Steamy Shower

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I bit my lip to keep from smiling as he swore while fumbling with the keys in the dark. His broad shoulders rounded a little too much and I knew work had been a little trying. I could see his glower from across the dark room so I just stayed in my spot, waiting to follow him to the shower. He shrugged out of his clothes on the way to the bathroom, I tip toed around the discarded pieces and waited outside the bathroom door until I heard the water running and the curtain pulled shut.

I silently eased through the doorway and slipped out of the thong and baseball tee I was wearing while steam began to fill the room. I knew he would be standing under the showerhead, the hot water easing his muscles while he stretched out his arms and braced his hands against the wall. I ever so carefully lifted the curtain to the side so it wouldn’t slide on the bar and stepped into the shower, ducking my head under his arms so I could stand directly in front of him.

His eyes were closed with the water running down his face so I leaned my shoulders back against the cold tile between his hands and gently ran my fingernails from his wrists down his forearms before his eyes snapped open and his eyes collided with mine. I gave him a slow smile while my fingernails reached the insides of his biceps and trailed over his shoulders and down his back ataşehir escort as I stepped closer to him. His eyes roamed over my body while my fingers slid into his hair, my lips brushing his neck and then jawbone until he turned his head to give me the kiss I had been waiting for. Our lips lingered while he leaned against me, his eyelids heavy with the need for sleep while his eyes burned darkly behind them.

While keeping one hand trailing over his shoulder blades I slowly slid the other down to his cock, taking my time and not demanding too much. He pulled away a fraction of an inch to whisper that we shouldn’t…not tonight.. But my lips cut off his words with a slow kiss while my hand roamed over him, I brushed my lips against his cheek while I whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry babe, I’ll take care of everything..” and with that I sank down to my knees in front of him.

I scooted back a little bit so water wasn’t pouring down on me and he accommodated by bending his arms and leaning into the wall above me, forearms planted firmly and broad back shielding most of the water. I slid my hands from his knees up his thighs until both hands were around his cock. I began to slowly stroke while I dipped my head lower to play with his sac. My tongue leisurely swirled over his skin between me sucking him into my mouth. kadıköy escort I heard him let out a shaky breath while his cock began to grow harder between my palms so I slid my tongue along his cock until I was teasing the tip, waking him up from his exhausted state until I felt the tension humming through his body. I tilted my head back to look at his face and saw written there that he wanted to fuck my mouth and make me suck and swallow every last drop of cum for doing this to him.

I flashed him a smile and opened my mouth in time for his first hard thrust. I let out a low moan of pleasure while I relaxed my throat and savored the feel of his cock pumping between my lips. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the hot steam in the air, the water rushing over my hands that were spread over his lower back, the sound of his breathing as he got closer to the edge, the feel of his big cock filling my mouth and making me gasp for air. My eyes flew open in surprise as he grabbed a fistful of my hair and tugged my head back, bending me backwards until his cock was lying between my breasts. He shot me a dark look and I quickly moved my hands from his back to squeeze my breasts around his throbbing cock. He loosened his hold enough for me to dip my head and suck on his tip while he slid between my slippery skin.

With one bostancı escort bayan hand digging into my head and the other gripping the base of my neck his big hard cock was oozing delicious precum onto my tongue. His thrusts were quick and hard between my lips but I wanted to taste more than just his tip. On a down stroke I lifted my head back and glanced up at his face, sliding my tongue over a drop of precum still on my lower lip. He groaned and slide his hand from the base of neck to the front as he stepped forward and shoved his cock into my mouth. His hard dick sliding down the back of my throat coupled with him cutting off my air made me gag and gulp for breath so he relented just a little by pulling back and then thrusting hard again. I kept my lips tight around his cock and just tried to relax as he fucked my mouth as hard as he could. I was getting light headed from not really being able to breathe but just then he released his grip on my throat and both hands drug my head to him. I gasped for air which opened my throat enough for him to thrust his throbbing cock all the way back until my lips were firmly at his base. I instantly tried to fight the urge to gag and my throat constricting around his cock was just what he was hoping for. With one last guttural moan I felt a big, pent up load of cum shoot down my throat and fill my mouth as he slowly withdrew. I gently sucked every drop out while he slid out and I showed him the remains of his orgasm on my tongue before swallowing while his hand slipped from my hair to slide over my throat, feeling me swallow his delicious load…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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