Spooning and a Fuck

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It’d be nice if we were spooning right now. Both of us lying in bed, under a cool crisp sheet.

I can feel the warmth of your body and gentle rise and fall of your breathing as we snuggle together. The scent of your body arouses me and my cock begins to swell. Can you feel it snaking up between your butt cheeks?

Almost despite myself, I begin to gently rub my rapidly stiffening cock against your arse and, with a slight murmur of affection, you reach back and take hold of it. I continue rubbing against you and you roll over. Turning to face me, you draw close to my lips and we kiss, a deep and gentle soulful kiss. .

You turn onto your back as we continue to kiss, with more urgency now. I move down and kiss and suck and nibble at your neck. Moving down to your nipples. I lick and nibble them slowly, yet passionately. I kiss and suckle on your breasts, gently sucking your nipples deep into my mouth and flicking at your nipples with my tongue.

We kiss again, more deeply now, open mouthed and with tongues jabbing and slashing at one another. Am I the one panting or is it you?

I place a hand between your legs and discover the heat of your womanhood. You spread your legs wide and my fingers stroke slowly across the outside bahis firmaları of your pussy. Stroking turns to rubbing slowly, and I move down and kiss your neck some more. Soon you are wet, and I begin to move my fingers between your pussy lips. They slip and slide as they open to allow me in. I pause and move my finger lightly but quickly near your clit. You moan and I slide my finger slowly into you, moving it around as you squirm. Soon two fingers are making you squeal. I pump them slowly in and out, sometimes pausing to rub them up inside your pussy so you moan louder.

I lick and flick my tongue at your nipples once more, and then I move down to your warm pussy. I kiss it lightly at first, then thrust my tongue as deeply into you as I can. Flicking my tongue about I touch as much of your pussy as I can. Slowly now, I bring my tongue up to your clit and tease it for what seems like an hour, fingering you all the while. I go back and forth from inside to clit until you’re almost screaming.

You raise your legs onto my shoulders in invitation and I slowly slide my penis into you. You are so hot and wet. I gasp in pleasure and continue to push it in. You close your eyes and moan until I’m all the way in. I pause for a moment, kaçak iddaa before sliding in and out, in and out, in and out. Slowly at first, but after a minute I’m thrusting as fast as I can, while you moan and squirm in abandon, urging me forward.

With my cock deep inside you I pause to lean down and kiss you deeply. I pull out and tease your clit with the tip of my penis. You beg me to put it back in but I tease you some more. Finally, I slide it back in and pull it almost all the way back out again before pushing it back deep into your wet and welcoming cunt.

Now we are thrusting against each other very fast and we stop to change positions. You sit up and roll over, kneeling on your hands and knees. I hold your sexy hips and push into you from behind, slowly for now. I only bring my cock out two or three inches each time before pushing it back in so that the deepest parts of you can still be reached. I continue thrusting, doing it so fast you tell me my cock feels like a big, warm jackhammer, hitting all the good spots inside you. Your eyes roll back in ecstasy as the pleasure rolls over you.

Before we go too far, we move to the floor. I lie on my back while you crouch over me. You slide onto me until I’m as deep into kaçak bahis you as ever, and you pause and moan. Raising yourself up a few inches you allow gravity to drop me back deep into you, faster and faster. My mind is afire and my cock feels as though it will burst from sheer pleasure.

We move back onto the bed, you rest some pillows under your butt and lie on your back. We line up perfectly and I can thrust into you as rapidly and as deeply as you want me to, which is pretty much as fast and deep as I can. We get going; fast and hard. Your sheets come up off the bed from all the motion, the bed bashes against the wall loudly, and we both moan and gasp in sexual abandon.

We fuck, harder and harder and you pull me hard against you with each forward thrust. The sheets are soaked with perspiration and pussy juice. Suddenly it hits you, and you come with such force that you scream out loud in ecstasy. You come so hard you squeeze my cock tight with your pussy and I come too, just as hard as you did. My semen bursts against your pussy walls as my cock spasms and throbs with sexual release. I push in and out of you very, very slowly, slowly going in less and less while we look at each other. I slide out and collapse next to you. You look at the clock, and realise we’ve been fucking for over an hour.

Giving a sigh of contentment you turn to me with a smile and whisper, “Ten minutes rest and we’re doing it again.”

Isn’t leisurely sex fantastic?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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