Spying My Young Sister-in-Law

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My wife Kim just told me that her sister Luanne was paying a visit for a week. I was a little ticked off that I got such a short notice. Luanne, who was nineteen, just finished up her first year in college. She told my wife that she didn’t want to spend the whole summer with their parents. Would we mind if she stayed with us for awhile? I didn’t say anything to my wife about how I felt.

The next day Luanne arrived. I hadn’t seen her in nearly two years and she had grown up. Luanne was taller and she let her auburn hair grow out. She was also getting more bolder. Luanne was wearing a shirt with no bra on. She didn’t have very big tits but her nipples were showing. I tried not to be too obvious but I was looking at her chest.

My wife made dinner that night and afterwards we talked about Luanne and school. The next morning my wife said she had a bunch of errands to run and off she went. I walked into the bathroom to get cleaned up. There is a door between the bathroom and the bedroom where Luanne was staying. I could hear noises coming from the other side of the door. I knew I shouldn’t do it but I cracked the door open.

I was able to peek in and there was Luanne naked on the bed. She was running her fingers across her pussy and moaning pretty loudly. I pulled my briefs aside and took my dick in my hand. I was stroking myself as I kept an eye on Luanne. I must have made some noise and Luanne called out.

“Is that you, Rich?”

I just had to see her. I opened the door and walked into the spare bedroom. Luanne looked directly at my crotch. My boner was bulging through my underwear.

“I heard you and I canlı bahis had to look in,” I told Luanne.

She motioned me to come closer to the bed. I walked over and Luanne sat up. She reached for the material of my briefs and pulled it down. My cock was now exposed to my young sister-in-law.

“God, you are so big, Rich!”

I got onto the bed and Luanne reached out and took hold of my dick. She brought me close to her mouth and she took me down her throat. Fuck, did that feel good. Kim wasn’t into sex much these days. She sure didn’t go out of her way to give me any head. Luanne, on the other hand, started to bob up and down my rod. She was getting into taking my shaft all the way down to the root. It didn’t take too long before I was hard as a rock.

I pulled out of Luanne’s mouth and I got between her thighs. Luanne spread wide for me as I guided my mushroom to her opening.

“You need to pull out Rich, before you cum.”

With that I began to push past Luanne’s pussy folds. Man, did she let out a scream. I am around eight inches in length and very thick. It took me some minutes before I was able to get all the way inside my young sister-in-law. Once I was buried, I started to feed Luanne with some fast strokes. Her pussy muscles had me in a tight grip. I was looking down at her small tits. Her nipples were small but they were like hard pebbles on her chest.

Luanne placed her legs around my waist and we got into it. I was burying my dick in the whole way and then pulling out, leaving just the head of my cock in place. I wish you could have heard the noises Luanne was making. It was evident she needed bahis siteleri cock in the worst way. I gave her the pounding she craved. In and out, I shoved my rod in the whole way. I would sometimes hold my cock in place and let Luanne milk my bone with her pussy muscles.

If only my wife would fuck like her sister. I guess twenty minutes or so had passed. I felt my nuts starting to pinch. I hated to do it but I broke free and I climbed up above Luanne’s face. I stroked my dick as Luanne opened her mouth for me. It didn’t take much and I was squirting my cream into Luanne’s greedy mouth. I had a big load all saved up. Cum was shooting all over Luanne’s mouth and face. She would close her mouth and swallow every so often.

I must have came for a couple of minutes. When it seemed like I was finished Luanne took my cock by the root and pulled me closer. Her lips surround my dick and she cleaned me off with her tongue and lips. I couldn’t recall having sex like that in a long time. Luanne smiled as she held my dick in her small hand.

“We probably should get cleaned up before Kim gets back,” she said to me.

We both got into the shower together. There was no more sex as such. I did manage to massage Luanne’s tits as the water poured over our bodies. We got out and we both got dressed. My wife showed up a half hour later. Kim was all happy as she put away the groceries she bought. I looked over at Luanne. She was still braless and her nipples were hard and erect. Her face was also flushed.

There was no opportunity for sex with Luanne the rest of that weekend. Monday arrived and my wife left for work. I quickly called bahis şirketleri into work and took a vacation day. Luanne and I spent most of the day in the spare bed. I took her every way possible. Luanne got me hard with her mouth and then she mounted me. I took hold of her ass cheeks and gave her the fucking she needed. I soon had my hands on her small breasts. I was kneading her small tits as Luanne slid up and down my cock. The sweat was pouring from both of us as Luanne gripped me hard with her pussy.

We must have fucked a good hour. I could feel myself getting close. I told Luanne I was close to cumming. Luanne had her head back and she looked like she was out of it. I told her one more time I was going to cum. I got no response. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I flooded Luanne with a big load of my seed. It was like I had my cock in a vise. Luanne milked every hot drop of my cream from me.

After some minutes Luanne collapsed onto my chest. I held her in my arms.

“I’m sorry Rich, I just had to feel you cum inside me,” she said.

She also said she wasn’t on the pill. I just hoped nothing would happen from me seeding her pussy. The rest of the week was almost the same. I managed to leave work early and get home in order to fuck my young sister-in-law. Like a fool I kept giving Luanne my loads of semen. She actually wanted it that way. The week came to an end too soon. We managed to exchange phone numbers before she left. Luanne left Sunday morning. Later that evening I got a text message from Luanne.

“That was the best sex I ever had. I hope we can hook up soon.”

I have been fantasizing about Luanne this past week. I think about having her in bed once more. I have also been thinking about all those loads of cream I gave her with my bare cock. Hopefully it will all work out and I will see Luanne in the near future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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