Surreptitious Love Ch. 16

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Chapter 16 — A reflective Afternoon

I didn’t know how exactly to continue after our adventure in Hue, where Nguyet met Tuyet. Nguyet was pregnant now, and she had said that she was only going to be in our small town for another few months. I knew that pregnant women get pretty horny, but wouldn’t it be a weird to continue our sexual adventures like nothing had happened? If Tuyet had been in town, I would have asked Nguyet to draw her this week or next, but my young friend wasn’t going to be back until late June.

It was April now and already pretty hot. My wife had started selling insurance and, also, often went to her elderly parents’ village to help them around the house while, our son was in kindergarten, so I often had five six hours during late mornings and early afternoons at my disposal, as I didn’t work until three-thirty or even six in the evening. So, when Nguyet wanted me to come over for lunch, I didn’t hesitate.

It was only ten-thirty or so when I showed up, and we would have had time to even go for coffee or do something else. Her pregnancy didn’t incapacitate her in any way yet, but she said she wanted to stay at her apartment, as it was a rare occasion and just nice to have the whole place to herself. She had already bought everything she needed to cook, so she just fixed me a cup of instant coffee and told me to sit down.

She had always been quiet and thoughtful, but today she almost seemed like she was already in nest-building. She had rearranged the furniture a bit and added a lot of small things that made the apartment even more pleasant: flowerpots, a beautiful vase, and a few other knickknacks. There was also a tablecloth now. She was wearing a simple dark-red skirt and a white blouse with blue stripes on the shoulders. Her hair pin was also red. She looked lovely, and I was sure she would be a great mother.

I took a sip of my coffee and asked her if she wanted me to help with the food.

“No, you just sit here and relax,” she replied.

“I’ll just watch you work?”

“Cooking a light lunch for two people isn’t exactly work,” she smiled. “I’ve been doing this for twenty years,” she added.

“If I just sit here watching you, I’ll get horny,” I warned her.

“Well, then we’ll just fuck a little.”

This coming from a professional, well-educated woman, who 20 months earlier still had been a virgin, was incredibly hot. Apparently, she wouldn’t let her pregnancy change her whole personality. And she was right: a gentle, tender fuck had never hurt anyone.

“What are you going to make?” I asked to change the topic.

“A simple stir-fry: beef, vegetables, and rice,” she answered.

“But, seriously, I could chop the vegetables or something,” I offered again.

“Thanks, no, but there’s something you could look at in the meantime. Guess what it is!”

“A drawing of your roommate’s pussy or the dick of the father of your child?”

“Ha! Don’t be silly! And that wouldn’t keep you busy for more than five minutes anyway. Do you know I’m writing a diary?” she asked.

I didn’t know that, but I immediately had a hunch I’d like it. I mean, I wasn’t supposed to read other people’s diaries, but she wasn’t ‘other people’ and if she offered, I couldn’t decline it, could I?

“Oh. That sounds exciting. Have you written about all our encounters?”

“Of course. Well, pretty much. And there are also a lot of thoughts included that I harbored before we even started. And sometimes in between. Shall I get it?”


She went over to the bookshelf and came back with two nondescript notebooks, one larger and thicker than the other.

“This one has our first afternoon in it, towards the end. I wrote quite a bit about it. The other one here is about us only, nothing else, basically from the day we went to that hotel for the first time, when my mother found the soiled panties afterwards, until now.”

“Jesus! Reading this will turn me on like nothing else. I might just get my dick out now.”

“Isn’t that what you’re here for?” she asked playfully.

“Yeah, but are you sure you want me to read your intimate thoughts and everything?”

“Listen: We’ve fucked at several hotels, sometimes in insane ways; we know every inch of each other’s body. I’ve swallowed your cum, diddled and licked your butthole, milked your dick and eaten fish and fruit dipped in my own and Thuy’s pussy. I let you look inside my pulsating pussy the other day, including my pee hole. Believe me, yes, you can read my innermost thoughts on our adventures. In fact, I want you to read them,” she almost yelled at me, and her upper lip snapped back up on gums.

“Okay, okay. I was just trying to be polite. Where I’m from, no one is supposed anyone’s diary.”

I reached for the slimmer of the volumes; somehow, I wanted to start in the middle or even at the end, as I did with newspapers.

“Why did you canlı bahis write it in English? So that people here can’t read it?”

“Yes, that, and also because I don’t want my English to get rusty. Also, every day I spent with you, we only spoke English, apart from our afternoons with Thuy and Trinh and Quynh, of course. So, ok, you sit here and read. I just realized I need to run an errand,” she said, grabbing her phone and keys. “Don’t open the door while I’m gone,” she laughed.

I started browsing the book from the back, as was my habit. The first entry, or the last, was us being in that small coastal town over Christmas. Apparently, our trip to Hue was in another book, or maybe she hadn’t written about that one yet. About our hotel stay, she noted that it was much quieter and not as insane as our previous encounters, which was true. We had more time and that was reflected in what we did. I looked for a note on how she had coped with her sperm-covered crotch during the day at work, but she didn’t mention that part.

As my left thumb was letting pages go past, I stumbled upon our adventure with Trinh and Quynh. Nice. What did she say about that?

“Thursday, 24. April: Two of my former workmates were here today, and we played strip-poker. After we all got naked, Ben fucked Trinh, who was bouncing off his lap. I’ll never forget that noise. Quynh and I fondled each other at the same time, all down in our living room, close to the entrance of our house. Then we went upstairs, and Trinh and I had a long encounter before Ben finally fucked me. As much as I liked the whole thing, I feel a little guilty to have done all that in my parents’ house, but there was no other way.”

There were some more descriptions and thoughts, but as most of those things were still fresh in my memory, even though one year had passed, I stopped reading and let my thumb decide what would be next. Eventually, I’d probably read everything carefully, but I was too curious as to what she had written about our earlier adventures.

“22. January: Tomorrow we’re going to Thuy’s house, who is my coworker. She wants Ben to deflower her, and I’m a little worried that we might get discovered or that they will fall in love with each other.”

Oops. I hadn’t seen that coming.

“We’ll have lunch,” she continued in her diary, “and then, I guess, do it in her bedroom. I imagine it’ll feel really strange to watch Ben fuck another woman,” she had written.

Now, I wanted to see how she had felt after. I turned the page and scanned her writing. There were no signs of jealousy any longer, but a lengthy description of her thoughts while she was underneath Thuy, playing with her tits and watching me fuck her coworker from behind.

“With Thuy breasts above me, I could see Ben standing next to the bed, with his dick erect and ready to enter Thuy’s pussy. Thuy’s large tits were dangling marvelously up there, and I pushed myself a little closer to the edge of the bed. Perhaps Ben would see my pussy and change his mind and fuck me instead of her. I really needed his cock that moment.”

I felt sorry for Nguyet but I simply didn’t have two dicks. We had met Thuy to deflower her so she had priority that day. I was pretty sure that I had fucked Nguyet a little during that encounter, though. But she was right, in the end, it had been Thuy who received the creampie. She even took a picture of it. We remembered that.

In the end, Nguyet wrote, however, that she was much more pleased with the whole thing than she had anticipated. There was nothing awkward—apart from Thuy’s breakdown, including the tears—and their work relationship wasn’t badly affected either.

One side of me wanted to read what she had said about our second encounter with Thuy, when we had eaten rambutan and mango slices with the ladies’ nectar, but that would mean going in the other direction in the book. Instead, I let my thumb go again for a split second and ended up at her house, eating sashimi with her pussy juice for the first time. Nguyet said that she was surprised that she didn’t find it gross, and watching me enjoy all those morsels dipped in her nectar had actually made her proud in an odd way. She was relieved to actually watch someone who was, apparently, not afraid to eat food dipped in what her mum had always called ‘that smelly hole.’ Ouch. That hurt me as I was reading it.

What was interesting were her notes about the first time I was allowed up in her bedroom with her mother downstairs. I remembered she was ovulating, or at least close to it, so we couldn’t fuck. She was on her knees on the bed for a while, with her panties down and her skirt resting up on her back. For me, it was a beautiful sight to behold, but she felt uneasy about exposing her ass towards the door, since she thought her mother might come in at any moment. Apparently, she didn’t fully trust her mom and thought the whole hospitality spiel might have bahis siteleri been just be a trap.

As I was thinking about what to read next—the last adventure before the summer break came to mind, where she had worn white stockings but no knickers and exposed her pussy at the café—the key turned in the lock and Nguyet was back.

“Are you enjoying yourself? Your dick is still inside your pants,” she laughed.

“Sure, this brings back memories and, yes, you’re right, there are things that I didn’t know nor had worried about.”

Nguyet went in the kitchen and hollered that she’d start cooking now. I should just continue reading for another 20 minutes. So, I went to the first adventure in this book—which was actually our second. Nguyet had been worried that we might get found out at that cheap hotel. She thought the whole time that the police might show up. She had been, however, keen on getting laid the way she always had envisioned it: in the missionary position (which we didn’t do our first time). She wrote at length about how she had always imagined her first sex: being mounted while she was on her back with her legs wide open—but then, during our glorious first afternoon, she ended up jerking me off and then riding me for the second time upstairs.

Interestingly, she had thought a lot about stopping after our first encounter. She had achieved what she had really wanted—not being a virgin anymore—and was afraid that we might get discovered or entangled in some crazy emotional upheaval. She also felt bad because I was married and even said that if I got divorced as a result, she had to marry me.

In her own words: “If Ben’s wife discovers what we’re doing we’re in deep trouble, and if she wants a divorce, I have no other choice than to marry him.”

Divorce wouldn’t have been an option for my wife, however, as she was Buddhist, and we were connected for eternity. Anyway, from what I was reading, it also sounded as if us not doing it in the missionary position the first time, in the end, triggered her wish to continue. Who would have thought?!

Now, the food seemed ready, and I put the book—and my thoughts—away. I went to the kitchen to offer help for the third time. She handed me some bowls and told me to set the table, and then she came over with the wok. We filled our bowls, and I asked her facetiously if she had some raw fish.

“No, not today. Sorry,” she smiled. “Somehow, that’s not appealing to me right now.”

“That’s fine. I guess your body’s chemistry is changing. So, you tell me what to do, okay?”

“I wouldn’t mind giving you a blowjob after lunch, maybe while you’re reading the diary aloud?”

I coughed, then laughed, but overall that was a great, novel idea. Original. I liked it. “Do you throw up in the mornings?”

“Yeah, of course, I do. Why?” she asked.

“I was just wondering if sucking my dick would make you gag.”

“I don’t know. I’ve never sucked cock while being pregnant,” was her clever retort.

“Speaking of: Have you told him that you’re pregnant and asked if he thinks that you should get married to each other?” I had been waiting for a good moment to ask.

“Well, yeah, but he gave one of his wishy-washy reactions again. He was a little warmer than lukewarm, but not much. He also admitted that he had only fucked me since he had had the opportunity. In other words: not because he desired or loved me in particular.”

“What did he say about the baby? Was he excited?”

“That people probably would want us to get married. That it might be better. But the way he said it really sounded like he doesn’t really want to be a father or start a family.”

“Did he say something that he felt led on? I mean you knew that you had sex on those days you could conceive …”

„I think, for him, the solution is that I move to Saigon, raise the child by myself, and find another man who wants to marry me. I hadn’t told him that I wanted to conceive, I let him fuck me, and I’m pregnant now. So, it’s all my fault and my problem, and that’s it.”

We were pretty much done eating and I looked at her. She was sitting across from me with one leg on her chair. I could see her white panties; her pussy looked a little like a small banana again, and my dick was pumping itself up. I had thought I’d continue reading the diary—as I was super keen on reading her thoughts before we went for coffee the first time—but now I felt like taking my clothes off and lying down with her.

“I’m horny beyond the point of no return,” I said, opening my pants.

“Me too,” she said as she was reaching under her skirt to take off her underwear. She got up, opened one button of her blouse, but then she reached inside her collar to just take it off. On the way to the bed couch, the snapped her bra open. I simultaneously pulled down my pants and underpants all the way. With a semi-stiff cock, I met her on the bed, where she was already bahis şirketleri lying on her back. She pulled up her skirt and opened her legs. I mounted her and, with a not-quite-fully-stiff dick, began thrusting carefully. Her velvety pussy was moist, and as my cock got fully swollen inside her, I pushed in a little further. She closed her eyes and started breathing heavily.

I lowered my upper body onto her, propped up on my elbows; however, I kept thrusting gently, but reading the diary apparently had made me so horny that I came in less than five minutes. I remained inside her after the convulsions had stopped and apologized that I had come so quickly.

“That’s fine. As you can imagine, I’m not into crazy acrobatics right now,” she smiled.

She took off her skirt and now we were both completely naked. We cuddled, and she ended up having her face buried in my armpit. After a few minutes I realized that she had fallen asleep. I had wanted to talk about our weekend in Hue and Tuyet a little, but that had to wait now. I dozed off, too, and when I woke up an hour later, she was twisting my nipples and caressing my belly.

“It’s so nice to have a day off and be lying here together naked,” she whispered and smiled.

“True. It’s hot outside but we have everything we need right here.”

She reached for my dick and began pulling and tweaking it. We would fuck again in a minute; the only question was how. I wasn’t keen on moving and enjoyed what she was doing to me. I played with her hair, while we were looking at each other. We kissed briefly, and then she swung herself onto me. She positioned my glans at her pussy entry.

“Well, do you want?” she asked.

“What a question is that?! By all means! Always!”

“That’s just like our very first time,” she remarked.

“Well, not quite. Back then, you were sitting upright.”

“Well, I could still do that, couldn’t I?”

“Just stay where you are, closer to me,” I requested and put my hands on her back.

While she was riding me gingerly, we were looking at each other, enjoying our company. We didn’t have much time left until everything would change. I pressed her small butt cheeks and, once in a while, I pushed her down onto my dick. I moved her pelvis in circles, which she seemed to like, as she sat up now to move her butt like a South Seas island girl. I, on the other hand, kept admiring her body, which was decidedly softer and rounder now because of her pregnancy. Eventually, she even leaned back fully, so that I could admire her black triangle right smack in the middle of everything.

For the final stretch, she lied down back onto me, and her face was very near mine. I kissed her forehead and both of us were breathing more heavily. She was moving her butt more quickly now, as if she couldn’t wait to come. She seemed to be close to an orgasm and closed her eyes. Her body, including her pussy, were twitching and convulsing. She blew her cheeks, suppressed the force of a scream for a few more seconds, but then got up on her arms and yelled heart-wrenchingly like a mortally wounded animal.

I discharged copious amounts of cum inside her and kept thrusting until my dick got softer. Nguyet had produced a substantial amount of liquid, which was now running down our legs. She moved upwards a bit, towards my face, so we could kiss. In the end, she lied down again on me, and I caressed her back and her buttcheeks. I pried them open to reach for her pussy on more time.

“Hey, sit on my chest, will ya?” I invited her.

I hadn’t admired her pussy in its full glory for quite some time now. Nguyet sniffled and moved. As she was sitting on my chest, she looked down at me and laughed.

“You’re always so keen on seeing my pussy.”

“You are beautiful, my love. And your pussy is one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever met. It also smells savory. And I’ve experienced many wonderful hours with you. Just read your diary again,” I laughed.

Her pussy was soaking wet and half-open. Sperm was running down her perineum. She reached for her panties, which had been next to my head on the bed couch, and dried herself. She sat back down and I admired her dark-purple lips and her vermillion flesh inside.

“Pull it open a little, will you?’

Unlike the first time I asked her, she didn’t flinch today and just pulled her pussy open with both of her hands. I gently caressed her clit and her lips and, in the end, her thighs. Unlike Tuyet’s pussy, Nguyet’s was nicely framed by a bunch of hair all the way around it. I looked up and realized that Nguyet had become softer the last four weeks. Her cheekbones weren’t as pronounced anymore, and her breasts and belly had become rounder. She was positively radiant; the way, only pregnant women can be.

Her pussy was still slightly breathing but, basically, folding itself again, packing up like after a party or a camping trip. I exhaled deeply and then lifted Nguyet over my mouth. I sucked her pussy, smacking and slurping, before we got up and dressed. I said goodbye, knowing I would have to come back for the other episodes in her diary at least one more time.

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