Spring Break Pt. 02

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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


I’m having a wonderful dream, or am I? Looking down I see my covers raise and lower before me, pulling them back only to see my beautiful mother who’s soft red lips are wrapped around my cock.

She looks up saying good morning sweetheart, I thought I’d return the favor. Then as before she continues to service me, her eyes looking into mine as she licks my shaft. She commits it’s been so long since she has had a warm cock to suck upon.

And suck she did, only stopping to take my balls into her mouth. I can’t believe how hot I found watching my own mother partake in me. And it wasn’t long before I shot my seed in her waiting mouth.I

Mom looked up with a smile upon her face, her tongue traced around her lips looking for any remains not found. Then as she came, she leaves without a word.

I jumped in the shower and as I got dressed the smell on cooking bacon enters my nose. I make my way down stairs to find breakfast waiting for me. Mom from the kitchen asks “coffee or OJ?”

I say coffee please and for a brief second I question myself if what happened here was real or just a dream? As mom emerged from the kitchen things are clear, mom is in her robe without its belt. Her naked body in full view for me, and a view I never tire of.

Mom takes a seat across from me, I ask if she’s going to eat and she smile saying I has a little something earlier. We make small talk while I enjoy my meal and as mom clears away everything she informs me she may get stuck late tonight so plan on dinner without her.

Now dressed and ready mom heads out for the door and another day of work. With a long day ahead I make plans to keep myself busy while mom’s away. More then deserving canlı bahis I decide to give the house a good spring cleaning and with hours left I then head out for a bite and to see a show. When the show lets out I call home to see if mom wanted me to pick up anything for her on my way home.

No just you she said and I’ll see you soon.

When I arrive home the downstairs is completely dark, light shines from up stairs as I follow it. Reaching mom’s room I find her upon her bed dressed in a nightie and reading a book. She looks at me over her reading glasses saying why don’t you shower and come back and visit a bit with me.

Taking her suggestion I head in then not to be too assuming I return wearing my pajama bottoms. How was your day? I ask as I sit on the edge of her bed.

She answers saying not too bad but I’m glad to be home.

Than from behind me I hear “hi Sport” there’s no need to turn as there’s only one person that has ever call me “Sport” and that’s Mrs Johnson. She was a family friend who’s husband has pasted a few years back.

Mom said, you remember Mrs. Johnson don’t you?

I said sure as I turned to look at her. She’s also in a nightie and before I could commit mom adds that she’s been her lover for a few months now.

Wow! My mother the lesbian, can it get any better? Mrs. Johnson places her hand upon me and as her stroked my hair chest she commits on how I’ve grown.

Mrs. Johnson “Mary” has always been kind to me and quick with a couple bucks when I needed to earn some money. She’s not the looker that mom is, I always thought how much she looked like Mr. Johnson. But hey, her personality more then makes up for any short falls.

Mary bahis siteleri moves toward mom, leaning in they share a deep kiss. My cock is now at the ready just waiting for that all important invite to join.

I told Mary all about us and she was a little envious so I thought it would be okay if she joined us.

I said sure, whatever you’d like. Then I watched as mom and Mary started to explore the others body. Mary unbuttoned mom’s sleepwear kissing her way down her body. Now with her face buried in mom’s nest I reached for Mary’s panties, peeling them off her round ass. Her shaved pussy in full view and her pink inner lips looked like two ham steak slipping out from between her pussy.

I reached my hand between her legs, my fingers sliding over her. She moans softly as she continues to feast upon my mom. Soon the both of them climax but that’s no sign to stop.

With each at a side they pull down my pajamas, my cock springing to attention. They both start to partake in me, each at their side as they slide their lips down the length of me. I fight away the need to cum wanting so much more this time.

Mrs. Johnson leaves for a moment returning with a bonus as now she’s wearing a harness. In that harness is a large black dildo. Mom shares her time between the two of us, each so exciting to me.

Now mom places a hand to Mary, she lays down her plastic cock straight up. Mom alines herself above it and then inch by inch it disappears deep inside her. Mom rides her like a pro as I watched on. So horny I placed a kiss to mom’s shoulder then a trail of more as I worked my way downward.

At the small of her back I pressed her forward, their breasts smash bahis şirketleri together as I spread mom’s butt cheeks darting my tongue inward. Mom quickly cums to me teasing her button. I ask if she’s ever enjoyed a DP? Not knowing what that was she asked where Mary tells her double penetration dear.

Mom tells me no and it she tried that once with my dad but it hurt too much.

Now I’m on a quest, a quest to prove to her differently. Reaching down I wet my hand in their nectar dripping from them and then with very small circles I start to incircle her pink button. Then with steady pressure it slips inside, I hold steady letting her guide it in and out while she plunges on that toy of Mary’s.

I can feel the toy just on the other side of this thin skin wall and so want it to be me inside her. Slipping on a lubed condom I square her up, then taking ahold of myself I enter her. She gasps but keeps right at it, milking my cock with her ass.

The toy pounding at Mary’s clit causes her to orgasm, this sets a chain reaction as mom joins her. I’m not far behind as after a few more strokes I empty myself in her.

We laid there a moment catching our breath then Mary asks while she strokes her cock asks any other takers? Sure why not I answer as I get on all fours, unknown to them I’ve had the chance to experiment with my gay roommate. And one one thing I’ve found is that I prefer to bottom.

This comes in handy as she presses herself into me, knowing how to relax myself it entrees with no pain as I slam myself hard into her, her legs slapping against the back of mine.

Mom watches on while she’s knuckles deep inside herself. She shifts in front of me where I’m more then happy to partake in her, sucking upon her clit.

Both ladies find another climax before we stop for a breather. All a wet and sticky mess we make use of the pool skinny dipping in the moonlight, all content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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