Sex with Twins, My Mom and My Aunt – Part 1

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Sex with Twins, My Mom and My Aunt – Part 1
“Tommy, would you bring me some aspirins and a glass of water, please? I’m getting another one of migraine headaches again,” said my Mom from her bedroom.

Instead of giving her only two aspirins to take, with her having trouble sleeping lately, I gave my mother a sleeping pill while hoping she’d take that, too. I hoped she’d get in the habit of taking sleeping pills to sleep without being awakened with a migraine headache. Then, biding my time for the right moment, my plan was to eventually, sexually assault my mother while she lay d**gged and sleeping. Only, even though I yearned to see my mother naked and have sex with her naked body, having a change of heart, I couldn’t take sexual advantage of her while she lay soundly sleeping.

‘Bad enough that I want to have sex with my mother, that’s just nasty to want to sexually assault her while she lay d**gged and sleeping,’ I thought. ‘What’s wrong with me to want to do such a dastardly thing to the woman I love?’

My Mom, Aileen, has always been plagued with migraine headaches. Traumatized from his perverted thoughts and for leaving her for a younger woman, sometimes, I think her migraines stemmed from my Dad pressuring her to do the nasty, sexual things that she refused to do. With my Dad a sexual degenerate, I get my sexually perverted ideas from him. Only, totally different from him in our sexual attraction to women, he has a penchant for much younger women and I have a penchant for my mother.

In the way that my Dad has always wanted to have sex with women young enough to be his daughter, I always wanted to have sex with a woman old enough to be my mother. In the way my Dad always wanted to have sex with twenty-something-year-old women, women half his age, I’ve always wanted to have sex with my forty-something-year-old mother and/or her forty-something-year-old sister, my aunt. Moreover, with my mother, Aileen, and her identical, twin sister, Ilene, there’s something so erotically exciting about having sex with identical twins, especially when they’re your mother and aunt.

‘How hot would that be to have sex with my mother,’ I thought? ‘How hot would that be to have sex with my aunt? How hot would that be to have sex with my mother and my aunt at the same time? Wow!’

With them looking so very much alike, walking alike, moving alike, sounding like, talking alike, and laughing alike, without seeing them head on, it’s difficult to tell one from the other. Especially when they’re not facing me, walking away from me, or in a darkened room, I can’t tell one from the other. When I talk to them on the phone or they answer me from another room, I can never tell one from the other. They sound exactly alike.

Then, when they wear the same clothes, which they sometimes do, I have a difficult time knowing if I’m talking to my mother or to my aunt. Something they’ve always done growing up, they enjoy tricking friends and relatives by trading places. Games they played as teens when dating, sometimes, they didn’t tell their dates that they were identical twins. Sharing their boyfriends, sometimes, one sister would go on the date for the other sister. They did the same thing in school. With one better in a subject, they’d take the test for the other.

Obviously, with my father no longer sexually satisfied with my mother and yearning for a much younger woman, no doubt, sex was the reason why he abruptly left her for someone else. I found out later that and he had a young, pretty, sexually submissive woman ready and waiting to do any sexual thing that he wanted her to do for him on the side. Now, after having overheard my Mom talking to her identical, twin sister, my aunt, Ilene, I knew more of the sexy details why my Mom and Dad were always arguing and why he finally left.

# # #

“Why the sad face, Aileen? What’s wrong,” asked my aunt, Ilene of her sister?

My Mom started crying.

“With him not returning my calls or texting, I think Brian has finally left me for good,” she said.

She stopped crying to wipe her eyes and blow her nose.

“Leaving you? You two have been married forever,” said my aunt while looking at her sister with disbelief. “Why is he leaving you?”

My mom started crying again.

“We’ve canlı kaçak iddaa been married twenty-four-years, a year before Tommy was born,” she said blowing her nose. “June would have been our 25th wedding anniversary,” she said sniffling while looking up at her sister. “I think he has a woman, a much younger woman, some whore, on the side.”

Hoping to see more of my mother and her sister, perhaps a down-blouse of their cleavages and bras, I peeked over the banister while listening to their conversations while watching their interactions with one another. My aunt was sitting on the couch next to my mother, holding her hand, and hugging her. As if they were Andy Warhol, modern art statues, it was weird seeing them sitting side by side as if they were bookends, especially with them wearing the same clothes. One would think they would grow out of dressing alike. One would think one or the other would want their own identity.

“What happened,” asked my aunt? “Tell me all the dirty details and don’t leave anything out,” she said something that she would typically say with a little, sexy laugh. “With me without a man, I live a boring, sexual life,” she said with another laugh. “With me not having had sex in two-years, I could have been a nun, Sister Ilene,” said my aunt laughing again.

My mom blew her nose while I imagined not only having sex with my mother but also having sex with my aunt. They are both MILFs. How hot would that be to have sex with identical twins? How hot would that be to have sex with my mother and/or my aunt? Only, hard enough to imagine sexually seducing my mother, I couldn’t imagine sexually seducing my aunt, too. Sexually frustratingly, there’s just no way that I’d ever have sex with one or the other. Sexually frustratingly, there’s just no way that I’d ever have sex with the both of them apart or together.

I pondered all of the i****tuous, sexual possibilities of having i****tuous sex with my mother and/or with my aunt. With us both the same age, I wondered if Ilene’s son, Sean, my cousin, was as sexually attracted to my mother as I was sexually attracted to his mother. I wondered if he wanted to have sex with my mother, his aunt, in the way that I wanted to have sex with his mother, my aunt. While I had sex with his mother, my aunt, I’d watch him having sex with my mother, his aunt.

With the four of us in bed together, when I was finished having sex with my aunt, perhaps, I could have sex with my mother and he could have sex with his mother. I’d love to have an i****tuous, sexual foursome with identical twin, mature women. I’d love to have a sexual foursome with my mother, my aunt, and my cousin. As I continued listening to their conversation, I unzipped myself, pulled out my cock, and slowly stroked myself while imagining my aunt and my mother stroking me, sucking me, and fucking me.

# # #

“I’m embarrassed to tell you all the dirty details,” said my Mom. “I can’t. I just can’t. It’s too personal. It’s too private.”

My aunt laughed

“Embarrassed? Personal? Private? After all these years and after everything we’ve been through,” laughed Ilene again? “If you can’t tell me, your identical, twin sister, and your best friend, then who can you tell?”

Even from where I was perched on the stairs, I heard my Mom take a big breath of courage before confessing her troubles with her husband to her sister. Such a wonderful view, I had the perfect birds-eye, down-blouse views of not only my mother’s bra clad breasts but also my aunt’s bra clad breasts. Based after seeing them in their sexy nightgowns, they both have shapely C cup breasts. Whenever they moved their jiggling breasts were so nicely rounded.

Peeking down their low-tops at the tops of their breasts, from my high vantage point, I could clearly see both of their long lines of sexy cleavages and the tops of their lacy, white bras. Odd enough that they were wearing the same clothes, seemingly, even weirder, they were wearing the same bras too. No doubt, I’ll be masturbating over this down-blouse view of my mother and aunt later tonight. No doubt, I’ll be imagining removing their tops and their bras. I’ll be imagining feeling their tits and sucking their nipples while masturbating.

# # canlı kaçak bahis #

“He wanted me to flash my naked body to unsuspecting men. Whether the delivery man, traveling salesman, insurance man, the handyman, or whoever else comes to our front the door, as if I’m an exhibitionist or a stripper, he always wanted me to flash men my topless or naked body. This time, being rather insistent, he wanted me to flash the pizza delivery man. He wanted me to answer the door wearing just a loose towel. Then, as I reached for the pizza with one hand while paying the man with my other hand, he wanted me to drop my towel,” said my Mom.

My aunt laughed.

“Men have no imagination. Michael wanted me to do the same, exact thing. It sounds like Brian married the wrong sister,” said my aunt nodding her red, pretty head. “Flashing the pizza delivery man is something I’d do and have already done several times before,” said my aunt with a dirty laugh.

My mother laughed, too.

“Yeah, well, Ilene, even though we look alike, I’m not like you. You’ve always been the whore of the family. I’m not about to flash strange men my naked body,” said my mother slowly shaking her head from side to side. “I’d be so embarrassed for anyone other than my husband to see me topless and/or naked.”

Something that worsened my mother’s migraines, they were drinking wine. They always drank wine whenever my aunt visited. Whenever they drink too much wine, my Mom gets the worst hangovers. Maybe, with my father no longer around, she’d drink enough wine tonight that I’d have to put her to bed. A longtime sexual fantasy of mine, I’d love to undress my mother while putting her to bed drunk. I can’t count how many times I masturbated over putting my mother to bed after she’s had too much to drink.

Unbuttoning her blouse and unzipping her short skirt, I imagined stripping my mother down to her bra and panties. I imagined staring at her as if she was my sexy, MILF of a girlfriend instead of my mother. Something that I always wanted to do, I imagined feeling my mother’s big, C cup breasts and fingering her emerging erect nipples through her bra.

Another thing I always wanted to do, I imagined feeling my sexy mother through her panties. I imagined feeling and squeezing her panty clad ass before fingering her panty clad pussy. I imagined pushing her panties aside with my finger to finger my mother’s cunt while rubbing her clit. I imagined masturbating my drunken, sleeping mother.

Then, not nearly done sexually assaulting her, I imagined unhooking her bra, and removing her panties. I imagined stripping my drunken mother naked. Once naked, I imagined photographing her and posting her naked photos online. I imagined showing all of my horny friends the naked photos of my mother.

Then, once done staring at her and photographing her, I imagined touching and feeling her everywhere on the pretense of putting on her nightgown. Still not stopping there, I imagined sticking my erect cock in her sleeping hand and humping her soft, warm hand to give me a forced hand job. I imagined slowly sliding my stiff prick across my mother’s full, red lips and pinching her nostrils together for her to open her mouth to suck me.

Then, when she opened her mouth to breathe, I imagined filling my mother’s warm, wet mouth with my hard, erect cock. I imagined my cock in my mother’s sleeping, drunken mouth. Humping her mouth faster and harder, unable to control myself, I imagined cumming in my mother’s mouth, all over her face, and across her naked breasts. Only, how would I explain my cum the next day?

‘Tommy? What’s this sticky white stuff all over my face and across my naked breasts? Yuck, I even have some in my mouth. I don’t remember getting undressed. I don’t remember putting on my nightgown. When you were undressing me and stripping me naked, did you force me to blow you,’ I imagined my mother asking me?

# # #

“Just curious,” said my aunt. “What else did he ask you to sexually do that you refused to do?”

My mother sighed loudly, loud enough for me to hear her while listening on the stairs to them talking.

“Same stuff, different day. Something he’s be wanting me to do for years, he wanted me to go to a nude beach. As I refused then, bahis siteleri canlı I still refused now. I’ll not have strange, perverted men ogle me and stare at all they can see of my naked body to masturbate over the naked memory of me having sex with them later,” said my mother angrily.

My aunt laughed again.

“Again, that’s not only something I’d do but that’s something I’ve already done. You’re going to think me wicked but I even allowed Michael to masturbate me on a nude beach while men gathered around us to watch him feel my tits, finger my nipples, rub my clit, and fingerfuck my pussy,” said my aunt.

My mother gasped her indignation.

“My God, Ilene. What’s wrong with you? Weren’t you embarrassed? Have you no shame?”

My Aunt Ilene laughed out loud.

“I guess I don’t have any shame. Once a whore, always a whore,” she said with a shrug while laughing.

My mother returned her sister’s laugh with her laugh.

“Whore,” said my mother to her sister while laughing.

My aunt laughed too.

“Embarrassed?” She laughed. “I was too sexually aroused to be embarrassed. Then, after he gave me a sexual orgasm with his fingers, I gave him one too by stroking his cock and sucking his cock. Michael wanted me to allow the men gathered around us on the beach to touch me and feel me while I stroked and sucked them, but having sex in public was plenty enough for me,” said my aunt. “I may be a whore but I’m not that big of a whore,” she said laughing again.

My mother stared at her sister while frowning and shaking her head.

“No doubt, Brian would love for me to have done something like that, go to a nude beach and have sex on the beach, but I’d never do anything like that,” said my mother.

Her sister agreed by nodding her head.

“Knowing Michael, if I allowed the men to touch and feel me, he’d want me to stroke, suck them, and fuck them. I wasn’t about to have sex with a multitude of strangers,” said my aunt shaking her head side-to-side. “I wasn’t about to have them gangbang me. Been there and done that in college and on spring break,” said my aunt with a dirty laugh.

My mother laughed, too.

“Hard enough for me to believe that you allowed strange men to see you naked and to watch you and Michael having sex, I still can’t believe you were gangbanged twice,” said my Mom. “Weren’t you embarrassed having sex on the beach? What if you saw someone you knew from work, the neighborhood, or from church?”

My mother giggled a nervous laugh for the daring of her twin sister for going to a nude beach and having sex in public.

“If I saw someone at a nude beach, they’d be just as embarrassed as I was,” she said with a shrug. “Besides, if I saw someone I knew, I’d tell them that I was you,” she said laughing out loud.

Something they’ve done many times before to deceive and confuse people, my aunt laughed over telling someone that she was her sister.

“Ilene O’Malley, how dare you,” laughed my mother?

My aunt returned my mother’s laugh with her laugh.

# # #

“So, tell me,” said my aunt. “What else did he ask you to sexually do?”

My mother laughed.

“You mean, what hasn’t he asked me to sexually do?” She rolled her eyes and sighed. “On poker night, he wanted me to serve his friends topless. Can you believe that? He wanted me to show his drunken friends my naked tits. There’s no way that I’d do that,” said my mother with conviction. “If I served them drinks topless, those drunken, horny men would grope me while sexually assaulting me,” said my Mom. “They’d not only grope my naked breasts but also, they’d reach beneath my skirt and grope my ass and pussy, too.”

My aunt raised her hand as if she was in school.

“Guilty again. I’ve done that, too. I’ve served drinks to his friends while topless. I’ve showed them all my naked tits,” she said with a dirty laugh. “It’s no big deal when it’s just between friends,” she said with a shrug and a sexy laugh. “What’s one man feeling the breasts and fingering the nipples of his friends’ wife? Besides, the sex we had after they left was worth being ogled and groped.”

My mom took a long sip of her wine and sighed loudly again before continuing.

“Brian’s been wanting me to try the swinging lifestyle with him. No doubt, that would be his permission to have sex with women young enough to be his daughter while I’d have sex with drunken men my age who couldn’t get an erection,” she said with exasperation. “He’s such a pig. Now, that I think more about it, I’m glad he’s leaving me. I hope he’s happy with his little whore.”

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