Stress Relief with a Young Girl

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My client greeted me at the office lobby, gave me a firm handshake and said, “Hey, Vikas. We are pumped and excited to see your demo. Everyone’s in the room. Come on! Let’s show them what we have been working for the past three months!”

I entered a large conference room. There were only four people in the room, though the table could seat about twenty. l knew all of them.

As I set up my laptop I heard someone say, “We are waiting for one more person. You will be working closely with her for our presentation tomorrow. Ah! Here she is.”

I looked up to see a young woman enter the room, quietly. She seemed nervous, and approached the table and sat down, hesitating to speak.

“Vikas, meet Muskaan, your counterpart at our vendor xxx.”

“Muskaan?” I said, and rose to shake her hand. “What a beautiful name!”

I was smiling broadly by this time. She gave a limp hand and nervously shook mine, and blushed at what I said, and this did not go unnoticed by the others in the room.

“What?” asked someone in a perplexed tone.

“Muskaan, means ‘Smile’,” I said, still looking at her. “It’s a name that would make anyone smile, if they know what it means, don’t you agree?” I asked no one in particular.

“Oh! Yes, that IS a nice name, we did not know the meaning, sorry! It’s her second day here and we hardly know her!” a lady said, and all laughed.

But I still had my eyes on Muskaan. She was a demure, shy girl. Being the center of attention of all the people in the room probably unnerved her and it showed. She smiled and looked down and shifted in her chair nervously.

I quickly started talking, trying to put her at ease. “Okay, everyone. Let’s start. As you know Muskaan and I have to do some work on this before tomorrow’s big presentation. I only have the skeleton ready. The plan was to have the folks at xxx complete the data integration piece. so…”

As the meeting went along I could not help but take a measure of Muskaan. She would have been from somewhere from the sub-continent no doubt. India? Bangladesh? Pakistan? – I couldn’t say. She did not speak much or interrupt me, and it appeared she did not have a grasp of what was happening and what she was supposed to do. I presumed she was rather new to the role and was not ready for what was required of her. Typical of consulting companies to thrust an unprepared and unqualified resource just to pad up their billing hours.

She did not look like she was new to the US. Her taste in clothes reflected an experience in the American workplace. She was neither petite nor full-figured. She was plump but not very fat. She was by no means a beauty. She was normal looking with shiny, jet black hair that fell to her shoulders. Her arms and legs looked thick, and her breasts were big and straining at the front of her shirt under her jacket. I could see a ring, so definitely married. Not sure if she had any kids. I put her age about early to mid twenties, about twenty years younger than me.

Something about her presence excited me. I had been consulting for many, many years now and I couldn’t recall a gig in the recent past when I had to work with a young girl from the sub-continent. Most of my projects had been staffed with Americans and older desis like myself. It was very rare to see such a young, green person in projects of this magnitude and importance. I was surprised but she piqued my interest. I was looking forward to working with her.

Perhaps, I could get to know her better? Take her out to dinner at a good Indian restaurant or something like that. Let’s see,” I said to myself, “This will NOT be the usual, dull project. This is going to be interesting!”

The meeting took all afternoon. We had a couple of bio-breaks during which I got to chat with Muskaan. We of course started talking about work, and it quickly became clear that she needed help with the subject at hand. I also found out that she was from Bangladesh, was married for about a year, and was in the US for just about the same amount of time.

The client had arranged for vendors like us to stay in a hotel close by the office. It turned out that Muskaan and I were in the same hotel. She agreed to share a cab with me for the short ride.

I was surprised when she started talking confidently as soon as the two of us were in the car. “Oh god, Mr. Vikas, I don’t know what to do. My company pushed me into this project as I was on the bench for a very long time. I have done next to nothing for tomorrow’s presentation. They will want to see this demo working. I am done for. I need help and no one at xxx is there!” She continued in this manner bemoaning her condition and afraid of how she could get this work done.

I tried to calm her, “Let’s not talk now. Let’s discuss at the hotel.”

At the hotel, we sat down in the lobby and I tried to calm her. She was a nervous freak by now. I had a vast experience in this, of course, having given thousands of presentations and demos and I knew how to handle any circumstances. In fact, I could recall many occasions when I was in a similar ataşehir escort bayan situation as her, or worse, but had come out unscathed.

“Hey, Muskaan,” I said. “Not the end of the world. I will help you. Let’s work together. Tell you what. Let me get my workout, and I will meet you here in about an hour and a half and we will work on this. Not to worry. I know the client. We will get through this…”

She interrupted me, “You are going to the Gym? Now? Oh, God! I thought we could sit here and you could help me now…”

“Hey. Working out is how I unwind. Listen, I will help you. Just relax in your room for a while and meet me here.”

I showered after my workout and took my stuff and went downstairs to meet her in the business center where it was quieter.

She had also showered and changed into a sleeveless dress that went down to her knees and showed her thick arms, rounded thighs and calves. They looked extremely smooth and free of flaws, with no hint of any hair on them. The neckline of her dress exposed her cleavage and I could see her slightly thick, short neck and the plumpness of her boobs. Her tits were loose under there and I could notice them bouncing a lot. As she crossed and uncrossed her legs, her dress rode up her thighs, highlighting how thick they were. The naturalness of her body without any kind of lotion or makeup or other cosmetic products was a welcome change to me. I presumed she had not put on any perfume or deodorant as I did not get a whiff of anything artificial. But her nervous state made her perspire lightly and I got the whiff of distinctive scent of female sweat. Her movements exposed more and more of her. I found all this pleasingly distracting. I wondered what she wore under her dress. How her body was shaped. She definitely did not have an hourglass figure. She must have some fat around her. Was she not wearing a bra? I couldn’t see the outline of anything there or a bra strap. What about her panties? What kind? I could see that her armpits were clean shaven. Would her mound be too? Would it be packed like other plump women? Man, this was driving me fucking crazy! She had no idea the effect she was having on me. The tension and stress of the day’s work needed a release and I guess this was the way my body was reacting. What can I say, I was a pervert.

We started working and I realized after a while that I would be doing the heavy lifting here. I said,” Hi Muskaan, we have about thirty pages of requirements and looks like xxx have only done about two. We need to get the rest…”

“I know!” she said. “That’s what I was telling you. We don’t have time!! Hayaa!!”

“Listen. Let’s get a plan together and work on it. Should not take very long for us to get this ready.”

But I was wrong. We worked for about a couple of hours and were not even a half-way through. We decided to break for dinner.

“Mr. Vikas, if you don’t mind, I will have dinner sent to my room,” she said, hesitatingly.

“Why? The restaurant is very highly rated here,” I said.

“No. It’s okay. You know, there are a lot of people from my company and the client’s here in this hotel, and I don’t want them to… You know.. ,” she trailed off.

“What? You don’t want them to see us together? You think they will get the wrong idea that we…”

“Oh, Hayaa, ma, Mr. Vikas! No. Not that. I meant I do not want them to know you are helping me in this project. That I am taking your help. As it is, the client doesn’t seem confident in me.”

“Oh, okay. I don’t think people will know,” I said. But I relented. I wanted to taste the wine and the food at the hotel restaurant. I always stayed here and I was not going to miss the opportunity to expense a good meal.

I was waiting for her in the lobby, when she hurried to where I was and sat down huffing and puffing and anxious. “Oh! Mr. Vikas.. ,” she started.

“Okay. First off, call me Vikas. Much better that way.”

“Oh.. okay.. Mr. Vi.. Vikas, I just came to the business center, and it is full of people from my company, and I think from our client’s as well. I recognized a few of them.”

“Hmm. What? Shall we work here. Or go to a coffee shop nearby? What do you suggest? Want to do?”

“Umm,” she hesitated. “I don’t know. Actually, the safest is, if we don’t want others to see us..”

Man, she sounded like we were committing a crime! “What?” I asked.

“If you ask me.. If you don’t mind…I ..think, our room is the best,” she stammered.

I did not hesitate. “I think so too. Wi-fi is reliable. And the rooms are comfortable. So let’s go up to my room. I think we have a couple of hours of work, and it is already past 10 PM.” I stopped when I say her tense up,and look up at me,

“Actually, I was thinking.. My room may be better, if you are okay.”

“Makes no difference to me. Okay let’s go,” I said.

I was engrossed in the work and making all kinds of plans on getting it ready for tomorrow. But as we walked to the elevator, she in front of me, my eyes instinctively and automatically checked out her escort kadıköy ass. Man! What a wiggle and jiggle. Her dress was loose in front, but was very tight on her ass and hips. I could see the outline of a full back panty and noticed the thin bands on its edges, the way it bit into her ass cheeks and outlined them. Her dress made a wedgie on her ass but she did not make an effort to set it right as she was talking and explaining something to me (to which I did not pay heed to!). Damn! I was a pervert. I sensed a hard-on coming. Fuck!

We settled at a table and spread our stuff out. I was still trying to manage my hard-on, hoping she will not notice it. But I did not have to worry. She was still focussed on work. We went at it for about a couple of hours, making a list of must haves, nice to have, next phase etc and at the end we had some sort of handle on things. It was already past midnight. By this time we were getting more and more comfortable with each other. It was natural in the situation we were in, two people in a room working closely. We made increasingly longer eye contact, cracked jokes, and laughed at each other’s personal and professional travails. I didn’t know about her, but I was excited. I knew something was afoot, but didn’t know what it was.

During one of the breaks, I went to take a leak. Her room had a door that separated the dressing area, sink and the bathroom from the main area. I locked it and stood to pee, and looked around. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed a bag, unzipped and open, with some of her clothes exposed. Next to them on the floor were some other clothes, perhaps dirty ones. With one quick glance I realized her panties were there on the pile. My cock jerked in my hand. I finished my pissing and turned on the faucet. Without thinking, I reached down and grabbed her panties. I knew I only had a few seconds. I turned it in my hand and noticed it was a purple cotton full back variety. It was well used. The gusset was crisp and her juices had discolored the area, and to my utter delight, was a little moist. I had never held a woman’s worn panties in my life like this. I did, of course, handle my wife’s at times doing the laundry, but this was different. A moist used pair of panties in my hand! I had only seen pictures and porn videos about this. I had only fantasized about this up until now. I Instinctively put it to my nose. Oh God! I felt like I had died and gone to paradise! I could smell her secretions, her juices, a hint of pee, the smell of sex, her sex! The tiny amount of this was enough to send me into a state of delirium. I couldn’t control myself. My dick was throbbing in my underwear and straining to get out. Fuck! What to do? I took another quick whiff, put the panties back on the floor and left the bathroom.

She was standing next to a window and the light from the room and outside made her dress almost transparent. I could clearly see the shape of her body clearly now. The panties tight on her lower hips had accentuated the layer of fat and it bulged out of her. Then up to a slim waist and then again to a broad chest to support her huge boobs that were outlined clearly. Man! I am sure I came in my underwear, or at least a bit of precum must have oozed out from my thick, throbbing cock. I quickly sat down at the desk to work. I wanted to finish this and get back to my room. To get some decent amount of sleep. Who was I kidding? No. To think about Muskaan. To fantasize. To jerk off to her images implanted in my brain. Fuck!

We worked for about another hour, and became increasingly tired and sleepy. I for one could not concentrate. My whole attitude towards her changed. I saw her in a new light, and I felt a little bit of guilt. Here I was trying to help her get work done but increasingly noticing her body and how it would feel under my hands. My mind leaped a hundred steps in our relationship and started imagining how it would feel to fuck her! I belonged to that large percentage of Indian men that had sexual intercourse only with their wives. That was the norm for me. But Muskaan was so close! I imagined her thick, smooth thighs holding me in a vise like grip as I thrust mercilessly into her. My cock in her small, round mouth. Me sucking her huge tits. How her ass would feel on my hands so hard and smooth!

I wanted to lick her from head to toe, lick her cunt until she came. I wanted to see her sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. Man, my imagination ran wild! It was so difficult to concentrate on work. Goddamn! The smell and taste of her panties! Oh! Should I take another whiff on the pretext of going to the bathroom. My cock was straining against my shorts. Was she thinking of me in the same way?

Once we came to an agreement and a plan for the next day, I rose and stretched and cracked the bones in my back by twisting and turning. She did the same, but looked at me. I sensed that she was grateful for my help, but I did not know to what extent.

“Vikas. Thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without you, your help. I am still not sure of what to do tomorrow. bostancı escort It is all up to you, really. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate this.”

“We will handle this tomorrow. No worries.”

She hesitated. I really couldn’t sense what was going on in her mind. As usual, with women it was almost impossible to fathom their thoughts.

She said, slowly and in a whisper, “Eh.. Vikas, do you think, do you have to.. I mean, can we.. you…” she trailed off.

“Muskaan. I have .. I would.. I never have been alone with.. I am.. Don’t know.. I ..” I stammered.

She took the initiative and stepped towards me. I was shocked. I was never in this situation in my life ever before. I had always fantasized about this. I always wanted to have a consensual extramarital affair with no strings attached or consequences. Was this the one I was waiting for?

But I put my arms out and hugged her to me and she held me tightly as well. This was a first for me. But my body did not react that way. My cock was stiff and hard, and I was very certain that she felt it. We both gasped as we made contact.

Would anyone else in my position have done the same? Would they have taken advantage of a girl in this situation? Would I be willing to cross the line and be an adulterer? So many questions! But I was clear, at least for now. I wanted to have sex with this woman. I was filled with lust and desire. I told myself, “No one would know, right? How could they? We will be OK!”

“Muskaan, I ..was not ready.. Prepared for … this..!”

She was in the same situation. She blurted, “Vikas, me too.. Not sure.. I did not ..not planned.. I have never…Sorry! Vikas, lets just be together. Can you stay for awhile? We don’t need to…have… sleep. No need to have, you know.. .sex.. Oh god!”

But as thoughts flashed at the speed of lightning through my head I acted as if in a trance. I did not want to lose this opportunity. Not after coming so close! I put my hands on her arms and felt her up and down. I knelt and ran my hands down her body and thighs and legs and back up again. I brought them quickly to her front and squeezed her boobs. She was still throughout these few seconds but was panting and gasping.

She cried our, “Vikas, the lights!!”

“Okay, let me get it,” I said, and I ran to turn off all the lights. When I turned she was already seated on the bed, and as I reached her she lay down. I ripped the polo shirt off of me and dropped my pants too. I lay down next to her as if it was the most natural thing to do.

She reached out for me face and pulled me to her and kissed me on the mouth. I was shocked and surprised as her confidence. She ran her tongue on my lips, poking and imploring me to open my mouth. When I did, she snaked her tongue right in without any hesitation. For an instant I almost pulled out. The feel of her tongue on mine was electric! The shock of contact made us still for a moment. Then she started moving her tongue again, slowly savoring the sensation. I was reacting automatically. I allowed her tongue to play with mine, enjoying the new sensation, feel and taste of her. I pushed her tongue out and put mine in her mouth. This was new territory for me. Her taste was so different from my wife’s. Her breath was hot as she blew in my face while we kissed. I was gasping and panting myself. I pulled out and looked at her.

She asked, “Oh Vikas, are you okay?”

“Yes, Yes! Oh! Muskaan! I am okay. I want this.. So, sorry this is happening so fast!”

“No. We need to be careful,” she gasped, and looked at me.

I looked down at her and ran my hands on her dress over her body. I felt her thighs, and reached down and pulled her dress up.

“Oh, Vikas!” she gasped, but raised her torso and helped her dress up. I bunched it around her neck and gaped at her large, beautiful boobs.

I slammed my face on her tits and buried my face in her cleavage. I kissed her chest and rose and kissed her all over her upper body and then bent down and kissed and lapped her thick, beautiful thighs. Her panties, and her mound were the ultimate prize but I wanted to keep it until the last. She had by then removed her dress and her bra.

She stared at me expectantly as I looked at her huge breasts as they lay flat and spread on her chest. I gingerly touched one, and then the other, and kneaded them softly together. She gasped, “Ouch, Hayaa, oh ma!”

I squeezed her tits a bit more, and then bent down and took a nipple in my mouth. She panted, and squeezed her tit and offered it to me and held my head as it lapped and sucked. Her nipples were bigger than my wife’s, surprisingly for a woman who had no kids yet. It tasted so different. I wanted to keep sucking them forever. I switched from one breast to another and continued sucking and kneading.

Her hands were not still. She ran then all over my back, and then hesitantly reached out to the front of my boxer shorts. When I realized what she was doing, I stopped sucking her tits and rose and looked down at her hand. She put it on my boxers and I felt her palm on my thick, throbbing, swollen dick. “Oh!” she gasped as she made contact. She realized what sort of underwear she was dealing with and confidently reached into the fly of my shorts and felt for my cock, and pulled it out and fisted it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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