Soccer-Mom: Stud from Frat House

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Big Dicks

Hi, my name is Dorothy and I am a true ‘Soccer Mom.’ I live in suburbia as a stay-at-home mom and my 6 year-old son is really in a soccer league. My 3 year-old daughter will surely play too when she gets older. A few months ago, I had an amazing sexual experience at a swingers club with my husband Frank, that transformed my attitudes towards sex. Before, I was Miss Goody Two shoes but now I am a fox or as the young men I have been with say, a MILF. I have been writing in Literotica about my erotic adventures since my first swing party. Please read the previous episodes to get an idea how my sex life has changed for the better.

Let me describe myself. I am 33 and have red hair, very red hair, that’s a bit curly and falls to my shoulders. Before I started shaving my pubic hair, I could have proved I was a real red head. Physically, I have been told I am attractive. Once when I was in college, a fellow from a modeling agency gave me his card and said I was beautiful. I am five foot seven inches tall and weigh 128 pounds. My bra size is 36C and I must say my breasts are magnificent. We have some exercise equipment in the basement and it keeps me fit though I have put on three pounds since my school days. In school, some of the best looking guys chased me for dates. When I was working, men would flirt with me. It boosted my ego. As a mom, that just didn’t happen anymore until I had my swing experience. Now, guys at the swing club flirt with me openly and I have had some sexual adventures with good looking guys that tell me I am beautiful. Why would they lie? Haha. You and I KNOW why they’d lie!

This is the seventh installment recording my sexual journey. The first three are at the swingers club. The fourth was about my meeting with my son’s soccer coach. I found that flashing my pussy to him got me soundly fucked by a real he-man. The fifth installment had me at a frat house fulfilling the MILF sex dream of a university student named Chuck, from my neighborhood. Cell phone photos of the orgy have had frat boys calling and blackmailing me for hot sex. Unbeknownst to the young men, I am now a sex-hungry fox, and loving the variety of sexual adventures. The sixth story is about my neighbor, Silvia, frat-boy Chuck’s mother, blackmailing me into having a lesbian encounter. We became good friends. Then Silvia filled in for me with two frat studs and would-be blackmailers in town with a lust for MILF sex. She tells me what happened.

This episode is me sharing with Silvia the details of the first fuck-session I had with a young man who thought he was blackmailing me. It’s only fair to share my experience since she shared hers.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle for editing it.


Silvia and I are on my patio beside our pool drinking margaritas and having ‘girl talk’.

Silvia, that story about you and those two students was so horny that my pussy is just soaked. Let me tell you about my first experience with a frat boy calling me up after I came back from the trip to the state’s capital and the orgy at the university frat house there.

Out of the blue, I get a phone call at home. It was a young man who said, “Hello, is this Dorothy?” I replied yes and he went on, “My name is not important. What is important is that you listen carefully to every word I am about to say.” I had been watching a soap opera on afternoon TV. I hit the mute button and listened intently to what he was saying. “I have a series of pictures of you at our university frat house performing a number of explicit sex acts. I want to meet you and have sex with you. If you don’t agree to this, I’ll send the photos to your husband, his work and your neighbors. I’m not kidding. Do you understand?” I hesitated in a bit of shock but finally said yes. “Okay, here is the drill. I want you to meet me at the bar in the Hyatt Hotel on Lancaster Avenue tonight at eight o’clock. Wear nice clothes and sexy panties. Do you understand and agree to my conditions?” I replied affirmatively again.

So Silvia, a phone call and three ‘yeses” later, I had myself a booty call with a young man. It was shocking and exhilarating at the same time. I had been a bit worried that fellows had taken cell phone pictures of me sucking and fucking at the frat party but I never thought some boy would call up and blackmail me. But I had made my bed and now I would have to lay in it. Or I guess you could say, get ‘laid’ in it!

The more I thought about it as the hour approached, the more I got turned on. You said the same thing happened to you. I started fantasizing about what he looked like and how he would act. I even went on the internet and visited a gay porn site that had a section on nude well-endowed student hunks. After watching that for an hour while stroking my pussy, I was in heat. I feared I might rip my student caller’s clothes off the moment I got him alone.

I tried on a number of dresses before choosing one that wasn’t too sexy but not prudish either. I’m sure the boy’s fantasy was to have sex with a MILF and that, in his mind, included his former teachers and ladies in his neighborhood growing up. Since he was going to be fulfilling pendik escort my fantasy of fucking a young man, it was only right that I do my best to act out his. So I settled on a flowery, bright yellow summer dress that showed some nice cleavage but not too much. It buttoned up the front and I found a bra that undid at the front as well. This would give the young man easy access to my breasts, which Silvia, I must say are still very perky. I have to admit I stood there and tweaked my nipples for a few minutes and envisioned him doing the same. I almost had an orgasm right then. The bottom part of the dress was a bit tight around my buns but that’s okay since they are very tight from my time in my basement gym.

I put a great deal of thought into the panties I would wear. He especially said he wanted sexy panties. I tried to envision what a young man would think is sexy on a MILF. I eliminated a thong right away. Much too slutty. Young guys would never even expect us ‘older’ ladies to have those. Simple big white granny panties were obviously out. Finally, I found the perfect pair in the Brazilian style. They were yellow satin with a black lace border and a see-through black net crotch so transparent that I could see the camel-toe notch of my pussy very clearly when I stood in front of my full-length mirror. I must admit that I dipped my hand under the soft fabric and stroked my pussy lips as I imagined a young man’s hands stroking me.

I put on a bit of makeup but not too much. However, I did put quite a bit of powder on my chest and cleavage. I knew he would be staring down there and I wanted to show off my assets in the best way.

I told Frank I was going ‘out with the girls’. He hardly even looked up from the baseball game on TV. The drive downtown to the hotel took a bit of time but I was relieved that the meeting place was not close to home.

The bar was easy to find and as I crossed the hotel lobby, my heart was beating out of my chest. Here I was, a grown suburban housewife going to hook up and have sex with a young man I had never met. It dawned on me how far I had come since my shyness at the first night in the swing club just a short time ago. I looked around in the darkened bar and a young man in a back booth waved to me. My heart leapt to my throat. He was a gorgeous, well dressed young man. When I neared the table, he moved to the other side and to the back of the small booth to make room for me to sit on his left. We were in a secluded corner with our backs to the room.

“Hello, my name is Roderick and you must be Dorothy.” I nodded yes and clasped my hands on the table. He seemed nervous. My guess is that he was in his early twenties and had a good upbringing. He was tall and well built. He wore grey slacks, a light blue business shirt and a dark blue blazer with a crest on the pocket. He was handsome in a wholesome way with light brown hair and clean shaven.

“That’s a very nice dress.” Oh my God, I thought he is so polite! But his eyes darted away nervously. He was obviously a bit shy. “You remind me so much of a teacher I had in high school. She was very beautiful too.” My god, Silvia, I just instantly wanted to eat him up.

The waiter came over and asked if we wanted a drink. Roderick said, “Sure. Give me a Seven and Seven.” He looked at me and said, “Please order what you want.” I asked for a glass of white wine.

During this break, I was able to quickly access the situation. Roderick sounded controlling on the phone, likely because he built up his courage before dialing. Now, with me here in person, he was bit timid. This was not good. I wanted him masculine and he-man and me feminine and a boy-toy. So a plan popped up in my MILF brain to get him confident and in charge.

When the waiter left, I turned to the boy and said, “Oh please, I beg you don’t release those photos of me. I am so ashamed of how I acted that night. It’s not like me. I should never have smoked that marijuana cigarette. Please, please. I will do anything you ask. Just don’t send those vile photos to anybody. It would ruin me.

I could see his backbone stiffen and a little smile break out on his lips as I pleaded. God, Silvia, if these guys only knew how our devious female minds worked!

Now he brazenly looked down at my chest. I subtly pulled my elbows a bit closer and my tits got a bit of a lift. He shifted closer to me and slid his left arm along the top of the booth behind me. When his knee touched mine, I felt an electric shock. I could smell his very musky cologne. I wanted to grab his crotch but forced myself to keep up the timid housewife act. It seemed the best way to get a good, solid fucking later.

The waiter arrived with our drinks. As soon as he left, the boy shifted even closer so that our bodies and thighs were touching. He took his left hand off the top of the booth and slipped it onto my shoulder. I kept my hands clasped in front of me without moving like a timid housewife that was allowing him to do and feel anything he wanted. He nervously looked over my shoulder at the rest of the room and then slipped his right hand over the dress maltepe escort covering my left breast. My goodness, it felt great. My heart was beating out of my chest. I am sure he felt it. As first, he was still but when I did nothing to stop him, he started massaging my breast very lightly. He started to breathe heavier as he got more excited. I stole a glance at his handsome face and his eyes were glued to the action of his hand on my chest. I looked down and saw a distinct tent in his slacks. My mouth watered. I could feel my pussy getting wet and engorged.

I was getting a bit crazy with lust and the boy was moving us along so slowly. I decided to help him a bit by saying, “Oh Roderick you are such a naughty boy. I know you will want to unbutton my dress but when you do that, please be careful that nobody sees. I would just die of embarrassment.”

He virtually leapt at my buttons and quickly exposed my light yellow lace bra. He slipped his hand into the cup and under my breast, cupping it. I closed my eyes in shear pleasure as he groped me with what seemed like an inexperienced hand. Rather than undo the front clasp, he pushed the cup down and out popped my breast. His breath was hot on my neck. My instinct was to grope his crotch in return but I kept my hands together continuing my timid role. I couldn’t stop my knees rubbing together very slightly but continually to give my girlie parts a tiny bit of needed friction.

He panted and whispered, “You have such beautiful breasts, Dorothy. Is it alright if I call you Dorothy? I nodded yes. “Thanks,” he acknowledged. What a perfect young gentleman, I thought. Once again, I just wanted to eat him up.

He moved his hand to the hem of my dress. I knew he was going for my crotch next. I couldn’t wait. But I need to keep up my shy act. In my meekest voice I whispered, “Please Roderick, may I please do up my dress? I feel so exposed.”

He replied, “Sure, put your tit back in your bra and pull your dress shut but don’t do up the buttons yet. I might want to take another feel.”

“Yes, sir.” I hoped I wasn’t going too far with the timid act but all the blood in his smart university schooled brain was now throbbing in his equipment below. He wasn’t thinking too clearly.

His hand went to the hem and under as he slipped his warm, soft had up my bare thigh. Silvia, my legs just wanted to shoot open like a harlot but I knew I had to keep up my fucking timid act. It took all my resolve to keep my knees together. He looked back over my shoulder for anyone coming our way as he slipped his hand much too slowly up my legs to the Y where my panties covered my sensitive pussy. I hoped he couldn’t feel the growing wet spot there. Or maybe he didn’t have enough experience to know what that meant.

With a huskier voice he said, “Open your legs. I want to feel everything.” Thank goodness, I thought.

I did as instructed and his index finger dipped down the lace of my panties along the slit between my pussy lips. I could feel my nostrils flare when he stroked the hyper-sensitive area up and down. My mind was in a tizzy of how to ask him to dip his hand under the shear silky material and still keep my shy blackmailed, reluctant act going. I couldn’t think of anything remotely reasonable. I didn’t want to shock the lad with my mature lust. I just had to wait, hope and pray that he would take the plunge.

All of a sudden, he pulled his hand back and pulled the hem down to a decent level. I could hear the waiter’s footsteps and did up the buttons on my top.

“How are you folks doing over here?”

Roderick piped up, “We’re fine. In fact, we’re just leaving. This should cover the bill.” He handed the waiter a twenty dollar bill. The drinks were untouched on the table.

“Thank you very much sir. That is very generous.” The waiter knew that amount gave him a good tip.

Roderick leaned into me and I knew that he wanted us to leave. I thought, thank goodness let’s get somewhere where we can get down and dirty. Silvia, much longer playing ‘Tickle the Pussy’ and I would have straddled him cowgirl on the spot.

He took my hand and we trotted quickly to the hotel elevators. He was in a big hurry but he didn’t know that I was in just as big a rush to experience the pleasures of his body. Another couple got on in front of us. As we waited for our floor, my hot student stud secretly massaged my ass as I stood meekly with my hands clasped in front. I had to shift from one foot to the other to give my cunny lips some needed friction. But I remained the conservative, suburban MILF for the benefit of his fantasy. Actually I was getting turned on playing the roll and watching him get bolder at each stage.

At our floor, we rushed to the door of our room and I could see his hand shake as he put the plastic card in the door slot. The instant the green light signaled all clear, he threw open the door and pulled me in. He immediately pulled me close with both hands and snuggled his mouth into the area of my neck beneath my ear. He dropped both hands to my ass-cheeks and massaged them frantically. Dear girl, did that feel kartal escort fucking great.

The room was dark. I turned on the light because I wanted to see every part of this young man’s beautiful body.

I placed my hands on his chest. “Oh Roderick, please be gentle. You are so strong.” I wanted to slow him down a bit. The last thing I wanted was a ‘Slam Bam, Thank You Ma’am”

He stepped back and removed his jacket while ogling my chest hungrily. I wanted to open my buttons and expose my breasts to him but that was too slutty. I knew I had to wait for his directions.

“I thought I told you not to button that dress up.” Nice to see him taking charge again.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that all of a sudden we were in public. Here let me make it right. I’m so sorry.” I unbuttoned the front of my dress down to my waist. I could see his eyes watching intently. I opened the sides and Silvia, I couldn’t help myself, I went further, unasked and opened the clasp holding the cups together and bared my breasts totally to his young eyes. My nipples were as hard as diamonds and erect like nothing I had experienced before. “Is that okay now, Roderick?” I blushed a real blush as his eyes drilled into my chest.

He made an animal sound in reply and stepped forward and cupped a breast in each hand, then massaged and tweaked them. I’d heard of women who said they could have an orgasm by feeling their breast alone and I never believed it. But at that moment I almost had the big O. If he’d continued fondling me a bit longer, I’d have gone over the edge for sure. But he stood back again and said, “Take off your dress.”

I looked at him meekly and said. “Do I really have to?”

“Yes, I want to see your body. Take it off.” I could see him puff up his chest when he gave that order. Right on, I thought. I am just your boy-toy now.

I slowly peeled down the top of my dress and removed my lacy bra. He licked his lips as I did this. I undid a few more buttons on the front of the dress and turned around shyly and stepped out of it and put it on a nearby chair. When I turned back to him, I modestly put an arm in front of my bare breasts and a hand in front of my panties. When he didn’t order me to drop my hands, I decided to do that on my own, faking some reluctance. When I exposed myself, his eyes widened in his excitement and lust. I suspected he had not seen very many naked women live and up close. He looked me up and down brazenly and soon his eyes settled on my crotch. My pussy was virtually gushing and I could smell the musky odor of my love juice in the air.

“Thanks for wearing such sexy panties like I asked. They look very pretty. I want them as a souvenir. Please pass them to me.”

“Yes, sir.” I bent at the waist with my breasts hanging down and I peeled the expensive, erotic panties down and off my legs. I held them out towards him and he surprised me by bringing them to his nose and inhaling deeply. What an erotic, primal thing to do. I blushed deeply and it was no act. I stood and waited in eager anticipation as he stared at my pussy.

“You have a very nice body, Dorothy. Please turn around.” I turned and stopped so he could take a good look at my butt. Thank goodness I had kept in shape over the years. “Wow. Very nice ass. Just stay facing the wall for a minute.” I could hear him getting quickly undressed. When the sound of his undressing stopped, I started to turn around. He spoke quickly, “No, not yet.” Then I could hear the unmistakable sound of him jerking off. My guess is that he was stroking himself to surprise me with a stiff erection. “Okay. You can turn around now.”

Roderick was standing there, naked as the day he was born. He had a very fit body, not ripped but very nice. His penis was a good size and stiff as granite. I was right. He is likely in some sort of sport, my guess, swimming. He had a boyish grin of discomfort as to what to do next so I helped by taking his hand and leading him to the king sized bed. I pulled the bedspread off onto the floor and climbed onto the cool, white sheets. He followed without saying a word. I lay on my back and he lay beside me propped up on one elbow and looking down at me like a lover. Pinch me, Silvia. It was like my first motel sex session when I was the same innocent age as him.

At this point, he just looked my body up and down. Then he gave a kind of growl like some sort of dam had burst in the primal region of his brain and grabbed my breast rather hard. I was so fucking horny that I was willing to go any way he wanted, slow, fast, suave or rough just get me to the promised land! He dipped his head to my chest and sucked my nipple into his hot mouth. He sucked so deeply that it gave me a sharp pain along with a surge of pleasure that literally sent a bolt of electricity to my pussy. I groaned loudly and grasped the back of his head. He shifted to the other breast and repeated his actions. I yelled, “Yes, YES!” This emboldened him more. He moved his hand to my knee and Silvia, the act was over. My legs spread open wide on their own like an Olympic gymnast on a balance beam. He chuckled and moved his hand up to my pussy and rubbed it in an inexperienced but bloody great way. Then I could feel him slip two fingers and then three into my wet vagina. I bucked my hips instinctively and he pumped the fingers in and out of my love hole. It was crazy making.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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