Smooth As Silk

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David knew well the sound of the running tap, even from the den downstairs. It was slow, steady, rhythmic, and it was unchanged in 10 minutes. He smiled and lifted himself from his chair and began the climb, up three flights of stairs.

He knew where he would find Sarah: she would be reclined in their oversized tub, her long legs stretched up and spread over the porcelain rim, her body positioned precisely so the gentle flow of warm water would be falling high inside her thighs. Her right arm would be loose and idle, hanging over the edge of the tub; her left would be trailing across her abdomen, two fingers gingerly fanning her folds apart as the water drummed its heavenly, relentless massage.

David long had a fascination with what Sarah kept neat on her mound, a small thatch of closely shorn black hair. But he long had fantasized of seeing her bare, clean shaven, of having an uninterrupted path of creamy, smooth skin to lick and kiss from her succulent nipples to her tender pussy. The idea overwhelmed him on the second flight, the sound of the water growing louder with his every step.

He pushed the door slightly open to find her exactly as the picture had formed in his mind. Sarah’s head was back, her green eyes closed, her mouth slightly open as she moved her hips ever so slightly, directing the flow into her pink, butter-soft folds. Goodness, what a sight she was.

“Hi, baby… want some company?” David broke Sarah’s trance with a quiet, needless question.

Her wordless smile suggested she did.

He shrugged free of his silk shirt and stepped from his tight jeans, pulling his boxers to his ankles, his eyes never leaving hers. David needed not look down to witness his complete arousal. It felt as though every drop of his blood was coursing to his groin, flooding into the pronounced veins of his engorging cock.

Sarah spread her legs a little wider to accommodate him, and David slipped into the tub, no more than a few inches of water pooled in it. He crawled over her body to lock his lips with hers, his hands exploring her with a soft caress, then butterflied kisses down her flesh, licking the velvet petals which she spread to his mouth.

“Honey, I need you bare for me,” David said, his eyes imploring. “I need to feel you smooth to my touch.”

Sarah’s eyes widened, bright in agreement.

“Then shave me, baby,” she replied softly. “Make me smooth for … us.”

David smiled gratefully, then moved to gather his tools. His pendik escort father had taught him to shave, and now he too used a straight razor. The closest shave in the world, he often told Sarah, and she could not disagree when they nuzzled in the evening, his cheeks still smooth on hers, or on her tender thighs, many hours later.

Sarah watched David’s routine every morning, and she never knew how he didn’t slice himself to ribbons with the unprotected steel blade. It was almost a primitive instrument, but she loved it as a connection to his past. She would trust his steady hand now… if only she could stop trembling.

Her eyes followed David to the vanity, from where he lifted his razor and the heavy mug of shaving soap. He was semi-erect as he settled back down, and she draped her legs over his thighs. The water was running gently, enough to keep them both wet in an inch of warm water, and playfully she gave his cock a loving, loose-fisted stroke, but only one.

He shivered, then stirred the badger-bristle brush in the mug, whisking up a sandalwood foam. He leaned down and kissed her knee.

“Trust me,” he whispered to her, over her shortening breath. “Have I ever drawn my own blood?”

Sarah smiled weakly, allowing her body to go limp, her knees falling open a little wider, a moan escaping her lips as she closed her eyes. No other sense would distract her, at least for now.

She didn’t expect David’s brush between her swollen lips, not right away, and she shuddered at its first touch. Slowly, tantalizingly he drew it from deep between her thighs upward, then back down, spreading a generous dollop of creamy foam over her pussy. The scent of sandalwood, candles and her own womanly arousal enveloped them like a thick, coastal fog.

He moved up further and now his brush tickled the thin mat of black hair she groomed in a shapely V, as though an arrow of direction for his wanting mouth and his eager cock. David’s hand swirled masterfully; feathering a soapy brush was second nature to him.

Sarah’s eyes batted half-open and she saw the dim light glimmering on the razor in David’s left hand. He opened it to 45 degrees and ran the shiny, exposed blade beneath the tap, turning his wrist over and back. He handled it like a surgeon his scalpel, a conductor his baton. The razor rested in his palm, guided by his thumb and pinkie, and she sighed, then held her breath.

The contrast was nearly as sharp as the blade when she felt the steel maltepe escort come to rest low on her abdomen, David smoothing some foam off her mound with two fingers.

“Are you OK, baby?”

She thought she had heard his voice, but she wasn’t certain. She nodded, in case she had.

And then she felt his first confident stroke, little more than a graze. Delicately he pulled down the right side of her sparse bush. The sensation was delicious, almost in slow motion, unlike anything she felt at her own hand. Where she was mechanical, he was an artist.

David took a quarter-inch path, narrowing the V, then rinsed the blade clean. His thumb lovingly stroked the tender bare skin that was covered until a heartbeat ago.

He smiled at her shallow gasp, then kissed her knee again. Slowly, with exquisite care, he shaved another thin strip, at the left of her mound. From right to left he moved, and she felt his thumb again. In perhaps a dozen delicate strokes, in a minute that seemed a lifetime, it occurred to her that her tidy bush was gone.

Sarah’s wide eyes confirmed the fact as she looked down. Beneath the caress of David’s fingers, she saw nothing but smooth skin from her breasts to her toes, and she began to move into him.

“No, no… not yet, darling,” he gently scolded her, resisting her movement and gently easing her back down. “I’m not finished.”

She felt his hand at the lips of her pussy, a light bristling at his fingertips, and heard his words:

“Now lie very, very still.”

Sarah did not realize she was holding her breath until she felt herself exhale, the touch of the finely honed steel both hot and cold now on her right lip. He eased the blade down, lifting the traces of stubble from her body, then moved to the left.

David finally exposed her stiffening clit. It was throbbing like a tiny heart, and now she trusted him with her life, and more. He razored precisely around the hard nub, and at last drew himself back to admire his work.

“Now, my love,” he said, “you are as naked as you were when you entered this world.”

He took a tall glass from the edge of the tub and filled it with warm water.

“Here, baby… feel,” he said, taking her hand in his as he poured the liquid over her pussy, the thin wisps of sandalwood foam dissolving into the tub. He placed her fingertips first on her erect nipples, then pulled them down slowly, to her navel, then lower. She marveled at the smoothness of her skin. kartal escort Lower she let herself be guided, over the tingling mound that now was baby-bottom soft, and into her slick, yielding creases.


“Yes,” David replied to her moan. “I agree, baby. She IS lovely.”

Now he welcomed Sarah into his arms, embracing her with the firm, secure gentleness she adored. Her hand continued to roam, past her hungry sex to his, her fingers opening to smother his softness.

“You’ve been distracted, honey,” she purred at him, nodding at the moist, nearly flaccid cock that for now lay dormant in her palm.

But with those words she felt him surge to life. David smiled at her, his hips thrusting upward as he pushed gently into her loose fist. Now she had a full, gorgeous erection in her slippery grasp, and she felt his hands beneath her buttocks, pulling her closer.

“Up, baby,” he almost pleaded her, and she responded to his touch and shifted, feeling the spongy head of his swelling cock nuzzle at her supple lips. He pushed higher, rubbing her clit and up over the soft skin where only moments before he would have nestled in a black, furry V.

Back and forth they rocked, aching for each other, their bodies begging for union. With one gentle, impatient nudge, Sarah pushed David’s cock down and she slid forward, easing his thick shaft between her yielding lips, swallowing him the full length of her hot, tight walls.

“Oh my God,” David groaned, the base of Sarah’s smooth pussy pressing into the plump, loose balls that hung between his thighs. He looked down as she pulled back to see his cock slick and shiny, her lips unfolding around him. Sarah set the pace she wanted, thrusting as she pressed David back into the tub. She felt no friction, yet her head swam with the massage his cockhead was giving her clit on each stroke. They were breathing in unison when she felt herself tossed over the cliff, falling, falling…

A magnificent silky parachute seemed to billow open above her; her descent was slowed, his arms gathering around her back just as he felt the wind lift his own body from the ground. He was nearly outside her upon his first spasm, a thick, creamy spurt splashing her lips just as he pushed ahead and bore deep. David’s cock throbbed three or four more times into her beautiful depths, her pussy devouring his sticky seed.

They collapsed into each other’s arms, bodies heaving, her hands in his matted hair, his nails trailing light scratches up and down her back, from her buttocks to her shoulder blades.

“Tomorrow, baby,” she groaned, finally. “Tomorrow you’ll teach your love how to use your beautiful razor. And you’ll watch me, baby… won’t you? Oh yes, you will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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