Sharing Naomi

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“Have you ever wanted to try a threesome,” Matt said.

Naomi was lying on her back, on the bed, in the happy comfortableness after sex, just sprawled where she’d ended up. It was late, but not so late she was ready to go to sleep. She was holding one hand up over her head and trying to decide if she needed to redo her nails tomorrow.

She kept looking at her hand for a while.

She thought about sex. They’d just had perfectly adequate sex, ordinary sex like they had every few days, and that she’d always thought was enough.

But maybe it wasn’t, not for Matt.

“That’s kind of sudden,” she said.

“I was just wondering.”

“Yeah right,” Naomi said. “Just wondering. Just happened to have that pop into your head, right then.”

He grinned. She was fairly sure he grinned, because he always did when she said things like that. She didn’t need to look and check.

“None of my friends are interested,” she said. “Sorry dude.”

“None of them, sure.”

“They’re not. And I’m really not in them anyway. Especially Lizzy.”

“Why Lizzy?”

“Ah, because every guy I ever hooked up with wants threeway with her.”

“People have asked before?”

Naomi turned sideways and looked at him for a while, then just said. “Dickhead.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Okay. That wasn’t what I meant, though.”

“Course it wasn’t.”

“I mean, its not one of your friends I’m talking about.”

“Or anyone else,” she said. “No-one wants to. I asked everyone already and they all said no.”

He grinned again, then said, “No other woman, maybe.”

She lay there for a moment. That was interesting. “Another guy?”



Naomi thought about that. Maybe ordinary adequate sex had its place, and maybe dirty sweaty fucking by two men at once had a place too.

“Would you be into that?” Matt said.

“Ah, yeah,” she said, still a little surprised. “Kind of.”

“You’re thinking about it?”

“Not thinking about it, exactly,” she said. “Thinking about whether this is a good idea.”

“You want to?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, what would you do if I suddenly said me and Lizzy wanted to both do you at the same time?”

He grinned. “True. But you think it might not be a good idea?”

“Yeah,” she said. “It might not.”

He opened his mouth.

“Shut the fuck up and let me talk myself into it,” she said.

He grinned.

She was interested. She was really quite interested, but she wanted to think about what might go wrong. Like people feeling bad, or getting jealous. Like her tidy life being disrupted.

Like finding out Matt was into other men. She thought hard about that one. Because if she’d said she wanted another chick here, with them, it pretty much meant she wanted the other woman at least as much as she wanted Matt, and was using him as an excuse. But maybe it was different for men. Maybe years of porn, and them not wanting to be touch, would make it different. Maybe all he had in mind was the two of them taking turns on her.


She thought about that for a while. Two men. Taking turns. She almost got distracted from thinking carefully by the idea of turns being taken.

She made herself stop. She made herself start worrying again.

She was interested in this, she decided, but only if she was the centre of attention. Not if Matt was into the other guy too.

She wasn’t sure how to ask, and wasn’t even sure she wanted to know.

She just had to ask.

“There’s one thing,” she said. “About the other guy.”


“Is that because you want to? Like because you’re into the idea of being with another man? Or because you don’t think I’ll say yes unless it’s a guy.”

“Would you say yes if it was a woman?”

“Probably not.”

“Like definitely not?”

She grinned for a while. “Yeah.”

“So there you go.”

She hitched up on her elbow and kissed him. Then looked at him, carefully. “You don’t want to be with another man? You don’t want to try it out?”

“Not really no.”

“I like men,” she said. “I liked trying them out, and look where I’ve ended up. Maybe I’m rubbing off on you.”

He grinned. “I’m not interested in trying anything out.”

“Because I don’t want to if you do,” Naomi said. “I really don’t want to at all. Just so we’re clear.”


“I don’t want to share you with someone you might actually be into.”

He nodded. “Yeah, that makes sense.”

“But you don’t care if you share me?”

He thought about that for a while.

“Thought so,” Naomi said, and lay back down.

“No,” he said. “It’s not that. It’s just, maybe I trust you more than you trust me.”

“Ah,” she said. “Dude. What the fuck?”

“I believe you’ll still want me after you sleep with someone else. I don’t know you do, from what you just said.”

“Yeah,” Naomi said, thinking. “All right. Maybe not.”

“I don’t feel like that. I don’t think it’s a contest.”

“Okay,” she said. “Fine, but what’s the point of this? If I’m not going to let you try another woman?”

He was quiet.

“Because I’m not canlı bahis going to let you try with another woman,” she said. “No matter how much fun it is, or how often we do it again afterwards, you’re not fucking another chick. Ever. Not while you’re with me.”

“Okay,” he said.

“So why?”

“I want to see you with another guy. I think. I just don’t want to fuck him myself.”

Naomi lay there for a while, thinking. “You sure? I might get quite into this if we take it seriously.”


“Very sure?”


“Then shit yes. Of course I want to.”


She lay here and grinned at the ceiling. “Ah, yeah, dude. You want to let me fuck someone else, then of course I’m into that.”

He looked at her for a while, then said, “Really?” again.




“Hey,” she said, after a while. “So I’m horny again. Want to do something about that?”

He grinned, and rolled over, and moved her knee enough to go down on her, and that time, because of what they’d just been talking about, it was a lot more than adequate and ordinary.


Later, still awake, Matt said, “So I thought of someone. I don’t know if you’d be interested in him, but I wondered.”

“It’s late.”

“We’re not asleep.”

“Yeah,” Naomi said. “I noticed.”

Naomi was on her front now, was staring at the pillow. Matt had brought her water, and gone and turned on the heating, so she could lie there and not move and be content.

“Do you want go to sleep?” he said.

She shook her head. She was actually quite excited. She felt like she did the night before something big happened, something exciting. Distracted and thrilled and a bit too wired to sleep.

He’d eaten her out and they’d had sex again and apparently they were going to stay up all night talking about this.

And fucking.

She’d stay up for the fucking.

“You thought of someone,” she said. “You’re pimping me out now?”

“Aren’t I pimping people to you?”

She thought about that. “Yeah, I suppose. So who?”


“Your buddy Harry?”

He nodded.

“Um,” Naomi said. “Is this something you’re just throwing out there, because you think he’s my type or something? Or do you happen to have a fairly good idea Harry would be interested?”

“I have some idea, yeah.”

“Because you, what, asked him?”


Naomi lay there, and wondered how people could be so stupid. Matt sat up, and looked at her after a moment, and must have seen her face.

“Oh shit,” he said. “I shouldn’t have?”

“Yeah you shouldn’t have,” she said. “Fuck.”

“I said I hadn’t talked to you yet, and I had no idea what you’d say.”

“But you still talked to him.”

“It just came up one time. And I was being really clear it was all me, and you didn’t know.”

“You tell him about other shit we do, right?”

“Of course not,” he said, and that had to be completely untrue, because he was a man. He was just normally polite enough to pretend he didn’t tell his friends she swallowed and blew him in parked cars.

“Don’t fucking lie,” she said.

“Yeah,” he said, after a moment. “You’re right. I tell him some.”

“So he knows I might want a threeway, and he knows, what, that we fuck outside sometimes? And the thing at the park that time? And Tracy’s party?”

Matt shrugged.

“Matt,” Naomi said. “Fuck.”

“I told him you didn’t know about this yet.”

“I know, you dick, but it still means you think I might. And you know me better than most people in the world,

“I could have been wrong.”

“Ah, yeah, except how you’re not.”

“Yeah,” Matt said. “Sorry.”


Naomi lay there for a while. There was something Matt might not know about Harry, and something that might be quite important. Naomi was pretty sure Harry had a crush on her. Like a long-term, serious crush. He was permanently single. There were women around, but never anyone serious, and he had always been Naomi’s friend, in a kind of wary and hopeless way.

And he looked at her. He noticed if her hair changed, and told her she looked good in a new dress. He paid enough attention to her to know when she had a new dress.

She’d always been careful it never got out of hand, and she was pretty sure a threeway would let it get really out of hand.

She also wasn’t sure how to tell Matt his best friend was after her, without that causing more problems than an unspoken crush did.

Unfortunately Harry was hot. He was hot enough he got away with playing a parade of women and never committing to any of them. Harry was hot, and Harry was her secret thing, her ego boost when she needed it, because she knew Harry was into her. She would seriously fuck Harry with a lot less incentive than she had right now, and she wasn’t sure that was a good idea at all.

She should say something to Matt, but she really didn’t want to.

Matt seemed to have decided her going quiet meant she was angry. “I’m sorry,” he said again. “I handled this wrong. Just forget it.”

“What?” Naomi said.

“I fucked this bahis siteleri up. I shouldn’t have said anything to Harry. I’m sorry I embarrassed you, and forget the whole thing.”

“Ah, no,” Naomi said. “Don’t be a dickhead. Of course we’re going to.”

Matt had been looking glum. He was suddenly more cheerful.

“You will?”

Naomi shrugged.

“I thought you were annoyed.”

“I am annoyed.”

He was looking at her, confused.

“You ask me if I want to fuck Harry? Of course I do. We’ll do it tomorrow if you like. I just didn’t want you to tell him first.”

“Oh.” Matt sat there for while. “Tomorrow? That soon?”

Naomi grinned. “If you want to.”

“I do if you do.”

She looked at him, and wondered if it was sensible to rush into this. Then she decided she didn’t care. Two men, both at once, both into her. She was going to rush headlong and let Matt worry about the consequences.

“So how long has Harry been looking at me and thinking about fucking me?” she said.

“A couple of weeks. A month maybe.”

“A month?” she said, suddenly a little upset again. “Fuck.”

“Sorry, I…”

“Does he want to? A lot, I mean?”

“Yeah. He’s really into it.”

Which made her feel a little better. She lay there a little longer. “Is someone we know a good idea?” she said.

She owed it to him to say something.

“You don’t want Harry?” Matt said.

“I want Harry.” She decided she probably shouldn’t sound too interested. “I want Harry enough for this. I’m just wondering if someone we don’t know would be better. Since we’ll all have to see each other for years after this.”

“I want someone I can trust. If they’re going to be with you.”

She actually understood that. “Yeah,” she said. “Fair enough. Okay.”

“Okay you want to?”

“Okay I do. Phone him now. Get him over. Lets all fuck.”

He grinned and kissed her and she realized he thought she was joking again. She’d only been half joking. She actually would have gone right now, if Matt and Harry had wanted to.

“No?” she said, and had to make herself not sound disappointed.


“I’m kind of up for it now, dude.”

“I’ll sort it out.”

“Like right now.” She looked at him, and grinned, and shrugged. “You’re loss. I might not want to tomorrow.”

“I’ll take the risk.”

“Yeah,” she said, and wanted to hit him with a pillow. “I’ll bet. Because I’m just so fucking gagging for it I’ll never come to my senses.”

“Something like that,” he said, and kissed her.

“Want to do me again?” she said.

He looked at her. “I don’t know I can.”

“Head,” she said. “Dude. Doesn’t matter if you can. Get to it.”

He grinned and bent over her and she wriggled onto his mouth. She was horny still, just from talking about this. She didn’t know what would happen if they actually did it, but she’d come twice from talking and was planning on a third.


Two nights later they went out with Harry, and Naomi spent the night watching him, and wondering, and carefully drinking less than the other two just in case.

Harry didn’t have a random woman with him, which was unusual, and they went to a new wine bar two suburbs over from their own, which was unusual too. Naomi wondered if this was actually planned. To make sure they were all on their own, and didn’t run into anyone they knew. She thought it might be. Before they left home, Matt had said he’d organized the night for her, just them and Harry, and she’d laughed and told him he was too late, that he’d missed his chance, but maybe he’d been telling the truth. And maybe she wanted him to be. Because he said that, she’d gone back to the bedroom just before they left, and had a quick shower, and changed her underwear, and she was wearing a lot nicer dress than she would normally to hang with Harry.

She wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but it was getting rather interesting.

They stayed at the bar for a while, and Matt and Harry talked about cars and music and the usual shit they talked about, and then they all went home early.

Which was also interesting.

Harry said the bar was quiet and a bit dull and maybe they should go somewhere else, and then he and Matt had both looked at Naomi, and asked if that was okay.

She was either being set up, or this was the biggest coincidence in the world.

“Why don’t you come back to ours,” she said to Harry. “It’s early. We can have a drink or something.”

“Okay,” Harry said, “Yeah.”

“Share something,” Matt said quietly.

Naomi glared at him. “Shut up.”

“What?” Matt said. “Me and Harry can share something. That’s all.”

She hit him, and noticed Harry was pretending not to have heard, and that, right there, confirmed all her suspicions.

When Matt got drunk he was kind of an insensitive jock, and most of the time Naomi was used to it. Occasionally, when he was trying to get her to do something, he talked about it so much, and so crudely, that he put her off. So she made sure they didn’t talk in the taxi. Naomi sat, and looked out the window at passing lights, and bahis şirketleri wondered how serious she was about all this. Apparently she was serious enough to let it start, anyway.

They were all tipsy, and Harry was here, and they were on their own, and everyone seemed to have some idea what was going on.

It was basically going to happen if no-one stopped it, Naomi thought, and she wasn’t sure how she thought about that. She did want to fuck Harry, and she definitely wanted to fuck them both at once, but she still wasn’t sure it was a good idea, for her and Matt as a couple.


At their front door, while he got out his keys, Matt said, “So just to say it, I don’t mind sharing.”

“Yeah,” Naomi said. “We go that. Be quiet.”

“I don’t mind sharing Naomi,” Matt said to Harry.

“Fuck,” Naomi said. “Shut up, you dickhead.”

“Naomi doesn’t mind trying it,” Matt said.

“I really fucking won’t if you keep going on about it,” Naomi said.

Matt looked at her, and seemed to decide she was serious and opened the door and went inside without saying anything else.

“Sorry,” she said to Harry.

“I’m guessing he asked you,” Harry said.

“You shut the fuck up too,” Naomi said, and followed Matt inside.

She took off her coat, and got beer, and went and found them in the lounge. Harry was on a chair, and Matt on a sofa, so handed them both a bottle and sat down next to Matt.

There was an odd silence. Like they’d been talking about her just as she walked in.

“What?” she said.

Matt shook his head.

“What were you saying?” she said. “Keep going.”

Harry looked like he didn’t want Matt to. Matt, being Matt, did. “About it,” Matt said. “About the thing.”

“What thing?” Naomi said, and frowned at Matt.

He didn’t notice. “So Harry,” he said. “You know the whole, do you want to fuck Naomi with me thing?”

Harry just sat there looking at him.

“What did you think we were all here for,” Matt said.

“Quiet,” Naomi said, and sipped her beer. “You’re just annoying everyone.”

“It’s true.”

“Yeah,” Naomi said. “I really don’t know its as certain as you think it is right now.”

“It was the other night,” Matt said.

“No it wasn’t.”

“It sounded pretty certain the other night.”

“Matt, seriously dude, shut up.”

Harry was looking at Naomi, and suddenly looked worried. Like he thought he might be about to miss out because Matt was talking too much.

“Yeah Matt,” Harry said. “Just leave it, okay?”

Matt shrugged, and kept grinning, and was acting like the biggest frat-boy dickhead in the world.

He might actually manage to put her off, Naomi thought, and that would be a shame for everyone.

Because she was really into this, and up for it, and every other thing she could imagine.


Harry went to the toilet. He took a while, was drunk enough he probably had to concentrate on door-handles and taps.

Matt slid over and started kissing Naomi. Kissing her, and pulling her skirt up.

“Careful,” she said, looking down the hallway.

Matt pulled her underwear off and went down on her. Just like that.

She sat there, looking down the hall, with Matt’s mouth on her. Just after they’d talked about a threeway with the guy they might do it with.

Matt’s mouth was warm and his tongue was gentle and he made her breathless and wet like he always did. And she wondered how far they might actually go.

She held Matt’s head, and made herself keep her eyes open, and was about ten times more likely to do this now than she had been a few minutes ago. Matt knew her annoyingly well. She was sensible before, kinky after she started, and always had been. That one thing, going down on her there, it pretty much made certain she would.

The bathroom door started opening, and Naomi pushed Matt away.

Then sat there, with no underwear on, trying to look like she wasn’t flushed and breathing hard, while Harry wandered back and sat down.

She tried to decide if she could smell herself. She probably couldn’t, not over the smell of beer.

“I just ate Naomi out while you were pissing,” Matt said.

“Fuck,” Naomi said, actually surprised. “Dude, shit.”

Harry was just looking at them. Looking at her.

“What,” Matt said.

“Don’t fucking say shit like that,” Naomi said.

Matt grinned.

“Really?” Harry said after a while. He was looking at Naomi, like he wanted to check.

She shrugged. She supposed she was supposed to be getting him interested. “Yeah,” she said. “For a minute.”

“And she hasn’t got any undies on right now,” Matt said. “See?”

He pulled Naomi’s underwear out his pocket and held them up. She snatched them and threw them behind a chair.

“Seriously dude,” she said. “Last fucking chance.”


Naomi went to get more beer, and Matt followed her. He groped her again, in the kitchen. Knelt down in front the open fridge door and licked her again, and she leaned against the freezer and closed her eyes and tried not to make any sound.

And tried to remember to keep an eye out.

Harry was still right there, through an open doorway, in the lounge.

This was a thing they did sometimes, with someone else around. Blowjobs while they looked in the fridge. It kind of turned her on.

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