Southern Hospitality

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by greatkahn he should have treated Annabelle like the lady she was, not a common whore. Furthermore, she was right—she was the enemy. Her father and brothers were enlisted in the rebel army. They were the people Andrews fought on the battlefields, who killed his family and friends. Why did Annabelle seem like the only good, decent person in this war? Why did Captain Hadley, a man in his own company, seem like the one he should be fighting?

Andrews turned his attention to what was occurring in Annabelle’s bedroom just in time to hear Hadley shout.

“Stay still, you little whore! Stop wriggling and spread your legs for me!”

Andrews barged into the chamber where he saw Captain Hadley straddling a wildly frightened Annabelle. Her nightgown had been torn and Hadley was viciously pinching a distended nipple and grinding his hips against her. Andrews rushed forward and heaved Hadley off of her.

“What in hell?!” Hadley was so confused, he did not have time to register that Andrews was swinging at him. Andrews punched him square in the jaw and he went down like a sack of potatoes, unconscious.

Andrews and Annabelle looked at each other. “He will have you killed for certain!” Annabelle exclaimed. “Come, we must hide!” She grabbed his hand and they ran out into the hall. Without being seen, they managed to find the room he stayed in the previous night and locked the door.

“What are we to do?” Annabelle seemed panicked.

“Just calm down and listen to me. No one is going to kill me.”

“But Captain Hadley will be so angry! Of web tasarım course he will wish you dead after what happened.”

Andrews held up a hand to silence her before she could protest. “It will be all right. Do not worry.”

A look of confusion washed over her face at his words of comfort. “I don’t want to lose you.” Her eyes became misty. “Make love to me now, Robert. This may be our last chance!”

At hearing his name, Andrews looked so strange that she felt compelled to ask, “That is your name, is it not? I distinctly remember the captain called you Robert Andrews.”

“No one has called me Robert in years.” Andrews looked at her fondly and Annabelle thought that he might capitulate. “But I cannot treat you in such a way. You deserve so much more, Annabelle.”

“That is a lie. You have satisfied me in ways I could never imagine, and yet I desire more. Please Robert, give me more.” She smiled as she said his name, sitting on the bed and gesturing for him to join her. Aroused by the thought of what he might do to her, she felt her nipples tighten painfully. He could see them stand through the sheer gown.

Andrews gave one last groan of resistance and joined her on the bed. He lay back and pulled her on top of him. “You must be on top, Annabelle. Control how much of me you want to take, and stop if you feel any pain at all.”

“I want all of you and I shall never stop!” Annabelle declared as she lifted her gown and settled over him. His cock sprang free of his trousers and he guided it to the entrance of her slick, warm web tasarım ankara sex. He held it in place for her.

“Lower yourself gently, my dear. Very slowly and gently.” But Annabelle did not heed him. As soon as she felt him pressed against her opening, she impaled herself on him in one swift movement. She heard Andrews emit a small groan. Her back arched and her toes curled. No one had ever told her that making love would feel this glorious. Instinct took over and she began to move on him, rocking her hips back and forth and swiveling them around. It felt particularly pleasurable when his cock pressed against a certain area inside of her. She continued to rub that spot with his sex until she felt a familiar tension build within her. It almost felt like she was climbing a giant mountain, trying to reach the top. When she peaked, an avalanche of feeling overtook her and every part of her body tingled with sensation.

“That is simply marvelous,” Annabelle said with awe. Coming down from her climax, she lay against him and nuzzled his neck like a child. He stroked her long, curly hair, thinking he could stay there with her forever. His dreams of the future quickly turned to horror as he saw a Confederate patrol quickly approaching the house. What he could see from the second-story bedroom window, his men from the ground could not. He noticed that Annabelle had also seen the same thing.

“What are we to do?” She said with a look of fear worn on her otherwise pretty face.

“Look, they’re turning back… they won’t be gone for long.”

The horsemen spotted the blue-uniformed soldiers and turned away at a full gallop to bring reinforcements.

“My love, we have act quickly if we are to survive. Do you have any powdered sugar or fine confectioner’s sugar?”

She nodded weakly with tears forming in her eyes.

“Go fetch me some powdered sugar and some of your father’s clothes. I’ll alert the men,” he said with hushed urgency in his voice.

Annabelle quickly slipped into the remains of her nightgown. But because of the harshness of Captain Hadley, he had ripped open the top, slightly exposing her breast as she ran out into the hall and into her father’s room. She found a tweed jacket with a shirt and some brown wool trousers for her lover. She wasn’t sure if he had the same sized foot as her father, but decided to bring his boots as well. She also donned her father’s evening robe to cover herself from the lecherous men.

With the clothes clutched to her chest, she hurried quickly to the kitchen downstairs, which sat on the side of the house in a separate addition. While she looked frantically for the powdered sugar, she saw a partially dressed Lieutenant Andrews run to the campsite on her lawn that appeared mysteriously overnight. She saw Andrews speaking quickly the already waking men and a commotion quickly followed. The men ran back into the nearby woods, leaving their tent-city as forfeit. Robert ran back towards the house. Annabelle, realizing she was staring out the window instead of searching for the sugar, returned to looking into containers and jars in search of the sugar. She found it in a clear glass jar hidden with some bourbon next to the jar. She grabbed both the jar and the bourbon and hurried back to meet her love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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