Susan and the Professor Ch. 03

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They lay there talking for some time, discussing the proposed course for Susan, including the readings required and how the intensive analysis afterwards would work. It was clear to her that it was going to be a lot of work — she never thought that Robert intended to give her course credits in exchange for fucking her — but, looking at the ?rst readings, Susan really was interested. So, she committed herself to a semester’s work and, although this was not articulated, a semester-length sexual affair. Which part was more attractive was something she wouldn’t think about, although the present circumstances were extremely enjoyable. Actually, all of this was new to Susan. Here she was, lying naked on a bed with a naked man who had just had her. While she had been on a bed, nude, with Don many times, and even slept with him in Maine, she’d never had a one-on-one relationship like this. With Don, she was always one of three, even when Jean was not actually present. This was very different! It certainly was not a love affair, just pure (or impure) sex, but there was an inevitable intimacy that she hadn’t shared, at least not extra-martially, before.

Finally, Susan looked at the clock and saying, “I’d better get dressed, Jim will be here soon,” got up and went into the bathroom. While combing her hair at the mirror, she suddenly felt moisture on her thighs. Looking down, she saw that cum was seeping — no, dripping — out of her cunt and running down her legs into her hose tops. Stunned, she thought, “Gods, I’m soaked! Thank heavens I’m on the pill! I’d really be in trouble!”

A short time later, Jim came in and found Susan waiting, her white, frilly blouse, short, dark chic skirt and her sheer hose making her look like a young, innocent college girl rather than a 26-year old wife and mother who had just spent an adulterous interlude in the bedroom behind her. However, if he had seen through that skirt, he would have been shocked by her pantiless cunt, its lips still puffy from arousal and a sexual battering. He also would have wondered at the white tissue peeking out between those lips, a Kleenex stuffed into the cunt hole to stop the seepage, coming from her ?ooded vagina that threatened to saturate the neat skirt. But, of course, only Superman has X-ray vision, so Jim remained unsuspecting, and, as they drove home, listened happily as Susan babbled on about how nice Robert had been to her and about her plans to work with (she didn’t say under) him twice a week during the semester. It had turned out to be quite a pleasant and eventful weekend!

Robert, of course, had the same reaction. He always enjoyed visiting lectureships or professorships, fellowships, etc., as a break from his usual routine, and, since he was well known in his ?eld, such positions were usually quite available. New colleagues, new students, new surroundings all contributed to this enjoyment, but one element essential to making the experience really something to savor was female companionship. He was a man of considerable carnal appetites, and he always looked forward to a new relationship. An unattached bachelor with the physical and personal attributes already described, he had little dif?culty finding available women. In fact, his major problem, frequently, was politely avoiding women who had designs on him! For example, he avoided equally unattached young women (or, even more, older unmarried women) because no matter how he made it clear that he had no intention of a long-term commitment, marriage was always in the back (or front) of their minds. In addition, he avoided relationships with students — they usually were hopelessly immature and, if not, there always was the unspoken expectation of quid pro quo, her cunt for a grade.

For him, the ideal candidate was a relatively happily married faculty wife in her late thirties through her forties. Her husband undoubtedly would be caught up in the “publish or perish” rat race, working for promotion and tenure, doing research and writing, along with teaching, grading, committee meetings, counseling — all the minutiae of an academic career that contributes to a sixty-hour (or more) work week. The energy and attention he had left over for her would be limited. Her children, if she had them, would be in school or on their own, leaving her free for afternoon dalliance or, perhaps, a nighttime rendezvous. Seduction in these cases, usually her ?rst affair, was almost too easy for an attractive man such as he. For a semester, he would enliven her life, and she his, with no one hurt, and, by the time he was ready to leave, the affair probably had run its course. Perfect!

Susan was different, however. A young, very attractive wife and mother, busy with her own life, hardly seemed to be a prime candidate for seduction. Her willingness to expose herself gave him the indication that, unexpectedly, she was available, but that signal turned out to be false. The result was the through spanking detailed above, and kartal escort he wrote her off completely as a potential playmate. Certainly, he assumed, after that treatment, she would have no further temptation to exhibit her charms, much less to “go all the way.” Consequently, when she showed her naked cunt that Saturday night, he was astounded and thoroughly aroused. Then, when he ?nally saw her naked and clearly offering herself, he could hardly believe his luck. And to ?nd that she matched his intensity in bed and, afterwards, showed a genuine interest in Elizabethan literature — he couldn’t believe his luck! It was going to be one of his best semesters.

Thus, both parties looked forward to both the educational and illicit activities of the next ?fteen weeks. Susan arranged for Jean to take the baby Monday and Thursday afternoons, for about two hours each. She drove herself to Robert’s apartment on Monday, and Jim dropped her off and picked her up on Thursday. It was a heavy workload, handling all of her regular duties as well reading her assignments and preparing for Robert’s inquisition. Normally, on Thursday she would arrive at the apartment and they would spend the ?rst half-hour or so in bed. Then, they would dress and spend the rest of the time in two easy chairs in the living room. On Mondays, when she had her own car, they didn’t have to worry about Jim coming early, so they varied the schedule, having sex later or just not getting dressed right away.

However, regardless of these non-academic activities, any illusions that Susan might have had that the tutorial would involve merely a light discussion of the current reading was destroyed the ?rst day. Robert quizzed and prodded her to ?nd the depth of her understanding of the assigned work, criticizing if she missed points, but praising when it was deserved. By the time the discussion was over, she was physically tired and mentally drained. Then, on the basis of what knowledge and insights she had shown, Robert gave her more reading to do! At that point, she was very tired and mentally exhausted at the thought of starting all over again! At the same time, it was exhilarating when she did see something, had a real insight. Educationally, the semester was exceedingly rewarding.

Needless to say, it was also extremely active sexually. In addition to the two weekly sessions with Robert, she had sex, of one kind or another, at least two or three times a week with Jean and/or Don. Add to this her conjugal activities with Jim, and it would seem like an awful lot of sex. In reality, however, she did not spend an excessive amount of time in either thinking about or participating in sex play. These contacts were not “making love” in the romantic sense. There was no need for long buildups, seductive behavior or “feeling out” the other people to ?nd out their desires. For example, alter putting the baby to bed, Susan regularly walked the few feet across the deck to Jean and Don’s, to work with Jean, to talk, or, just no real reason. Jim would be working on papers, lectures, research — that multitude of tasks a professor has to perform — leaving her free for a while. Usually one-half hour (to forty-?ve minutes) before she was ready to go home, she would go to the bedroom with Jean and/or Don and engage in sex, usually vaginal or oral, less often anal, intercourse, and, when ?nished, she would just go home. It was no longer a really big deal, just pleasant, intimate recreation.

The same thing was usually true with Jim. Their Friday night sessions were more inclusive and certainly were much more of a romantic relationship, but even there, the activity tended to be vigorous, but not prolonged. So, while sexual contacts were frequent, they did not monopolize her time. However, scheduling was sometimes dif?cult and, frequently, they overlapped. On at least two Fridays, Susan had sex with all of her consorts, due to having to change the day she met with Robert. She certainly was tired out by the end of those days! Other multiple-partner days also occurred, particularly Robert and Jim several times — Jim, of course, not being on a regular schedule, frequently was interested in sex on a Monday or Thursday.

So, things settled into a routine: work with Jean, house work, baby care, reading, literary discussions — and sex. A well-rounded life style. As might be expected, however, everything did not always run smoothly, adaptions had to be made, and behavior changed. While the relationship between Susan and Robert started well, and, in general, continued that way, there was an early confrontation that, in some ways, set ground rules for the semester. As mentioned, there was little need to be concerned about interruptions (primarily by Jim) on Mondays, so there was a tendency to be more leisurely in getting up and dressing. On the second Monday, this casual informality led to a serious problem for Susan, a problem caused, in part, at least, because of differences maltepe escort bayan between men and women.

It is always dangerous to generalize too much about the two sexes, but there are psychological differences in their makeup. Women seem able to compartmentalize their actions and act with complete aplomb where men would resonate with guilt. When almost caught in ?agrante delicto, women frequently can act with perfect innocence, acting as if nothing had happened, nothing should be suspected. Don’t ask why she was coming from the direction of the bedroom — obviously she was just using the bathroom. Why are her clothes disarranged? These darn buttons just won’t stay closed! A woman can suck a lover’s cock and kiss her husband “hello,” without a moment’s hesitation, while the taste is still in her mouth. A man would stammer, act guilty and, even if he really hadn’t done anything important, would arouse suspicion.

On the other hand, men drive women crazy with a different type of compartmentalizing. After intercourse, or some other intimate moment, women want to be close, to continue the intimacy in a non-physical way. Even when it is not a real love relationship, she still would like to have the man show that it meant something — which she was not just an “easy lay!” However, thirty seconds after ejaculation, men are ready for some other activity, e.g. turn the game on, have a cigarette or a snack, talk about something completely non-related that interests them — such as Elizabethan literature!

That, of course, is what caused Susan’s problem. Minutes after a vigorous, adulterous fucking, she heard Robert say, “Ok, Susan, what did you get out of that article by Jerome Harris?” She was still feeling warm and fuzzy, satis?ed and ready to relax before dressing and starting to work. She certainly wasn’t ready for an academic discussion, lying naked in bed, still breathing hard from being screwed. She honestly thought that he was kidding, and replied with a ?ip remark, expecting a joking reply.

Instead, he merely repeated the question with more emphasis, “Come on, Susan, you read it, what did you think?” From his tone, she began to realize that he was serious, but, while she certainly didn’t need (or want) a romantic interlude, she did expect some indication that having her was not merely an inconsequential prelude to something of greater importance. That stubborn streak that had gotten her in trouble before prompted her to refuse to play, and her reply was more ?ip than before, a reference to his work that Professor Harris (whoever he was) would not have appreciated.

Robert did not appreciate it either and he demanded that she pay attention and quit fooling around. If Susan had been facing him rather than lying on her back, looking at the ceiling, she might well have decided that she had better play along and would have answered seriously. His face had taken on an expression such as a sergeant- major would use to devastate a recruit, a menacing look that said, “Shape up or you’re in trouble!” However, she didn’t look at him, and she made the critical mistake of underestimating Robert’s exasperation.

In social activities, Robert was an extremely pleasant companion, a raconteur with a million stories, and always in good humor. As a lover, he was attentive, thoughtful, always careful that his partner be satis?ed. However, when it came to academic matters, he was very serious; not a martinet, but he expected hard work, seriousness and a reverence for the subject. The fact that he was lying in bed, naked with a lovely woman with whom he had just completed sexual intercourse, in no way changed his focus. In truth, he never even thought of the incongruous circumstances, just that he had asked a serious question and received an unacceptable, impudent reply.

Susan simply didn’t know what happened. One second she was lying on her back on the bed, the next she found herself over Robert’s knees and, at the same time, received a tremendous ‘SMACK’ on her bare bottom! She let out a screech of shock and pain, screaming, “Robert, stop that! Let me up!” Her ?rst coherent thought was that he must be kidding, but that illusion was quickly destroyed as his hand began an unrelenting series of stinging slaps that sent tremors throughout her body. “If you”….smack…”are going”….whack…smack…”to act like”…. whack…”a child,” . . . . smack. . . . slap. . . .”damn it” . . . .whack. . . .whack. . . .”then I’ll”… smack… whack…”treat you”….whack…”like a”….whack…”child!” With that statement, he concentrated on a severe spanking. His hand rose and fell, turning her bottom crimson, a condition that was occurring far more often than she would like — an understatement! She kicked and yelled, but her efforts had absolutely no effect.

She presented a delightful picture as she usually did when draped over a lap while getting a through spanking. This time when Robert spanked her, she was completely escort pendik naked, tits hanging down, swaying and bobbing in unison with the spanking hand. Her long, bare legs were kicking up and down, ?ailing about as she tried to dislodge herself. Her arms were bent backwards as she tried to get her hands in position to block the blows. Nothing worked. Smack…”Robert, let me go!”…slap….”Ouch. Stop that!”…. whack…”Ouch! Stop it!”….whack.. “Please, Robert, it hurts”…. smack.. “Ouch! Please, I’m sorry!” It seemed to go on forever and, as always, her strength and de?ance gave out and she began pleading for him to stop. Now the slaps and smacks were interspersed with moans and cries, begging him to let her up, apologizing, promising anything to get him to stop.

Ultimately he did stop, of course, looking down at the beet-red ass cheeks — and, inevitably, at their lower neighbor, her cunt. Her legs were spread, revealing open cunt lips, still puffy from their recent fucking, moisture seeping out and drenching the hair. It was too recent for him to be ready for a repeat performance, but Robert still felt a stirring in his cock as her scrutinized her crotch and, as he leaned forward, her dangling breasts. She really was a sexy woman.

At the moment, however, that “sexy woman” was still moaning softly, saying, “I’m sorry, Robert. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Then, with a big sob, “I just wasn’t ready….you’d just screw…screwed me…and…and… I just wasn’t ready to talk about that darn book yet!” With that, she burst out crying again, reaching back to rub her hand over her burning bottom.

Her reaction got Robert’s attention, and, in a way, set a sort of tone for their entire future relationship. First, she didn’t complain that he had no right to spank her, only that she had been misunderstood or mistreated. She accepted her punishment and apologized, submitting herself to his control. On the other hand, Robert, who certainly was not an unjust man, recognized that her complaint was reasonable, and said, “You’re right, Susan. I’m sorry. You shouldn’t have acted as you did, but I certainly should have been more thoughtful. I do get carried away.”

Actually, while Robert, by no means, matched the stereotype of a fuzzy-minded, self-centered English professor, he did have a tendency that many experts exhibit — they frequently focus so strongly on their ?eld of expertise, that they lose contact with the real world. Robert recognized this quality in himself and, in admitting it to Susan, described an experience where it had really embarrassed him. He had been attempting to seduce a woman, had ?nally been successful and, of all things, was in the act of penetrating her when his mind suddenly switched gears. Before she had come to his ?at, he had been working for hours on a lecture and just couldn’t think of a way to get a critical point across.

In frustration, he had just given up as she arrived, and put it out of his mind as he concentrated on his new paramour. Then, at the ultimate moment, when he wasn’t thinking, his only concern being his physical activity, the solution appeared — and his mind took over. He unconsciously continued the penetration, but once in, he just rested there, actually forgetting what he was doing, his lecture, with the new illustration, unreeling before him. It wasn’t until the woman under him moved restlessly and asked, “What’s wrong,” that he came to himself and, fortunately, was able to complete the act. He promised to avoid impersonal transitions in the future.

So, while Susan accepted her submissive position, opening herself to future spankings, Robert acknowledged that he needed observe her need to separate their sexual and academic activities. So, what had started out as a confrontation ended up as accommodation. That, of course, was not the only change or adaption to conditions that arose, and some of these turned out to be quite pleasant.

For example, during the same week, the second Thursday coincided with a day in which Susan’s sexual equipment was inoperable because of her monthly indisposition, seemingly a real disappointment for Robert. However, on that day, she was persuaded, without much dif?culty, to participate in oral sex, and Robert was pleasantly surprised to ?nd that she was an accomplished cock sucker.

Without hesitation, she took his cock in her hands, sliding her fingers lightly up and down the shaft. Obviously, she had seen it before but not so closely. It was, as would be expected, much like the four (a number that always shocked her) that she had sucked before. None of them had been the outrageously sized members shown in porno films or described (wishfully) in sex stories of letters. This one was of average length and diameter, in proper rigid condition and, after stroking it for a few moments, she opened her mouth and engulfed it. She began a slow up and down motion, bobbing her head as she took it deeper. She held the base of the cock with her fingers, gradually speeding up the sucking as her lips finally touched the fingers. She was experienced enough that she was able to cancel the gag reflex when the head of the cock was forced into her throat. That was when the real cock sucking began.

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