Such a Fun Party

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We are at a party at one of your friend’s houses. There’s music from someone’s laptop playing, a couple people playing video games, and others hanging around talking. We are talking quietly, sitting in the living room of this house on the floor together. You’re wearing one of your dressy pin striped shirts and I’m wearing a black halter top and a red tight miniskirt. The halter top can barely contain my 36DD tits, but you love the outfit, so I wore it. I get up to get a drink and you follow me to the kitchen. As I bend to get something from the fridge you come up behind me and rub my ass. I spin around and slap your arm, saying, ‘Babe not here!’

You grin and say ok but as I pour my drink you press yourself against my ass. I can feel your dick getting hard even through your pants. I look over my shoulder at you, reach back, and rub my hand against your crotch. You let out this low sound in my ear and kiss my neck. I push you back and tell you to stop because there are people here. You grin and say ‘Well then why don’t we go where there aren’t any?’ I shake my head at you, but as I pass the staircase to go back to the living room, you grab me and push me against the wall, hard, and kiss me. Automatically, I respond and kiss you back. You rub my butt with one hand and go to grope my tits with the other. I moan a bit as your fingers fondle me through my shirt. I wrap my arms around your neck, deepening our kiss. You lean back and lift me into the air. I instinctively wrap my legs around your waist. You let out a growl and move to kiss me neck.

I realize that your moving now. You’re headed upstairs. You go to what you know is the guest room and nudge the door closed, locking it as well. My head is nestled bostancı escort bayan against your shoulder as you walk farther into the room with me still facing the door. I’m not expecting it as you lean forward so I hold you tighter so as not to fall, but I feel something soft but firm behind me, so I let go. I’m sprawled on the bed with you hovering over me, your hands pressed on the bed to either side of my head. You lean down and kiss me, slowly, softly, turning passionately as my hands run through your hair and you lean your torso against mine.

Your hands find the tie to my halter top at the nape of my neck, and you undo the tie there. As the front of the shirt falls down, you stare at my breasts as if they’re the best thing in the world. Then you look at my face and your smile gets wider. You kiss me and press me into the bed harder. I wiggle backwards on the bed so I’m fully on it now. You rub your hands over my tits and play with my nipples, gently at first. You begin to rub and pinch harder as you hear me moan and noticed them getting hard.

They’re not the only thing hard, as I can feel your dick pressed up against my stomach. One of your hands traces up my leg. You start at my knee, slowly moving up my thigh ever so lightly. When uou get to my inner thighs, you slowly swirl circles on my skin, going up and up ever so torturously. Your gaze meets mine in shock as you find that I’m not wearing panties, as your hand jus brushed bare skin. I smile wickedly at you and press myself into you more. You move off of me and I pout. U sit on the bed next to me n I make a grab to bring u back against me.

You shake your head and say

‘You’ve been a bad girl, not wearing panties. ümraniye escort Naughty girls get punished’ as you finish saying that, you grab me roughly and bend me over your knee, so that my ass is sticking in the air. I look back at you and ask you what you’re gonna do. In response, you yank down my skirt and toss it on the bed. You knead my breast with one hand while your other goes *smack* *smack* once on either ass cheek. It hurts, but not terribly. When you finish, you lay me back on the bed. I watch as you strip off your shirt, then goes your pants. You’re left in your boxers and I’m in nothing at all.

I reach out my hands and quickly rub your cock. I kneel in front of you and pull down your boxers as your cock springs from its hold. I smile up at you and slowly take your head into my mouth. I lick up the shaft, then cradle your balls in my hands, kneading them as I begin to take your length into my mouth. I use my tongue all around it and suck and suck on my meat lollipop. You begin to rock back and forth, gently holding my head in your hands. I feel your balls clench and you shove more of your dick into my mouth as you tense then shoot streams of cum down my throat. I can’t swallow it all fast enough, so some of it dribbles down my chin. U pull out when you’re limp and smile at me. I take my finger, wipe up the cum from my chin, then suck it off my finger. That in itself made you go a little hard again. You let your boxers drop the rest of the way, then you pull me up from my position in front of you. I end up pressed up against you, skin to skin completely. You toss me onto the bed then pounce on top of me, pinning my arms and legs down as you kiss, lick and bite my neck. I squirm escort kartal under you and moan softly.

You move to nibble on my earlobe and whisper things into my ear. With one hand holding my arms up, your other languidly trails down my body, first pinching each nipple, circling my belly button, finally resting at the opening to my now wet pussy. I try to move and make you go in but you just lock me in a passionate kiss. A guttural moan escapes your throat and you pierce me with two fingers at once. I squeal into your mouth and you take this as a sign to delve deeper, and add a third finger. You know that when you can easily fit three in that I’m ready to be taken.

First though, you trail kisses down my body, finally stopping at my pussy. You lick up and down my slit, the lips opening at the attention. I moan as your tongue dives into my depths to taste my nectar. You play with my tits as you do this and I feel myself approaching orgasm. You stop your attentions as swiftly as they began, keeping me on the edge and you know it. Rapidly, you thrust into me, balls deep, spearing me thoroughly. I yelp and you let yourself sit in me for a second. Then you begin slow steady strokes in and out of me. I moan knowing that these will take longer to take me to climax, and you know as well. Your thrusts gradually become more powerful and faster. My breathing becomes rapid as my pussy walls clench around your cock as I explode over you. You keep pumping into me until I feel you tense as my clenching muscles milk your cock of your second round of semen of the night. You pump until it’s all inside me. You pull your now flaccid cock out and I immediately bend down to lick off our taste. I share it with you after in a long kiss.

Our breathing settles and you kiss me softly all over my face. We lie there in the warmth of each others arms for a while. We drift off to sleep after you tuck the covers around us, knowing that the best feeling in the works is being in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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