STRIP Ch. 01

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Chapter One – Getting Rod Ready


The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author.

* * * * * * * * * *

Okay sexual sports fans, I’m branching out. Instead of a story regaling my sexual exploits, here’s a purely fiction account of a fictional family and their very real sexual encounters. Real as in, I made them up in my fertile imagination.

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of Naked In School, although not everyone has a talent for getting the right words on paper. Right words as in, they make me horny. The best entry in this unclothed universe is “Naked In School – Getting Prepared” by Lost One. Mother insists that Father prepare daughter for Naked In School, including showing her what she can’t do. As in, full sex. I wanted to take Lost One’s Chapter One and continue the story using those characters. Eventually fortunately for us, Lost One has a plan for Chapters Two and beyond, and suggested I write my own version. As in, leave my stuff alone, but said nicely.

After all, I am a writer. So, here’s my Chapter One of a multi-part Naked In School story. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. They’re frigging fictional characters! Because the story doesn’t star me and my family and acquaintances, here’s a rundown of the primary players:

Father: Dick Treyshun

Mother: Cassi Fallopia

(Second marriage for each.)

Son (his): Rod Treyshun

Daughter (hers): Penny Fallopia

I just hope this writing experiment doesn’t blow up in my pants.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cassi Fallopia fumed as she gathered dirty clothes scattered around the house. It was a modest three-bedroom ranch, too small for a family of four. Their two kids were more than old enough to benefit from separate bedrooms but shared one. When she and her second husband Dick Treyshun got married, he’d lost his house to his first wife, and Cassi’s first husband wanted cash, not property in their settlement. The housing market stunk for buyers and sellers, so too small was something they had to live with.

Dick had many redeeming qualities: kind, generous, empathetic, an attentive and engaged father, and a knockout sex partner. And Dick didn’t mind at all that her breasts were small, bordering on nonexistent. With the good came the bad. For one, Dick had a nasty habit of strewing his dirty clothes all over. And his son, her stepson Rod, wasn’t any better. The only one who used the hampers was her daughter, Penny.

Cassi should have knocked on the door of the bedroom her daughter and stepson shared, but she was preoccupied with the chore of laundry being ten times harder than it had to be. Laundry basket in her arms, the door swung open from a light push of Cassi’s foot. Standing there, nude with a full erection, was Rod, hands on his hips, groin thrust forward. She could have stepped out, averted her eyes, or closed them. Instead, she stared at his cock, which seemed to be as big as Dick’s. And as she looked, Rod’s cock reacted, growing harder and straighter, bobbing as if taking a bow. The small bounce of his cock startled Cassi. Their eyes met for a split second. She juggled the basket but didn’t drop it, mumbled an apology and made a swift exit.

Cassi threw the armful of clothes in the hamper and retreated to the basement. While the washing machine chugged, she sat on a rusty folding chair and considered what she’d seen. Rod wasn’t just naked, in the middle of getting dressed. He was posing, like some bodybuilder or model, exposing his penis proudly. “He should be proud,” she thought. But the idea of her stepson’s cock generated mixed emotions. She loved sex with Dick. Frequently. They were made for each other in that way. They shared a voracious appetite for coupling. Cassi pressed her thighs together. There was a damp spot in her panties. Had seeing Rod’s penis gotten her excited? Thinking about Rod in a sexual way was wrong, wasn’t it?

The sound of the garage door was loud enough to be heard in the basement. Cassi went upstairs. Rod was nowhere in sight. “Thank God,” she thought. “I don’t know what I’d say to him.” Dick was one step through the door before Cassi verbally pounced. “Dick, thank God you’re home. You need to speak with your son.” She wanted to take back the “your” and say “our” but the words had already been spoken. “I accidentally walked in on canlı bahis him, in the nude.”

“You were nude, or was he?” Dick put his briefcase down next to the kitchen table. “Since you’re dressed, I’m supposing it was him. Just apologize and that’s that. He’ll understand. Hell, he’s been sharing a room with Penny ever since we got married. You don’t think she hasn’t gotten a peek at him in the buff, do you?”

The idea of her daughter seeing Rod’s big cock shook her. She collapsed into a kitchen chair. “But he wasn’t just naked. He was posing, like some kind of model. What’s that all about, huh? Have a father and son talk with him.”

Dick put his hand on Cassi’s shoulder. “I’ll have a chat. But don’t worry. He’ll understand it was just a mistake.” Dick let his hand slip down the front of Cassi’s blouse. When it reached her breast, he pressed his palm against it. She moaned. “Later, I’ll show you this house’s biggest penis. And you won’t be limited to looking. You can touch it and everything.”

Cassi batted Dick’s hand from her chest. “Maybe you shouldn’t brag. He’s got a weapon almost as potent as yours.” She picked up Dick’s briefcase and carried it into the front hall, to its proper resting place.

* * *

Dick threw his suit jacket on their bed, loosened his tie and knocked on his kids’ door. “Rod?”

The voice stuttered. “C-c-come in.”

Rod was sitting on his twin bed on the far side of the room, dressed in a Star Wars t-shirt and cutoffs, with a leaflet crushed in his hand. The decorations on Rod’s side of the room were drastically different from Penny’s side. Computer company posters, and movie posters from science fiction films covered his walls. Penny’s wall was one giant cork surface, filled to capacity with photos, fliers from events she’d organized, and letters from faculty.

“What’s up, sport?” Given Cassi’s description of what she’d seen, Dick could have chosen a better phrase.

Rod looked up from the floor. “They’ve got this program in school. It’s really embarrassing.” He handed his father the mangled pamphlet with the acronym STRIP on the front, and male and female symbols intertwined.

Dick read out loud. “Hmm. Self-Teen Reflection Improvement Program, known by the acronym STRIP. STRIP allows students to understand themselves more completely. How faculty and their parents view them is less important than how they view themselves. It is offered to students whose self-image is assessed to be substandard – lack of confidence, demure demeanor.” Dick skimmed the overview silently.

“I got picked. No duh,” said Rod.

“Interesting. So what do you have to do?”

“For some part of the day, I’ll have to be naked. Gross, huh?”

“You’ll have to take off your clothes at school?” Dick smiled. “Ah, to be a teenager again! Is that why you were posing?”

“Mom told you, huh? I just wanted to figure out how to stand when I’m naked. ItÕs going to be pretty embarrassing, you know.”

“I can barely imagine.” Dick waited for his son to catch the pun. No response. “Well, your mother and I will just have to make sure you’re prepared.”

“Really? You guys are the coolest parents ever.”

“Give me a few minutes with your mom, and then we’ll all get together in the den.”

* * *

Cassi heard her husband’s clomping steps on the stairs. “That was quick,” she thought.

Dick came into the kitchen. “Rod got picked for a self-image improvement program.”

“Great! He could use something like that. But what does that have to do with-“

“By their rules, he’ll be naked in school for a part of the day.” Dick snuck a cookie out of the porcelain bear-shaped jar.

“You must be kidding! How can a school demand that?”

“I haven’t a clue.” Dick took a bite. Crumbs fell on the floor at his feet. “But this seems to be a legit program. Here’s the brochure, with the policies and rules. And we both agree that Rod could use some bolstering of his confidence.”

“But naked?” Cassi snatched a battery-operated vacuum from the cupboard and sucked up Dick’s mess.

“I’m sure they’ve tested this out and gotten good results. Otherwise our school board wouldn’t have approved it.”

“I think it’s awful, but if it helps Rod’s confidence-“

Dick interrupted. “So we need to make sure Rod succeeds, or his self-esteem will drop even lower. I hesitate to think about Rod slipping into depression.”

Cassi clasped her hands. “Okay, so we’ll let him do his nude posing in private. We can do that. We’ll just tell Penny to stay out-“

“I was thinking of something more proactive.” Dick scratched his chin. “You know, like letting him be naked in front of us.”

The image of Rod’s naked body came back like a dream. “You must be kidding!”

“Why not? He’ll need to be naked in front of strangers. Why not his parents? And the brochure says that the kids in the program will engage in mild physical interactions. Kissing, touching, that kind of thing. But explicitly, no sexual intercourse.”

“Thank goodness for some limits! bahis siteleri So what are you suggesting?”

“That we ask Rod to come down here, and you touch him and let him touch you.”

“The hell I will.” She crossed her arms over her basically flat chest. “That would be wrong in so many of ways.”

“But if we don’t prepare him, give him the tools he needs, how can we expect him to succeed?”

“He has a plenty good tool, from what I saw.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be here to supervise. Just a little mutual touching. Nothing serious. Do it for me? And later, I’ll give you a big reward.” Dad winked.

Cassi sighed. “You won’t take no for an answer will you?” Cassi’s pussy throbbed. “All right, just a little touching, and that’s all.”

Dad ran upstairs and came back with Rod in tow. “I’m sorry, Mom.” Rod’s head hung.

At least he was dressed. “I share the blame,” said Cassi. “I should have knocked.”

“Good, now that’s settled, we want you to know that we’re behind you one hundred percent. And we both feel you need to be prepared for the program. When does it start?”

“Next week.”

“Right. So we can get a head start. Rod, why don’t you slide your shorts off?”

“In front of Mom?” Rod hesitated, then unbuttoned and unzipped. They must have been made from an old pair of Dick’s jeans, because they dropped to the floor without a tug. Rod’s dick was at half-mast, but still massive. With his mother’s eyes on him, it began to engorge, rising to vertical.

“Now, honey, take hold of Rod’s penis. That’s what girl’s will be doing to him in school. He might as well get used to the idea.”

Cassie kept her arms at her sides.

“Dear, please. Like we discussed?”

Cassie reached forward, her hand shaking, and held Rod’s throbbing cock His pulse was racing. It seemed alive, with a will of its own. “How does that feel?”

“Great! I mean, itÕs supposed to be stimulating, right?”

“And Rod, you can touch your mother, between her thighs. Dear, just spread your legs. You can keep your pants on.”

Thanks for small favors. “Gently now, dear.”

Rod’s fingertips glanced off his mother’s crotch, and then pressed a bit harder. Cassie began to get juicy from the stimulation. Her face was closing in on Rod’s erection.

“Oh, that’s a good idea, dear. Show him what oral sex feels like.”


Dick waved the pamphlet. “It’s allowed, even encouraged. And maybe you should take your pants off. Just your pants.”

Cassi struggled to remove her slacks while keeping her eyes on Rod’s cock. It was huge and stiff. Would it feel any different than Dick’s? She tossed the idea from her mind. Cassi sat back down and resumed holding her stepson’s erection. “Come closer.”

While Cassi stroked and sucked her son’s cock, Rod fingered his mother’s pussy, poking his fingers in the damp crease. The panties molded to the shape of her engorged labia. It was a shallow finger fuck, but it was rubbing Cassi exactly the right way. She was getting pretty jazzed up from his fingers. What usually followed, when her husband felt her up, was for her to roll onto her back, spread her legs, and prepare to take her husband cock in one deft stroke.

“That’s it, son, tease her. Get her all excited.”

Rod’s hips bucked as Cassi swirled here tongue around the head of Rod’s cock. He jerked forward, but Cassi remained in control, so she wouldn’t choke on his massive member.

“See, that’s not so bad.” Dick was standing like Rod had, hands on his hips. His erection in his slacks was unmistakable.

Cassi glanced up at the clock through narrowed eyelids. She let Rod’s prick slip from her lips. “Someone has to pick Penny up from pom-pom practice.” Although she was enjoying her son’s more vigorous finger probing, she started to stand up.

Dick waved her off. “No, honey, I’ll go. You finish up with Rod’s lesson. Make sure he’s prepared.”

Dick slipped out the door to the garage. The sound of the overhead garage door motor confirmed that he’d departed.

Rod stood back, his cock moist from saliva and precut. Cassi sat back on the futon and examined the booklet. “So, what are the limits?”

Rod stroked his cock near his mother’s face. “I haven’t read the whole thing. I kind of skimmed it.”

“Well, young man, this is important.” She glanced at his throbbing cock. God, she was horny. And Dick had gotten them this close, almost naked, touching each other, even oral sex, and then left in a hurry. God, was she supposed to – no, Dick wasn’t setting them up. On the other hand –

“I’m afraid the kids will make fun of me.”

“Don’t worry about that.” She put her hand on Rod’s cock. “You’re way bigger than average. Why, you’re just about the same size as your father.”


“Yes. Maybe when you’re all grown up and ready for sex, you’ll be even bigger.”

“Do women like it big?” he asked.

She flicked her tongue over the head. “Oh, yes we do.” Without letting go of Rod, she read from the booklet. “It says bahis şirketleri here that sexual intercourse is forbidden between students, or faculty and students.” She stroked his cock hard, making his hips jerk.

“So I shouldn’t get too close to anybody’s vagina?”

Even mine, she thought. “Correct, or there will be disciplinary actions taken.” Cassi kept reading. “It says the satisfaction thing is mutual.” She pumped his cock with one hand, booklet firmly in the other. “So you should have some practice getting and giving ‘happiness.’ That’s what your father and I call it.” Cassi leaned forward and kissed the tip of Rod’s cock.

“Oh Mom!”

Her lips opened and she sucked the head. “Your crown is bigger than your father’s.” She took only an inch or two before she felt her gag reflex, which is why she could never give Dick a deep throat. “Hmmmf.” She backed off. “Do you get the idea?”

“Uh huh.” Rod’s cock waved, wet and firm in front of Cassi’s face. “If it’s mutual, when do I make you happy?”

Cassi felt the pulse in her vagina. Of course, she should let Rod do something. Maybe just some more touching. “Okay, fair’s fair.”

Rod pointed to the futon. “Lay down.”

She fell on her back, her vagina leaking, her body prepared for penetration. But this was her son, not her husband. Rod knelt next to the futon and touched his mom’s panties. “They’re all wet.” He tugged them down but they didn’t move.

“Hey, what are you doing?” She didn’t want her needy pussy exposed.

“I’m going to make you happy. Doesn’t the pamphlet say that?”

Cassi had no defense against Rod’s logic. Besides, she’d touched his bare skin. In fact, her hand was still on his cock. She lifted her hips so Rod could slide her panties down her legs. She lifted one leg onto the back of the futon and dropped the other, spread wide.

Rod fell face down between her thighs and licked.

Her hips jerked up with the first touch of his tongue. This was way beyond what Cassi was willing to do, but her body’s enthusiasm was impossible to ignore.

“Is that right?”

She wouldn’t lie to her son. “Oh yes. Just like that.”

Rod was naive, thrashing his tongue all over. But when he accidentally hit Cassi’s clitoris, and her hips jumped, he repeated the gesture in the same area.

“Oh God. Oh God. Don’t stop! Mmmm.” Cassi tightened her vaginal lips around Rod’s tongue and orgasmed faster than she ever had with Dick. “Wow! You were terrific, a natural. The girls will love you.” Cassi bathed in a warm glow, the same as after sex with Dick. She squeezed back on the futon. “Come here and lie next to me.”

Rod laid down, stretched out alongside his stepmother. Cassi kept her arm at her side, which put her fingers at Rod’s cock. She absentmindedly played with it, keeping it hard and ready.

“Thanks, Mom, you’ve been a big help.” Rod paused. “Say, do you remember that black eye I had, a couple of months ago?”

“Of course. You said you had a nasty fight with another student. You never told me what the fight was about, did you?”

“No. It was about you.”


“Yeah, the guys were saying how pretty you were, uh, are. And how your skirts and shorts showed off your legs real nice.” Rod’s hand traced the curve of Cassi’s hip.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Oh, they didn’t stop there. They said how they expected you were a good kisser. And, oh God, how you’d be hot in bed.” Rod’s hand crept up to the edge of Cassi’s shirt. She pushed it away, so Rod resumed stroking her hip and buttock.

“Really?” The idea of these young men, fantasizing over her, plus Rod’s touch increased her excitement.

“I couldn’t just stand there and say something like that, could I?”

Cassi tugged at Rod’s cock, which hadn’t faded. “Of course not. You could have walked away-“

“No! I needed to defend you, your honor. So I pushed Teddy, he was the nastiest, talking about your pussy and stuff. He pushed back, and then he started throwing punches.”

“My hero!” Cassi leaned close and gave Rod a big kiss. Not a motherly one, but a passionate and firm one. And she continued to stroke his cock, which was firmer than ever.

He returned the lip lock, a long connection, and held his mother’s ass. She slid one arm gently around his shoulders. Their bodies were touching, thigh to chest.

“Mom, why did you keep your t-shirt on?”

“I have small breasts, and I’m embarrassed by them. I keep a top on, even when your father and I make love.” Of course, Dick would slide his hands under her top and ravage her nipples every time, bringing her exquisite orgasms, better than the one Rod had given her with his tongue.

‘Really? Maybe you need to be in STRIP, to improve your self-confidence.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my self-confidence, and I don’t need to parade around in my underwear or less to make a point.”

“Prove it. Take your top off.”

Should I, especially since I hide my tits from Dick, and because they’re so sensitive? “You will be seeing your female classmate’s breasts. I guess it’s all right. But just look. No touching.” Rod helped Cassi sit up and pull the shirt up and over her head. Now naked, Cassi shook her hair from her face. “There. Happy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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