Summer Camp Coaches, Part 2

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Summer Camp Coaches, Part 2

I ran home after supper that night, grabbed some clothes to work out in and swim in as well. I also took that opportunity to take a little blue pill and drink a good bit of water as well! I came back on campus, worked out, swam and then slipped quietly off to one of the training rooms where I unboxed some supplies and did some other housekeeping things before looking at the clock and making my way down the hall to the referee locker room to await the evenings’ festivities.

About a quarter after 10 Jill, a long legged, skinny blonde in her 20’s walked into the room and straight back to where I was hiding in the showers. “Listen, I don’t have long. Lynn has about a half-dozen girls that we have been, you might say, educating about sex. What she wants to do is protect your identity and theirs.” At this point she pulls out an old Lone Ranger type mask and hands it to me. “We blacked out the eyes with material so it looks like you can’t see through it and they won’t be able to see you. All we want you to do is be hard, lie down on the bench out there and enjoy! Does that work for you?”

I was not certain what I had been thinking would happen but with her talking about anonymity I started to have second thoughts. Hell some of these girls really should be shooting at 8 foot baskets!!! But then I thought about others, like the girl Kenzie. She had walked through the training area with her team and Lynn and Jill earlier in the evening, getting a tour of our facilities and what we did there to help them get back into the game and prevent injuries. Kenzie recognized me and I knew her the second I saw her. She was the girl the coaches had been with in the showers earlier in the day. All leg and arms was how I had thought of her then, but as she walked through with her teammates, I saw her tits were already nice and firm on her chest and the tight shirt made them look like more than a mouthful! She blushed and looked back at her coaches and then just walked past where I was quickly without making eye contact. All it would take would be one of the girls to have some regrets and point me out….

I put the mask on and it was like looking through one of those black Halloween masks. In the well-lit shower room I could still see Jill and her sexy grey eyes and as I already had experienced her very talented mouth. She was looking rather nervously at me. “How do I look?”

“You look like a man and these girls are going to be seeing and wanting to touch. Are you ready for this?”

I laughed and unzipped my pants. My boxers immediately pushed out like a tent. “Does it look like it?”

Jill u*********sly licked her lips and then bit her lower lip in a way that caused my dick to rise a little more. She looked up at me and said, “Here, let me help you get the rest of these clothes off. Lynn wants to have you lying naked on the bench when the girls come in.” She helped me pull off my shirt and then she folded the shirt as I kicked off my shoes and took off my pants and boxers. “Her idea is to let the girls come in, look at you while she and I show them the erogenous areas of your body and how to make a man excited. Then we will walk them into the shower and bring them back out to do whatever they want with you!”

She then turned and walked into the locker room and I followed with my mask in place and not another stitch. She had a hell of an ass and for a moment I thought about grabbing it, but… I knew there was not enough time to really do anything so I walked over to the bench sat down and then turned my body and laid down on the bench. Jill asked me to scoot to the end of the bench so my ass was barely on the bench. I did then she pulled a pair of handcuffs out of a black velvet bag at her hip. “Put these on. This is an opportunity for the girls to learn about a man’s body, not necessarily for you to feel them up or take control. Lynn said she won’t bring them in unless your hands are locked underneath the bench.”

I thought about all of the things that could go wrong with this. I mean, what if they all took off running or there were no campers only the two women and they wanted revenge…. There were a lot of bad things that I could think of going wrong, but I put the cuffs on anyway. There were also so wonderful fantasies that might come true!!

She walked out of the room and I was there on my back for maybe a minute, during which I was really starting to think I had made a big mistake when I heard the door open and I heard Lynn say, “When you go around the wall stay to the left. He will be on the bench to the right. Be quiet!!!” I stayed still and was painfully aware that the arousal I had been feeling was completely gone as was my erection. “I’m not going to be much of a masculine model” I thought to myself. When they rounded the corner I was relieved to see that the girls were illegal bahis siteleri first of all some of the older ones from the camp, like Kenzie and secondly that they each and every one of them stared at me like I was a god! Jill walked in and behind her was Kenzie, the only one of the girls who acted shy rather than curious. There were 6 female campers all about to enter their high school years looking at me and then Jill who was probably only 8 to 10 years older than them. I heard the lock on the door snap in place and then Lynn came around the corner.

She walked right over and stood between my feet and smiled down at me. “Ladies, this is what an older man looks like. Boys your age and those slightly older will have a lot less mass to them and look like they have a lot more to offer you, but trust me, there are some distinct advantages to an older man! Don’t be shy. Right now his cock is what they call flaccid or limp and his balls are hanging low. Come over and feel it. I will guarantee he won’t be soft for long!”

She smiled down at me like we were old friends and then I saw them all coming over to me in their body hugging shorty shorts and tight sport shirts. Most of them had on bras but I could see nipples pressing against the flimsy construction. The tallest of them, a girl with jet black, straight hair that definitely was of some sort of Asian descent led the shuffling, giggling mob over. She put her soft finger tips lightly on my thigh and then looked at my face. “Can he see us?”

Lynn smiled down at me and lied smoothly. “No. And even if he could see you, he can do nothing to you because he agreed to be handcuffed under the bench! So you girls are free to explore!” With no further instruction, the girl slid her hand over my thigh and grabbed hold of my cock!

“Wow, it’s so soft! And warm! Oh wow, I just felt it move!”

“Let me see, let me touch him!” A short red-headed girl with freckles stepped up near my face. She had already begun to blossom in full and as she moved up next to my face I could look up and see her pussy making a sweet little cameltoe just inches from my face! She put a hand on my chest and slid the other hand down over my torso and slid her hand around the root of my cock as the Asian girl pulled her hand back and stepped away from me to let one of the others in.

Needless to say, within a minute, I went from soft and fairly limp to pointing up and proud as a flag pole. The girls were all giggling and had to be told to quiet down more than a couple of times by Jill. Lynn had brought three of the girls over to my other side with her and they now were beginning to take turns standing at my hips, touching my balls cock. But the other girls did not just stand and watch. Their hands were on my legs, fingernails running over my nipples and I realized that Lynn and Jill had not been lying. These girls were going to explore every inch of me!

A brown haired girl started to lean down to me and flipped her long hair over her shoulder. “Can I kiss him?” she asked and my heart just about exploded!

“Yes, he is completely harmless” Lynn said with a small laugh.

Her lips barely brushed across mine. I could feel her breathing almost stop and then she kissed me again and I kissed back. Her lips tasted of strawberries and her nipples were poking into her shirt like berries of another kind! There were suddenly lips on my thighs and on a nipple…. And then there were two sets of lips on my cock, one barely touching the tip while the other was opened around the base of my cock before sliding down and sucking on my balls!!! Within moments I went from being a sideshow freak to now I was suddenly their late night dessert and they meant to devour me!!!

I was rushing quickly toward the point of no return. When I heard Lynn calling them all off. I looked around at the six flush faces on the younger ones and then noticed that both Jill and Lynn had taken off their bras and their nipples were pointing very proudly from the front of their breasts. “Girls, there are towels in the lockers that are open. Take your clothes off and wrap your towel around you. Lynn and I will bring you back in one at a time to have some… private tutoring with our man.” Jill said and the girls immediately began whispering and giggling and nearly racing to get their clothes off.

I stared as shorts were pulled down and stark tan lines appeared. Curves previously diminished by clothing appeared and I saw them glancing back at me and my hard cock, dripping in anticipation of having each of them in one capacity or another. Breasts appeared that ranged in size and shapes from small ski slopes whose entire fronts were covered by areolas/nipples that were little more than a quarter around to Kenzie full round mounds, that were good solid B-Cup shaped with pale pink areolas sprouting nipples perabet like big pencil erasers!

They were all too quickly gone around the wall and Jill went with them, still wearing her coaching clothes. Lynn walked over to where I was shackled and smiled down at me as she pulled her shirt over her head. “I was married once. The guy was an asshole and treated me like shit. I like treating men like that now.” She pushed her shorts over the swell of her hips and down those tapered sun-kissed legs of hers. “Maybe if he had been a little more willing to please me…” With that she turned around and sat down on my face! I mean, ass cheeks spreading, pussy over my nose, asshole directly over my mouth, sat on my face!! “Lick my hole, clean me up and maybe I will let you eat some little pussy instead of assholes when they come out! Show me you have a tongue worth saving!!!”

I was so shocked that I hardly had time to grab a breath and her meaty labia lips engulfed my nose! I sucked in a quick breath and then stuck my tongue out and hoped for the best. In my gut I was hoping not to hurl, sticking my tongue into a butt crack that had been coaching and sweating all day! To my surprise, she was clean, as if she had showered only minutes before! And the texture of her tight bung hole… let’s just say I have always enjoyed rimming a clean female sphincter! She rocked back and I looked up past her pussy fur patch and saw her staring down at me with a wicked smile. Seeing me look up at her, she pressed her weight down more firmly on my face and wiggled her hips on my face, pushing me deeper into her! “God, you are good! If we had more time….”

Instead she stood up and turned around. She leaned over my face and leered at me. Then without warning she spit my face and smeared her spit and juices all over my face and beard before lifting her hand up and making a show of licking her palm. “Yeah, I think you could be a lot of fun…. Maybe tomorrow.” She laughed and walked toward the girls waiting in the shower area as I laid on my back wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into!!!

The first girl she returned with was a little blonde, hair in two twin braids at the back of her head. She appeared to be the youngest, but in no way was she shy! She openly gawked at my cock and I remembered her as being one of the ones who had been cupping my balls. I groaned (forgetting I was not supposed to be able to see her!). She stopped and looked at Lynn, who winked at her and pushed her forward. Lynn said, “You can do whatever you like and ask either him or me whatever and we will try to help you understand it all.”

“Can he put his cock in me? I want to feel a dick like my Daddy has sliding into me! I bet his dick will be different from all of the toys that you and Jill have let us use!”

Lynn laughed, “Yes it would feel different, but you might get pregnant even from an older man and we don’t want that to happen. But you can have him put his cock in your ass and most certainly you can practice seeing how far into your mouth and throat you can take his cock!!!” I about had a heart attack! The idea of ass fucking such a tight young girl!!! Hell, the deepest part of her ass cleft was not even an inch deep!!! Looking at her step up beside me and suck in her lower lip she reminded me of a perverted Cindy Brady from when I was growing up and watching TV!!!

She reached out and took hold of my cock with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. “I better not take him in my butt. I had trouble taking much of anything back there and he looks big…and feels so big…!” I watched as she leaned forward and sucked on my cock!! She barely was able to put much more than my round mushroom head into her mouth, but I was not complaining!! She swirled her tongue around and around on me like I was an ice cream cone and she wanted to melt me! I laid my head back on the bench and just savored the decadent feelings flooding over me!

She pulled me out of her mouth after a minute or two with a popping sound and then she dropped her towel revealing two small mounds of small breast meat capped by surprisingly dark nipples! She reminded me of a woman I had known in college with nearly no breasts…and one of the best fucks I have ever had! This little thing took my wet dick and rubbed the tip of it all around and across her nipples making them harder and harder and I could see me leaving a wet signature across her chest wherever she moved my ‘stylus’. “Can he eat my pussy, since he can’t fuck it?” she asked in a breathy, obviously excited voice.

Before Lynn could answer I said, “Yes!!! Please, let me taste you!!”

She giggled and then crawled up on the bench at my head and crawled her body over mine in an almost 69 fashion. When her hips were over my face and her thighs slid open to either side, I saw the delicate perabet güvenilir mi thin lips of her there above me and I hoped to die right then and there as a happy man! Since I did not die, though, I made the most of the situation and stuck out my tongue and ran it between the puffy swells of her sex!

I had expected her to squeal or giggle, but this was not her first rodeo when it came to riding a face and I found her rotating her hips so my tongue furrowed deeply into her and I both heard and felt her moaning as I slid my tongue through her!

“You have to hurry dear, the others are waiting.” Lynn said. I looked over and she was cupping a breast of her own as she watched us. Seeing me looking at her, she shoved her hips forward and grabbed her crotch!! I moaned into the little slit just as her fingers reached down, right above my nose and she began rubbing a small white spot right before my eyes!!

It did not take her two minutes of riding my tongue, chin and nose before I felt a flow of thick creamy pussy juice leaking all over my tongue, lips and chin as she shook and moaned for me. I thrust my own hips into the air in a vain attempt to get her to touch me, suck me, help me to cum! Instead, she laughed as she slid off of me giggling like melting jello. “He made me cum and he wants to cum too! I think Alicia is should get to come out next! I bet she can take him up the ass and let him cum in her!”

I moaned, and Lynn came over and kissed her nearly limp charge on the forehead as she looked down at my dripping dick with unadulterated lust. “If that’s who you think should come next, let’s go get her, and you can watch what they do with me!” The girl bent down to the ground and picked up her towel and began to wrap it around herself. “Oh, no, no no, no. No one told you to cover up. Go stand over and wait while I go and get Alicia.” The girl did as she was told and Lynn disappeared around the wall to get Alicia.

Alicia had dark red, almost chest nut brown hair cut short to the sides of her head. She had dark smoldering eyes and very much a woman’s build, even if her breasts were probably B-Cups at best. It was the way that they jutted out from her rib cage so proudly from the moment she rounded the wall and undid her towel. She had a matching carpet of triangle hair crawling up from between her legs and she knew what she wanted! She handed her towel to Lynn and walked over to me and like a cowgirl mounting her steed, she threw her leg over my hips.

“My older brother told me he likes this better than fucking me because when he fucks me he always wears a condom. When we do this, nothing comes between us!” She reached down between her legs and I was not certain what she was doing until I felt her labia wrap around the base of my cock and she leaned over me and kissed me full on the lips! For the next, however long it was, she slid my cock up and down the folds of her hot wet pussy, pressing my dick into my belly and causing me to make puddle then a small river of pre-cum to build on my stomach and run off of me to the floor. All of the time she was kissing me on the lips, sucking the very soul out of me like some demon from the pits of hell seeking to harvest me into her hell. She knew what she was doing and she knew how to do it well.

Over to the side I saw Lynn holding the first girl in front of her… and running her own hands down across the little girl’s nipples and swells. The girl was watching us with a faraway dreamy look in her eyes. When I next looked over, Lynn had removed her black shirt and sat down on a folding chair, sitting almost parallel to me. The girl was sitting on her thigh, riding her thigh actually, and sucking on Lynn’s nipples!!!

That was all I could take! I thrust and thrust and the girl on top of me moaned and pressed her body hard against mine as if trying to push herself into me and we both orgasmed in an incredible moment of passion lust and sex!! I kept thrusting trying to get into her and succeeded in painting us both from the nipples down in man juice as she leaned down and bit my shoulder until wondered if she was about to break skin! It would not have mattered because all of reality had dissolved away there was only intense feeling and pleasure exploding in my mind, just as I had exploded between our two bodies!

Lynn reluctantly had the first girl rise up off of her leg and helped Alicia dismount me and make her way over to the folding chair. She handed the girl her towel and I watched her wipe herself off as Lynn walked over to me. Without saying anything she leaned over me, licked my belly and then, sucked my softening cock into her mouth before slowly drawing back, coaxing yet another wave of orgasm to shake my grip on reality! “You seem to have lost control, old man. But that’s okay. Kenzie has shown herself to be quite good at sucking cock. I think she might be exactly what you need next!!!”
Yes, there was more. I will write more…. IF you take the time to leave me some comments and give me some votes…. If not, you will miss the hottest part of the night!!!!

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