She kept calling me “Daddy.”

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She kept calling me “Daddy.”
A small shop in London is where I met her. Beautiful and young, I was struck by her immediately, but didn’t think any more about it. In a beautiful, soft feminine voice she spoke, but there was a devilish way about her, a look in her eye. There was for sure something special about her, something different. Maybe a very beautiful boy, acting like a very beautiful girl, I thought to myself. “Is there anything you need, Daddy?” I paused, alittle of guard. “Do I look that old?” I said, laughing and half joking. “Daddy, just let me know if I can do anything for you.” It was the way she said it, So sensual and confident. It was impossible not to notice and honestly, get a little arroused by it.

“I’m sorry” I said, “But why do you keep calling me Daddy?” “Don’t you know?” she said, as if honestly surprised by my question. With a little laugh she then said, “You’re so cute. Don’t worry sweetie, I like Daddies!” She touched my arm as she spoke. Then she turned, it seemed like she arched her back and pointed her ass at me, then slowly started to walk away, swinging her slim hips back and forth, as if to exaggerate and accentuate her beautiful, slim, shapely form. I couldn’t help but stare, surprised and mesmerized. She glanced back, saw me looking and smiled.

I stood casino şirketleri there motionless for a moment. I had to gather my senses. I felt as if I had been struck by lightening. I was flattered and a little turned on. She knew what she was doing, I’m sure of it. I took an item to the counter, I don’t even remember what it was, it didn’t matter, I just wanted to be near her again. “Did you find what you need Daddy?” she said smiling, tilted her head slightly and bit her lowere lip. I could feel my cock begin to swell. I thought to myself that this must be the most sensual girl on the planet. I stumbled for words, not wanting to be embarrassed if she turned me down. I asked if she knew any good places for dinner near there. “My place” she said, “I know what I want to eat already.” She looked me up and down. My jaw hit the floor.

That night, in her small flat, I found her in a tight black dress, sheer leggings and black high heels. Just absolutely gorgeous. So cute, young and feminine but also with a sexual energy that was intoxicating. I was hooked.

”Do you like what you see Daddy?” She had a sly, devishly naughty expression on her face as she began to slowly and sensually walk towards me. She stopped just in front of me and looked up into my eyes. I took her in my arms casino firmalari and kissed her, smearing her lipstick. She passionately opened her mouth, allowing me to kiss her deeply. I could feel her hard on press against me as I held her tight. “Oh Daddy” she said softly as she bit my ear.

My hands ran down her back and found her small, perfect ass and squeezed it hard. I pulled her dress up and felt her bare skin. She wasn’t even wearing panties, so fuckng sexy! We continued to kiss and she snaked her hand between us and rubbed my hard cock through my pants. We were both panting, so turned on and wanting this so much.

She fell to her knees and looked up at me as she unbuckled my pants and stripped them down, freeing my throbbing erection. She wasted no time and immediately took it deep into her eager mouth making loud “Mmmm” sounds. She felt so amazing, but I wanted more.

I lead her to her couch and she sat down and pulled her dress up, exposing her rock hard gurl dick. Seeing it for the first time, it was somehow so beautiful, so sexual. She pulled her dress up over her head and layed back. I stripped off my clothes and moved to her. Grabbing her legs and pushing them up, I licked her beautiful, tight little gurl hole, making her moan “Oh Daddy!”

“Oh Daddy” is right! güvenilir casino I thought to myself. If she wants a Daddy, I’ll give her one! I pinned her legs back and rubbed my pre cum leaking cock’s head against her saliva soaked asshole and with a solid thrust, I was inside her. “Awwww” she cried out, “Fuck me Daddy!”

I embraced my role and slammed into her hard. “You’re my little slut, aren’t you!” I said, between pants. “Oh, yes Daddy!” “You love cock don’t you, baby?” “Oh, yes Daddy!”

Her cock moved against her belly with each thrust and coated it with her clear, sticky pre cum. “You’re gonna make me cum Daddy” “Make me cum Daddy!” “Yes Daddy!” I pounded into her as hard as I could and tried to fight off my building orgasm, but it was all just too much, it was all just to erotic and hot!

“I’m gonna cum baby!” I moaned. “Yes Daddy, cum deep inside me!” She reached down and started to stroke her cock, quickly sending streams of white cum up and across her belly and chest. It was too much, I exploded inside her and cried out in exctasy. “Yes, yes!” she moaned out frantically stroking herself, finishing her amazing orgasm also.

I collapsed on top of her. “Mmmm, DADDY! She whispered her body still shaking, my cock still deep inside her.

I didn’t get back to my hotel room until around dawn. As I was about to crawl into bed, my cell buzzed. It was a picture of my horny little gurl, her perfect ass up and inviting. It was taken outside, on a field of grass. The caption read, “Meet me at the park?” Oh yes, I’ll meet you anywhere!

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