Summer Dream

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Out of practice with writing, so please give feedback so I can improve…


We had met on various social events, though hadn’t really spoken to each other before. All I knew of him was that he was called Jon, and he had recently turned twenty-three. When I met him at a tea house social event, we were made to sit next to each other. I was currently in a relationship at the time, so I felt a little uncomfortable next to a guy I hardly knew whilst my boyfriend at the time mingled with the others leaving me on my own. The man next to me, Jon, had dark brown eyes, a scruffy beard and short brown hair. He looked tall, maybe six foot tall, but it was hard to tell when he was sat down. He was rigid in his seat, looked uncomfortable with the social atmosphere and seemed to be brooding over his thoughts, I left him to it. At twenty I already knew it was better to leave a man to his thoughts than to pry.

I sat quietly, but couldn’t help stealing glances, hoping he wouldn’t notice my curious gaze. He emanated a darkness of anger, which in normal circumstances would have made me scared to be so close, but at that time I was just curious about him. Later that night when speaking to my boyfriend I learnt Jon’s girlfriend had been cheating on him with another man for quite some time, and Jon had recently found out and had broken up with her. I felt bad for him, he must’ve been devastated. I felt even worse, because when I was sixteen my first boyfriend already had a girlfriend, and I was the mistress. I still feel guilt to this day about that.

I didn’t see Jon again for a long time, and a few months later I broke up with my boyfriend from a lack of interest in him. We would still meet up for breakfast at the weekends before training sessions at the park, but it was a little awkward. I could tell he missed me and was still possessive.

It was at one of those Saturday morning breakfasts that my ex brought a couple of friends to join us, I was happy with the extra noise and I knew at least one of the others who’d be joining us, I thought I knew the name of the other but wasn’t as familiar.

As they turned up at the pub restaurant I recognised a good friend Max walk in with another man behind him, then I recognised him, Jon. His demeanour was much more positive and playful, and I soon learnt he had a wicked sense of humour.

Instead of an awkward breakfast morning which I had grown accustomed to, it was filled with laughter and threats of pain from my ex, he was being teased for his table manners, or there lack of.

Jon would sometimes turn to me, asking what I ever saw in my ex, I shook my head deciding it would be better not answer with him sat right next to me, and focused, or tried to focus, on finishing my breakfast, it was difficult trying to eat and not laugh.

On the way through town I was teased being called a midget compared to three men ranging in height from six foot tall to six foot 4 inches tall, and standing at barely five foot six, it wasn’t hard to see why they teased.

As we got to the house where the training gear was stored and the rest of the group started arriving I sat in the living room watching tv with a few of the others.

I only really watch the group in training, and I sometimes baby sit for one of the trainers and their step daughter. I usually bring extra supplies of water just in case the group needs it.

That day they were going to be travelling to a show elsewhere in the country, so I was only coming to the canlı bahis şirketleri breakfast and to see them off.

Jon stood in the entry way looking uncomfortable and crowded by people he probably didn’t know. I felt I should tell him to sit down somewhere, but I wasn’t sure, and he was practically glued to his phone. It wasn’t long before he made excuses and left early. I didn’t expect to see him again for a while, but I thought maybe I might add him on a social site later to keep contact.

Later that night at home I logged in and found I already had a friend request waiting for me from Jon himself. I was surprised, pleasantly so, as I was very curious to know him better if possible.

At twenty however, I was inexperienced with most things life related, and so I was still shy to seek out conversation straight away.

Over the next week, he commented on some of my posts a little more each day, and we’d have strange random conversations over a hundred comments long between the two of us. Even my family and friends had started to notice.

It was in one such comment thread that lead me to invite him to the next breakfast Saturday. My ex was to be going to another show early that weekend on the Friday, but I still wanted to be out of the house on the Saturday.

Being shy I presented my dilemma to Jon, and made an awkward invite to which he agreed to meet me. I hadn’t expected him to agree so easily, I expected him to make excuses not to come as most friends have done in the past. This made me nervous, I was to meet a man I knew very little about, alone in town for a whole day. Part of me knew I was pretty safe based on his character I had seen thus far he was quite a gentleman, but he was still a man.

The day went very well, it was full of laughter and smiles, and we had a steady conversation throughout the day whilst exploring the town, shops and the local park. I was still taken aback by his quick sense of humour that always seemed to keep me smiling. It was such a novelty not to fake a smile or not to have any awkward silences. There were silences, moments when we’d both be lost in thought, but it was pleasant, it was relaxed. I found myself opening up to him easily, and I knew then trouble was on the horizon.

When it was four o’clock in the afternoon, my curfew, (as I still lived at home with my parents and with a very protective father) we were reluctant to leave. I went with him and waited with him for his bus and we chatted easily. Any awkwardness came at the farewell, because I didn’t really want to say goodbye, so instead I waved and walked away hoping there would be another time I’d see Jon again.

I was a little worried that we’d unlikely see one another for a long time, but I had a phone call that evening from my ex, apparently Jon had been asking about me, and was too shy to ask me himself. I felt flattered by the attention, but at the same time, I’d only recently broken up with my ex and I wanted to enjoy being single for a little longer. I didn’t want to rush into a relationship straight away, and there was also the issue of my family and whether my Dad would ever approve of another man in my life. Suddenly I was worried for a different reason, I think I liked Jon, but what if he liked me too?

Such things had never happened to me before, mutual feelings, it had always been one sided, either I had a crush one someone (which I never pursued out of shyness), or a man would like me and ask me out, and if I had no objection canlı kaçak iddaa I’d agree until I’d get bored. It wasn’t a very healthy habit I admit, but I didn’t think there’d ever be a time when the feelings might be mutual, I always thought that was made up in stories, not real, not possible.

On the phone with my ex I denied this information, I thought maybe he’s teasing me, he has a habit of making a mountain out of a mole hill quite often, so I didn’t think too much on it. Unless Jon were to show genuine interest, I wouldn’t do anything different to pursue him.

The next week we were constantly on the social site messaging each other. I had given him my number previously in case something came up that Saturday, but we kept the conversation online to save money and because it was more instant.

It scared me a little how easily I could tell him anything, and he too was a little surprised at how easy I was to talk to. We usually had a banter when talking, playful insults and jokes. Sometimes I’d have more severe insults when I felt I was flirting too much, I still wasn’t sure I wanted a relationship yet so I tried to be careful not to lead him on but it was difficult.

When the next Saturday came I easily invited him to breakfast again without telling my ex straight away. Jon said if he came to breakfast, I should go to the party at Max’s house. Due to the distance I had to convince my Dad and he agreed so long as Jon could provide safe transport.

I soon got another phone call from my ex, he sounded angry when he heard I’d invited Jon to breakfast, and that I’d be attending the party with Jon. He accused me of being in a secret relationship with Jon and I denied, of course, we weren’t in a relationship, “We just get on well.” I laughed but he swore and hung up.

Jon told me my ex was acting angry as well, and blamed it on jealousy.

When the day came it was fantastic weather, wall-to-wall sunshine and blue skies. Due to a disagreement on which restaurant to have breakfast at, Max and my ex went to one café, and Jon and I went to the usual pub restaurant.

The only downside to him making me laugh so easily is that it’s hard to finish my breakfast, so in the end he got my bacon…

As we walked into the house where the gear was at for training, my ex greeted me as though nothing was out of the ordinary and gave me a smothering hug as usual, I could tell he hadn’t bothered to shower in a few days and he was damp with sweat. I cringed out of the hug and moved away and when I looked up at Jon he laughed at my disgusted expression. He stayed by the entry way until everyone was ready to move out.

I walked with Jon to the park, as Max and my ex had already walked off ahead, and every now and then other’s of the group greeted me. It was a bit unusual but I thought maybe they’re just in good spirits because of the weather.

We got to the park we sat down on the grass in the sunshine watching the group train and commentated parts with humour in our banter.

Every now and then Jon would poke me, or grin when I looked over at him. I didn’t think much of it at the time, I was too distracted by intense sun burning my skin.

I suggested sitting in the shade further up the hill between the trees and shrubs and we both went up there.

We sat on the grass in the shade for a little while, escaping the intense sun.

We were talking about things, I’m not entirely sure what, just the usual banter when it started.

He’d find canlı kaçak bahis ways to touch me, through tickling me pretending it was a bug on the back of my neck, then tackling me to the floor and tickling me to the point I’d be breathless from laughter.

He went to tickle me again, and I rolled this way and that and somehow found myself in his lap with his arms wrapped around me possessively.

He stopped tickling me, and instead began to trail his hands on my stomach. His face went to the back of my neck and his nose trailed up behind my ear where his lips then brushed feather light.

I was frozen, molten in my core, not daring to move or think, wondering if I should bolt or give in to the sensations.

He began nibbling on my ear and my eyes closed, my breathing coming quicker. One hand trailed across my thigh, while the other nudged under my top to feel the tender flesh of my abdomen up across my ribs and just under my bra.

His hand on my thigh dipped lower between my legs and my breathing hitched not believing he’d go there. He began kissing down my neck as he splayed one hand over my left breast, and his other hand pressed against my centre and I gasped a quiet moan. I felt him smile smugly against my neck and I shivered as he gently but firmly massaged my breast and between my thighs, possessively and in control of my body. I was on fire, and even began shifting into his hands, into his touch, hungry for more, desperate for more.

His hand against my shorts stopped and I whimpered but as he pushed his hand beneath the waistband that whimper became a guttural groan.

He squeezed my breast as if in reprimand for the noise, and whispered against my ear to be quiet as people walked past unaware in front of us down the hill.

His fingers circled my clit briefly before quickly inserting into liquid heat and I nearly cried out, I was so close.

I moved against his hands desperate for release, gasping and panting, trying not to make too much noise.

God it felt so good, he nibbled my shoulder suddenly as he hammered his finger into me hard and squeezed my breast all at once just tipping me over the edge and sent me into one of the best orgasms of my life.

The world was gone, only sensation and a deep throbbing ache pulsing through me was all I was aware of and lips pressing against my in earnest. A tongue licked my bottom lip and I parted mine to be invaded deliciously and tasted.

I gave a quiet moan of appreciation as he withdrew his hands and turned me in his lap to face him. He made me straddle his lap and laid back against the small incline. His hands on my hips urged me to rock against his hard-on through his jeans and I quickly complied aligning my slit against him snugly.

I rocked against him slowly at first but sped up as he grunted and urged me on with his large hands on my ass, pulling me harder against him.

I was panting trying not to moan but quiet ones escaped, which he quickly captured against my lips with his, sitting up and pulling me into his body roughly.

His expression was exquisite between pain and sheer bliss and animalistic hunger, need shone in his eyes as he kissed me hard. He suddenly rolled us over and pressed me into the grass, driving his body against mine desperately, grunting quietly with barely concealed pleasure until finally he pressed into me firmly and held himself there gasping and panting.

He collapsed on me and I hugged him to me feeling exhausted and hot. I trailed my hands lazily on his shoulders and back enjoying the heavy heat laying over me as he regained his breath. He brought his face up tiredly and kissed me with open tongues lazily, still panting a little before smiling and laying his head on my chest…

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