Sister’s Slave Pt. 03

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He rested almost all day, tucked away under my bedsheets. Part of me wanted to wake him up so I could have a little more fun, but I didn’t want to break my new toy so quickly. And besides, I’d already decided to leave him be for a while after how diligently he obeyed me the night before.

It must have been past midnight when I first felt him stir beneath me, rising from under the roof of his new home and rubbing his eyes to better adjust to the light. I chose to say nothing and let him do what he wanted, which must have been to sneak out of the room to get a snack.

Next thing I knew, I was awoken by the harsh light of the sun outside my window, and was immediately greeted by the sounds and smells of bacon and eggs cooking downstairs. Turns out, he had made breakfast for the both of us.

“Hey, Sis,” he eagerly exclaimed upon seeing me descend from the seventh stair.

“What’s all this,” I asked in response, greatly confused by his sudden appreciation of me.

“Well… You made dinner and supper the other night, and that was after you got home from the gym… I just thought you might want a break!”

My suspicions that he may actually be enjoying his torture seemed to be growing into facts. Despite this, however, I couldn’t think of a single reason why he would submit so easily to me after so long.

Eventually, I once again shrugged off the notion, presuming that I must just be seeing things in him that simply weren’t there.

“Anyway, your food is done already,” he said suddenly, immediately snapping me out of my trance.

“I made your food before mine just in case you had any… Ideas…”

He caught me off guard just a little, but I figured he was probably just being good to stop me from shouting at him. He wasn’t smiling after all.

“Well that’s very considerate of you,” I remarked, half teasingly, half sincerely, “I’m glad you’re getting the hang of your new role here!”

“Unfortunately, I only just woke up, so I don’t actually have any gas to give you at the moment.”

For a moment, I thought I saw his face become visibly saddened, but I paid it no mind and continued speaking.

“Don’t worry too much about it, though; I’ve got some plans for you later…”

He paused for a moment when he heard this. He said nothing, but somehow he looked excited. Either way, he eventually managed to gesture towards the food he had made for me, before silently returning to the kitchen.

It was around this time that I remembered I had made plans to go out with some of my friends from back when I was in College. After finishing my breakfast and quickly rinsing my body with some clean water, I called my brother to the main hall.

“I’m going out again today. You can make dinner for me when I get back; I think we still have some vegetables the fridge, so you can make a salad or something, got it?”

“Yes, Mistress,” came the response, followed by a brief goodbye before he ran of to his bedroom and slammed his door shut.

I had many questions circling my brain as I left the house, but I didn’t have much time to think on them once czech streets porno my friends came jogging down the street, eager to tell me about yet another bullshit diet they were planning to go on.

We spent a few hours together, eventually ending up in the gym for our monthly group workout. Needless to say, we were all soaked with sweat by the time we had finished. My friends, one by one, said their farewells before strutting off to their houses, and I was left alone to walk back to my own.

I entered the house to the sight of my brother, hastily carrying a plate of entirely green food to the dining table. I kicked off my heels, threw my coat to the floor, and followed him into the living room, covered completely in sweat from my navel down to my toes.

My brother simply stared at me with his mouth hanging open, slowly shifting his gaze back and forth between my tight yoga pants and damp pink socks. He only stopped his shameless observation once he realised I was staring right back at him.

“Welcome back,” he spluttered, seemingly just trying to break the awkward silence.

I decided not to comment on his blatant fixation, instead turning my attention to a large plate of broccoli, cabbage, cheese cubes, and a vast assortment of other meats and vegetables.

“I’m trying to watch my weight, you know,” I said, giving him a steely, yet playful, smile.

“I thought I might have overdone it a bit when I saw it all spread out on the plate, but I didn’t want to waste any of it since it’s some of your favourite food.”

I had to stop myself from yelling at him right then and there, questioning him about his out-of-nowhere affection. Instead, I approached the couch beside my brother to begin eating.

Before I could take a seat, however, he darted in front of me, kneeling between the couch and table with his head resting face-up on the chair I was moving towards.

“Do you need a cushion, Mistress,” he asked, looking up at me with a face that showed no signs of either happiness nor sadness.

Obviously, this shocked me quite a bit. However, due to the serious tone in his voice, I assumed he was just doing what he thought I wanted him to do to avoid making me angry.

“Very well, slave. Help me take these pants off.”

He silently and swiftly obliged, scurrying to my legs and slowly tugging at the rim of my yoga pants. Once he had lowered them to the floor, I stepped over them and began to remove my thin white underwear while he moved back to his original position by the couch without a word.

I walked towards him slowly, giving him plenty of time to both view the naked lower half of his sister, and anticipate the torture to come.

“Open wide,” I whispered softly, gently pushing my sweat-soaked panties into his mouth.

“I want you to suck all the sweat out of those while you’re sniffing my ass,” I commanded, lifting myself into a reverse-facesit position and hovering my moist asshole mere inches from his nose.

He nodded briefly in agreement and began sucking intently as I enveloped his nose with my asshole, czech taxi porno pushing right up against his nostrils to trap the smell. A small portion of the sweat cloaked around my ass began dropping onto his face and sliding down his neck.

Before I had chance to speak again, he began to breath heavily, giving me audible confirmation that he was, in fact, sniffing my asshole yet again.

He continued to suck and sniff as I began to eat the dinner he had prepared, beginning with the broccoli and working my way down based on how gassy each item would make me. It only took a few minutes for me to eat all of the broccoli, along with the cabbage and cheese.

Before long, we both were greeted by the familiar sound of my stomach growling, indicating to us that it was ready to let loose. Without even as much as a warning, a short, wet fart erupted from my asshole just as he was breathing in, causing it to travel directly down his nostrils and fill his lungs with the familiar scent of his sister’s gas.

“You really have outdone yourself, little bro; that one even sounded stinky!”

He pushed his nose even farther between my cheeks and continued breathing, seemingly unfazed by what had to have been a gross explosion of broccoli and cabbage.

I began to eat some of the meat he had provided when it occurred to me that he hadn’t had any dinner. I felt another fart pushing towards my asshole and decided I should share my food with him.

I raised from a seated position to a squatting position and looked down and him, pulling my panties from his mouth and tossing them onto the radiator to dry.

“You ready for your share of the meal, ” I whispered naughtily.

“Yes please, Mistress,” came his reply, as he once again opened his mouth for me.

I took a seat on his face in the same way I had two days prior, and my asshole was now planted over his gaping mouth, being spread open slightly by his firm lips. I couldn’t keep the gas in any longer, and it burst from my asshole with a loud, gross-sounding squeak.

He flinched a little, but other than that he was fine. I placed my hand under his chin and forced his mouth shut, sealing my putrid perfume inside.

“Swallow your food, slave,” I demanded, watching in glee as he slowly swallowed the vegetable gas.

“Could I have some more, please,” he begged pathetically.

I simply grinned at him and sat back down, shooting three short farts down his throat in the process. I could feel his mouth close as he swallowed, and waited patiently for it to open again before pushing hard on my stomach and releasing a silent expulsion that tickled my asshole on its way out.

He continued eating my farts while I finished off the last few chunks of meat, and each fart that entered his mouth was swallowed immediately. Once I had finished, I pushed him to the floor, sat back down on his face, and let out a fart that echoed down his throat like deflating balloon.

“You can eat my ass, now,” I said once he had swallowed.

He gently stroked the rim of my asshole with his tongue, tasting the sweat digitalplayground porno and gas clinging to it. After the rim was cleaned of sweat, he pushed his tongue into my asshole and was immediately treated to another balloon fart, followed seconds later by two silent ones.

He continued to eat my ass for almost a whole hour, seemingly enjoying the flavour of my sweat and gas as it slid passed his taste buds. I could feel one more fart building, and told him I would let him take a break after this one.

It felt like pushing out a hurricane, and it only seemed to move a couple inches closer to his tongue with each push, but eventually, I heard a satisfyingly wet squeak, that grew louder and louder the longer it went on.

This time, however, I did not feel him swallow. I turned around with the intention of scolding him, only to find the inside of his mouth lined with a thin splatter of liquid shit. I figured that last one must have been a shart.

Without a word, I ran from the living room to the bathroom, and cleaned myself up. I could hear my brother climbing the stairs, and he eventually made his way to his own room. Once I had finished in the bathroom, I entered his room to see that his mouth was now empty.

“Do you need anything else, mistress,” he asked before I had time to question him, his face wearing a slight smile and hint of pure happiness.

I ultimately decided not to question him, electing instead to make the most of his obedience. I took a seat on his bed and began to remove my pink sock, which were still drenched with the sweat from my feet.

I threw the socks to the floor and looked up to find my brother once again staring at my feet, this time watching the sweat drops fall from my toes while biting his lip slightly.

“I’ve been all around town today with my friends, including the gym, and my feet have gotten really sweaty and stinky… You don’t mind tending to them for a while, do you?”

He said nothing, instead deciding to plunge his nose between my toes and breath heavily while stroking the bottoms of my feet with his tongue. I also said nothing, and leaned back to enjoy the experience.

I lay face-down on his bed with my feet dangling above my bare ass and watched him worship my toes, sniffing between each one before slowly licking them in sequence. After a while, he pushed all of the toes on my right foot into his mouth and began sucking them, using his tongue to clean between them.

Meanwhile, I began pushing more wet vegetable farts out from my anus, prompting him to move his head a little closer and attempt to breath them in. He cleaned all the sweat from my right foot and switched to my left, going through the same process while continuing to inhale my squeaky farts.

This all took around half an hour, and we were both exhausted by the time he had finished. We said goodnight to each other and I made my way back to my room. But when I turned to close the door, he was standing there.

I moved aside and he walked in, crawling beneath my covers with the intention of once again worshipping my ass throughout the night. I closed the door and joined him, barely settling into the bed before feeling his tongue slip into my asshole and begin wriggling around.

He reached down and rubbed my feet in rhythm with the movements of his tongue, soothing me greatly and eventually helping me to sleep…

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