Summer of Indian Aunties Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Troubled Taiba

Aunt pours out her troubles to horny nephew

I walked to the dining table and saw that three of my favourite dishes were laid out there. Chicken biryani, paneer saag (spinach and cheese) and tiger shrimps.

“Oh my mamanis!” I gushed. “This is amazing! Thank you!”

“Well, Shaheen Bhabhi really prepared everything.” Taiba told me modestly. “I helped. This is all her doing. She has been the most excited that you are visiting.”

Shaheen blushed. “Oh, c’mon. It’s not every day our favourite nephew pays us a visit.”

I suddenly felt a lot of love for these ladies who were taking time out from their own families to make my visit special. I ran up to Shaheen and embraced her in a bear hug. My hands snaked around her hips and I placed my lips on her cheek.

“Thank you, barey mamani!”


“You are the best, barey mamani.”


“I love you so much, barey mamani.”


“This is simply amazing, barey mamani.”


“Ooooh … thank you, beta.” Shaheen’s rosy cheeks were blushing a deep red as I kissed her affectionately a few times.

Then I turned to Taiba.

“I haven’t forgotten you, Taibee.” I told her, wrapping my arms around her bare midriff.

“You better not!” Taiba told me naughtily as I squeezed her waist. My buxom aunt purred as I lovingly pinched and patted her rump, before grudgingly letting go. I so badly wanted to kiss her as well, but it wouldn’t be proper in front of my barey mamani.

Shaheen sat down at the head of the table. As I was about to take a seat, Taiba stopped me.

“Go on, go sit by your barey mamani.” She told me. I looked at her, and then at Shaheen, in surprise.

Shaheen tapped her knees.

“Come, sit here, beta. It’s your first time here in two years. I am going to feed you with my own hands.”

“Oh, mamani.” It was now my turn to blush. “I am too big for that.”

“Nonsense!” Shaheen’s tone was firm. “Come here.”

“I will surely be too heavy now to sit on your lap, mamani.” I pleaded.

“No.” Shaheen’s tone was gentle, but firm. “Come here.”

Before I knew it, Taiba’s hand was on my ear.

“Come, Nazu beta.” She gave my ear a gentle pull and twist, before letting it go. “Go sit by your barey mamani.”

“Yes, mamani.” I gave in.

I walked over to where Shaheen was seated, turned myself so that my back was to her. Shaheen placed a hand on my bum to guide me to her lap. Was it my imagination, or did she cop a feel of my left butt cheek? It was just for a moment though, and then I sat down on her lap, on her knees. I had placed myself to her left so that she could feed me with her right hand.

“Are you ok, mamani?” I asked her, my right hand wrapping myself around my aunt’s back, my palm resting just above the small of her back.

Shaheen smiled. “It’s just like old times, beta.”

I leaned in and gave Shaheen another kiss on her cheeks.


“Thank you for feeding me, mamani. I missed you all during the last two years. Remember when I used to visit you in Shimla when you were on assignment there and you used to feed me like this every time?”

“Oh I remember, beta. And even then you were embarrassed to sit on my lap!”

“I know, mamani,” I leaned in and again kissed my aunt.


“You always used to make my favourite dishes even then, barey mamani!”

Shaheen smiled and blew me a kiss, and then nodded to Taiba. Taiba took a plate, and filled it with food, and gave it back to Shaheen. Taiba then herself took a plate, filled it up and sat down beside us, to my left, to eat. My hands remained on Shaheen’s back. I badly wanted to stroke her, caress her, or even go down and touch her butt, but I fought and restrained myself.

Shaheen gathered some food with her fingers, and made a small newala (a small ball of rice, chicken and spinach), and then brought it up to my mouth. I opened the mouth, and she fed me the mouthful. I closed my mouth, feeling her fingers against my lips as she withdrew my hands.

She then made another newala, and then fed herself. My aunt and I were thus eating from the same plate.

For the next ten minutes, we talked about mundane stuff as Shaheen alternated between feeding me a mouthful, and then feeding herself. I remained seated on her lap, eating from her hands. Once or twice she would place a finger in my mouth and I would lick that finger clean. My right hand was resting on her back, while my left hand was carefully concealing my crotch, and the bulge I had between my legs.

“The food is delicious, mamani!” I exclaimed. “And what makes it ever tastier is the fact that my beautiful mamani is feeding me herself.”

Shaheen smiled.

“Want some seconds, beta?” She asked me, as our plate canlı bahis became empty.

“Yes, of course, mamani.”

Suddenly Shaheen’s cell phone, which was placed in front of us on the table, started to ring.

“Hmm! I wonder who it could be!” Shaheen muttered as she reached for the phone. “The name isn’t showing!”

She answered the phone and spoke a few words, and then with her left hand she patted my bum.

“Beta! Stand up, please!”

I got off my aunt so she could stand up and take the call. She hurried spoke to someone on her cell.

“Beta!” She looked at me after hanging up. “I have to go and take care of some hospital stuff on the laptop upstairs. But please have seconds. It’s now Taiba’s turn to feed you. So go sit on her lap.”

This time I sat down on Taiba’s fat thighs, carefully sitting on her lap so she also could feed me with her right hand. My hand went around her bare waist, encircling her and resting on her bare skin. Shaheen went to wash her hands and then went upstairs.

“What? No kiss for me?” Taiba pouted as she took some food into her plate.

“Oh, mamani!” I laughed. “I have spice and curry on my lips! I didn’t kiss barey mamani AFTER she stared feeding me, you know!”

“That’s OK. I can always wash up after, you know!”

I grinned. “You win, Taibee!”

I wrapped both arms around her bounteous waist, pulled her close to me, and pressed my lips on to her succulent, fleshy, rosy cheeks and gave her a wet, hungry kiss.


My hands rested on her waist as she then fed me a newala. It was so tasty. After I finished it, I gave her another hug, and then used one hand to gently rub her cheek, and then gave her another soggy kiss.


And so it continued. After every newala, I would give her a hug and a very sloppy kiss. After every two or three mouthfuls, Taiba would let me lick her fingers clean before she started again. By the time the plate was done, I had kissed her a few dozen times and I was sporting a huge bulge between my legs. It was finally a relief when lunch was done, otherwise I was afraid my boner was going to get noticed.

* * *

My uncle, my barey mamu (Shaheen’s husband), called after lunch.

“So Nawaz beta!” He boomed. “How are you? When did you get there?”

“I am fine, mamu.” I replied. I decided to get a little naughty, and put him on the speakerphone. “I am enjoying spending some time alone with your wife.”

Shaheen grinned at me.

“Ha-ha.” My uncle laughed. “Better you than me! At least someone is enjoying!”

Shaheen just shook her head. Taiba was stifling a laugh.

“Oh, she’s a great lady, your wife.” I continued to troll my uncle. “And she fed me with her own hands too!”

“Aw. She loves to take care of you, Nawaz.”

Shaheen stood up to stand behind me, and wrapped her arms around my neck. She gave me a little peck on the back of my neck.

“You will always be my baby, Nazu.” She whispered to me so my uncle couldn’t hear, and then kissed my neck again.

“Nawaz.” My uncle’s voice changed. “Listen, since you are there, I need you to do some work for me. There’s this package in the village …”

The next fifteen minutes was my uncle giving me some chores to do for him in the lodge and in the village of Tinpur. After I hung up, I turned to find Taiba standing next to me.

“Come with me, Nazu.” She ordered.

“Um … yes, mamani.”

I was actually planning go to my room and shag to thoughts of Shaheen and her round buttocks, but something in Taiba’s voice alerted me. She was looking to have a longer conversation with me. Probably wanted to complain to me about her husband and mother-in-law. I was the only young one in the family that often gave her a sympathetic year and a shoulder to cry on. In return, she often turned a blind eye to my indiscretions and lecherous behaviour.

Shaheen was cleaning up in the kitchen after the meal, so I offered to help her. Shaheen smiled and once again patted me on my butt, and told me to go give Taiba some company. I thus followed Taiba to her room, my eyes following the contours of her rump as she climbed up the stairs ahead of me.

“You can stay in my room for now.” Taiba said. “Your barey mamani is going to the village market for some stuff, and won’t be returning for at least three hours, and I will be all alone. You can give me some company.”

For some reason, and it could be my imagination, but I felt she stressed on the words “all alone”.

It’s stupid, I thought. She’s my mamani.

“Er … sure, mamani, if you want me to.” I replied. “I was planning to actually go to my room and lie down for a bit. I am a little tired from the journey.”

What I didn’t add was that, mamani, I need to masturbate to thoughts of your big bosom. My balls are aching, bahis siteleri my beautiful fat Taibee. I need to cum.

Taiba heaved her big body onto the bed as it creaked slightly, and then patted the area beside her.

“Come here, beta. Lie down with me. You can sleep here. No need to go to your room.”

“Er … yes, mamani. Are you sure though … I mean …”

“Oh, Nazu!” My aunt grinned. “Surely after spending all of lunch on my lap hugging and kissing me, you suddenly are not shy of cuddling with your Taibee now, are you?”

“Er … no, mamani.” I cautiously climbed into the bed beside her, her taunt ringing in my ears.

Of all my aunts, Taiba was special. We have a playful, flirtatious relationship – that was true. I was closer to her than my other aunts.

Taiba, like all my mamanis, had always been very friendly to me, and on occasions like birthdays and festivals instead of giving a short innocent peck on the cheek, I have deliberately kissed her for a few seconds longer. Like today’s kisses at lunch. I would never kiss Shaheen after every mouthful, but with Taibee I felt free to kiss her.

Sometimes when we both had been sitting, perhaps on the sofa watching a movie, I have at times placed my hand on her thighs as if to help myself stand up, or deliberately kept touching her bare arm or hand for a few seconds longer than required. And my hand and her waist had a special friendship. I wouldn’t think twice of placing my hand on her bare waist, or even her back. I often pinch her bum, something I have not really done to my other aunts with the same frequency. In my mind, I imagined to myself that I am sure she must have noticed and secretly accepted my special attention, though in reality I knew to her it was probably just harmless flirting from a young nephew.

But the bed was dangerous territory. I didn’t want to misread her innocent, playful signals and do something stupid that would ruin our relationship for ever. Then again, I was really, really horny.

That phrase spoken by Shaheen to Taiba earlier in the kitchen came floating back to my mind.

“I am not like you,” Shaheen had told Taiba, “Letting my nephew’s hands roam all over my body!”

And what had Taiba replied? I don’t remember now.

“Do u need a blanket, beta?” Taiba asked, breaking my thoughts. “I remember when you were a kid you used to kick off your blanket when you were asleep, and just hug me tightly.”

“Well, you do generate a lot of heat, with all that mass.” I teased her. Taiba playfully swatted at me but I caught her arm.

“I am used to a blanket covering me now, even in the summer.” I told her. “Maybe I might need some type of cover.”

I let go of her arm, thinking to myself that sharing a blanket with my buxom aunt was also a good way to sleep close to her. If I was again going to touch her waist or tummy or even her bum (or as she liked to call it, her peechwade), this would be the first time I would be doing it as an adult, in the bed. Taiba took a light blanket and spread it on both of us.

“This is nice, mamani.” I told her as we both lay on our backs on the bed, beside each other. “I haven’t slept with you since I was 10 or 12 years old. I used to sleep with you and barey mamani all the time.”

“Oh, yes.” Taiba smiled. “Yes, you were always a clingy baby, and even as a teenager, and you used to hug me and hold me close every time until we would fall asleep.”

I was secretly thrilled at the idea of sleeping close to her, even cuddling with her, but was also afraid, because I knew she was just being nice to me. I was also, once again, quite hard. I really wanted to shag in my room, but here I was in bed with her, unable to even take out my dick and stroke it.

Nevertheless, despite my apprehensions, I crept closer to Taiba. She was facing the ceiling and I was lying sideways facing her. She was wearing the same sari. The part of her sari covering her breasts were loose and I could clearly see her falling breasts, dancing this side and that side. Somehow this time I didn’t have the courage to lay my hands on her. Seeing me hesitate, she herself took my hand and placed it on her stomach. Her bare stomach.

“Don’t ever start to feel shy with me, Nazu.” She told me, as my finger rested on her navel. “You are the one relative I love dearly, and who I know loves me back equally. If you want to hug me, just put your arms around me and hug me. And if you want to kiss me, just take me and kiss me.”

“Er … of course, mamani.”

Something in the words she used should have alerted me, and something in the way she said it should have warned me, but I was too lost to notice that. All I could think of at that minute was that my hand … was on her tummy.

My hand.

On her tummy.

On her bare tummy.

And she had bahis şirketleri just given me license, carte blanche if you will, to have my fun with her.

If you want to hug me, just put your arms around me and hug me. And if you want to kiss me, just take me and kiss me.

Her sari’s pallu had fallen away, so her navel was completely bare, and Taiba seemed not to mind. She started to talk about my naani, and complain about her husband. I barely heard her.

Aah!! The smoothness of her skin, as I pressed my palm against her stomach was mind boggling. The tip of my forefinger danced around the edge of her navel. I watched her tummy rise and fall with her breathing, and as she animatedly went on about the family. What a beautiful tummy! What a voluptuous lady! How could mamu even think of having an affair?

I was lost in my thoughts, just fantasizing about my plump mamani and she too was engrossed in family gossip. My mind was racing, and I wanted to touch her huge boobs. They were so close to my hand, which now rested limply on the top of her belly. Dare I?

Slowly, while talking to her, and agreeing with how horribly she was treated, I slid my hands closer to her blouse. When I touched the lower end of her blouse I stopped and let my hand just rest there. I was already in forbidden territory. I have touched Taiba on her waist, on her tummy, and definitely on her bum, but never have I touched her breasts.

“… and then your uncle did not even speak one word against her. NOT ONE WORD!” Taiba was saying. “Can you imagine? I was just standing there, listening to my OWN MOTHER-IN-LAW rebuke me for not having kids, and your uncle just stood there.”

“It’s a shame, mamani.” I replied robotically, my mind somewhere else. I was watching her big boobs rise and fall as she talked. “Mamu should appreciate what a loving, and may I say, beautiful wife he has.”

“Thank you, beta. You are so sweet. Your wife will be one lucky lady.”

“Nah!” I purposely patted Taiba on her tummy, while my fingers “accidently” touched the lower part of her breasts. “When I have a fat, sexy girlfriend like you, mamani, why do I need a wife. If you ever tire of mamu, just get married to me.”

“You are a devil.” My aunt grinned. I smiled, moved my hands to behind her bum and squeezed her butt cheek. Taiba grinned as I patted her rump, and then paid me no heed as she started to rant again about my nani, while I played with her peechwade.

Here I was on more familiar ground, as I had touched, caressed, squeezed, patted and pinched Taiba’s buttocks before. And to my surprise, my aunt hardly paid any attention as my hands roamed freely on her peechwade.

My dick was raging hard, but I HAD to let it suffer. There was no way I could do what I really wanted to do. And what I wanted what I really wanted to do was take my penis out and stroke it. I wanted my darling Taiba mamani to see what a huge dick I had. I wanted her to be mesmerized by it, to start stroking it, to then to put her beautiful fat lips around on it and start sucking it. Of course that would remain a fantasy for now, but I shifted slightly. I didn’t want her to see that placing my hands on her body was making me all hot and excited. I couldn’t risk for her to know that I had a hard on. I thought that once she is asleep I might be able to caress her boobs slightly, or might even, if she was sleeping really soundly, be able to open a button or two of her blouse and catch a peek of the forbidden melons.

“Kiss me.”

“Huh?” My reverie was broken by my aunt’s sudden order. I looked at her. She was smiling.

“Beta, you are so tired.” She said. “You just want to sleep, but you are listening to me so sweetly and patiently.”

“It’s … it’s alright, my beautiful moti mamani.” I told her. “I am here to comfort you.”

“No, you should sleep.” Taiba then pointed to her right cheek. “Give me a kiss here before you go to sleep.”

“Er … yes, mamani.”

Reluctantly I took my hands off her big behind, and placed it on the bed on the other side of her, and leaned over her to kiss her on the right cheek. Taiba closed her eyes as I pressed myself onto her.


Then she opened her eyes and pointed to her left cheek.

“Another kiss?” She asked.

“Er … yes, mamani.”

I dutifully kissed her again.


My lips pressed against her plump cheeks as I drunk in the moment.

I thought that was it, but Taiba mamani wanted to cuddle. It was clear she was in need of some affection that mamu wasn’t providing her.

It was pure torture for my dick, as Taiba placed her head on my right forearm. She faced away from me, so I pressed myself against her back, my hard manhood pressing against her bum. She once again took my left hand and placed it on her bare waist. We were now cuddling, rather, we were now spooning. Her bum rubbed against my poor dick.

“Mamani.” I grabbed a little of her tummy and gave her belly a little squeeze. “You seemed to have put on a little weight from the last time I saw you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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