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I can’t help but stare at your naked body. So tender, so soft, so warm-looking. You begin to wake from your nap as I lovingly run my fingers through your hair. You snuggle into me and squeeze your naked body against mine.. We kiss the softest, gentlest kiss. Our lips just seem to melt together.

You roll onto your back and stretch and yawn. My hand follows you and gently caresses your breasts, softly playing with your nipple with my fingers then gently kneading your breast with my hand. I watch your nipples harden.

I lean over you and tell you to just lay back and enjoy. We kiss again. Our kiss is still a loving one but with a hint of desire in it. As we kiss I continue to fondle your breasts, your hand moves lightly across my chest and shoulder and down my side, dropping away before reaching my hips.

We break away from our kiss and I briefly move my body in tight against yours as I softly kiss your forehead, then the tip of your nose before moving back to kiss your mouth.

My hand begins to lightly move over your body. So lightly that I barely make contact with your skin.. Over your shoulder, along your side, across your hip and down the top of your thigh and then slowly back up again. I continue to do this endlessly. Our tongue’s kartal escort gently dancing together. Our mouths softly, yet firmly pressed together.

We continue like this, in silence, apart from an occasional whimper as my hand brushes briefly between your legs.

Our breathing begins to become a little erratic as our kisses start to become more intense and your body starts to move under the touch of my hand..

I break away from our kiss and work my way down to your nipple. Kissing and running my tongue over and around your nipple. Sucking it into my mouth before doing the same to your other nipple. I alternate between the two, gliding my tongue across your skin as I move from one to the other.

You let out a light whimper as I run my hand then my tongue down to your belly button. I circle it with my tongue before dipping my tongue into it again and again and then returning back to your breasts.

I straddle your thigh as I continue to kiss and suck your nipples. I press my growing hardness against your upper leg.. I slide it down along your leg as I move my moistened tongue once more along your tummy, this time stopping just below your belly button and moving across to the top of your hip. You begin to slowly move under maltepe escort bayan my touch. I can feel the heat from between your legs. The aroma of your womanly scent begins to fill the air and I begin to become more and more aroused.

My kissing and tongue movement become more intentional. More focussed.

I move my mouth to the top of your thigh and kiss my way across to your other thigh before moving back up along your body once more.

Our lips meet in a more passionate kiss now and you pull me against you.

I break away from you and move to the side of your body. Now concentrating on a very gentle touch on first one leg and then the other.

As my hand nears the top of your inner thigh you move your legs apart. I catch a glimpse of your glistening pussy and I lean down and gently kiss it. I then return to placing my kisses on your legs and inner thighs.

I feel your body squirm and I look up to see you now playing with your breasts. Slightly firmer than I was though. You are pinching your nipples. Stretching them and it excites me even more I watch you play with your nipples as I gently run my finger from your right ankle along your leg, briefly brushing across your pussy then all the way down to your escort pendik left ankle

You open your legs wide and I position myself between them. Crouching down I tenderly brush my fingers back and forth across your pussy lips and clit. Drinking in your womanly scent, just totally engrossed in the act of pleasuring you.

I lean in and again kiss your pussy. Again. And again just soft gentle kisses. Pressing my lips against you.. I slowly run my finger back and forth along your pussy lips a few times, each time adding a little more pressure until it starts to push in between your lips. You let out a moan. I can see from the look in your eyes and moistness on my finger that you are really beginning to get aroused and knowing that, arouses me too and I feel a tightening in my loins as my cock grows harder.

You slide your hand down between your legs and begin to rub your clit as my fingers move in and out. You tell me you want me inside you and I kneel between your legs then pull you toward me and you guide the tip of my now aching cock inside you. I plunge again and again, gaining in momentum with every thrust. You then sit up, so that now I am kneeling on my haunches and you have your legs wrapped around me, bouncing up and down with my cock inside you. Deeper, faster harder until neither of us can hold back anymore and we both release our passion together and continue to hold each other for what seems ages til our bodies relax and we both lay down and drift back off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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