Serendipity Ch. 40

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 40 – Gladys finds her Master

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


40 – Gladys finds her Master

HOW THE HELL DO THESE GIRLS DO IT? I woke to hard nipples in one side and jeweled nipples in the other… AND BOTH OF THEM WERE LOOKING AT ME!

“Good morning Master,” from Nicole with a kiss.

“Good morning Master,” from Sam with an even better kiss.

Then they both peeled away and headed for the kitchen. All I could do was smile and watch those wiggling asses.

Brittany and Maria were waiting on us, putting a plate of eggs and bacon in front of me, and eggs and sausage in front of Sam and Nicole.

Things were a lot quieter this morning, a little light conversation, but Sam wasn’t saying much, just slowly eating and looking at me. Finally she couldn’t take what ever was eating at her. She turned to me, “How did you know?”

“Know what?” I asked.

Sam’s eyes went wide.

“He didn’t.” Nicole said.

Sam’s head snapped around to Nicole. “So he just…”


Sam got a big grin, put her fork down and sauntered over to my chair. She lifted a leg and squeezed between me and the island, plastering herself against me and went tonsil hunting.

After a few minutes of a nice deep kiss while I squeezed and played with her ass, Sam decided to pull back and look at me. “I love you Master.” and gave me another quick kiss then pulled back grinning.

“I love you too Sam, but what are we celebrating?” giving her ass a squeeze.

She looked at almost giddy, “You really didn’t know?”

“Sam, I have no idea what we’re even talking about.”

“The cake.”


“The plane cake…”

“What about it?”

She leaned forward and gave me another quick kiss. “Grandpa got one for me when ever I’d get a new rating. I didn’t think much about it with the commercial because Jason and Justin were just getting me credit for what I already had.”

“OH…” I gave her ass a little squeeze. “Well you’re going to have to thank several others for that. I just asked Jake to tell Amy we needed a plane cake for your celebration.”

“And the party in the lounge?”

“You’re going to have to talk to all your friends around here. I just put things in motion, they took it from there and ran with it.”

I got a grin and ‘the look’…

Maya chose that moment to spit her breakfast back up, most of it anyway. “OH MAYA!” Maria gasped. She began wiping her down and wrapped her up after grabbing a robe.

Brittany got all wide eyed and was trying to shake her head off nodding to the stairs. I had to grin, it was all she could do not to blurt it out.

“Maria, why don’t you…” That’s as far as I got before Brittany took over.

“Why don’t you use the new one upstairs?”

She turned back, not quite having gotten the robe on, “What new one?”

Brittany looked like she was going to explode.

“Brittany would you…”

Brittany picked Maya up, grabbed Maria’s elbow, and began herding them upstairs.

We all laughed, and Nicole slipped off her stool to follow. Just as she hit the bottom stairs there was a Mexican screech from upstairs, making us all laugh again.

Sam pulled me in for another quick kiss, “That really was wonderful Master, even more so that you didn’t know.”

“You’re quite welcome Sam. Now how about we wolf down the last bites of our luke warm breakfast and go see what all the screaming is about?”

Sam got off me and stole a piece of my bacon, “As if we didn’t know…”

I tried to reach for a piece of sausage from her plate, but she held it out of my reach as she munched on my bacon. I downed my last two pieces and we headed upstairs.

You know it’s amazing how it takes three grown women to give one little baby a bath. The dresser was barely wide enough for the three of them to stand side by side, but from the giggling and splashing it seemed to have Maya’s stamp of approval.

“Is there a kid in there somewhere?”

There was a screech, and now I had Maria plastered up against me. “It’s wonderful Master” kiss kiss “Where did you get it?” kiss kiss KISSSS.

“It’s just something I put together, no big deal.” Some day I just might figure women out… yeah right. All I did was take some pieces from the surplus shop and put them together to accomplish what we needed, and I now had four women that looked like they could melt. They were all walking toward me until Maya let out a giggle and started splashing, making Brittany and Maria dash to her.

I just smiled and blew them a kiss as I went out and around the corner into the construction zone.

Jean had ripped up the carpet and torn out the entire bathroom already, but now the drywall kartal escort off the back wall was gone. She had framed in for the new door, but hadn’t actually cut the opening. The bath had been framed, and she was prepping the floor for the waterproof membrane. She was making nice progress, and a week or two and I might get my bedroom back.

I did watch her work for a bit, seeing her wiggle and jiggle inside her jeans and shirt, remembering what she looked like naked… But she was where she belonged, and seemed to be all the happier for it.

I grabbed a pair of slacks, and one of my few remaining dress shirts, and headed downstairs. Martin was coming over to talk about spa and pool covers, and even for Vegas it had turned a bit chilly. I tossed a light jacket on, he came in like he really wanted a parka.

He explained about how the pool covers worked, a bit of a clear dome or arch over the pool on tracks, and a roll on cover for the spa. I asked about something that would cover the little spa while we were in it, and he said he’d have to think on it.

We talked about the piers for my deck when I figured out what size, and I thanked him for a wonderful cookout for the family weekend. He was all grins, his daughter and family had a wonderful weekend. Her husband was still joking about my calling Nicole over and being scolded for not needing anything important.

I came from behind the house to see a party company delivery truck backed up to the sorority house. Sam and Brittany were like kids on Christmas as the guys were carrying boxes in. I’m not sure who was the happier though, the girls getting their boxes or the delivery guys watching the girls move inside their tops. I tried to stick my head in the door and was promptly shooed out of my own house because it ‘was a surprise’. Sheeesh! Who’s in charge around here any way?

As much as I enjoy my new life, there are days like this when I wanted something to do. Nicole was busy in her office, Brittany and Sam had taken over the sorority house, with Maria coming in with the rugrat for backup.

Well when all else fails, GO ATTACK THE NEIGHBORS!

I hopped in the van and headed over to pick on Gladys.

The crew was pretty much done with the building. The GC was still checking the punch list and a couple of guys were taking care of little things. Even with some of the horses in, it still had the ‘new barn’ smell.

When I came in the office, one of the girls was on the phone at the first desk, and Gladys was up on her throne bent over a file cabinet, IN A DRESS! And a short one at that showing plenty of thigh as she bent over.

I took a few seconds to enjoy the little movements in her ass and legs bent over the file cabinet as she took the files and put them in place. I got up beside her and reached out to give her ass a slap / grope. “Hey pipsqueak!” as I gave her a little slap / grope that was intended to be more grope than slap.

Have you ever had one of those moments that seemed to stretch out for hours? As my hand contacted her ass I had one of those moments… because something was VERY wrong.

Yes there was a midget bent over the file cabinet behind Gladys’ desk, but the moment my hand contacted those cheeks and began to squeeze I knew it wasn’t Gladys. The ass my hand hit was to soft too be Gladys.

I heard a feminine chuckle, or was that a cackle, behind me as the ass in front of me screeched and stood up turning around.

Oh this was definitely NOT Gladys. Gladys was a perfectly proportioned little woman. The young lady in front of me was close, but a much longer torso, topped with a much larger chest, a nice C cup at least from all the cleavage showing and many years younger.

“Oh, sorry… I thought you were Gladys.”

“MOTHER…” she said rather forcefully, “is down playing with her little pony!” bringing her file of papers up in front of her cleavage and pointing toward the barn. It wasn’t like I was staring at her cleavage… REALLY! I was just… appreciating… the view. Yea yea, that’s what I was doing…

“Oh, okay.” and turned back to the barn.

I walked slowly past the stalls, most of them empty, but a few occupied. Of the ones that were, the horses were sticking their noses out to see who was coming down the galley, ears turning like radar. A few even stretching out to get a nose rub or cheek scratch.

I got down near the end and found Gladys with her ‘little pony’.

“Damn Gladys, do you ever do anything little?”

“Hey Danny!” she called out from the other side of her ‘little pony’.

“Where did you get the Clydesdale?” I asked as she stepped under her ‘little pony’.

“Man you don’t know anything about horses do you? Lucy is a Morgan not a Clydesdale,” patting her shoulder. “Aren’t you girl?” Lucy noised down to Gladys’ hand.

“How do you even get up on her?”

Gladys chuckled and patted Lucy’s leg. This HUGE horse put its far foreleg out, then kneeled on the closer leg. Gladys grabbed a bit of mane and stepped to the bent leg and swung up on her back as Lucy stood back up.

I just shook maltepe escort bayan my head and Gladys lifted a leg and slid off the other side… and didn’t fall to the floor!

I walked around Lucy and saw Gladys standing on a walkway along the other side of the stall. “Do you do anything normal?” as I walked up to her, pulling her face down for a nice kiss.

“Why would I want to be boring?” as she pulled my face down into her cleavage.

I put one hand on her waist and brought the other up to cup a tit through her shirt. She pulled on her shirt to pop a snap open and turned to put a nipple in my mouth. I in turn dropped my hand from her waist to her ass and got a nice squeeze of a much more familiar ass.

“Mmmmmmmm…” as she held me to her chest and plastered her body up against me.

I nibbled on her a bit, then pulled back to talk, never letting go of her ass or chest. “Had a question for you,” and leaned forward to lick the tip of her nipple.

“Yes…” She said softly.

“We’re going to be making a trip back to The City next week. Would you mind keeping an eye on the place while we’re gone?” then took her tit back in my mouth and worked my fingers between her cheeks a bit.

“Oh I guess I could do that,” as she brought my hand over to her bare tit.

“I appreciate it,” pulling back enough to open her shirt completely and lick both nipples before bringing my hands up to squeeze and grope them again, a contented sigh escaping Gladys’ lips as I trapped her nipples between my fingers. “And tell your daughter sorry for mixing you two up.”

Gladys put her hands over mine, “What happened?” a little serious, but not bad.

I smiled, “I saw a nice ass in a dress bent over your file cabinet and gave it a swat thinking it was you.”

Gladys raised her eyebrows a second, then burst out laughing. “Serves her right, little miss know it all, twenty three going on fifty. Has the nerve to tell me I should be wearing a dress and bra… out here!” Pulling her shirt WIDE open baring her chest completely, the snaps popping as she pulled it open all the way down to her jeans “Then has to stay in the office because she’s afraid to mess up her shoes!”

I slid my hands up under her tits like an under wire, squeezing and lifting a bit before taking each nipple between my lips. “And why would you want to cover these beauties more than absolutely necessary?”

Lucy’s ears turned and she made a noise, “Sarah is coming…” Gladys whispered as she pulled her shirt closed enough to cover her nipples after I dropped my hands, leaving enough showing to make it obvious her shirt was completely unbuttoned and she was braless.


“Down here Sarah.”

I could hear foot steps getting closer. “Did that asshole find you?”

Gladys winked as I grinned, “Who?”

“Some asshole. Came into the office looking for you. Had the nerve to grab my ass.” She was just about down to the stall we were standing in.

“You mean our landlord Danny?” as she rounded the corner around Lucy. Sarah stopped short seeing me standing next to her mother standing up on the walkway with her shirt well unsnapped and some nice skin showing.

Sarah just stopped and stared, looking like she wanted to say something but not sure what.

“Danny, I’d like you to meet my daughter Sarah. All evidence to the contrary she is usually a talker.”

“We met in the office. She… ahhhh… told me you were working down here.”

Gladys chuckled, “I imagine she did.” She turned back to me and turned me slightly away from Sarah, gave me a quick kiss, “Well we’ll stop over after a bit to go over things.”

Well two can play that game, I turned my back completely to Sarah looking right at Gladys’ chest. “Okay, we’ll see you later,” and gave her a bit of a swat on her ass. I didn’t see it, but from the little gasp I heard behind me and the fleeting grin on Gladys’ face I would imagine we gave Sarah quite the shock.

“Sarah,” I said nodding to her and taking a not well hidden look at her cleavage as I headed out, breaking into a grin once I got past her.

I headed back to the house. I watched Nicole on her headset arguing with someone, and had to grin at the thought of what whoever was on the other end of the phone would think knowing that the woman he was arguing with was naked except for he collar and nipple jewelry?

Whoever she was arguing with made it interesting on our end. All the arguing required lots of hand waiving making her little chest wiggle and jiggle. If it had been Shelly on the other end I would have had to go over and cover those tits to keep them from moving all over and hurting herself… he he he.

I putzed around down in my workroom, picking up the bits and pieces from the last session with Bob, then made a run up and checked with Jean. She had things pretty much ready for the cement base, so I had a little more of the lovely concrete work yet, but at least I knew to use the conditioner and lotion if I had to.

I came back down to find my girls around the island snacking. I hadn’t even gotten escort pendik close to the island and Sam turned to strip me down while I watched Maria pumping down those milk filled beauties.

As Sam dropped my slacks Nicole did my shirt, running her fingers through my chest hair as she did. Sam took advantage of me and began nibbling and sucking my firming cock. Feeling her lips running over me as her chin was bumping my balls as I was getting hard.

After a few of those delicious strokes I was hard enough to want to find a juicy pussy to sink it into. I was just getting a grip on Sam’s head when the door opened and in came Gladys with Sarah right behind her.

“Hey Gladys!” Brittany called out.

“Hey gorgeous!” Gladys called back with a wink, pulling her shirt open, the snaps sounding loud in the quiet.

“MOTHER!” Sarah hollered as Gladys tossed her shirt aside and was undoing her jeans as she was kicking her boots off.

Gladys dropped her jeans and then stood back up in just her little yellow sheer lace panties, Sarah had stopped stone cold still with mouth hanging open watching her mother strip “Give me a lift?” she said to Brittany with another wink.

“Of course!” lifting Gladys to one of the stools.

Gladys put her arms around Brittany’s neck and pulled her close for a not so quick kiss. “Thanks babe,” and gave her another nice kiss.

“MOTHER!” Sarah exclaimed again, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”

Gladys turned back to her daughter but not releasing Brittany’s neck. “I told you this was a clothing optional place.” pressing slightly sideways against Brittany, her small tit pressing into the side of Brittany’s much larger pierced tit. “You’re the one that’s over dressed…” reaching over to cup Brittany’s tit and flick her jewelry with her thumb.

“But you…” And then she realized Sam was on her knees giving me a WONDERFUL blow job when an obvious slurp got her attention. “AND SHE’S…”

“OH FUCKKKK…” I yelled out, beginning to unload in her mouth. She grinned around my cock, then pulled me out and aimed me at her tits.

“OH FUCK YES, COVER MY TITS WITH YOUR HOT CUMMMM…” Sam hollered out from between my legs.

Sarah screeched and ran for the door, there was a brief pause and then Gladys pulled Brittany in for a nice deep kiss to the sound of squealing tires. “Thank you.” She said before giving her another quick kiss.

Sam got up and walked to Gladys with my cum still dribbling down her chest almost to her nipples. She pulled back from Brittany enough to kiss Sam, then leaned down to lick a fair amount of my cum from her chest, Sam even gasping a bit as Gladys made sure one nipple was completely clean of my cum. Of course Brittany making sure the other nipple was clean as well didn’t have anything to do with it.

Once Gladys and Brittany had Sam’s chest sufficiently clean, Gladys turned back to Brittany. “Give me a lift to the phone?” then giving her a light soft kiss.

“Of course.” Putting her arm under Gladys’ ass and cupping a tit as she lifted her from the stool and walked to the phone.

“Hey George honey,” she said grinning as Brittany’s hands were enjoying squeezing and playing with Gladys.

“Well, could you pick me up over at Danny’s?”

“Sarah didn’t appreciate the dress code over here and took off.”

“Okay, see you in a bit.”

She hung up and put her arm back around Brittany’s neck, pulling herself to Brittany giving her another nice and much more serious kiss as she took Gladys back to the stool. This one looked like it even involved a bit of tongue!

I walked over to Gladys, Brittany keeping her hand on Gladys’ ass from the expression on Gladys’ face.” I cupped Gladys’ chin, “You knew she would react that way…”

“Who me? How would an old fuddy duddy hold over from the bra burning sixties know she would have a problem with an open free love house?” and turned to Brittany for a tonsil hunting kiss.

I shook my head and Nicole and Maria began to giggle, followed by Sam as the girls came up for air. Gladys pulled Sam in closer and began to caress her and nibble at Brittany, then switched to nibble Sam and play with Brittany’s large chest.

Of course Nicole and Maria didn’t want me to feel left out and cuddled up against me, each one taking turns stroking me while we watched the three of them, Maria having totally forgotten about finishing her pumping. Sam and Brittany taking a side of her panties and slipping them down to her knees only spurned Gladys on and the gasp when two sets of fingers went for her pussy was amazing.

Watching her wiggle and squirm trying to open her legs to give them better access while her panties were still at her knees was HOT. Finally having to let go of a tit to give them the last little flick to lower them, then kicking them off as a finger invaded her pussy.

The sight of Nicole and Brittany the other night was wild, but three women, one a midget, in front of me was something right out of a porn fantasy. Brittany and Sam were keeping her close. Fingers going from pussy to tit to nipple and back again. Kisses from Brittany going from lips to ear lobe to neck and an occasional jaunt toward her tit but not quite getting there before heading back to lips and jaw. And while Sam was just giving light little flicks and kisses, Brittany looked like she was going to get serious about Gladys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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