Sister Smokes (Chapter 3)

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Sister Smokes (Chapter 3)
Ashley was off to ASU for her 2nd year. What culminated into one of the greatest summers ever, fall was upon us and that meant back to school for her and Community College for me.

Looking back it’s still a mind fuck to think about what we did and how it all happened. Were we just two horny siblings looking to get off? Or was what we did completely wrong? I thought about the summer every day. Concentrating on the college workload became extremely hard. My mind would wander with thoughts of Ashley sucking my cock smoking her Marlboro Light, causing me to have a hardon throughout my Account class. How far would we have gone if the summer never ended? I thought to myself.

Ash and I talked every now and then throughout the month of September. I had a break in my schedule in October so she asked if I wanted to come out to Arizona to experience ‘real college life” for a weekend. I said yes without a bit of hesitation.

The plan was to fly out Thursday afternoon and come home Sunday. Ashley told me there was a sorority theme party on Friday night and Saturday we would go to a club on Mill Ave. No doubt I was psyched to go, Thursday couldn’t come fast enough.

My mom decided to take me out to dinner on Wednesday night. My dad was away on business and she didn’t feel like cooking. Though most of my friends hate going out to dinner with their parents, I don’t mind it. Going out with my mother is like going out with an older friend, an older, extremely hot friend. And she never disappoints when it comes to her clothing. Tonight she kept it basic athletic, but still hot momish. She wore tight sweat pants and a gym type shirt. And since she decided not to wear a bra, her tits were in perfect view along with her protruding nipples. She carried herself with full confidence.

As we drove to the restaurant in her Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, she lit up a cigarette and held it out the window. The way she held it, if I was driving behind her, I’d swear a high school girl was smoking in the car. The wrist was a little limp, her finger spread, flicking the ash with her pointer finger. There’s nothing sexier than a smoking girl with her wedding and engagement rings on her finger with a cigarette in her hand.

Every time she inhaled, I’d make sure I caught a glimpse as she put it to her lips and pulled the smoke in. She’d hold it for a second and exhale it to her left, towards the window. My cock would spring up a little each time she took a drag, so I frequently shifted my seating position. I wish the ride lasted longer.

As we ate, we talked for a bit. She was so happy that my relationship with Ashley went from bickering and fighting to being nice and cooperative towards each other. “If she only knew the reason why,” I thought to myself. Hopefully she never does.

There were times I had to catch myself not thinking I was on a date with a hot woman and get my brain and cock to remember this was my mom. As she got up to go to the ladies room I noticed every guy, even the ones with dates, peek a glimpse of her as she walked by their tables. They’d quickly look at me. Probably wondering why she was with me.

During dinner we finished a bottle of wine and mom was feeling a too tipsy to drive. So I took the keys. In the car she had a little trouble lighting her cigarette, so I offered her a light. This was the first time I ever lit my mom’s cigarette. I flicked the lighter and the flame gave my mom’s face a glow that was to die for. As I put the light to her unlit cigarette I didn’t realize I was staring at her tits. She inhaled and realized where my eyes were. “Steve, uh Steve, hello. My cigarette is lit, you can shut down the lighter,” she said laughing.

“Oh, sorry mom I was just…” I stammered

“You were just being a boy. I understand” she interrupted.

I squirmed in the driver’s seat as my cock was in full erection. She rolled down the window and exhaled her Marlboro light smoke. I drove home at the speed limit, as I wanted this ride to last as long as possible.

As we pulled in the garage I looked at my mom and said “Mom, I’m sorry about before. I didn’t mean to stare as I did”

“That’s ok Steve. I get it all the time. I don’t mind. You’re 18. You’re supposed to be interested in women and their bodies. I just take it as a compliment that the doctor did such a good job my son likes to look at them.” We both laughed.

It was late so I decided to hit the sheets, as did my mom. I went in my room and began getting clothes together for the trip to Ashley’s. As I packed I felt a need to relieve the hard casino şirketleri on I had throughout dinner and the ride.

I stripped down to boxer shorts and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth and grab some baby oil for lubrication. As I walked down the hallway, I noticed her bedroom light on and the door half-ajar. I could smell cigarette smoke coming from her room and I stopped to see what she was doing. As I hid, like a schoolboy, she walked by the door in her bra and panties. A wave of smoke followed her, as she must have exhaled as she past the door. I caught a glimpse of her backside and she was wearing thong panties.

“Go mom,” I thought to myself as my cock sprung up through my boxer shorts.

My position in the hallway gave me a full view of the bed area. So I figured if I stay quiet and she didn’t come out her room I’d a little voyeuristic. I stood there for a few minutes as I heard the water run in her bathroom. She walked by again and this time she was bra less. “Damn,” said under my breath.

That was the first time I ever got a ‘real’ view of my mom’s enhanced tits. I have to say I was impressed for sure. She climbed into bed and all I hoped for was she didn’t turn off the light and she didn’t go under the covers. Both my thoughts were answered.

As she lay on her bed, mom took a last drag of her cigarette and began to massage her firm, perfect tits. I was totally amazed at what I was witnessing. Moms hands slowly moved from her tits, down her belly, and disappeared in her white panties. I could see her hand making in and out motions as her back arched a little to get the right feeling.

My cock was oozing out precum like a river as I watched my mom masturbate. I guess the panties were getting in the way, because she decided to take them off. What she exposed was a completely shaved pussy. She looked like a schoolgirl as she plunged two and three fingers into her sweet looking cunt.

I pounded my cock with my hand as I copied the rhythm of her fingers to my stroking. Her moaning was getting louder and louder as I assumed she thought I was sleeping by now. I could see her stomach tighten and her back arch a little as she reached orgasm status. I, myself, was about to cum so I ran into the bathroom to shoot my load into the toilet bowl. I furiously stroked my cock as white hot cum squirted out into the clear water.

I wiped my cock with a tissue and tip toed out of the bathroom. I took a quick peek into my mom’s room as I walked by. She was sitting up with the pillows giving her back support, still topless but her lower half was under the covers. Her hair was a little messy and she was smoking a cigarette like she had incredible sex. I was tempted to knock on the door but decided against it. I walked to my room and had a very sound sleep.

My flight was leaving around 2pm, which would land in Phoenix around 4pm, Arizona time. I was totally excited about visiting Ashley. From the itinerary she emailed me I was going to be drunk about 90% of the time. Which was fine with me, I thought, as I order another vodka and seven on the plane.

Ashley and her friend Stephanie were waiting for me at the gate. If all the girls in Ash’s sorority look anything like Stephanie, its going to be a very good weekend, I thought as I walked over to them. Stephanie was from Austin Texas. She’s about 5’5,” no more than 105 lbs., light brown hair, cut short, a very flat stomach with a belly ring hanging. Without a question she had breast augmentation because they were big and very firm.

I gave Ash a big hug and shook Stephanie’s hand as I greeted them. Having no checked in bags we headed towards the garage. I walked tall and proud as we strolled through airport to where Stephanie parked her car. She must come from some good money because when she pressed a button on her key chain, the trunk to a Mercedes CLK430 opened up. Not a bad ride for a college girl I thought to myself.

“So how’s everything at home, Steve? Anything interesting happening,” Ashley asked.

Yea, I watched mom masturbate last night, I thought but didn’t say. “Nah, not much, same old crap,” I said.

Well, hope you’re into partying hard this weekend because you picked a great weekend to visit” Stephanie stated as she handed Ashley a cigarette while grabbing one for herself. “You smoke?,” she asked.

“Yea, the good stuff though,” I said with a laugh.

“Well, we have plenty of that at the house” Ashley responded.

Both girls were smoking their cigarettes, dancing in their seats as Notorious B.I.G played loud on the radio. If they casino firmalari wanted more attention than they normally would get, they’re getting it for sure. It was great to see Ashley so free and playful instead of uptight as she is sometimes at home.

We pulled up to the sorority house and what a house it was! The house was the size of a mansion. I’ve seen sorority houses in movies, but to see one in person was wild. There had to be about 6 balcony’s, as well as a beach volleyball court on the side of the house. We parked the car in the back driveway and all I saw were BMW’s, Mercedes and one girl even had a Porsche convertible.

“Oh my god Ashley, why the hell would you ever want to come home after living here. This is like paradise,” I said.

“Yea, it’s paradise because all you’ve seen are rich girls with nice asses so far,” she chimed back as Stephanie laughed at her comment. I had to laugh as well.

“True but I bet I’m looking at the two finest asses in the house”

Stephanie looked over her shoulder after my comment, took a nice long drag of her Camel Light and continued on. Ashley gave me a playful smack in the arm with a quick wink of her eye. “Yea, this will be a good weekend for sure,” I thought to myself.

I had to sign in with the house mom because the house rules don’t allow guy friends to stay over night, only relatives of sorority sisters. Ashley showed me up to her room. It was really big and really nice. She had to share with two other sisters though, but it was big enough for three queen sized beds as well as their own bathroom.

“You better jump into the shower because we’re heading over to Fat Tuesday’s happy hour drinks,” Ashley said. “Towels are in that crate and there’s soap and shampoo in the shower. I’m going to go downstairs and get us some drinks.”

“Cool, I could use a shower after that long plane ride”

The shower felt great and with all the lotions and soaps the girls had in there, I was going to come out smelling pretty. I came out of the bathroom in just a towel, for I hadn’t unpacked my bag yet. I bent over to unzip the bag, and at the same time my towel fell to the floor, the door opened. Thinking it was Ashley, I didn’t move too fast to put it back on. But, when I heard a gasp, I knew it was someone other than Ashley.

The door opened and Ashley’s roommate was in the doorway with surprised look on her face. Here was a strange guy, naked, cock half limp, standing in her room. As I began to explain who I was, Ashley came skipping into the room with a bag full of beers.

“Oh, Rachel, this is my brother Steve. He just go in from New York.”

“Nice to meet you Rachel,” I said as I put my towel back on and looked for some shorts to put on.

“You too. One of the best introductions I’ve had in a long time,” she said laughing.

We all laughed, cracked opened a beer and toasted to my weekend visit. Stephanie came in a few minutes later dressed in shorts and a tight tank top. The four of us finished two beers each and headed out to Fat Tuesday’s for happy hour.

Time must have zipped by me because before I knew it, it was 11:00 pm and we were all totally wasted. Stephanie and Rachel were dirty dancing with each other while a bunch of guys looked on. Ashley and I were sharing a drink called a 190 Octane. Not sure what was in it but damn it was good.

We all stumbled across the street to a club. I was walking arm and arm with Ashley and Rachel while Stephanie dragged some guys she knew with us. Ash and Rachel were passing a cigarette back and forth to each other. Rachel didn’t look like an experienced smoker but it looked good in her mouth anyway.

As we hit the dance floor I began bumping and grinding with Rachel. Her ass pressed up against my cock as we moved in rhythm to the music. I was getting a little hard and Rachel knew it because she pressed her ass harder and harder into my cock. She turned to face me and wrapped her leg around my thigh as my cock was now pressing against her skirt. My hands found my way down her body and under her skirt. I discovered Rachel wasn’t wearing any panties!

Just then Ashley came up behind Rachel and her hands were on Rachel’s hips. I was grinding Rachel from the front while Ashley pussy area was grinding against Rachel’s ass. She was in a brother/sister sandwich.

Rachel leaned back and yelled into my sister’s ear “Your brother’s cock is pretty damn big”

“I know” Ash responded. Rachel looked intrigued by Ashley’s answer but didn’t follow up with any questions. I was shocked Ashley even gave Rachel an answer.

We danced with güvenilir casino each other for a while as sweat pour off Ash and Rachel’s foreheads. I watched as the dirty danced with each other, almost kissing but pulling back before their lips touched. Almost like they were trying to tease each other but in essence they’re were teasing me.

Rachel decided to buy us some drinks so we all went to the bar. By this time it was 1:30am and I couldn’t drink anymore. I suggested we head back and they both agreed.

The three of us stumbled up to their room, laughing and tickling each other as we walked up the stairs. Since the girls are not allowed to smoke in the house, we all went to the balcony just down the way from Ash and Rachel’s room.

It’s a decent size area. There are four chaise lounge chairs as well as a table with seating for four. I assumed this is where most of the girls go to catch some rays and smoke their cigarettes. From here there’s a great view of the city and during the day a nice view of the mountains. But for now my great view was of Rachel and Ashley smoking their cigarettes while sitting on the chaise lounge chairs.

“This house is amazing, damn, I’m so freakin drunk right now. That club was awesome, you girls are awesome, everything is awesome,” I babbled.

Rachel took a nice drag and exhaled it towards Ashley. She looked pretty wasted, as did Ashley.

Rachel then blurted out in drunkeness, “So Steve, since your sister knows how big your cock is, would you mind showing her roomate.”

Ashley nearly choked on her inhale. I was floored by her comment and didn’t know how to respond or what action I should take. Ashley composed herself and took a long drag from her Camel light. Rachel looked at me and then at my sister.

“Ash, you told me Steve had a big cock. Now I know I felt it on the dance floor and I have a good feeling I know you’ve seen it. I want to see it,” she demanded.

“Fine Rachel, you want it, you got it” I slurred. With that I took off my pants and underwear at the same time. There I was, my pants down to my ankles, and my flaccid cock hanging down for Rachel and Ash to see.

“Whooohooo!!,” Rachel screamed as she took another drag of her cigarette, this time with a French inhale. “You were right, Ash, he is pretty big when he’s hard. But how did you know you little perv?” she asked

Ashley blushed a little and I was a little red faced myself. I wasn’t sure how she was going to answer the question.

“I caught him masturbating in his room last summer” she said laughing.

“Must have been a great show,” Rachel said boldly as she finished her cigarette.

“It was,” I answered. Feeling bold I continued, “Want a view for yourself Rachel?” I asked. Not thinking she’d be game for it. Ashley gave me a smack on the shoulder.

“Ok Steve, I dare you,” she said laughing as she played with her belly ring, flicking the dangling hoop ring with her finger. Ashley feeling and looking nervous, as well as drunk, lit up another cigarette.

“Let’s go,” I said, calling her bluff.

“Come on Ash, you already saw him do it, come join me for the show” Rachel said. Without saying a word, Ashley followed us to their bedroom.

I really didn’t think I was going to have to go through with it but Rachel was egging me on. So I dropped my pants and underwear to show my 7 ½” cock to Rachel. Ashley sat on her bed with a nervous look on her face. I think she was worried Rachel would talk about everything.

I sat on the computer chair, while Rachel sat on her bed. I grabbed a bottle of lotion they had on one of the shelves and began stroking my cock for the two of them. At first I was a little tentative but after a minute or two I got into it, stroking it faster and faster.

“Ash, I can’t believe you never told me your brother’s cock was big” Rachel broke the silence.

“I wanted to keep it for myself,” she said in a laughing way.

At this point I had some precum ooze out of my cock. Rachel took notice and walked over to me to get a better look. I usually keep continue rubbing my cock at this point, but I decided to let it drip down the head of my dick. Rachel couldn’t contain herself anymore and began licking the precum off my cock head. Instantly she began to suck me while I sat in the chair. Ashley was surprised Rachel was doing what she was doing but it seemed like she was having fun watching.

I couldn’t hold myself anymore. I began shooting my load down Rachel’s throat. The more cum that came out, the deeper Rachel took my cock in her throat.

“Wow! That felt amazing Rach. Wasn’t expecting that at all,” I said before I gave a big kiss on her lips, tasting what she just swallowed.

“You should try it Ash, he tastes pretty good,” Rachel said to Ashley jokingly.

“I know he does,” Ashley said on her way out the door to smoke cigarette.

(look for chapter 4)

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