Supervisory Interaction

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It was my first day on the job. I didn’t really like my cubicle that I was assigned to. There wasn’t any easy way to see out. I thought about arranging the whole thing so that looking out would be easy. All I’d have to do is look up. The more I thought about it, the better of an idea it seemed. That way, the screen would be hidden and I would be much more available to the person who walked in on me. Privacy plus best policy. I typed up a small sheet of paper to my supervisor. All I wanted was permission to rearrange the cubicle so that I could be more productive. I even drew a picture so that the desk was facing the “doorway” and a little path was made for me to walk around and sit on the chair. I stood and walked to the cubicle opening and almost collided with a secretary. At least, she *looked* like a secretary.

“Excuse me,” I said quickly. “I didn’t see you coming.”

“That’s quite all right,” she said in an accent that said she was from somewhere Tennessee. “You’re new here and this being your first day, you’re allowed some sort of excuse for running into people. Is there something that I can help you with?”

“Well, I was going to look for my supervisor,” I began. “I wanted to show him or her a rearrangement idea to give me some sort of privacy and also give me the ability to see a person immediately when they walk in.”

“You don’t even know who your supervisor is,” she asked with raised eyebrows. I looked into her eyes and found them to be light green in the center with hazel edges. They were quite beautiful. “It just so happens that *I* am your supervisor. What do you have in mind?”

I handed the paper to her and her hands casually and barely touched mine as she took it. While she was studying the paper, I watched her face. Small cheekbones, light brown hair, small ears. Her lips were full, but not like Angelina Jolie. More like Julia Roberts, but not as wide. And just enough gloss on them to make her lips sparkle a bit. I wondered if she noticed my eyes on her. I wasn’t flitting down below in a way that would denote sexual harassment. And in no way did I want to get into that situation. First day on the job is NOT a good time to be hitting on the supervisor.

“Well,” she finally said. “I agree with you, but I have one other addition to it. I have to be in the room for the first week for the majority of the time that you are in here to be sure that you are doing this as a way to help me out and not just some personal reason so that you can surf the internet. We do block you from going to adult sites, but to encourage employee rapport, you are allowed to go to game sites, etc. However, be advised. We do monitor your output of your computer and there is a sort of quota that you have to do in 9 hour shift.”

“I hadn’t expected that,” I said with some surprise. She raised her eyes to mine and one eyebrow rose.

“And why is that?”

“Well,” I started and then stopped. She waited. “I guess I didn’t really expect you to agree with me. I didn’t expect that I would nearly run into my supervisor on the first day much less that she would be interested in sitting in my cubicle for a week. I mean, aren’t there other employees that might need your attention?”

She smiled without showing any teeth. “Let’s just say that this is a small company. Once you’ve been here for two to three weeks, you’re pretty much aware of what needs to be done, what shouldn’t be done, and what definitely shouldn’t be mentioned.” “Such as?” I asked. I was curious.

“Well, such as flirting with your supervisor. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. I know your attentive eyes have been on me. You have points added that you kept your eyes on my face and didn’t go south with them. You won’t get fired or laid off for un-collared eye movements, but you will have points taken off your application. When 12 points have been taken off, you take off. And in the case that you’re curious about the system, I have a chart outside my office with everybody’s names and how many points they have off of their application. I don’t show who’s got the most because that would make it too competitive in here. But if you see your name on the list, you’ll know that I’ve got my eye on you and not in a good way.”

“Ok, is there anything else?” I asked.

“Yes there is. There is a certain, unwritten policy in this branch that all abide by. While flirting with me is looked down on, I welcome interaction with my employees. Not so much that we are all one big happy family, and not so much the other way that everybody is secretive about everybody. If you wish to talk to me, I’m almost always available unless I’m spending time with a new employee. Then, all the other employees will know that I’m simply initiating another member of the company. Now, kartal escort is there anything else?”

“Not that I know of,” I answered. “But if there is anything, I’ll be sure to let you know. I smiled back at her and she returned in with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. There was something about the way that she used the words “interaction” and “always available”. When she said “interaction,” I noticed that she had put her hand on her waist, but her fingers were splayed and pointing south and north. When she said “always available,” her hand was between her breasts and then she was pressing against herself enough to accentuate her curves just a little more. It was two quick glances that I took and I wondered if she’d noticed. She didn’t say anything about it and didn’t react as far as I knew.

She smiled one last time and then walked on down towards her office. I walked over to the next cubicle. This was an odd place because the cubicles were not all pressed together to form a prairie dog farm. Instead, there were a good 12 paces in either direction before there was another cubicle. I began to wonder how many employees were in here. I heard the tapping of keyboard keys that stopped when I knocked on the wall. A male employee about my age popped up and asked what I needed. I explained that I had gotten supervisor approval to rearrange my cubicle, but that I needed help to move the desk. He grinned and told me he’d be right over.

“So you’re the new guy, huh,” he asked as he walked out of his cubicle. “Have you talked to the supervisor yet?”

“Yeah, I was just listening to the rules of the office,” I replied.

“No, I mean, have you *talked* to her?” I was slightly confused and my face probably showed it. H grinned at me and then said, “Don’t let her come over on you too quick or you get points on the board.”

“Excuse me?” I wasn’t quite sure that I’d just heard that right. “I was pretty sure that she said she doesn’t want to be flirted with.” He laughed and then we got to my cubicle. I explained the way that I wanted it and he helped me move the desk. As he was bending to pick up the chair, he turned back to me and replied, “Flirting, yes. You’re not allowed to do that. Interact, you are and you’re encouraged. Just don’t think that your interaction should be limited to words only.” My jaw dropped slightly. He handed the chair over the desk and waited till I’d put it down. He lowered his voice so that I’d be the only one able to hear. “If you make her wait too long, you get points on board. If you don’t make her wait, you get points on the board. IF you’re lucky, you’ll get it just right and you’ll advance up through the company really quick. It took me some time to figure that out, but I’m one pay grade below her and at some point, she’ll get promoted and I get her spot. But she will make contact with you and you will respond. Or, you can pass it all off and be outta here in two days.”

With that, he turned and walked out the door. Almost as an afterthought, he turned and said, “Her name is Cassie.” Then he turned once more and retreated to his cubicle.

I sat down in my chair and digested this new information. That explained her word usage and her actions. She *wanted* me to have her, but I was curious about it all the more.

I was perusing my work when I heard her approach. I looked up from my screen and was slightly surprised to see her come in with a rod and something that looked like a curtain. She noticed and then in total innocence explained, “Sometimes with new initiates, I enjoy a bit of privacy myself. Plus, this makes it obvious to every other employee that I’m not to be bothered. Continue with whatever you were working on.” And with that, she turned and began putting the “curtain” up. I watched as she stretched up and her shirt lifted up to reveal a nicely tanned back. Something like caramel. She kept stretching and it became obvious that she wasn’t going to reach it.

She didn’t have the perfect slender figure and in fact had curves that “skinny” would not appreciate. I had the sudden thought that the tan went all over and that maybe I should use my “interaction” to find out. At least I could help her. She was about my height so I knew I would need something sturdy and higher. I scanned the cubicle and finally chose my own chair. Yes it was a swivel chair on castors, but it was better than nothing.

“Let me help you with that,” I offered as I hefted my chair over the desk. She turned her head and her green eyes crinkled with a grin. I rolled the chair next to her, took off my shoes so that my toes would help me keep my balance easier, and then stood on it lifted the rod with the curtain out of her hands. From my spot above her, I could see that all the cubicles had people in them maltepe escort bayan and all of them were not looking in my direction. There was a slightly louder sound of the tapping of keys as though they were trying to block out any “unusual” sounds. I found two notches in the top of the cubicle doorway and of course the rod fit perfectly into them. I looked back down at her and she was already anticipating it. Her face was upturned and I could see directly down into her blouse. If she had a bra on earlier, she definitely didn’t have one now. The nub of her left nipple was pushing against the fabric and she was watching my eyes to see what my reaction would be.

“Are you having trouble interacting,” she asked with a seductive voice. “Maybe I should help you out,” and with that, she started to walk her fingers across my toes and up my shins. I started to say something and she raised one finger to her lips and shushed me. Then, she continued her “walking until she reached my thighs. She flattened her palms against them and slid her fingers to my inner sides. “Sometimes, weapons are hidden in this section. I hope you didn’t bring any,” she continued in a quiet voice. Her upward motion continued and she started to press into my thighs just a little more. My only reaction was that my mouth was watering and my pants had a bulge in them.

“Well, it seems that you forgot to bring your Conceal and Carry license. I’m going to have to bust you for that,” and with those words, she rubbed her fingers over the bulge. She licked her lips in eagerness and for the first time, I got a glance at her tongue. It was long, pink and delicious looking. “I’m sorry, where are my manners?” She took my hand and pulled down on it so that I got down off the chair. She led me to my desk, sat me down and then said in a husky voice, “Concealed weapons are dangerous. Especially if they’re loaded. Yours looks like it is loaded.” Then she knelt in front of me and opened her mouth. Her long pink tongue flashed out and the mere image of the tongue made me jump. She grinned at me and waved her tongue at me. “Something you’d like to say or do?”

I opened my mouth to speak and then shut it again. She kept looking at me, but her hands wandered down to her blouse and began to unbutton it. She leaned in close to me so that she was inches away from me. “I asked you a question,” she purred. “I expect to be answered when I ask a question.” My hands remained glued to the desk but my tongue ran across my seemingly sandpaper lips. She stuck her tongue out at me and barely skimmed my lips. I was extremely tempted to take her right then and there. It was almost as though she expected me to as well. When that didn’t work, she reached down and unzipped my pants. She left the button in the catch, and took her hand and fondled me. “Answer me,” she commanded.

My answer was to reach down, remove her hand from my pants, place them on my back, place mine on her back, pull her close to me, and attack her waiting lips. When I removed her hand, she grew surprised. Her mouth opened in the surprise and stayed open when I placed it on my back. However, when I put my hands on her back, she was already tilting her head so that when my lips touched hers, her tongue was already ranging in my mouth. My hands slipped down into her slacks and found she wasn’t wearing any underwear down there either. My hands slipped lower and found her skin to be soft and velvety. One hand ranged to my buttocks and began to massage the cheeks while the other found its way into front and undid the button from its catch. I gasped as her fingers wrapped around my shaft and she moaned in the kiss as she discovered that tip was already very wet. She broke the kiss as she rubbed her fingers over my shaft and then brought them up to suck on them noisily.

“Taste me,” she moaned into my ear before she started to break down my defenses and her tongue attacked my ear. I slipped one of my hands down the front of her slacks and sunk two fingers deep into her. She moaned and ground her groin into my hand. Her area was much wetter than mine and a wet spot was already showing her slacks. I had the slight thought cross my mind in which I wondered how many slacks she went through in a year. After making my two fingers very wet, I brought them back up and sucked the liquid off of them. Her saltiness turned me on so quick that her fingers found cum leaking out of me.

“Take me,” she commanded as she fished her way out of her slacks. I stood and she sat on the desk and opened wide. I was just getting ready to sink into her nether regions when I suddenly remembered something. I had no condoms. I stopped my advance and she looked at me blankly. “No condom,” I whispered.

“I didn’t give that option, now did escort pendik I?” she growled as she reached out and pulled me to her. “I said, ‘Take me’ and I mean it!” She reached out and pulled on my hips and I sank halfway into her salty canal. We both moaned. I reveled in the sensation of hot walls surrounding my shaft and she moaned because of feeling me inside of her. Then, took a step forward and slowly pushed my way into her. I pushed entirely into her and then reached forward and pinched her breasts. They turned red under my pressure and she shook her head in her passion throes. I backed out halfway and then pushed back in a little faster. When I got to the end, I pushed into her and she moaned again.

“Fuck me, asshole! Fuck me or I fire you right now!” I was surprised to hear her words, but I turned my slow actions into a fury. In hard strokes that shook the desk, I thrust into her. The sound of my shaft sliding through her slippery canal seemed to be on surround sound, but I was just getting started. I thrust harder and harder till she began to wince. I let off a bit and she grinned. I lowered my lips to her grin and got my tongue out halfway before she sucked it into her mouth. I pulled backward and she came with me. With a rush, she slipped off the desk and I lost my balance and fell backwards. She stayed with me, but I somehow managed to slip out of her. She fell with a thump on top of me.

With a nimbleness that surprised me, she recovered and sat herself on me again and with me firmly inside, began to ride. I was no longer in control and she knew it. I began to gasp and groan. It was getting really hard to hold back. She noticed my straining and grinned. “Just let it go. Let it go or I’ll let go of you.” I needed no more invitation as I exploded. She shivered as the cream filled her. My shaft fit her so perfectly that none could escape. The pressure increased for her as she began to sink onto me. It became too much and she exploded too. She had to expand her canal and our combined creams seemed to squirt out of her. She sat there on top of me and shuddered for a couple minutes. Then, she got up and deftly turned. Her groin landed on my face and I heard her say, “Let’s see how good you clean up.” It wasn’t as though I had any option or choice. Nor did I deny the fact that being ridden and then given the “job” of cleanup was in any way something that I disliked. When she spoke, I had to jump to obey. Or get smothered.

No sooner had I started to lick her like an ice cream cone, her expert tongue settled down and around my shaft and began to lick me to a full erection. It quickly became clear that she wasn’t just interested in cleaning me. Her bobbing head repeatedly drew my shaft down her throat. My reaction was to lick between her labias like the ice cream was melting. I varied between hard pressing strokes, to light ones that just barely grazed her smooth surface. Even though I had just exploded in her, I had trouble keeping from doing that again. No, I wasn’t having trouble producing. Just the opposite. The reaction of her tongue thoroughly lubricating me and sucking me off was something like three times as powerful as having the inside ridges of her canal rubbing against the ridge of my shaft head. I hoped she could swallow quickly.

To my surprise, she started leaking afresh and it wasn’t just a little leak. Her salty juices got stronger in flow and I realized I was getting close to being drenched. That is, if she knew how to do it. And since she was leaking, I saw no reason to keep myself back. A second explosion rocked my groin and I felt as her head drew up till her lips were wrapped around my shaft head just below the ridge. Her tongue kept flicking in front of the hole that I was spewing out of so that I shuddered each time she touched it. At about the same time, a shudder passed through her hips and I had to alternate between simply sucking in liquids to licking up all the excess. It seemed as though she would leak all day. While I have yet to actually get my fill of pussy juice, this gal was starting to get to the point where I though she was just a snack machine with a direct tunnel to the product line. I started to laugh and she raised off of me and stopped sucking to ask me why I was laughing. I said, “It is as though you are a gas tank and I’m siphoning out your energy, but you have a seemingly bottomless tank. Do you ever empty?”

She raised herself onto one elbow and reached out and began giving me a handjob. Her breasts vibrated softly with the strokes. I grinned and returned the favor as I took my left index finger and middle finger and started fingerfucking her. She grinned and replied, “It takes about a week of initiating before I finally reach my limit. And, occasionally, I take an employee or two on vacation with me so that threesomes can occur. And I take both sexes.”

My eyebrows raised just slightly. She laughed and then asked, “Haven’t you ever had a threesome?”

I smiled. “No, I haven’t. But I think I picked out the right company to try that.”

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