Starship Starseeker Ch. 04

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The journey to Heaven had been short, but Abbie had moped the entire day. She couldn’t get Eric off her mind. She had always told herself that when she met The ONE, she would know it. The fact that she had met Erik so early in the trip had her in a dilemma. Did you leave someone you knew you were falling in love with to keep looking for something better? She wished her mom were here to guide her. Sam had her Cyrus and Jo had Brad. She had just left the man for her behind on Nirvana.

After they landed in Heaven the next day, everyone set off to explore this popular tourist destination. If Paradise had been a perfect tropical destination, Heaven was for those who wished they could have visited the Mediterranian coast back in the good old days. The sunlit beaches were alive with naked people. The cafes and bars had a Riviera vibe, serving a variety of dishes from France, Italy, and Spain. The bars followed the same Mediterranean tradition as the cafes.

They decided to leave the ship unoccupied for their visit there and checked into a luxury resort hotel. When the manager discovered the identities of his guests, only the best service was delivered. They were given the entire penthouse suite on the top of the resort. Again, a private chef was available to them for any cuisine.

After strolling on the beach and doing some souvenir shopping, they would stop in a bar or cafe, refresh themselves, and hit the beach again. The water was blue like the Cote d’Azur and there was nothing in the water that would harm anyone. All of their group were strong swimmers and they enjoyed their time on the ocean. In the evenings they went dancing and then retired to their suite for dinner.

The first night they had the French cuisine. The chef had earned 5 stars in the Michelin guide book here on Heaven. That may not have been as hard to accomplish here on Heaven, but their food was as good as any they’d ever had on Earth. The second night, the Italian cuisine was just as good, and the Spanish cuisine was equally as good on the third night. Unable to decide which was best, they told the manager to just continue rotating the chefs in the same order.

After the fifth day on Heaven, Abbie was nearly despondent. The first few days had all been new and exciting, but now her loss of leaving Erik had made her hopeless. She would never find love again. The rest of the party went out to the beach as usual, but Abbie stayed in their suite. About 11 o’clock Abbie looked up and saw everyone coming back into the suite, they were all too happy, Abbie thought.

“Guess who we found wandering the beach?” Sam asked her sister.

Abbie looked up. “Who,” she asked, in her sarcastic voice.

“I thought you would be happy to see me again,” Erik said, stepping forward into the room.

Abbie flew out of her chair and jumped on Erik, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She kept kissing his face, not letting him get a word in edgewise. Finally, he found her lips and kissed her hard enough to keep her from kissing him to death. When they broke their kiss, Erik set her down on the bed and finally got a chance to speak.

“After you left, I realized that I couldn’t let you get away from me,” he told her. Were you serious about living with me by the mountains and the beach and going surfing and trekking and going away for weeks at a time with me?” he asked Abbie.

Abbie answered by kissing him again and saying “yes, yes, yes, and yes,” to his questions. Over drinks and tapas at the bar down the street from their resort. Erik explained that as soon as the Starseeker had boosted into space, he started making inquiries about selling his office space and his third hand shuttle. Everybody laughed when he told them that he actually had to pay a recycler to take the vehicle.

The Maxwell siblings were so happy for their sister. Abbie was hanging on to every word that Erik said. He told them that his veterinary friend had taken the bush baby in and would release it back into the area he was rescued from when it was ready to find its own food in the jungle. The next three weeks were a totally different experience than the first.

The Algood brothers, including Cyrus, went out looking for chicks every day, and Sam, Jo and Rae had several dates over the next two weeks. Mike found several girls that he liked and had sex with, just as Sam, Rae and Jo were doing. As before and always, Mike wanted JoJo to have every opportunity to find the right man for her, even if it wasn’t him. When the time finally came for them to pick up Sally, David, Ken and Alessandra, Erik joined them on Starseeker.

When they finally arrived back on Elysium, the rest of their party were ready. Sally and David were happy to see Rae again, but sad to leave Toni behind. They were happy that Edwin had been contacted by Stellardyne on Nirvana to come work with them there. “Promise that you’ll call us every week,” Sally told her children as they them behind at the space port.

“They’re going to be canlı bahis fine, Dear,” David told his wife. “We met each other at that age,” he reminded her. “You were already pregnant with Rae and you were in a relationship with Gabby and Brad, remember?”

David’s last statement caught Jo’s attention. Was Rae she and Mikes half-sister? She would have to ask Gabby.

Sally sniffed back the tears she was forming. “You’re right, but they just seem like babies,” Sally said. David and Rae hugged her, giving her emotional support.

Alessandra spoke to Abbie about some of the routes she had plotted to return them to Eden in record time. She explained that while Allen Feldon and his scientists had found a way to travel through space avoiding known jump points, she had developed a method of travel that used the multiverse to travel outside the current universe.

Abbie was wary of this method of travel and called Ana. Ana assured her that the Stellardyne scientists had gone over these routes with a fine-toothed comb and they were all checking it out for safety. They had even delivered a new upgrade to ALI by travelling all the way to Elysium and back within the last three months. Everyone had traveled through several different universes to emerge in their own universe with no adverse effects.

No wonder Stellardyne was going to pay these people a premium compensation package, it would certainly be worth it! Abbie checked with her siblings and with ALI and they all agreed, they were willing to take the risk for a quick trip back home. Once Starseeker launched, ALI took control and everybody just kicked back and enjoyed the ride. Their fate was in Alessandra and ALI’s hands.

The passengers had a nearly continuous orgy all the way back to Eden. The addition of Sally and Alessandra had made things more sexually interesting for Mike, even though for the first week it mas mostly family incest for everyone. Rae was spending nearly every night with her father and mother. Between her husband and sons, Alessandra was busy for the first week also. After the first week, the regular pattern of swapping resumed. Even though he still had sex with every female aboard the ship regularly, JoJo ended up in bed with him every night to sleep.

Jo told Mike about all of her sexual encounters during the trip and confided in her brother that out of all the men she’d met, she still found him to be the best man for her. Mike confided in his twin sister, that he had experienced the same thing. Maybe Jo would find someone when they continued their adventures after dropping of the two families they were travelling with, Mike thought.

Sometimes, Starseeker would travel in the familiar universe, as they witnessed from ALI’s readouts. If they looked out of the ship using the visual sensors, they could see the familiar stars. Other times, they would see nothing, neither light, gravity, or time existed where they were. They spent most of their time in this state of existence.

As bizarre as the trip home to Eden was, they made it all in one piece and in record time. Ana, Gia, Gabby and Brad were all there to meet them as were Bess and Jack, Jade and Daniel, Holly, Courtney, Savannah and Rich. Sophia, Dawn, Ed, Kai and Hokulani were all there to greet them along with all of the Stellardyne Scientists and members of the Council. The travelers felt welcome and were very happy to be on Eden.

“You’re all in time for the big cookout,” Chuck, Brad’s apprentice pit master, told them. “The sausages and beer you sent from Himmel arrived just yesterday!” he said.

As the crowd moved over to the outdoor area where the cookout was being held, they met the rest of the citizens of Eden. While everyone enjoyed the sausage and new German style beer, all of their friends came by and welcomed them back home. Nearly everyone asked the same question; “What are your plans now?”

The siblings had talked about that very subject on the way home to Eden. They had all agreed that they didn’t want to end their adventure yet, there was so much more to see. Now with the enhanced capabilities of ALI and Starseeker, they could visit even more places. The siblings all told everybody the same thing; “We’re going to stay here for a few months to reconnect with our closest friends and then leave again. We still have a lot more to see,” they all said the same things whenever asked.

All of the sausage and nearly every drop of beer was gone by the end of the day. Fortunately, Jade and Daniels buyers out in that part of the galaxy had gotten some samples from Himmel, tasted them, and reordered for the next transport. There would be a steady supply of sausage and beer coming in every few weeks.

The big orgy was scheduled for the following night, so while the Algood family went back to their newly constructed house, David, Sally and Rae went home with the Maxwells. Their house would be ready in a week or two. It was being built next door to the Maxwell residence. As usual, the ladies sorted out the sleeping arrangements for bahis siteleri everyone.

Brad and Gabby had missed Sally badly during the intervening years. The both made love to her several times that first week. Rob was incredibly impressed by Rae’s sexual prowess and she too made love together with him and Ana quite often. Rob had never considered himself to be a boob man, but Sally and now her daughter were changing his mind. Ana and Gia had fucked David when they first met him on Heaven. He was as good in bed as they remembered, probably even better.

Sam was sad because Cyrus had spent most of the day at the cookout and orgy with Ruby, not her. Jo held and soothed her until she turned over and started to cry on Mike’s smooth chest. “Why?” She asked. “Why are men just so insensitive?” she asked Mike.

“Not all men are that way, Sam.” he said. “We all get attracted to many different women, but we always have that special one that we want to spend our lives with,” Mike explained as he smoothed her hair.

“Like you always come back to Jo?’ Haven’t you been attracted to other girls?” she asked.

Mike chuckled. “I certainly have!” Mike assured her. “I’m incredibly attracted to Rae right now, but she’s really not my type,” Mike told her. “Every time we get a chance, JoJo and I date other people. I don’t think I saw her very much at all when we stayed on Heaven,” Mike told her.

“Mike’s right Sam,” Jo told her. We date everybody we feel attracted to. I want Mike to be with as many women as he can. I want him to find the perfect wife,” Jo said.

Now it was time for Samantha to laugh. “He’s already found the perfect wife! Can’t you two see that?” she asked, looking at them both like they were crazy.

Joalice looked at her twin brother. “Is that true?” she asked Mike. Mike could only nod his head.

“But you keep urging me to see other men! I thought that you were trying to get rid of me so that you could move on,” she said.

Mike looked at his sister for a moment. “All I ever wanted for you is to be happy. If you find a man that will make you happy, I’ll be able to accept that because I love you so much,” he said finally.

“You are the man that makes me happy!” Joalice insisted. “I’ve already picked out my husband and it’s you!”

Sam smiled broadly. “My love life is still messed up but at least you two have finally been honest with each other. The emotional uncertainty between you is driving your sisters insane.” she said, laughing.

Already in a better mood, first Mike and then Jo made gentle love to Sam. Then, after she had been well loved, Sam watched as Jo and Mike made love and then she cleaned them both up. They all fell asleep in a tangle of arms and legs. They woke up several times during the night to make love again until exhausted, they slept through until the sun was shining through their window.

David had risen earlier. Ken, Alessandra and he were supposed to meet with a group of scientists at the Stellardyne research facility. Skylar and Cyrus had an appointment at HR at Stellardyne, Brad was up to get the fires going at the smokehouse, and the rest of the family was still sleeping or making love.

Gabby kissed Sally passionately. She had forgotten how good the sex between them had been before.



“Is Rae Brad’s child?”

Sally shook her head. “I wish that she was, but no, she’s not. Brad was on birth control the whole time we were together,” she said.

“Who is the father then?” Gabby asked. “She’s not old enough to be David’s and besides, you were at least a month pregnant when we got to Heaven,” Gabby said. She didn’t tell Sally about what Jo had overheard.

“Just some guy on Heaven,” Sally told her. “He was one of David’s friends. He had just gotten back on birth control after making his wife pregnant. We rushed it. We had sex too soon. He still had enough fertile sperm to knock me up,” Sally said, hoping she hadn’t damaged her relationship with Gabby for not telling her the man’s identity.

“You were right not to tell anybody,” Gabby said. “I don’t want to know either,” she told her friend. “What did David say?” Gabby asked. “Does he know?”

Sally just laughed. “Of course, he knows, he’s a Non-Breeder. We could never have children together,” Sally said. He was delighted that his friend made me pregnant. He has been able to watch Rae grow into a strong, intelligent woman. She doesn’t know that he is her biological father, but they’ve made love several times at our home on Elysium,” Sally told Gabby. “We adopted Edwin after his best friend and his wife were killed in an accident. His best friend named Edwin after David’s father. That’s how close their families had been growing up,” Sally explained.

“He even told me that if I wanted another child, he would recommend that Brad be the father,” Sally told Gabby. “That’s how much respect he has for Brad. I think he knows how much I loved you and Brad back then.

“Do you love David?” Gabby asked bluntly. bahis şirketleri She had always been the one to get straight to the point.

“Very much,” Sally told Gabby. “Even more that I loved Brad,” she assured Gabby. “I’m just happy that we can all be together again!”

When everybody was up and had taken care of cleaning themselves up, they all met in the dining room for breakfast. Even Brad was there after leaving Chuck to watch the fires in the pits. The conversation turned to what the kids had experienced on their trip so far and where they wanted to go when they resumed their journey.

After discussing the highlights of the journey and where they still wanted to go, Rob told them that ever since Alessandra sent the original cosmological maps to the scientists here, they were able to find many other abnormalities of space-time in the familiar universe. They had sent out drone ships first, and then manned probes to check them out and make sure that they were safe. The new charts meant that Starseeker could move even faster now and see more places in a much shorter amount of time.

They asked Erik what his plans were now that he was here on Eden and he told them that he wanted to start up his own adventure travel service here with Abbie at his side. Everyone that knew Abbie had to laugh at that one, even her siblings had to stifle their laughter. Erik looked confused.

When Abbie stood up to speak, everyone quieted their laughter and listened to what she had to say.

“Erik, I apologize for my family’s rudeness. True, I have never been much of an outdoors or sports enthusiast. But I was totally honest with you about one thing though. When I told you that I would be that sort of woman I meant it. With you, I can learn anything, bear any discomfort, climb any hill or walk through endless jungles or desert. I love you with all my heart. I will be any woman I need to be for you!” she announced.

Everyone at the table was shocked, Then, Rob started applauding her speech, and everyone joined in. They all got up and came over to hug Abbie and congratulate Erik, welcoming him into their family. Erik held Abbie in his arms kissing her and wiping away her tears. Her emotional outburst had overwhelmed her at first, but now they were tears of joy. Her family had accepted her decision and had accepted Erik.

As they all sat around drinking coffee, Rob aske Erik the specifics of what he wanted to do. As Erik went over his plans, everyone could tell that this was not just a flight of fancy. Erik really knew his stuff. He’d even explained how each enterprise would generate an income stream to pay all of the business’s expenses and repay the investors.

When Gia asked Erik how much he thought he would need to start, he told them a realistic figure. A figure that was not unreasonably high, but one that had not considered all of the possible difficulties and contingencies. Erik had been thinking about this for years. Gia held out her hand for Erik to shake. Erik was a little confused, but he always took the hand of a person that wanted to shake his. His eyes grew wide when he realized what had just happened.

“That’s just a loan mind you,” Gia said. “I expect you to pay it all back at 1% interest. Take as long as you need, but the interest will accumulate!” she told Eric.

“What?” Abbie asked, wondering about what had just happened.

“I just found an investor!” Erik said. “Your mother has loaned me enough to start construction on all of the projects I’ll need immediately!”

Erik and Abbie got up and walked around the table to hug Gia. Gabby and Ana shook Erik’s hand until he had enough credits to open all of his businesses and run them for a year without profit. They had seen how serious Abbie was about this young man. They wanted to do everything to make them a successful couple.

After everyone got up and went about their day, Erik spoke quietly to Abbie when they were alone. “I knew that your family was wealthy,” Erik said, “Look at that yacht. I just thought that you guys were just leasing it like most wealthy people do. You weren’t leasing it were you?”

Abbie laughed. “No, my siblings and I own it together. Our moms, gave it to us,” Abbie told him.

“They just invested a huge amount in our business venture without batting an eye,” Erik told her.

All Abbie could think about was how he’d said OUR business venture. She was very happy.

“Just how many credits do your mothers have?” Erik asked, wanting to know more about Abbie’s family.

“Gia is Allen Feldon’s widow. Ana is his daughter and Gabby is his granddaughter. They own most of Stellardyne,” Abbie said.

“Why didn’t you tell me that your family was the richest in the galaxy?” Erik asked.

Abbie looked puzzled. “Would it have made any difference in how you feel about me?” she asked, fear creeping into her voice.

“No, not at all,” Erik told her. “When I fell in love with you, I thought that you were just a typical tourist on holiday with her friends. When I saw the yacht, it made me wonder. Those are expensive to lease,” he told Abbie. “If you told me that you were part of the galaxy’s wealthiest family, I might have been afraid to fall in love with you,” he said.

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