She Goes for a Ride

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It was too nice of a day to be in the shop. The first eighty plus degree day of the year and I was itching to get out on my bike, burn some gas, get out of the city and feel the pavement pass in a blur for awhile. I’d spent the last year working on it, getting it solid so I was confident there would be no issues when I was 150 miles out of town.

my bike is a 1966 BSA chopper. A true survivor built in the early 70’s. long springer fork, exhaust pipes that sweep past the rear wheel and a super skinny white metal flake seat with the passenger backrest ending at shoulder height and a sissy bar that sits a foot taller. Riding it is like being on a time machine, this is what choppers were like before lame tv shows made $20,000 douchemobiles a midlife crisis fad for suburban white guys.

You’d been asking me for a ride since I rebuilt it and I knew you worked weekends so I decided to swing by your house to see if you were up for it.

When I got there I could see your Volvo parked out front, hopefully I’d catch you before you got busy for the day. When there was no answer from the doorbell I waited another minute, gave a couple loud knocks, waited, then a little disappointed started back toward the bike. As I climbed on you poked your head out the door, a towel wrapped around your hair and said, “hey, sorry I was in the shower. Is everything ok?” “Yeah,” I said, “I decided to play hooky from work and go for a ride. Do you wanna come?”

“YEAH!”, you said, your eyes lighting up with excitement, “come in, give me a minute to get ready.”

As your walking back to your bedroom the towel around your torso slips a little just as your reaching up to catch the towel around your hair from slipping. “God Dammit!” you exclaim, as your damp blond hair falls to your shoulders and you make an attempt to recover your breasts.

I turn my back to you out of consideration for you and also because seeing the quick flash of your near naked body caused a rapid swelling in my pants I didn’t want you to see. “You look good Critz,” I said. “For being forty I bet you still make woman half your age jealous at the gym.” “Thanks, but I think your just being nice and trying to make me feel good about being old.” you reply, as you close the bedroom door behind you.

After a few minutes, to my surprise, you come back to the living room wearing a pair of snug jeans and a tank top cut at the midriff with no bra underneath. “Uhh, wow!” i blurt out. When you first asked me to take you for a ride I, somewhat jokingly told you you’d have to wear something that matched the bike. if you’re gonna ride on the crazy 70’s chopper you’d have to dress like a crazy 70’s biker mamma.

“You know I was just being nice before but holy smokes your fucking hot,” I said. “This is what you said I had to wear.” you replied, with a rare mischievous smile. “Yeah, uh, right.” was all I could say.

“Are you ready?” you ask. Hardly able to pull my eyes away from your full breasts, the hint of pink where your nipples were pushing against the cloth, I have to remind myself that your not referring to, or are even aware of, how hard you made me. “Let’s do it.” I say.

The ride started out ok. Traffic was kind of heavy and every time we hit a bump or pothole I’d feel your breasts bounce against my back and when I’d hit the throttle you’d squeel in delight and squeeze your thighs against me as the bike shot forward. needless to say I was distracted at first.

After about an hour out of town I was able to canlı bahis forget about everything and let the pavement passing underneath turn into a sort of meditation. The road meets the sky in the horizon and there’s nothing to do but let your mind project beyond it. Even the sounds of the bike and wind disappear for a bit. This is what I was hoping for and needing.

I decide to turn off the highway and ride up into the national forest. Even cruising at 75 it still feels warm and it’d be nice to break for a bit where it’s a little cooler.

About 5 miles down a service road it turns to gravel for a mile then abruptly ends, picking our stopping point for us. My legs are cramped and could use a little stretching anyways. Shutting off the bike it’s immedietly clear how distant we are from everything we wanted to get away from.

“I always forget how beautiful it is up here,” I say, turning towards you. You’ve got a big smile as your taking off the helmet. I feel the same stirring inside me as I see your nipples erect, pushing against the tight tank top.

“Hey,” I ask, “are you cold? You can have my jacket.” I step closer and briskly rub your upper arms. “No, How come?” you say. I move my left hand inward and cup your full breast, slightly pinching your hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I feel myself get fully erect inside my jeans.

“Hey!” you exclaim, “No, we can’t go there.” “Critz, tell me you haven’t thought about it, secretly fantasized about it.” Reaching up with my right hand I push your hair behind your ear, then slightly grabbing and tilting you head up towards me I say, “You know I’ve wanted you for years, fantasized about smelling your sweat, feeling your naked body sliding against mine.”

“This is crossing the..” you start to say as I peel you shirt up over your breasts, bend down and run my tongue around and over your hard nipple, then gently pinching it with my teeth. The sight of your exposed breasts as we stand there, outside, alone is enough to make my cock ache to be inside you.

Instead of pulling away you push yourself harder against me. My hand still in your hair I pull your mouth towards mine, feeling your hungry tongue against mine I unbutton your jeans as you grab and squeeze at the bulge of my erection pressing against my pants.

I take a half step back, both hands grabbing the top of your jeans. You unzip my pants, grabbing my swollen cock and pull it free. “Critz,” I say, “I want to taste you, I want to run my lips, my tongue over every part of you, your thighs, your back, your pussy, your neck, your ass.” You tug at my cock, causing the first bit of pre-cum to dribble onto your hand until I kneel in front of you and forcefully pull your jeans down hard.

“Wow Critz!” I say. Expecting to see your strawberry blond patch, I’m surprised to see you’ve shave your pussy smooth. “It’s more user friendly.” you say jokingly. “God,” I reply, “I knew you were a kinky slut…” and lean forward, diving my tongue between the folds of your pussy.

You moan, reach back and grab my bike to steady yourself as you push yourself harder against my mouth. As I alternate between kissing the inside of your thighs and running my tongue across your clitoris I work you out of your shoes and jeans.

Free from your pants I’m able to spread your legs wider, allowing me to slide my hand up your thigh and slip my first two fingers inside of you. “uuhhh..” you moan as I work your clitoris with my tongue faster, slipping my fingers in bahis siteleri and out of you. I reach up with my other hand, cupping, squeezing, pulling at your exposed breasts, gently pinching your hard nipples.

Moaning louder you start moving your hips forward to coinside with my fingers in your pussy. Looking up I see your mouth is open, your eyes partially rolled back in ecstasy as you push your clit harder against my mouth and my fingers deeper inside you. The first wave starts with a loud low moan, your legs shaking as they try to support you. Your hand pushes my face hard against you as you cum, your pussy clamping around my fingers.

Standing up I let my pants drop around my ankles. “Your turn,” you say, as you bend over and wrap your mouth around the head of my cock. you take me as deep as you can, then alternate between sucking and licking me from the base of the my shaft up to the head. I reach behind you, feel how wet you are and pull myself out of your mouth. “I don’t want to cum yet,” I say, “I want to feel your pussy wrapped around me.”

Turning around you bend over, offering for me to enter you from behind. “No,” I say, “get on the bike, I want to fuck you on my motorcycle.” You climb up onto the back of the seat, the passenger pegs lifting and spreading your legs. I pull my pants all the way off and take a step back, just looking at you for a moment. “What are you doing?” you ask.

“Christ, your so fucking hot, I’m taking a mental picture, I swear to god I’m going to jerk off to this for years.” “I’m Sure!” you reply. “Touch yourself, I want to watch you touch yourself.” I tell you.

Without saying anything you reach a hand down between your legs and start rubbing your unbelievably wet pussy. Stepping forward I straddle the bike facing you. The head of my cock just resting between the lips of your pussy. you reach down with your other hand and start tugging at my cock again, trying to pull me inside of you. leaning in I kiss you again, then grabbing your hips I slide you forward, the tip of my cock pushing inside.

Rubbing your swollen clitoris you put your other hand on my lower back, pulling me deeper inside. “Oh god, your fucking tight!” i exclaim, as I bury my cock, feeling you stretch around me. your head is tilted back, your eyes closed as your fingers frantically rub your clit. I pull back, then thrust every inch of myself inside you.

Taking your other hand I pin it against the sissy bar above your head. With my free hand I grab a hold of your hair, gently forcing your head down.

“Look at my cock as I’m fucking you Critz,” I say. pulling out for you to see, then sliding inside of you. “Do you like it, like watching my swollen cock sliding inside your beautiful, wet cunt, like watching us fuck?” I pull all the way out, my cock glistening, thick and veiny, then push all the way in, your pussy stretching to accommodate me.

quietly, almost guiltily you respond, “Yes.” Slowing my thrusts, I urge you, “Tell me, look at my hard dick, look at you taking every inch of it inside your pussy.” feverishly your fingers work you clit. your hips rocking to meet every push. “yeah.. I do..,” louder you say, “I love it, I love watching you fuck me, I love it, yeah, yes…”

Admitting your slutty pleasure out loud is the final trigger for both of us. Your cunt tightens around me as I grind my pelvis into you, feeling the head of my cock push against the deepest part of you. I grab both you breasts now, pulling, using them as leverage bahis şirketleri for one last hard thrust.

I’ve never felt a woman cum like you do. your pussy clenched around my thick member, milking my cock as you let out a low moan. A warm rush of fluid gushes past my buried cock as the first pulse of cum erupts from me deep inside you. “Oh God, I’m cumming!” I almost yell. Pulling out of you my cock pulses again, spraying thick strings of cum across your belly and your full breasts until your gorgeous body is glistening with warm cum.

Your legs are still shaking when I tell you to stand up and turn around. “What?” you ask incredulously. “I’m not done with you,” I say, “turn around.” Standing, straddling my bike I push your back until your leaning forward against the backrest of my seat. I pull your ass back towards me until the center hump of the seat is pushing against your clitoris.

There’s no pacing now, no slow sliding in then out of you. I slam my still hard cock into you, feeling our cum displaced, dripping out across my seat and our thighs. I fuck you furiously from behind, Ten years of pent up desire slamming into your cunt over and over. Your ass jiggles with every thrust. you lean forward harder, rocking with each push. the backrest of my seat nestled between your breasts like a sparkling giant 20 inch cock fucking your tits.

I grab your hair again pulling your head back. You reach up with both hands, grabbing the sissy bar for support. “I want to fill you full of my cum,” I say quietly in your ear, “I want you to feel nasty, feel slutty for days.”

The hump of my seat bangs against your clit with each thrust and it’s only a couple of short minutes till you feel another orgasm start to build. I let go of your hair and slide my hand down, grabbing your nipple and pinching it hard this time. My other hand I swing back then sharply forward, slapping your ass sharply. “That’s for making me wait ten years to taste your sweet pussy,” I say, then do it again on your other cheek “And that’s for never telling me what a kinky little slut you are.”

Grunting from the combination of sharp pain from me pinching your nipple and slapping your ass; and the pleasure of my thick cock pistoning into you as your clitoris rubs against the seat you begin to cum for the third time.

feeling your orgasm approach I let go of your nipple with a pull. Sliding my hand down over the smooth round flesh of your ass I gently press the tip of my thumb against your most intimate place.

Three more hard thrusts and you begin to tighten around me again. As your orgasm overtakes you I push the very tip of my thumb inside your ass, sending another sensation crashing through your body.

“Oh, god, shit, I”m cu cumming..,” you whimper. reaching around I cup and grab your breasts pulling you hard against me one last time. My scrotum tightens as I explode, pumping load after load of cum deep inside of you.

Spent I pull out, our mingled juices dripping from both of us. “Jesus, Critz, that was amazing!” I exclaim. “Fuck it, lets get a tent and stay out here for awhile, I could eat you up for days. Or lets just head for Mexico, spend the rest of our years pickled in tequila and having sex on the beach…” Laughing you tell me that it’s just going to have to be a fantasy. “That’s ok,” I reply “I just had one come true maybe I’ll get lucky again…”

Our clothes and helmets on, I straddle the bike again to kickstart it. fuel on, prime the carbs, kick. Nothing. kick again. Nothing. I look at you, your looking back at me with a little panic in your eyes. kick, bang! the bike roars to life. looking back at you, your smiling as you straddle the bike behind me. It was definitely a good ride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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