Summer Sale Days

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I was fueling my pickup at the Shell station on Pine Island. It was about noon and I had just finished the plumbing on a new water heater installation down in St. James City. I leaned against the truck bed and immediately pulled away feeling my back burn. It was ninety-eight and metal truck beds were apparently a lot hotter than that.

I hate pumping gas these days. A fill-up when the gauge was near empty cost more than ninety dollars. Fuck me. I can’t charge any more for my work and I can’t get enough work close to home when I live on an island.

I heard a dog bark. It sounded like a big one. I scanned the area but nothing resembling a dog came into view. Then I saw her. Not a dog, really not a dog. At a distance she looked tall, tan, slim, and pretty. She had come through an opening in the trees across the road from the station. The only thing beyond those trees was the Palm Isle Motor court, a small, simple short-term RV park. It was cheep, not so clean and the owners were not too interested in the comings and goings of the residents.

When she crossed the street the first thing coming into view from behind a low hedgerow was the missing K-9. It was on a leash she held in her right hand. It looked to be a Pit bull-Doberman mix and was big enough that if it chose to do so, the girl had no chance of controlling it, another example of Florida summer heat. Everything is overcome with a lack of interest. It had even given up barking.

She was maybe five foot ten. She had long lean muscular legs, short brown hair, and bare feet. She wore cut-off jeans and a t-shirt that said FUCK HATE on the front, a girl after my heart. If she weighed in at more that a hundred and fifteen pounds she would have to be holding the dog food bowl. She was no more than nineteen or twenty.

My pump was unfortunately still spinning and busting my credit card balance. I just enjoyed watching the girl walk to the entrance of the quick shop. She had an amazing ass that had a trailer park swish. She was making my dick hard from a distance. A talent not possessed by many.

She was just standing at the door and staring, then she turned and looked out across the lot toward the pumps. She scanned the entire lot and stopped when she looked at me. Admiring my ten-year old Dodge no doubt. It was a babe magnet. Yea.

I stopped joking to myself when she started to walk in my direction. What a sweet vision. She stepped around the pump and pulled hard on the leash when Fido decided to sniff my crotch. “Friendly dog you have here.”

“Not really.” She paused just looking at me. She said, “I need a favor.”

“Hey, it’s what I’m here for.” I said.

“Sure.” She said, “I can’t go inside without shoes on. I need a pack of Marlboro Lights.”

“I wear size ten. I slipped off one of my loafers.”

“It would it be easer if you would just go in and get them for me.” She said.

“Not for me.” I replied.

“Don’t you have to go in to pay?”

I took the credit card from my shirt pocket. “Magic plastic.” I said and waved the card.

She turned and pulled at the dog that still seemed to have an interest in me. Only now it was staring longingly at my shoe.

“So how much are cigarettes these days?”

She stopped. “Look, it’s too hot for this shit. I’m soaked from a five-minute walk across the street and I have to get back home. Will you get them for me or not?”

“What’s at home?” I asked

“Nothing.” She said “But if my dad calls and I’m not there he gets all pissed.”

“Can’t even go to the store?” I asked.

“You don’t know my dad. Ever since mom bailed he’s been half crazy. I can’t walk the fucking dog out of his sight.” She was getting quite emotional.

She held out a five-dollar bill. “Please?”

“You’re going to owe me big time.” I smiled at her.

“What’s new.” She said, “Welcome to my world.”

She waited by the truck while I went inside. When I returned she was on her cell phone. When she ended the call and put the phone into her pocket I handed her the pack of cigarettes. “Business call?” I asked.

“My dad.” She said, “He’s at the repair shop. He said a wheel something went bad. He won’t be home till around eight.”

For the first time the girl was acting relaxed and not so on-edge. “Things break.” I said. “Tell me, did daddy know you weren’t at home?”

She stood there for a minute allowing that fact to sink in. When she finally spoke I was pretty sure she still did not get the premises of a cell phone. “I’m in lot forty-five.” escort bostancı She looked at me with a blank stare. “If you want to come over for a while.”

“What would dad say about that.” I asked

“How would he know?” she replied.

“Always a possibility.” I said. “Just how big is daddy anyway?

“Not to worry.” She laughed. “Hell, he’s never sober enough to really hurt anything.”

“Forty-five you say?”

“Yes.” She turned and pulled the dog back into the sunshine. He was not happy about it be followed her anyway. He must have known the air conditioner was on at the trailer.

I drove around for about twenty minutes and checked my watch. It was one o’clock. I turned and pointed my Dodge toward the Palm Isle Motor Court. When I pulled into the space in front of Lot forty-five there was no one in sight anywhere. Everyone was buried inside their own spaces, close to the air ducts. I saw the blinds in the near window of the small camper bend down and then straighten. I walked to the door and started to knock.

The door opened before my knuckles rapped the metal and she said. “Come on, get in here before they see you.” When I stepped inside she quickly closed the door and locked it. Then, as if a transformation had taken place, she became a different person. She was relaxed and acted very confidant. She slumped down into a ragged armchair, throwing one leg over the arm and reaching for her Marlboros. She lit one up and took a deep drag and held it and then let it filter out her nose. “What’s your name?”

“Chuck.” I said.

She smiled. “That sounds like a cut of meat.” She was looking at me and running her tongue over her upper lip. “Are you?”

“Am I what?” I asked.

“A cut of meat.” She said. She took another deep drag and tilted her head back and blew smoke rinks toward the ceiling.

“Well,” I hesitated. “Somewhere between a cube steak and a side of ribs.”

“That leaves a lot of options.” She said.

‘Yea, I like options. Is there something in the butcher’s case that describes you?” She was blowing smoke rings again and letting her ash fall wherever it wanted.

“Petite filet.” She said. “Buy one get one free.”

“What do filets go for these days?” I inquired.

‘Fifty, but remember, you get to return for a freebee at a later date.” She stood up and walked to the refrigerator. She removed a package and walked to where a large chrome dog dish sat against the wall. She unwrapped the white paper and let about a pound of hamburger drop into it. The noise alerted the mix breed hound and it came trotting in from the small bedroom at the end of the camper.

She tossed the paper in the sink and walked back over beside me. “Well. Did I just waste a pound of good hamburger? If I don’t keep him contented when I have company, he gets a little angry.

I reached into my pocket and removed the fifty I have just gotten paid for the water heater job. I handed it to her. “No.” she said. “If you don’t think you got your monies worth, you don’t have to pay.” I tossed it on the coffee table and followed her into the tiny bedroom.

I reached for the buttons of my shirt and she grabbed my hands. “You do nothing. I do everything.” She rose up on her toes and kissed my mouth with lips as cool and as soft as whipped cream. “Just relax and enjoy yourself. When I am finished, if there is something else you want, all you have to do is ask.”

She stepped back and pulled her tee shirt over her head. She was not wearing a bra and a pair of small round very tan breasts appeared before me. She sunned in the nude, cool. She unbuttoned here jean shorts and wiggled them over her hips and let hem drop. Standing there in just a pair of bikini panties she stepped forward and finished unbuttoning my shirt. Her hands slid up my chest and over my shoulders and down my arms taking my shirt and letting it fall to the floor. She unzipped my jeans and slipped her hands down around my ass forcing my pants to gather around my ankles.

She guided me against the bed and pushed on my chest and I sat down. She knelt down and removed my shoes and socks and pulled my legs free of the jeans. She looked up into my eyes and smiled. “You know, I’m about to find out if you’re a lire.”

“Truth is in the eyes of the beholder.” I said.

“I think that’s beauty.” She replied

“You haven’t even seen it yet.” I said, She giggled. She took hold the top of my briefs and I lifted enough to allow her to pull them down to my ankles and off ümraniye escort onto the floor.

Pushing my legs apart she moved between them and put both hands on my chest. “Relax.” She said and pushed me back prone on the bed. She lifted my cock, hefting it, examining it. “I think this will do just fine.”

“So, closer to a rack of ribs?”

She lowered her mouth onto me and without hesitation pushed it entirely down her throat. When she hit bottom she wiggled her mouth on it and made her throat muscles contract. She slowly pulled her mouth off of me and looked up. “More like a popsicle.” She laughed.

“Great.” I said.

“Hey,” she said. “I happen to love popsicles. Shall I show you how much?”

“Please, be my guest.” I replied

I proceeded to get the best blowjob in my entire life. She worked me for thirty minutes and every time I came close to cuming she would let her teeth graze the head or squeeze my balls a bit too tight. She would do just enough to delay the inevitable. All at once she stood with out loosing contact with my cock. She was bent nearly double and with her feet flat on the floor, she lowered her mouth down onto my entire length. With her hands folded behind her back, she was fucking me with her mouth simply by raising and lowering her torso. I let go with an enormous amount of sperm. Numerous shots entered her mouth and all was quickly dealt with.

She remained on me a long while making sure I received every bit of pleasure possible. She was a very talented young girl.

When she released my now soft cock she stood and slowly pealed her panties off. She eased herself up on me and laid on my chest. “Do you want me to go brush before I kiss you again?” I wrapped my arms around her and tried to pull her to me. ” No, No.” remember, I do all of the work. But I will take that as a no.”

She lowered her mouth to mine and kissed me gently. She kissed my face, my neck and across my chest. “Slide up on the bed a little.” And I obeyed.

She reached down and took my soft member and arranged it flat on my abdomen and then let her pussy settle down onto its side. She began to slowly pull her cunt along my cock, up and down. She was very wet and she was coating my shaft. She would let her tits brush across my chest, She would pause to kiss me and suck on my neck. But she never lost sight of her primary target, which was using her pussy to stroke my penis back to life.

“Well, well, look who’s wide awake.” She said. She took my cock and raised her hips and guided it to her sex. “How do you like it Chuck?”

“What?” I was in a bit if a blur, Sort of caught off guard.

“Slow or fast?” she asked


“Deep or shallow?” She whispered


“Do you like for the girl to stop when you cum and just hold you inside or do you like for her to keep fucking you while you blow your load in her?”

‘Both;” I blabbered, “Both.”

“Sorry, Can’t have both. Not right now anyway.”

“Just keep going then.” I was breathing hard and I wasn’t even inside of her yet.

“Good choice.” She said. “One of my favorites.”

There was scratching on the door. “Thor, lay the fuck down.” She yelled it. Surprisingly, the other side of the door became very quiet. I envisioned the big hound dropping right there so no one could enter or exit the bedroom.

She held my cock and eased down onto it. She would stop and pump a bit to help the lubrication and then she would drop a bit lower. Every time she did this, she would offer a sweet moan of pleasure and I didn’t know if it was for my benefit or if she really was feeling that good about what she was doing to me. And right now I didn’t care.

When her cunt lips bumped the base of my cock the first time, she rubbed her clit onto my pubic area. Then, she rose till she all but let the head spring free and then dropped back down to stimulate her clit again. She continued that move with gradually increasing tempo. She rode me like the experience cowgirl that she was. I finally got the idea and we were both enjoying the afternoon.

I was surprised when she laid her head down on my chest and she was still humping onto me with amazing speed. She was gasping for air; she had both hands full of sheets twisted into knots. She started moaning and grunting and pounding her cunt down onto me. Then, she froze in midair. It sounded almost like she was weeping. She settled down and I could feel the wall muscles of her pussy contracting and I felt a lot of juices flowing from kartal escort bayan her, down my shaft, down my crack and onto the bed.

“Fuck me.” She said.

“I think I just did.” I responded

‘I can’t remember the last time I had an orgasm. I’m so sorry.”

I let my hand caress her hair. “You should never apologize for something like that. It was amazing and I was quite proud I was a part of it.”

“It is supposed to be about you. That’s what you’re paying for.”

“What I thought I was paying for was pleasure and I don’t thing I’ve ever enjoyed anything more.” I said. She stood up and walked out of the room.

I started to think about getting dressed when she called from the other room and said. “Don’t move.”

I laid back and heard the refrigerator door, probably time for another feeding.

She returned with two bottles of cold beer. The air conditioner was on high and I was lying with a very talented beautiful girl. Let the sun shine down.

When we had finished the beer she moved to beside me. She reached up and pulled two pillows to her midsection and placed them under her. She stretched out on her stomach. She spread her legs and looked at me. She placed a small tube of lubricant in my hand then leaned over and kissed me softly. “Don’t be stingy, I need a lot. I’m kind of small.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this.” I offered.

“Maybe we should.” She replied

She turned her head away from me and said. “Now. You deserve something special.”

I turned over and knelt between her legs. She voluntarily spread them till her knees were straight out to ser sides. The move forced her ass into the air. I used my fingers to spread her cheeks; I squeezed a liberal amount of lube onto her anus. I slowly rubbed the oily goo over her brown opening and gradually let the tip of a finger enter her. She didn’t flinch. I pushed the entire finger into her and her ass lifted. I slowly worked the digit in and out of her rectum. And she began to respond by slowly circling her hips.

‘Use two.” She said.

I offered a second finger to her anus and it joined the first. I slid it into her fully and began to finger fuck her. I was not the first visitor to her most private place but I could have cared less.

“Do me. Please.”

I replaced my fingers with the head of my now lubed cock and braced myself. I didn’t want to hurt her. I held the head to her rear entrance and put only slight pressure against her. I hesitated just a moment when she raised her hips and shoved backwards and my cock entered her about four inches.

She gasped and wadded up the bed covers in her fists. Her head was forced into the mattress. “Please, fuck me.” She cried.

I pushed into her and then withdrew. I pulled out to the head and her anal muscle squeezed tight around me preventing removal. I pushed again and she grunted and gasped and arched her back to me. With my next advance I sank my full length into her ass and she started stammering. “Fuck……me…..fuck…..feels…….oh……God…….fuck….”

She was shoving at me as fast and hard as I could push into here. She released the sheets she had gathered in her hands and reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks. To my surprise she used her fingers to spread her cheeks wide apart. She was providing me with an additional inch or so in which to enter her.

As I shoved again I felt my cock slide deep into her bowels. She was sobbing and fucking herself onto me and moaning loudly. When my climax roared up from within me, I continued to pump her letting my seed go, coating the walls of her rectum.

We lay there for a long time and she never indicated that my weight was uncomfortable to her. When I finally found the energy to roll away, she only then sat up and went to the bathroom. When she returned she had a hot washcloth and a towel and she proceeded to clean my private parts. “You should go.” She said

I had dressed and walked into the living room where she sat in a fresh tee and panties. The dog was setting on the floor at her feet. “Well, I guess I’ll see you around.” I said.

She smiled up at me and then lit another cigarette. She stuck her foot out and ran it up my leg settling on my crotch. “Don’t forget. I told you, today was two for one.” There was a small piece of paper stuck between her toes. I took it, dropped it into my shirt pocket and walked out into hundred degree sunshine and immediately started to sweat.

I started my truck and pulled out of the RV court. I turned east and headed for the bar. After I arrived, reentered the air-conditioned world and got my first Rolling Rock, I took the paper from my shirt pocket. There was a phone number and a short note. “Two for one every Tuesday. Call first.”

God, I do love Summer Savings?

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