Shalini: A Tale of Lust

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I was 30 at the time. One of the joys of my life was visiting my family in India. I was a very adventurous risk-taker, and I had received some injuries while rock-climbing in Colorado. I took some time off from work and I thought it might be a good time to visit my family in southern India.

I landed in Bangalore and my cousins picked me up at the airport. It was wonderful. They were so happy to see me. Tears welled up in my eyes.

I got to my uncle’s house and I hugged everyone, and I had a huge meal before retiring for bed. I hadn’t slept so soundly in my entire life. I was lying in bed the next morning and the sight I beheld minutes later would chart one of the most pleasurable courses in my life. I saw the back-end of this beautiful creature bent over, sweeping the floor of my guest-room. I kept the silk blanket over my eyes so this creature would not see me salivating over her body. She was absolutely stunning. She was small in height, and had this innocent face. She had silky long staright jet black hair, and this perfect flawless brown skin. Her bare midriff caused me to get light-headed. Her abs were toned from all of the work she probably did, and she had these full luscious lips, doe-like brown eyes. But the best part were her luscious full hips and her humungous firm bounteous jugs.

I could feel my cock hardening and tenting the blanket. Then I stirred and pretended that I had just awoken. She smiled at me. Wow. “Good morning Raja. Did you want some coffee?” She spoke english. I was amazed. What was a girl like this doing sweeping floors in my uncle’s home?

“No. I’m fine…”

“…Shalini…my name is Shalini…”

“Hi Shalini. Nice to meet you.” I smiled back.

She was about to sit down at my side. Yes!

Shit. “Shalini! We need your help in the kitchen!”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

The seed of determination had been planted in my skull. I absolutely had to score with this girl. I had to. Somehow, some way, I would do it, and I’d do it tonight!

I woke up and got ready. Just thinking of Shalini caused me to get a steel-rod escort kartal boner. I hurriedly got ready, and went to join my family for breakfast. We ate and laughed and watched TV. Shalini had left for the day. Finally, we got into the car and went into the town and saw the sights. It was great taking in the sights. I prayed fervently that I would see lovely Shalini again.

We got back home and had dinner. Finally I approached my cousin. It was a shot in the dark , but I thought I should at least try.

I had an idea. “Ashok, I need to take a shower tonight, but I can’t really move too well. I’ll need some help. Maybe one of the servants could help me with just getting in and out?”

“No problem Raja. Shalini will be back in a few minutes. She’ll help you.”


I carefully undressed and wrapped a thin towel around my waist, and I waited by the door of the guest room. Shalini came by “Raja, are you ready?”

She looked absolutely stunning. She looked like she had gone home and prettied up before coming back to the house. She wore a sheer silk blouse which hardly left anything to the imagination. I looked down at her huge boobs and she noticed and smiled tenderly. I knew this was an affrimative to make my move.

I walked with her. She held my arm and led me to the shower. We were alone. She asked if she could help take my towel off. “I promise I’ll close my eyes.” she said.

Our bodies were close. My cock started to jerk and leave the confines of its base. She felt my cock grow against her groin.

“Can I come inside and help you sit down?”

“Please.” I requested. We both stepped into the shower room. I was totally naked. I held her shoulders. She got startled and opened her eyes wide as she witnessed my huge bulbous veiny cock stand tall and proud. She stepped back. I turned the shower on The steam started moistening her hair and skin. Her voice was dry with excitement.

“Shalini, do you like what you see?”

“…I…er…I don’t want to get into trouble…”

“No one will get into trouble. My family maltepe escort will believe me.” I reassured.

She started rubbing a bar of soap between her hands. I approached her and slowly removed the single silk piece which she had wrapped so carefully and tightly against her body. She had no underwear on. She was luscious. I kissed her neck and hugged her. She then took the soap and rubbed my muscular chest.

I took my soapy hands and unclipped her blouse and her huge brown tits jumped out. She was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen. I slowly held her chocolate nipples and rubbed them between my fingertips. She started swaying. I kissed her soft luscious lips and then worked my way down to her slippery neck. I got behind her and started tweaking her nipples really hard and I was kissing her back.

“Ooooohhhhhh. Raja….ooohhhh God…..oooooo”

She reached behind and grabbed my soapy cock and started rubbing its entire length. She pulled and squeezed the tip of my unclipped cock and pulled my foreskin back and rubbed the sensitive underside of my big cock. I kept pinching her nipples and I worked my way down to her pussy. All the while I was kissing her back and her ears.

She melted like butter in my hands. She turned around. I couldn’t see her eyes because of her black wet hair covering her face. She rubbed my cock a few more times and I saw her smile. She knelt down in front of me and kept jacking my cock all the way up and down. Then, she skillfully licked the head of my cock. she totally concentrated on the head and licked the sides. Her toungue was like wet silk.

I kept playing with her titties. Then she started slurping my cock and throating me. “My God. Where did you learn such skills?” I thought to myself. As Shalini sucked me off, she probed with her free finger under my scrotum, scratching my sack with its treasures.

I wanted this to last as long as possible. I roughly grabbed her arms.

“Shalini. I want to fuck you furiously and I want it now. Let’s go outside.”

We got outside. Everyone was asleep. pendik escort bayan We had to be quiet. I held her close and we went under a palm tree on some soft grass and we were hidden by some shrubs. I quicly got behind Shalini and bent her over. She smelled wonderful—like spring flowers. My cock was still wet with her saliva. I placed the huge bulb of my cock on her pussy lips and started rubbing her getting her really wet. As soon as my cock entered, I rammed it into her tight pussy. She bit down on her towel to avoid making noise.

The fact that we had to be quiet intensified the excitement of this illicit encounter. I moaned lightly as I pulled my cock out and reentered her. Finally I pulled out completely and she turned around to give me a wicked glare. She quicly grabbed my wet cock and rammed it into her pussy. I started ramming Shalini with the fury of a typhoon. The slap of my body penetrating hers from behind sent her hips waving in every direction.

I had never felt such pleasure before. I had never been happier. I was so tired and my body started cramping, but I didn’t give a shit. I was going for a home-run. She looked up at me and moaned. I grabbed both of her hands and bent her body like a bow and I rammed her with a vengeance. The sight of my huge cock appearing from her pussy and then being rammed into it gave me a sense of power like no other lustful act ever had. Shalini was the best I ever had. I fucked her faster and faster.

A motorcyle came by which disguised the noise. Shalini turned around again and looked into my eyes. My face started contorting and my mouth opened.

“Please Raja. Please do it. Give me your seed…”

My toes bent.

That’s all it took. I felt an intense pain which started at my toes and traveled up my legs and stomach. I tried to hold back the breaking dam to no avail. The head of my cock ballooned and I spurted copious strings of sperm into her unprotected womb. I held her tightly against my body. We both held on for dear life to ensure that I had emptied my sack of cum into her belly.

I slowly pulled out with a popping noise. I couldn’t keep my hands off Shalini. She was even more lovely now than she had ever been. We kissed passionately. Then she hurriedly put on her clothing and disappeared into the darkness.

God, this was gonna be a great stay!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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