Supermodel Aunt Ch. 01

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Michael was the type of guy you could see at any college, in any class, no matter where you were in the country. Average height, toned, and the type of guy who could go out to a bar and get laid whenever he felt up to the task. However, Michael never enjoyed the typical activities that most of his friends did when it came to girls their age. He was the type of college guy who fantasized about older women. While that isn’t completely out of the ordinary, Michael’s goal before he left college was to have sex with a woman at least ten years older than him, giving himself bonus points if it was a professor.

What set Michael apart from his friends that had similar fantasies was that he actually went out and pursued them by doing some harmless shadowing of the places that the professors and assistants would go out to enjoy drinks together, learning that many of them were just like his friends and him, except older. He certainly found some of his female professors to be attractive, but none of them could hold a candle to the one woman he found to be the most attractive of them all.

His aunt, Christie.

Christie Turner was his aunt, though the world only called her by her first name. A few years prior to him going to college, his aunt was discovered by a talent agency based out of London, England, and suggested that she meet with them for the possibility of doing a photo shoot. At the time, Christie was already 27 years old, the younger sister of Michael’s mother. However, she was a knockout, and she knew it. Michael’s mother had always been jealous of Christie, knowing that she had gotten the bigger end of the stick when it came to looks, though Christie worked hard on it. She was a true platinum blonde as well, which was a part of the allure for the talent agency to recruit her. Before she knew it, she was being flown across the ocean to meet up with the agents that knew she would be a star. What they didn’t expect, however, was just how quickly she would rise to fame…and how popular she would become.

Michael’s aunt was now 33 years old, and she was just as incredible of a knockout as she was when she first started. She held off for a few years before showing off the goods in an exclusive spread for the UK’s top adult magazine, though she limited it to just a topless spread. Since then, she would climb to the top of web searches around the world. Everyone wanted to find pictures, search for gossip on her, and go to her exclusive site where she would chat with anyone and give little shows here and there. The offers never stop coming in for her to do a hardcore shoot, though while never fully shooting the idea down, it never interested her to begin with. She enjoyed her private life far too much, though she had never settled down due to her desire to want just a normal man and not a celebrity, usually leading her to many lonely nights in her penthouse suite.

Christie, however, also had a bit of a problem in the fact that she never kept up with family, though her only direct relative alive was Michael’s mother, and they never talked. Christie had been driven away from her due to jealousy, which meant that Michael never got to see Christie at all, though she would write letters to him when she was doing photo shoots. She didn’t really miss her sister, as she would discover in the passing months. It was the fact that she never got to see her nephew growing up through his teenage years. She knew full well that he always liked her when he was younger, so she made it a point to clear her schedule around Christmas time and sent him a first class ticket to come and visit her.

Michael’s reaction was nothing short of pure joy when he received that envelope and letter containing the ticket from his famous aunt. He had managed to hide it from his friends that he was related to her, knowing it would be strange since two of his roommates had full sized posters of her on their walls. He had made no plans to go back home to see his mother at all, considering that she had cut him off from all support since he had changed his major from Business Management to his original choice, Photography. She never agreed with his passion for such a thing, which stemmed from her jealousy of Christie. Michael, while he was hurting for money, had never once considered asking his Aunt for money. With the receiving of the ticket, he was just happy that he was going to get to see his Aunt for the first time since he was 14. Back then, he was a scrawny kid who hated his existence. Now, at the age of 20, he was a well toned, muscular, handsome young man.

The plane landed at New York’s JFK International Airport just before midnight local time. Michael was sleep deprived, having had to deal with an unexpected layover in Dallas on his way out to see Christie. Going to school in a smaller city meant having to take a regional jet to a larger airport before getting on the direct flight that he needed. Even with the layover, the flight was enjoyable being in first class. It was the first illegal bahis time he had ever enjoyed the front section of the plane, having a couple of drinks and enjoying what was probably the best airplane food he had ever eaten. Eventually, he found himself at the baggage claim, trying to find the ragged tote bag that he used for his clothes. Being a poor college kid was horrible, he always thought to himself. He wanted the finer things in life. He wanted to know what it was like to drive sportscars, have the nicest clothes in the room, and have access to the finest things he could enjoy. At least with this trip, he was getting a little taste of it. Christie had told him that a limo would be waiting for him in her last email to him, and she didn’t disappoint him. A full stretch limo was outside with the name “Michael – from Christie” on a sign being held by an older gentleman. All it took was a mention of his name and his bag was in the trunk. The inside of the limo was incredible, though he would not have much of a chance to enjoy it as the ride from the airport to her penthouse was just ten minutes away, even with the late night traffic in the city that never sleeps. Once he was out of the limo, he looked up at the towering building that he stood under. The driver told him that his aunt lived on the very top floor and that she was expecting him.

“I had better not disappoint her by keeping her any longer. Thank you for the ride from the airport, sir.” Michael spoke with a tone that most people in New York probably had long forgotten, the driver thought to himself as he pulled away.

Michael walked inside the entrance to the front desk. He found it a bit strange that he needed to show identification just to get access to a room in the luxury building, but the main reason was that he needed a keycard for the specific elevator he had to use. Christie’s penthouse was so exclusive that her elevator was her front door, one of which went straight to the top and opened up directly into her gigantic penthouse. With his bag in one hand and the keycard in the other, he walked down the private hallway to the elevator that had the sign above it labeled “Invited guests or staff only”, swiping the card and watching the doors fly open quickly. The ride up the forty floors wasn’t a very long one, although his mind was not sure as to how he would react upon seeing his now famous aunt, the same aunt whom he secretly masturbated to with her first topless photo shoot.


The sound of the voice was surprisingly familiar the moment he had stepped out of the elevator into the ridiculously furnished and decorated penthouse. His aunt came running across from the far windows, practically tackling him with a hug. Michael’s perverted mind was watching her run, but mainly watching her large breasts bounce in her choice of attire, which was very casual, to say the least. Christie hadn’t expected him so late and had gone for a run on her treadmill while waiting for him. She was wearing a dark green sports bra and black spandex shorts that hugged her ass tightly. Christie was a few inches shorter than Michael, still sporting the short, platinum blonde haircut that had made her famous, not dropping far below her jawline. Her toned body had a very light tan to it, just enough to give a sensual complexion. Her 36DD breasts, the assets that truly got her famous, were being held back by that sports bra, though it seemed to be struggling. She pulled away from him to check out her nephew, who had grown into a very handsome and attractive young man.

“My god, Michael. You’ve grown up so much! I had never expected to see you like this after the last time I saw you in person. You were so…scrawny!”

Michael laughed as he put his bag down, trying desperately not to look at his aunt’s gorgeous body and act as though he was interested in anything else. Of course, having the penthouse to admire certainly took his mind off of his aunt’s body, though he was also being pulled back to her since she was giving him so much praise.

“Thanks, Aunt Christie…yeah, I kind of sprouted when I hit Junior year in high school. You really haven’t changed much, though, from what I remember.”

He was lying through his teeth on that comment, knowing full well that she had only gotten sexier with age. Her body was that of a goddess, thinking back to the several private sessions he had in her chat room, asking her to do various things to help him get off. She had no clue it was him, as it was his dirty little secret.

“Aww you’re so sweet, Michael! Here, let’s get your things into one of the guest rooms!”

Before he could even object, his aunt was carrying his bag down the long hallway, taking a left turn down another hall. How big could the place be? His own thoughts were swirling in his mind as he followed her, his eyes virtually being drawn like a magnet to her shapely ass, which was bouncing as she walked fast down the hallway, taking a turn into one of the spacious guest rooms. The illegal bahis siteleri room was incredible, with a gigantic king sized bed, enough closet space that a small person could live in the walk-in alone, and a private bathroom that was calling his name for a shower.

“Wow…Aunt Christie, I knew you had money….but I never thought it would come close to this.”

Christie laughed and gave a playful slap on her nephew’s ass, actually finding herself pausing just a bit, realizing that he was quite toned in that spot, now curious as to what the rest of him was like. Christie, amazingly enough, had been going through a dry spell of viable sexual partners. It was tough for her to go out into public without being mobbed by fans. The problem, though, was that her fanbase was filled mainly with guys that she would never consider sleeping with. She always praised and adored her fans for being so loyal to her, but when it came to sex, there had to be attraction. Suddenly, the nephew she hadn’t seen in over six years was looking pretty good, though she tried to erase the thought from her head as soon as it entered it.

“Well, Michael, when you do the work that I do for a living, people tend to pay big money to see the goods, especially when you’re as popular as I am online. You know this, right?”

Michael nodded, looking into the bathroom before glancing back at her.

“Yeah, I know how famous you are. Two of my roommates each have a poster of you that is over six feet tall. One of your ‘special’ photo shoots for your life sized posters.”

Christie knew she was popular amongst the college guys, considering that most of her clientele on her website were guys aged 20-25. However, not a single one of them who sent in pictures were even moderately attractive, so it was good to hear that his friends at least adored her.

“And what about you? Anything like that of your dear aunt, Michael?”

She was obviously teasing him, giving a playful poke at his side before slowly turning around to head out of the guest room. Michael would follow close behind her.

“I was thinking about grabbing a shower since I’ve flown halfway across the country and probably need to freshen up.”

Christie nodded to her nephew, glancing back at him.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long, nephew. We have some catching up to do!”

Her words rolled off of her tongue so seductively, even if she wasn’t trying. He figured it would be best to get the shower out of the way, preferably a cold shower to get these thoughts out of his head, though he was starting to believe that was impossible after seeing her in that attire.

His shower was relatively quick, making sure to hit all of the major areas on his body, scrubbing himself to rid his body of the odors and filth of airports. He kept himself in great shape, his six pack abs weren’t ridiculously ripped but enough to know that he kept a strong workout ethic. Of course, most girls were interested in what was underneath his clothing besides his shirt, though only a few had ever seen his member, let alone enjoyed it further than that. He was quite hung, though in high school, the three girls that he had hooked up with before graduating would not do anything more than just handjobs and missionary positions. One attempted a blow job with him, but couldn’t handle more than half of it before gagging. Now a college guy, he had found girls were more experienced, but still lacking in certain areas of expertise when it came to sex.

Yet, here he was, in the shower of his aunt’s penthouse, wondering what it would be like to fuck his supermodel aunt. His eyes closed as he pictured himself sucking on those large, firm tits of hers while she rode him hard, crying out in pleasure while his hands slapped her firm, round ass. His cock was getting hard at the very thought of it, now making it obvious he either had to turn the water to ice cold, get himself off in the shower….or do something that he could possibly regret by making a move on his aunt.

Christie, meanwhile, was actually wondering if she could do the same thing. It had been over a month since the topless model had enjoyed the pleasure of a man, and even that was nothing to brag about, having settled on a guy that was willing to pay for drinks, bringing him back to her penthouse to let him have his way. She had hoped he would back up his big talk but, alas, he did not last very long with her. Still, could she break this small cold streak with her own nephew? She was trying to justify it in her mind, thinking that she wouldn’t have even known it was him unless he brought it up. She cursed his mother…her sister…for splitting them up several years ago. It was not fair for her to keep her out of his life. Perhaps…she was seeing this as an opportunity to get back at her sister? Could she justify having sex with her nephew as a means of revenge? Perhaps she could…especially if her nephew was as attractive as he was, not to mention if he was packing some canlı bahis siteleri heat in his pants.

Michael stepped out of the shower and dried himself off, walking into the bedroom that was his for the duration of his visit to find some clean clothes. Deciding to keep it casual like his aunt had chosen to do, he opted for a simple black tank top and shorts with boxers. Stepping out of the bedroom and making his way down the hallway, the mussy haired college guy saw his aunt sitting in one of the love seats, laying across it, her body shown off so incredibly well that he was now wishing he had opted to pleasure himself in the shower instead of just dealing with it. Christie, as well, was wondering now if her thoughts were pushing her to make some type of move on him.

“So, I have to ask….how long have you been at this place? It’s absolutely amazing, especially with the view out the picture windows over here.”

Christie watched him walk across the room to the one side of the penthouse that was covered in windows that were tinted completely dark on the outside to give her privacy. She had found that sometimes peeping toms from some of the high-rises across the way would try to get a view of her, so she paid the extra money to tint the windows to their maximum darkness.

“I’ve been here just under two years, now. The agency paid the down payment on it just after I did one of my big spreads. It’s pricey, but I can afford it. The entire top floor is mine, if you haven’t figured that out yet.”

She let out a playful little giggle as she saw his face upon being told that the entire floor was hers. It blew him away, but he eventually shook the look of shock off of his face as he kept admiring the view out the window before turning back towards her, walking into the spacious living room.

“Modeling and posing doesn’t exactly leave much time for you to go out and find a significant other, does it?”

Christie thought he might have been having the same lewd thoughts that she had, and a comment like that certainly made her believe more than ever that it was the truth. Deciding to poke a little bit at her nephew, she answered him in her own way.

“Well, if you’re asking do I get the chance to have a sex life, I certainly find a way for that. I’m a supermodel after all. I can pretty much fuck whoever I want, so long as I think they can handle it.”

She winked at him and then stuck her tongue out playfully at him, sending mixed signals to Michael. What kind of a response was that? Talk about a sex life, wink, then do something like stick your tongue out?

“Maybe not just about a sex life, but an actual relationships? I know that sex is important and plenty fun….”

“God, is it fun! I just don’t get the chance to do it much, though. Photo shoots take so much time that, by the time they’re done, all I have the energy to do at the end of the day is sit in a hot tub and take care of my own needs by myself.”

She was doing it on purpose, and she was enjoying every last second of it. She literally watched him squirm in the huge sofa, wondering what was going through his head as she said such explicit things to him. The reactions he was giving certainly showed that of a horny young guy who needed some attention.

“I know it’s fun…just haven’t found many that I’m interested in too much at school, Aunt Christie.”

“A handsome hunk like you can’t get laid at college!?! I find that hard to believe, Michael. You must be really picky…”

“Yeah…I tend to look for ones that are older than me, usually.”

Christie’s did everything she could to hide the reaction she had to that response. So she was right! Her nephew loved older women, and his reaction was practically saying that he wanted to fuck her in her own penthouse! Christie now wanted to know what her nephew could offer her, and it was time to turn this into overdrive. She sat up a bit in the love seat, looking over at him.

“Older women? How much older do you look for, Michael?”

Michael laid down on the couch, stretching, actually closing his eyes as he was a bit worn out, though his mind was not helping his cause.

“Ten, sometimes fifteen years older than me. I have a bit of a crush on one of my professors….she is gorgeous. Though, she isn’t the only one.”

“Oh? Tell me about this professor of yours.”

Christie sat up, realizing that he had closed his eyes. It offered her the chance to tease herself if the story got good.

“Well…she’s pretty tall, though not as tall as you. Brunette, small but gorgeous lips, a curvy body with an incredible ass…big breasts, but nothing like what yo….”

He cut himself off at that point, though he didn’t open his eyes.

“Like me? Michael…have you been doing a little checking up on me and comparing other women to what I have?”

Michael’s eyes flew open and glanced over at her. Christie was sitting up as if she was very eager. The look in her eye was one of seduction and lust, and it dawned on Michael that she may very well be teasing him…or getting herself turned on.

“I’ve been to your site. It’s tough not to go, considering that even though you are my aunt, you have such an incredible body.”

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