that you will probably get a kick out of.” Cedric once again goes through his phone and starts a video. When he handed it to me, my jaw dropped. I thought I could be prepared for anything, like nothing was going to surprise me anymore. I was wrong this one shocked more than Jill’s, Tonya’s, Britney and Lisa’s combined. If some one told me they saw it, I wouldn’t believe them. There was Mrs. Pettyjohn, topless, sucking Cedric’s easily recognizable cock on one side and another impressive young black cock on the other side. I quickly slid my pants and panties down to my ankles, I needed the room, this was going to be a severe rubbing.

Jean Pettyjohn was my 11th grade English teacher, she was also the meanest, cruelest, most despised teacher in the entire school. When k**s learned they were assigned her class, they would break down crying. She was hated by black students who often claimed she was prejudice (oh if they could see what I am looking at!) She would correct any black student who talked ghetto in an embarrassing way. If a k** said “You know what I mean?” She would slam her hand on her desk and say “Yes, I know what you mean, quit asking!”, if they said axed, like “I axed the nurse for a band aid.” She would scream ASKED! If they said “I stay with my parents.” They would be corrected with “You LIVE with your parents!”

White student weren’t treated any better, she confis**ted more cell phone (including mine twice), sent more k**s to dentition and always gave the worse grades. She cut no one any slack. She was in her late 40’s or early 50’s and wore these thick black rimmed HUGE oval glasses with thick lenses that looked like something from the 70’s. Her style was really dated too and she often had the most hideous hairstyles. But honestly, she wasn’t bad looking, she had really blue eyes, they looked huge because her lenses were thick and large. She was thick waisted but not really fat but I have to admit when I saw the video, I was impressed with her tits. For an old lady she had large, firm breasts with big thick nipples that were sticking out like an inch on the video.

“Mrs. Pettyjohn!!!” I cried out, you fucked Mrs. Pettjohn!!” I though I was about to die. I will never feel a mixture of shock, disappointment, disgust, excitement and arousal. As much as I hated that women, I loved what I saw. She was being dominated by not just Cedric’s awesome African cock but another one that looked damn near as big. “But, but, but she’s old!”

“Hey, you will never find a woman that loves big black cock more than her.”

“Really? ….Her?”

“Look for yourself.” I started studying her M.O. She was going back and forth between the two hard black dicks, giving each one about twenty seconds of attention, then switching to the other. When she didn’t have one buried in her mouth, she was feverishly jacking off the other. The couple of seconds she didn’t have a cock in her mouth during the switch she was giving some heavy praise.

“Oh, this is good.” “Your black cocks are so sweet!” “I Love your cocks!” “Mmmmmmm I love them big and black like that!”

The woman was like a machine and didn’t slow down or take a break, she was relentless and tireless. Saliva was just poring out of her mouth, she had six or seven strings of thick spit running from both cock heads to her lips. If one broke or fell, it would be replaced with a fresh one in a matter of seconds. Like I said her breasts, were actually very impressive and I watched as Cedric and the other guy squeezed them often or pinched her thick hard nipples (I wish I had some like hers), it was like they couldn’t take their hands off of them. Of course she was still wearing those silly stupid glasses but while she had a big black 12-inch cock buried in her mouth, she actually looked good.

“Is she….good?” I was curious.

“She’s the best. No doubt.”

“Why?” I had to know.

“If her attraction for black men was food, the world would never know hunger” Cedric said.

“Wow. Who’s the other dude?

“My cousin.”

“Oh…..he seems…nice. Hey isn’t Mrs. Pettyjohn married?”

“Who do you think is holding the camera?” The revelation stunned me. I just quit asking questions and enjoyed the show. My legs were spread and I was easily sliding four fingers in my pussy, a first for me, but it just demonstrated how aroused I was watching Mrs. Pettyjohn suck two big black cocks. The more she got turned on, the more ghetto she talked.

“Shit motherfucker, you got some good ass dick here.” My jaw dropped,… that’s Mrs. Pettyjohn talking like that??!! It got worse. “You need to quit holden back and work this mouth, for real!” I have to give her props, she sucked them both with mad skilsl. (Now she’s got me doing it!)

The other thing she did that amazed me was deepthroating the two cocks down to their balls. You could hear how much they both liked it. I didn’t think my pussy could get wetter or hotter but it got so loud as I rubbed it and sounded like Tonya riding Cedric. I was seriously considering breaking into my trust fund and offering to buy the video from Cedric for a couple thousand dollars. There has never been a movie, song, book, or television show that I have enjoyed as much as watching Cedric ruin not one, two, three or four but five women. Of course, I realize I had been masturbating in front of him all night. But I couldn’t help myself. OK big confession. I might as well say it. Remember when I said that I only masturbated six times, they were always about black men. Jill was right, I do love black cock, I want to love the as much as Mrs. Pettyjohn. She’s my hero now. I have wanted it since that first kiss and I have always fantasized what if we did more. Oh god, I’m getting even more turned on. Oh my God!! They’re about to fuck Mrs. Pettyjohn! Cedric is laying on his back and she’s mounting him. Oh wow, she’s kissing Cedric, she’s so passionate, nothing like school.

The other guy is getting behind her. Is he going to fuck her in the ass? With that big black cock? Its huge, it will tear her. Oh wait! The camera is pulling back, I can see the other dude. Oh wow he’s young and cute…..wait! That’s Dre!

“Dre’ Jackson is your cousin??” I ask excitedly.

“Yeah, you know him?” My hand speed just got faster. “Ohhhh, ohhhhhh, oh my God Tre’!” The cock that I’ve been admiring and wanting belongs to the boy I first kissed? “Mmmmmmm, Tre’, yeah fuck her! I wanna watch you fuck Mrs.PettyJohn!” Cedric just watched as I put the phone on the dash board and slid my hand up my shirt to squeeze my breast. By now Tre’ had his cock deep in Mrs. Pettyjohn and she was riding Cedric hard. Tre’ didn’t hold back just because it was her ass and I could tell he was just as impressive with his strokes as Cedric was. “Oh Tre’ you cock is so big and beautiful! Ohhhhh, oh shit! I’m, I’m…I’m cumming again, I’M CUMMING AGAIN!”

I was completely drained, not a bit of strength in me. Cedric watching my show asked, “Feel good?”

“Ohhhhhh, God yes, it feels great! I have never done that in my life, Two hard orgasms like that. Back to back.” Half asleep and ready to pass out, I murmured. “Any more videos….”

“Well, no but there is about to be one.” Cedric answered and with only one eye open I saw him take his phone and set it on record. He then positioned it in the corner in front of him and adjusted the zoom to get a good shot of his lap. He then turned on the light in the cabin. In two seconds, he pulled his warm up pants off. His cock shot straight up, I did too. How ever tired and spent I was, I suddenly came alive. All night looking at his cock in the videos was impressive, incredible but it doesn’t compare to seeing it in person a few feet from you.

“You wanna….do a…video with… me?” I was trembling. My eyes glued to his cock, which he began to slowly stroke.

He leaned a bit at an angle, a good one for the camera and said, “You wanna do a video?” I froze, I didn’t move an inch, so many things raced through my head. I couldn’t blink, I couldn’t more.

“Are you going to show it to anyone?”

Cedric just smiled and said, “Now what do you think?” Without missing a beat, I leaned over to him and was face to face with this extraordinary cock. So long and thick and a beautiful color. I looked up at Cedric and said, “Jill was right, I do love black cock and yours is a beautiful black cock. I opened my jaw wide and took it in. I sucked it for him, I sucked it for any of his friends that would be watching the video and I sucked it for all the white girls who were too afraid to try a black cock but might get another chance.

I sucked it for over 45 minutes, we even went outside and filmed me sucking Cedric on my knees in front of the van with the head lights on. He rewarded me the best way he could, the most unique way and the way I hoped for after watching his videos, he gave me the biggest load of black seed as a gift for my efforts. I thought the one with Britney and Lisa was impressive but mine was bigger and better. Like every girl, I relished the taste of his fresh semen and swallowed most of it. It was important to me that it wasn’t wasted. After that I could barely stand but running on the fumes of pure attraction and love for black, we got into the van again and he fucked me for another hour and a half. He was so inspiring by maintaining a massive erection right after the first ejaculation. I passed out twice from a combination of fatigue and intense orgasms, four in total that night. When Cedric shot his second orgasm it was deep in my pussy.

Before I dropped him off and headed home, exhausted, I begged him for Tre’s number. The next day I called Tre’ and asked if we could get together. I told him this time I wasn’t afraid of what I have always loved.

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