Sinful Dream

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It starts the same every time. I feel myself drifting through a mist. I feel safe, warm and cherished. The mist wraps around me and it is all I see and feel.

Then I know he is there. I smell the heady scent of his skin and the cologne he wears. It is spicy and makes my head spin. I look for him but all I can see is the mist. Oh, but the fragrance that follows him, it haunts my mind and teases my senses.

I spin in a circle hoping I can see him this time. I have to know what he looks like. What he really looks like not just a vague image the mist allows me. I know he is tall with wide shoulders and long dark hair and dark compelling eyes. But the mist has always hindered me really seeing him. I have felt his face with my hands but I need to know more. I want to know what his face looks like. The need to see him haunts me, awake and asleep.

Then I feel his hands slide down my back. My skin becomes rough with goose flesh and the hairs on my arms stand on end. Every time he touches me I feel as if I have touch a live wire. A jolt shoots through my body and I tingle all over.

I turn to him and his lips graze mine softly. It is just a whisper of a kiss but I tremble from the effect it has on my system. I place my hands on his chest and feel his heat burn my palms; it feels so good it is almost painful. I lean toward him but he pulls back. I whimper from the need building in me to feel his tongue in my mouth, possessing me. I want to have his body flush against mine, feel his heat and make it my own.

He turns me around again and starts to place whispering kisses along my neck. I shiver from head to toe feeling hot and cold at the same time. He bites the spot where my shoulder and neck meets, then blows on the little sting. He continues this until I am moaning, my brain unable to form words.

He steps in front of me and takes my hand and pulls me to the ground. I follow because I have no chose and he knows it. I am delirious with my need for him to continue touching me. I need it as much as the air I must breathe to live.

As we sink to the ground the mist floats around us and I find myself being laid on a bed with satin sheets. They feel cool under me but I soon forget about them because he has now raised above illegal bahis me. He rains kisses over my face before he settles his lips on mine. I feel his tongue trace the seam of my mouth and I open eagerly for him. He kisses me with a hunger that comes close to matching my own but I know he is still holding back.

I feel the muscles in his back tensing and know he is going to pull away again. I wrap my arms around him and press my aching breast against the hard wall of his chest. The sensation is too much. I cry out. I must have more.

He knows what I am feeling. He kisses his way down my body until he comes to my shirt. He does not waste his time with the buttons; he just grabs the lapels and rips it open. The violence of the act excites me even more. I wither under him unable to stay still. He takes my nipple between his finger and pinches it causing pleasure-pain to streak through my body. I arch my back and silently beg him for more.

He frees me of my shirt and pushes me back onto the satin sheets. His head descends on my pouting nipple and he sucks it into his mouth. He is greedy in his sucking. He bites at me and sucks the sting away before biting me again. He is fast pushing me to the brink of madness.

I feel my body becoming ready for him. I am slick with my need to have him inside of me, making me his as only he can. I lift my hips and grind against him in invitation. He pushes back and grinds even harder into my pelvis. The hardness of him makes me wetter than I was before and my panties become drenched. I know he can feel my heat through the barriers of clothes because he groans and lifts his head to give me another deep, hungry kiss.

The kiss is no longer enough for ether of us. He pulls away from me only long enough to wrench my pants and underwear free from my body. He falls back onto me and starts to kiss his way down my body. He bites my ribs and licks my belly before he finds his objective.

He lifts my legs to his shoulders and lowers his head and licks at me. He uses his fingers to part my moist lips and flicks my clit with the tip of his tongue. My hips buck in reaction to the hot building pressure inside me. I can’t stay still as he works his magic on my helpless pussy.

He pushes his tongue illegal bahis siteleri into me and rubs his finger on my swollen clit. When he feels the walls of my pussy around his tongue start to convulse he thrusts it into me harder and pushes me ever the edge. I scream as I come apart. His mouth is still attached to me not letting my orgasm end. He keeps he awash in sensation until I begin to whimper and beg him to let me descend.

He raises over me and smiles down at me. The mist swirls in around us, washing over his body. He resembles an ancient God in all his glory. I don’t know when he rid himself of his clothes but I cannot look away from the absolute perfection of his body.

He lowers his head and looks deep into my eyes. I can smell myself on his breath and lips. It smells musky but sweet somehow, and I want to taste myself. I pull his head the rest of the way to my waiting lips and thrust my tongue deep into his mouth. Our lips mesh and lock. I suck his tongue into my mouth at the exact moment his body pushes into mine.

Even though I am slick from my release, it is not an easy entrance. His dick is long and thick and stretches me to the point of near pain. I break the kiss and suck air into my lungs and try and relax. He pushes his hips into mine and he is settled to the hilt. He is still but for a second. Just enough time for me to become adapted to the feel of him inside of me.

He begins to withdraw slowly, inch by glorious inch. When I felt the tip his cock about slip from me he pushes back home. He does this over and over again. With every thrust he is pushing me higher and higher. I feel the tension inside myself building and begin to meet his thrust with one of my own.

My body is on fire with sensations. Every touch of his chest against my sensitive breast adds to the shivers racking me. Our bodies are slick with perspiration and we are creating a friction that is sure to push us both over the edge. I want the pleasure but I want him to beg me like I did him even though I know he will not.

Using my legs for leverage, I roll over on top of him. I smile down at him as I begin to rock against him. I can feel him pulsating deep inside of me and I tighten the muscles in the walls of my pussy canlı bahis siteleri and squeeze him. His eyes roll back in his head and he groans. I love hearing him groan it excites me even more. I begin to move on him. I place my hands on his chest and slowly raise my hips until I am barely on the head of his dick before pushing all the way back down in one smooth motion.

I raise myself until I am sitting all the way on him and bring my feet flat against the bed. Using the muscles in my legs I begin to rise and fall back onto him. I am hammering him into me. Over and over I slam his hard cock deep into me until I feel him butting against my womb. I throw my head back and grind him into me. Oh he feels so good. I feel so full, I can’t get enough of him.

When my legs begin to quiver I lower myself back to my knees and ride him with wild abandon. I don’t feel him grab my hips, I am so lost in the sensations racking my body. I am there, just a few more strokes and I will come again.

He takes control then. He is pulling my hips toward him while his hips buck from beneath me. His balls are slapping against my ass with every lunge. I feel his dick swelling and know we are going to come together. I push down one last time and explode. Lights are shooting from behind my closed eyelids and fire is racing through my blood. He groans as he empties himself deep inside me. He reaches up and pulls my head down for a deep kiss.

As we lay in each other’s arms I feel myself begin to drift. I reach out for him but he is just outside of my reach. I cry out but it does no good. The dream is coming to an end.

I sit up in bed and look around the dark room. I feel the loss of his heat and shiver. If only it was not a dream I think to myself. I settle back against the sheet and close my eyes. I slowly begin to drift off to sleep once again.

Across town a man sits up in his bed and looks around the room. His body is drenched in sweet and he is breathing fast. It was the same dream he has been having for a long time now.

He would go to her in the mist and take her on a bed with satin sheets. And every time they are together is better than the last. He can still taste her on his lips. The taste alone is intoxicating.

He smiles as he settles back into bed. One day soon, really soon, he will let her see his face clearly in the dream. Then he would be able to go to her in the light of day. Then he would be able to hold her in more than his dreams.

Yes, one day soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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