Step-Brother’s Surprise Ch. 03

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It had been just a couple months that Lanie had first discovered her older step-brother Ken and his friend Rob together in a compromising situation that had led to her being sandwiched between the two boys not once, but twice now.

But it also led to Ken having his way with her pretty much whenever he wanted. He didn’t bother her often, because he had to wait until their parents were out of the house, but when he did decide he wanted her, there was no protesting. Ken always got his way.

Tonight was going to be one of those nights.

Her parents were going out for the evening, and had told the kids they’d be home pretty late. Their mother was attending a charity event at the zoo, and dad was having one of his “poker nights” with his buddies. .

Ken was late getting home from football practice, and Lanie had made sure he had a dinner plate waiting in the microwave. She’d already cleaned up the dishes and done her homework, and settled in the den to watch the O.C. She heard him come in, and knew when he’d gotten out of the shower, and could hear him when he went in the kitchen in search of food.

She must have dozed off, because the next thing she knew, she felt a pleasant sensation between her legs. She opened her eyes slightly, and found Ken at the other end of the couch. He had removed her panties and was fingering her as he watched her sleep. She didn’t move. She just lay there, letting him play with her wet pussy, and enjoying every minute of it.

He had two fingers inside her, and then pressed in a third, wiggling them about. He touched a tender spot inside her and heard the sharp intake of breath and knew she was awake.

“Nice nap, little sister?”

“Mmhmmmm…” she slid her hips around just a bit, opening herself wider.

“So what shall we do this evening? It looks as if its going to be just the two of us tonight.”

“I’m sure you already have something in mind, Ken.”

“Oh, I can think of lots of things I’d like to do. But I want to know what you want.”

“What you’re doing feels good.” She arched her hips, pressing against his fingers.

“Take canlı bahis your clothes off.” She sat up and removed her dress, then her bra. His fingers still wiggled inside her as he watched her undress.

“Come over her and sit on my lap, little girl.” Ken leered at her, curling his fingers inside her and tugging her toward him. She crawled onto his lap, straddling him. She could feel him through his boxers, already hard, and pressed her wetness against him.

“Grind yourself on my cock, baby sister. Grind your clit against me.” Ken’s hands cupped each breast as he slowly licked and nibbled at each nipple, sucking them. Lanie did as she was told, grinding her wetness against his lap. The roughness of his flannel boxers created enough friction on her tender clit that she was already heating up nicely.

Ken sank his teeth into her nipple, chewing on it lightly, tugging it, and sucking harder. One hand snaked around her firm little ass and his finger pressed against her tiny hole. As she ground against his cock, his finger was pressing just inside her, holding the tight little hole open.

“Cum on me. I want to feel you cum on my cock.” He pressed up against her, then began to suck her nipples again. She was grinding against him harder, feeling him pulsing beneath her. One hand on his shoulder, she slid her hand between them, fingering her clit as she dry fucked him. Quickly, she began to shudder and moan, her orgasm sending tremors through her as he slid his finger all the way inside her ass when he felt her beginning to cum.

Giggling as she rode the last of the waves, she brought her wet fingers up to her mouth, painting her lips with the wetness, then kissed him, flicking her tongue in and out of his mouth, teasing him. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight against him and kissed her hard, biting her lips, sucking her tongue hard, and grinding his cock against her wet pussy.

“Turn around,” he ordered gruffly as he broke free of their kiss. She stood up and turned around with her back to him. He slid out of his boxers, stood up behind her then led her to bend over the arm bahis siteleri of the chair next to them. At 5’1″, she was barely tall enough for her toes to touch the floor in that position. Her head rested against the cushion of the chair, but her hands snaked around, cupping her ass cheeks and spreading herself for him.

She was so fucking hot, he thought to himself. He’d fucked a lot of pretty girls, but she just drove him nuts. He couldn’t get enough of her. He leaned over and tongued her ass, then drove his tongue inside her pussy, tasting her cum. She squealed and whimpered.

“Yes, big brother, yes. Please lick me like that. Please. I like it when you do that to me.” He obliged her by flicking his tongue back and forth against the tip of her clit, then dragged his tongue through her slit and back up to her ass again. He did this several times, teasing her from clit to asshole and then back again.

“Ooooh! I’m there, oh yes I’m there. Please! More more more!” He grinned inwardly, thinking he’d created a sexual monster. She couldn’t get enough of having her pussy eaten. Just as she neared the edge of orgasm, Ken stopped and stood up.

“No, Ken, Oh please don’t stop please I’m so close. God you beast!” Her hips were fucking air, her hands pulling her cheeks farther apart as she begged him to continue tonguing her.

Instead, Ken pushed his hard cock into her, hard, bottoming out instantly. She let out a loud grunt from the force of it. Ken grabbed hold of her hips and she let go of her ass, pressing her hands against the other arm of the overstuffed chair, fucking back against him.

He withdrew almost all the way and plunged into her again. Each time he withdrew this way, leaving her all but empty, and then filled her again, fucking her harder than he ever had before. Each thrust into her forced a groan from her lips. Her tiny body shook with each thrust, her firm ass cheeks bouncing as he slammed against her.

Lanie was pushing back against him as hard as she could, and at the same time she was grinding her clit against the rough fabric of the chair. She felt as if he was going to bahis şirketleri split her apart, but she knew any second now she was going to cum, and she needed it so badly.

“Fuck. Yes, fuck. Fuck fuckfuckfuckfuck she screamed out. Ken happily obliged her, reaming her hot pussy with his hardness.

“Aghhhhhhhhh!!” Lanie screamed as she heard Ken roaring behind her and felt the hot jets of cum bathing her insides. The pulsing of his cock sent her over the edge and her cunt contracted around him so hard he could barely stand it.

“Jesus, Lanie, you’re so fucking tight!” He collapsed on top of her, out of breath. His cock still inside her, her face against the seat of the chair, she started giggling uncontrollably.

“fuck me again. Fuck me fuck me fuck me.” She grinded against him.

“Potty mouth. Come clean me up with that potty mouth of yours.” He popped from her pussy and jerked her up, forcing her to her knees and pressing his wet cock to her lips.

Lanie tilted her head, starting with his balls as she licked him all over, capturing every drop of their combined juices. He just grinned, watching the little vixen as she teased him, knowing she was doing her best to get him hard again so he would do just that, fuck her again.

Neither of them had heard the car pull up in the drive. Neither of them had heard the door open and shut. Neither of them heard their father arriving home early. He stood in the doorway of the kitchen, having caught the tail end of their sexual antics. First he just stood there in shock at what was going on in his den

Now he stood there, his cock harder than it had been in ages, watching his little girl greedily sucking her step-brother’s cock. He slid his hand inside his pants and wrapped it around his hardness, stroking for a moment as he watched her hot little mouth.

He had kicked himself more than once for the fantasies he’d had of filling her little ass with his hardness. She had always seemed such an innocent, and now here she was acting like a filthy slut, talking such language and licking her brother’s cum coated cock. He bit back a groan as his cock twitched in his hand. Then he quietly slipped away to take care of his current situation. He wouldn’t do anything about this tonight, but this was definitely information he planned to use – against both his kids.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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