She’s My Best Friend’s Girl

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Mike sat in the terminal waiting for his ride. His best friend John was already running 20 minutes late. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder

“Mike”, a voice said.

Mike turned and saw her standing there, John’s fiance Beth. She was a hot as her pictures. Mike only ever spoke to her on the phone and over the internet. They had a few video conferences but nothing compared to seeing her in real life.

She was curvy and soft in all the right places, her dark hair was long and wavy. She wore a sheer tunic with a tight pair of leggings and tall swede boots. Mike could see the outline of her lacy bra through the tunic and through that her succulent nipples.

Mike stood up and greeted Beth with a smile and hugged her, hoping she wouldn’t feel the raging hard on growing in his pants.

They walked out of the terminal; Mike watched Beth’s luscious ass as she walked. All he could think of was bending her over a rail and making love to her ass long and hard.

Beth knew Mike was watching her and she smiled to herself knowing that she was having an effect on him. Many of their conversations online had been risque and though she thought there was no way she could cheat on her fiance and that there was no way Mike would betray a friend, she still took pleasure in teasing him.

On their ride home their conversation quickly went from mundane topics, the weather, wedding plans, etc to more…interesting topics. By the time they got to Beth’s apartment, both of them were horny and not knowing how they were going to control themselves. Beth suggested a dip in the pool to calm them down.

Beth changed into a simple one-piece and peaked into Mike’s room on her way to the bathroom ataşehir escort bayan to fetch towels. She say him standing there naked. His thick cock making her pussy wet. She returned to her room and changed out of her modest bathing suit and into a skimpy bikini she had bought for her honeymoon in Antigua.

Mike walked into the living room seeing Beth in her barely there bikini bent over, rubbing oil on her legs. Mike couldn’t take it any longer.

He grabbed Beth’s arm, spun her around and kissed her hard and long. Beth returned the kiss and raked her nails on her back driving Mike into a lust filled frenzy. He cupped her ass and lifted her up. He walked her over to the love seat. He tore off her bikini bottom and dove his face into her naked cunt.

He licked and nibbles at her clit, sucked her cunt juice as Beth moaned loudly, grasping and pulling at Mike’s hair causing him to moan into her pussy. He pulled down her bikini top and squeezed her breasts. Mike’s skills brought Beth to a screaming orgasm.

Mike, smug and cocky, smirked at Beth who lay back against the couch still feeling the effects of her climax. Beth glanced at Mike’s shorts and saw his big cock pushing through the material of his shorts. She pulled down his shorts so that Mike’s big dick bounced up at attention. Beth grasped the cock with her hands and licked playfully at the head. Mike groaned at the feel of her tongue on his dick.

Beth licked and kissed the head a few more times. Giggling because she knew how frustrated he must be getting. Mike knew she was teasing him so when he couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed her head and fucked Beth’s mouth. Beth moaned on to Mike’s escort kadıöy hard member. She moved her tongue along the shaft and opened her throat to him. She felt his hot cum rush down her throat and she heard him release his orgasm and felt his knees buckle in pleasure.

Beth’s pussy tingled hearing Mike’s pleasure. She knew she couldn’t be sated by oral sex alone. She wanted to feel his huge dick in her aching pussy.

She dragged him into the bedroom and laid him onto her bed. She straddled him, and kissed him deep and hard, waiting for his cock to pop back up for her. Mike ran his hands over her skin. He ran them down to her ripe ass and back up to her hair, giving it a little tug.

“Like to play a little rough, do we?” Beth smirked at him.

She continued kissing him and reached down to the covered basket next to her bed. She pulled out a long satin rope and started wrapping it around Mike’s wrists as they were fondling her breasts. She pulled Mike’s hands above his head and tied the loose end to the bars of her headboard.

“What are you doing?”, Mike finally asked.

“Making sure you don’t go anywhere.”, Beth said, dipping her head to meet his lips.

She began moving on him. She felt his cock react and begin to grow. She continued to stroke his cock with her pussy lips, letting her juices wet his hardening dick.

Finally Mike’s swollen head slammed into her waiting pussy. Beth called out Mike’s name as his cock slid in and out of her. Beth could see Mike’s pleasure growing so she slowed down, wanting to savor Mike more and more. She ran her nails across his chest. Mike’s responded to the pain and thrust upward into her. She put more weight maltepe escort on his hips to stop his thrusting.

She bent onto his chest and bit down on one of his nipples. Mike’s cried out. The mingle of pleasure and pain was more that he could handle. He strained a pulled on the satin cord. Beth giggled and kept fucking Mike. Finally, the cord snapped and before Beth knew what was going on, she was on her back with her knees up by her breasts.

Mike fucked her long and hard. There were no words between them, just Mike’s hard, violent grunts and Beth’s moans of pleasure. Mike held Beth’s hands over her head, giving her a taste of her own medicine. He nibbled and licked at her erect nipples. As he held her wrists with one hand the other reached down to her clit and began to stroke.

Beth’s orgasm came strong and fast. Her juices soaked Mike’s dick. He flipped her over and continued to fuck her through her orgasm. He pushed her chest down to the mattress and pulled her hair back. Cum was dripping from his cock.

“Fuck my ass, Mike”, Beth begged, “please”.

Mike rubbed some of Beth’s cum onto her asshole. He pushed the head of his cock into her puckered hole slowly so as not to hurt her. Beth, on the other hand, bucked back on Mike’s member, swallowing it with her ass.

Mike bent a knee up so his foot was on the mattress and his leg surrounded her hip. This gave him more power behind his thrusts. He slammed his dick into Beth’s eager ass while Beth moved on him. Mike used one hand to pull Beth’s hair back while the other stroked her clit and dug into her soaking cunt.

Mike finally came, loud and hard. He dug into her faster and pulled her hair even harder, every muscle in his body tensed. He filled her sweet ass with his cum.

They both collapsed until they realized that John would be home any minute. They showered together to save time, put their bathing suits back on and went out to the pool to wait for John to come home….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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