Stone Cottage Ch. 02

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Monday Morning

William and Alexanderia woke together, tangled up. Since their first time sleeping together, they had knotted themselves deep into each other once awake. One behind the other or facing, they both craved the feel of all their skin touching. Sometimes one would begin immediately to kiss the other, and most often that would begin with the kiss each loved so much to give – wet kisses and suckles to the other’s center. Alexanderia loved William hard in her mouth those moments. Unless she had taken him into her the night before, he still woke hardened most every morning. She knew he ached, and often needed to pee, but she loved the musk of him after sleep, and the raw, deep instinct of holding him in her wet, warm mouth. It was the smell of him, most of all, and his presence which aroused her so deep within. When she held him in her suckle kiss, it helped calm her own ache and need to possess him fully. She could drink all of his intensity, his physicality and intellect and the depth of his love for her.

She had never been truly jealous of another man’s time or activities before; now she wanted his every minute, every inch of his body, and his every thought and emotion. She knew he felt the same for her, and she had wondered every day how it was possible for this fire to still be growing inside them, hotter and hotter the tighter they knotted themselves in their life together.

At every step, every date, every meal, and every new sexual discovery in writing or reading or looking at the “kittens” on the internet, their whole had become stronger. They had grown individually, too, learning from each other, listening when guidance came, even when it was not easy and soft.

When it had all begun, and friends and family seen them together, it had been chalked up to the honeymoon of new love. But as these years continued, it had only grown stronger. Alexanderia brushed her cheek against his flat belly, down the line of hair that led to the deep curls under his upright shaft. She smelled him, feeling the effect within her own center, and it was always this way for her, whether he was freshly showered or wet with perspiration – his musk and warmth made her weak with desire, no matter how long it had been since their last coupling, she wanted to lick him and kiss him, but most of all to suckle him, whether soft or hard.

Alexanderia knew his desire for her was the same, but she had moved first this morning, so it would be her giving. It was perhaps the only tension of their physical life: they each wanted to give to the other, whether massage or kisses, and most of all the intimate kiss leading to the one nourishing the other, whether his thick cream chasing down her throat, or the suckles and laps he gave to drink her honeyed fluid.

Alexanderia felt her pussy tingle and throb as her cheek softly touched William’s cockhead. He was fully erect, breathing heavily already, and he gave a little moan when he felt the soft skin of her cheek graze the tip of his cock. Alexanderia was too excited now, and she could only take moments to tease him; she was thirsty for him. She licked the soft shaved skin of his balls, and thrilled to his groan. She nuzzled her nose into the depth of his pubic curls, and then she took him into her mouth, no more little licks, she wanted the thick red ridge of his crown held at her lips. She suckled the head, dipping her tongue into the little slit that would nourish her. William thrashed, but she held him, her hands on his hips, knowing how her ministrations affected him.

Never had another man’s sex, his organ or any other part, affected her as William’s did. The form of him was perfect, especially erect. She craved every detail of him, and now she took him in deeper, loving the feel of the veins under the soft, thin and taut skin. She let her tongue wander on the shaft, and took him inside her mouth, deeper and deeper with every suck, and for a moment she held him, his throbbing head at the back of her mouth, her lips tight, and she knew he felt her tight on him, as tight and perfectly warm as any other way she could pleasure him.

Alexanderia knew that she could not really suckle him and keep him inside her this way for a whole day, but she wished she could. Although she was thirsty for his bursts, she was warm and wet now, and she wanted more. She moved above him, and kissed him, open and searching for his tongue to lick, hoping he would give it to her with the unspoken demand to suck on it. But he danced with his tongue instead, licking at her’s. Then she offered the tip of her tongue further, and he took it, suckling her, and she felt it within her center now, just as her wet cleft found his shaft, she felt his thirst. But she had been first, so it was her turn to give.

It would be so much ache to have him gone, and even in all the pleasure of this moment, Alexanderia knew she wanted nothing more than for them to be one, his hardness with her, and for them to come together.

Alexanderia teased him ataşehir escort bayan now, but also herself, rubbing her lips on his shaft, and then finding his “heart,” the front of the crown, where the ridge faded into a perfect upside down heart. He was so hard, and she rubbed and grinded her clit on him. She was so wet, and his penis still coated with her saliva, that she had to go slower than she wished now, because the heat was building inside her.

She broke the kiss now, and moved her lips to his ear, knowing what it would do to him. She breathed her warm breath and whispered, “Can you feel how wet and hot I am for you? Will you let me cum on your hard shaft? Do you want to feel the heat of me drip on your smoothness below?”

Instantly, Alexanderia felt his fingers tight in her long blonde hair, and he gently but firmly moved her, so it was his mouth to her ear now, and he whispered back, “I think you should soak me, and then I’ll have you clean my fur with your mouth…”

Alexanderia groaned and then screamed as the climax rose within her center and chased from the warmth and thoughts in her ear. She crushed against his cock with her wet button, the fire there needing to explode, and then at the very moment she was about to go over the edge, she felt the hot tongue go into her ear, and the cock enter her.

Her orgasm went on longer than she could imagine, and just after the hard throbs and resulting squeezes to William’s shaft now deep inside her, she heard him say the words that always set her on fire again, “It’s building, love, it’s starting to chase up my shaft. Uhh, it’s so hot, honey, do you want me to fill you or do you want to drink me?”

Alexanderia could only moan, “Drink, yesssss!”

William took her tight now, his fingers wrapped in her hair and thrusting hard and deep into her, every time fully into the depth of her. She was so close to cumming now but she wanted to swallow him, she needed it, all the ways she had never thought of with another – his seed, his semen, the thick, salty cream, his cum – she wanted it thick and full and musky and salty, yessssss, to fill her mouth, splash and pulse and burst in every way.

Then Alexanderia felt and heard his whisper in her ear, “Are you ready to drink, honey, I’m cumming, ohhh god it is so hot, so hard!”

Alexanderia would hardly remember what happened, but only because the pleasure was so intense she nearly blacked out from the orgasm overwhelming her central nervous system – she came just ahead of William, soaking his cock and fur and balls with the little gush of her own girl-cum, and then, dizzy and unable to know what she was doing, she felt the first hard squirt of cum at her deepest point, and then the organ was out of her, wet and thick with them both.

Her orgasm pulsed against his leg, and she ground her spasms into the muscle, and covered the now spurting tip with her mouth, and she came hard on William’s calf muscle, tensed for her to feel hard against her pussy. She came, her spasms timed with her suckling, and never before in her life had she had such pleasure. To have this man nourish her thirst with his hot cream and feel the same seed inside her as she climaxed…Alexanderia only lasted a moment after her orgasm fluttered down, she passed out, her head resting on William’s thigh, his still tumescent penis still offering the last little pulses of cum, but Alexanderia was asleep, and when William asked her later, all she would remember was the first blinding orgasm and his first deep burst into her…


After a second sleep, it was light out when Alexanderia woke. She smelled them both in her first sleepy moments awake. She was snuggled into William, her face just six inches away from his sex. The memory of it was mixed up in her, as if it was a dream that she could control but was unable to upon waking. She remembered the rush at her orgasm, as if all the blood had rushed into her sex, leaving her brain helpless in the throes of it all. She wondered what had happened, and then she tasted William, in her mouth, the taste of him and a hint of herself, too, but she could not really remember it.

William was sleeping on his side facing her, and Alexanderia smiled, realizing that he had purposely kept her snuggled close to him. He had covered her with the sheet and blanket, as he always did if they fell asleep after sex or adjusted in the night without paying attention. The covers were only up above his knees, and she moved closer, thinking she was just crazy for this, and she breathed him in, nuzzling into the root of him at his fur. For her, he now paid attention to his grooming, and kept the dark red pubic hair soft and conditioned. She inhaled him, and it comforted her.

She knew that he would be spent, but this kiss was not just for him; she took the soft penis into her mouth and suckled softly.

William woke almost immediately, and moaned with pleasure. Alexanderia roamed her delicate fingers on his hips and his escort kadıköy ass, then gently pushed him onto his back, and stayed with his sex as her fingers traced up his belly, to the hard chest, and she found his nipples, and pinched them softly. She knew this drove him crazy, this pleasure when he was soft and spent, because he wanted to be hard again, wanted to give her nourishment again or be inside her.

After a few minutes, Alexanderia broke her kiss of him, and smiled up at this man she never seemed to be able to keep her fingers and body from. He smiled back, and reached to her shoulders to bring her up to him. They kissed, slowly and deep, their mouths wide to gather even more love from each other. The kiss went long, their breathing adjusting and becoming syncronized. Alexanderia had realized after their first times together, and William had said the same, that never with any other had either of them enjoyed such complete intimacy, such as this deep a kiss after sex. There had always been a parting, for clean up or the bathroom or some next thing that had to be done. But together, unless it was a hurried, intense coupling before a true next thing, they returned to each other, close and naked and comfortable. The lingering touches, sometimes the same that had begun the intimacy, were even more loving. The kisses were sometimes just as passionate as when their blood had rushed in to their sex earlier. But most of all, it was the gentle acknowledgement that their love had grown, again.

Now Alexanderia straddled William, and when she broke the kiss with a little nip to his lower lip, and he saw her michevious smile, he knew instantly that he would have an active morning to get him ready for his climb. Alexanderia bounced on him, gave him quick kisses and more and harder bites on his shoulders and chest. She turned him playfully to spank him.

William grinned and laughed at his little cub, tt was going to be never-ending until he bucked her off. She never tired of the game or the risk; when he thrusted up to bounce her off, she struggled and laughed and held tight to his hair or even the curls on his chest, pretending she was riding him. More than once, he had thrown her and she had tumbled to the floor, and she would be upset, but she would do the same thing the next morning or to wake him from a nap, and bounce and spank him harder. Every time, he warned her about the last time, and she giggled and laughed, her blonde locks flying around and her energy and laughter infectious, and he always tried not to bounce her off to hard. She always laughed at it all, except the times she had landed off the bed, but even then giggling until the crash came. It was like playing with Tigger – there was no hope to calm her when she started the morning in such a high spirit.

William bounced her safely this time, and cheerily growled for her to make coffee. He loved when she was naked and walking – her ass always excited him and her legs and all of her. But even better was when she came back to the bed with coffee – her full, perfect breasts and hips and smooth little mound, but most of all – her smile.

Alexanderia was quieter now, and William knew she was thinking about his departure in just a few hours. He had wanted to simply go hold her while the coffee brewed. It was as if he could feel her reaching out to him a room away. He felt like he had learned to listen even a room away, but this morning he had missed doing it, and she had been alone. He knew it was crazy, to imagine that she had missed him and needed him just for a five minute moment that she herself had determined, even after such wonderful intimacy. But he knew it, and held her in the bed, quietly, until he felt her breathe and nuzzle into his chest. After a few minutes, he could feel her calm, and she looked up and flashed the smile that was impossible to resist.

They walked. It was warm and windy, and they walked through the trails on the hills, following the map for a 3-mile trail. As always, they held hands. Their first walks together, Alexanderia had wanted to walk more quickly, and William had slowed her. For him, he had told her, it was not exercise as much as simply being with her, and they had always since held each others’ hands when they walked. They were always together in pace, even on the hills this morning, hand-in-hand.

Alexanderia had seen the mountain in the distance, and she told William that she was worried. He assured her that was not a dangerous climb, there was minimal exposure, just a tough climb and some technical parts. He did not tell her what he thought of the morning wind and clouds, though.

At breakfast, the owners were having an emotional discussion in the kitchen, obviously about another family member. But breakfast was perfect. They had a frittata with homemade sausage, ripe strawberries and croissants just out of the oven, hot and flaky. They each took a buttered, crispy end, and Alexanderia gave him the rest, as usual.

After breakfast, bostancı escort they walked back to the cottage, and William read to Alexanderia on the chaise, in the warmth of the sun. It was beginning to cloud over, though, and they decided to explore the waterfall and natural spring close by before the clouds took over. They jogged to the waterfall, both of them hot and sweaty, and stripped to their bathing suits and laughed under the cold water. They kissed, the water rushing cold on and around them. Alexanderia’s nipples were stiff and poking through the fabric of her bikini, and William could see through the fabric her tiny little erect bumps on her areolas. He bent down, exposed them, and held them in his lips, the cold water beating on them, and he held her in the suckle of his lips, as she swayed into his arms, surrendering some of her anxiety of the climb and his time away.

William took Alexanderia’s hand and led her to the adjacent spring, warmer than the chill of the waterfall. At the edge of the spring, they undressed each other. Alexanderia knelt and took William into her mouth, warming his softness in her mouth. She knew that the cold and his release just hours before would not allow him harden, but she also knew that after a slow jog back to the cottage that she might harden him, and take him inside her one last time before he left for his climb.

They swam and frolicked in the water, enjoying the sensual feel of their naked bodies together in the water. They held each other and treaded water, each of them offering a thigh to the other’s sex as they kept their aquatic knot. After William had teased her a few times with his thigh, she held it between her legs, and held him closer, rubbing her mound on his quadricep, her hip pressed into his sex. William was forced to move more to keep them afloat, and he smiled at Alexanderia. She knew from past experience that he could hold them both up for a bit, but she always loved teasing him, forcing him to work harder to continue the feeling of her smooth vulva rubbing on him. After a few more moments, William had to slow, and when they began dipping down, William clasped her leg in his, and kissed her tight, holding her lips to his as they dipped into the water. Alexanderia was stunned but excited, and when they released a moment later and rose to the surface, she splashed him playfully. William took her hand and swam with her to the shore.

They kissed hungrily as they dried themselves in the sun, both of them realizing that in just hours they would be separated for days. After dressing, they walked slowly back to the cottage, hand in hand, Alexanderia quiet and William giving her little extra squeezes, to comfort her. She smiled, yet William knew that she would be worried no matter what he said or did. He also knew that she wanted nothing more than for him to go, to enjoy and be tested.

Lunch was focused on a discussion with the owners. The husband’s mother had taken a bad fall, and they were concerned about leaving, but it was obvious they wanted to and probably needed to. They spoke to Alexanderia and William about Nikola’s reliability, asking their blessing to leave them in Nicola’s care, which of course was sympathetically given.

Nikola finished the clearing of the plates. Alexanderia and William could hardly keep their smiles to themselves, and they saw Nikola blush intensely. They had both noticed at the beginning of the meal her firm breasts under her t-shirt, and now she was obviously worked up with either her memory of the day before, or the proximity to them both. The material was too thin to hide her excitement – her nipples had hardened, and both Alexanderia and William showed each other little licks of their lips. Alexanderia watched with excitement instead of jealousy, even when Nikola brushed against William. But only because a moment earlier, Nikola’s had brushed the stiff peak of her breast against Alexanderia’s arm.

After the table had been cleared, William called for Nikola, and let her know his schedule, and to please take care of his Alexanderia. Nikola blushed, and said she would.

They walked back to the cottage, the warm sun sporadic now with the increasing clouds. Without a word, they stripped and William took Alexanderia in his arms to the large chaise on the porch. It was passionate, but slow. They did not care if any one saw them. They wanted the elements around them, the sun mixed with the cool of the breeze, and the intensity of the now-dark clouds. William took Alexanderia with his mouth, with wet, hungry kisses down the front of her, not teasing but taking what he wanted, sucking deep all around the curves of her breasts and biting her nipples hard, Alexanderia moaning with the pain and the pleasure. He licked down her belly, and then paused as she squirmed underneath him.

William laved his tongue on the sides of her vulva first, long, wet laps on each side of her smooth mound. Then he used the tip of his tongue and licked at her outer lips, lubricated with Alexanderia’s excitement, and then he sucked with his lips each inner edge, a lip into her crevice each time. William knew she was getting close, and when his teeth scraped against her vulva, she moaned loudly, and pressed up harder into his mouth.

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