Sutton Family Stories 01

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I still can’t quite believe I fucked both my brothers. I can certainly still remember the delicious feeling of their hard cocks pumping in and out of my pussy.

We’ve always been fairly close, the three of us. Aiden is my older brother, he’s 23, short dark hair, dark stubbly beard, killer thighs, toned rugby build. Think Ali Price if you’re a fan of rugby, which he is. I’m the middle child, 21 and then there’s George. He’s 18, much slimmer than Aiden but also toned and in good shape and his stubble has a hint of ginger in it. Think Connor Wickham if you’re a fan of football (or soccer for our overseas friends), which he is.

I always tried to stay neutral on football versus rugby. I lost my virginity to one of Aiden’s rugby mates in a quick hard shag in the car park behind the pub where my 18th birthday party was being held. I’ve loved sex ever since. Just the feeling of being full, knowing my pussy gives such pleasure just gets me dripping. And I got pregnant five months ago from one of George’s football buddies, Jack, who I’d been dating for a year. We were both 20, which is younger than I would ever have planned to get knocked-up. I probably should have been more careful, but he convinced me how good it would feel to get fucked bare without a condom. It did.

Unfortunately, Jack liked the act of creampieing me more than the consequences of it and we stopped seeing each other soon after I realised I was pregnant. I guess I was feeling a bit down about that. But I’d also just been so fucking horny without a guy inside me for months. I just couldn’t shake a feeling of wanting a really good shag.

So, there I was, pregnant, not drinking, craving some male attention and sat home alone watching crappy Friday night TV. The parents had gone away for a weekend. Something about needing their own space with three grown-up kids still at home and taking advantage of some decent late August weather.

“Fucking hell mate,” I heard Aiden say as the front door opened, “not a fit one in that whole pub.” I think both him and George had been having a bit of a dry spell themselves, they were both single and it sounded like their attempts to pull had not succeeded. My suspicions were confirmed when they both came barging into the living room moments later. They had the boisterous tone of boys who had had a few beers but weren’t particularly drunk for a Friday night.

“Didn’t pull then?” I asked as Aiden plonked down on the sofa next to me and George sprawled in the armchair.

“Nah, we’ve given up and come home. How’s your evening?”

It was an innocuous question. I wasn’t even drunk but before I knew it I was giving them more details than they needed. “I’m bored, I’m watching crap TV, I’m pregnant and I’m single. So I won’t be having any Friday fun either.”

George giggled. “Friday fun?”

I’d started this train of conversation and I was going to continue. “Yeah, I’m a woman with needs. I feel really horny recently. But I don’t think any decent man I want would go for me in this state, and I don’t want a reputation going for anyone not decent.” George giggled more. Aiden glared at him. Something was definitely up. “What?” I demanded.

“Well sis,” George replied, “you’ve already got a bit of a reputation with both my friends and Aiden’s.”

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Guys brag. “Reputation for what?”

“Being a bit of a goer.”

“Well not anymore. Look at me.”

I guess Aiden was trying to reassure me: “you’re hot Sarah. You’re not a state. You’re looking good, even with that bump. And your tits have grown.” My tits?!

Now George was chipping in. “Yeah they’ve grown, it’s noticeable.”

“Turn you on do they?” It was meant to be a joke. I didn’t expect the two resounding answers of yes. I’d never canlı bahis thought about my brothers sexually but here they were complimenting my swelling breasts and both practically drooling over them. Apparently I’d given them an invitation to stare at them. And here they both were, George in a tight t-shirt clearly showing his pecs and Aiden with his shorts clinging to his killer thighs. Maybe it was the hormonal changes in my pregnant body. Maybe it was the August heat. But suddenly I saw that my brothers really were rather were fit. I felt my pussy start to moisten.

“My tits are too big,” I told them, “I’ve got two watermelons strapped to my chest.”

“No, we’ve been saying earlier how good they’re looking,” confided Aiden.

“You try walking round with these. Feel how heavy they are!” It was meant as a joke but Aiden reached over and started cupping my left breast. He always was the cocky one.

We were all clothed but his touch was electric. He was cupping my left breast and ran his fingers round the now growing, sensitive nipple. “This one feels pretty perfect to me, come feel the other one George,” he instructed, making sure baby brother wasn’t left out.

George stood up and walked over to join us on the sofa. As he walked over I noticed a bulge forming in his tight khaki shorts. I felt my pussy moisten a bit more. When he sat down, he reached over and took hold off my right breast. “Mmm, yeah feels fine to me sis, not too big at all.”

I wasn’t quite sure how it had come to this, my two brothers sat either side of me on the sofa, each one fondling one of my breasts but something inside me felt powerless to stop them. It felt too good. I noticed Aiden was really pawing my left tit while George was giving my right one a more gentle caress.

“I think to judge them properly you need to take that top off,” Aiden suggested. George and Aiden both took hold of the bottom off my t-shirt and I just let them take it off.

“Going to take my bra off too?” I asked, not actually believing they would. Aiden reached round and unclipped it in seconds. Before I knew it, Aiden had lent forward and taken my left nipple into his mouth. George followed suit, licking round my right breast. I’d always enjoyed having my breasts given attention and here I was with a man at each tit.

As the sucking and licking continued, I felt Aiden push his hand up my skirt. He was caressing my thigh ever higher until inevitably I felt his fingers go under my panties. I coughed. “You’re my brothers, this is going a bit far,” I said. In truth, I’d never been more turned-on in my life but some small part of my brain felt I should stop this now.

Aiden responded by sliding his middle finger further under my panties and into my now moist pussy. “You don’t mean that, Sarah, I can feel how wet you are. You’re dripping.” I was. “Feel how wet she is, George,” he instructed. Another hand went under my skirt and up my thigh and suddenly one finger was replaced with another which more hesitantly stroked around my lips then went gently inside me.

I heard George groan as he felt my wetness. “Fuck that feels so hot,” he sighed.

“Your nipples are hard as hell and your cunt is as wet as a river, Sarah, so don’t tell me you’re not horny,” said Aiden firmly.

I wasn’t the only one. I noticed both had visible bulges in their shorts and reached out to start caressing them. I wondered what my brother’s dicks looked like, what they felt like. Both of them were groaning now. My skirt and panties were off in no time. In for a penny, in for a pound I thought. “I shouldn’t be the only one naked here,” I announced.

Aiden and George stood up and stripped in seconds. It was deliciously erotic watching them both have to pull their boxers over their hard dicks to take bahis siteleri them off. For a moment, they were both stood in front of me and I noticed their dicks were both gorgeous but different, matching their general builds. They were both uncut but without massively long foreskins, and their cock heads were clear to see. Aiden’s dick was about 7 inches long and really quite fat, whilst George’s was thinner but about 8 inches long. George’s ginger stubble was reflected in the colour of his trimmed pubes while Aiden’s cock came out of a darker haired base. There was a glisten or precum on the tip of both. Who knew my brothers both had such really nice cocks?

My staring was interrupted by Aiden lurching forward and putting his head between my legs. Before I knew it, a tongue was lapping around my pussy lips and up and over my clit. It’d been too long. Since anyone did that to me and I moaned loudly. George stood there watching, absent mindedly wanking his cock.

I’d heard that whilst Aiden was experienced with the girls, George was – despite some occasional beer-soaked bravado – much shyer. I wondered if he was still a virgin. Perhaps I needed to be bolder. I reached up and took hold of his dick. It felt so hard. I pulled him towards me and before I knew it was lapping round his cock head with my tongue before taking him fully into my mouth. “Oh fuck,” he sighed, “that feels so good Sarah.” Aiden looked up, grunted, and went back to eating my pussy.

Here I was, lying on the sofa, with one brother lapping my cunt whilst I greedily licked and sucked the other’s cock. It felt so deliciously naughty and I could feel myself building towards an orgasm. It was partly just having sexual attention again after so many months when I had been horny for days, it was partly having a threesome with two hot men both giving me so much attention, but it also felt extra filthy that it was my brothers doing this to me.

I guess George hadn’t had many blow jobs before and it wasn’t long before I felt his cock harden and swell in my mouth. He thrust in and out and, whilst groaning, suddenly sprayed his load of cum into my gob. I gulped it down greedily. I’d always liked the taste of cum and he’d just given me a lot to swallow. Aiden, realising what was happening, had redoubled his efforts eating me and I felt myself thrashing about as my orgasm washed over me. “Fuck,” I panted.

George pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood back slightly, telling me as he did so, “that felt amazing, best suck I’ve ever had.” I suspected he hadn’t had many but I took the compliment.

Aiden had now crawled up between my legs. I looked down. His dick was throbbing and he looked determined. “You can’t fuck your own sister,” I told him. I wanted him to, but I just wasn’t sure about going that far.

He’d always been polite, if a little cocky, but it seemed like he wasn’t listening to me now. “You’ll love it, and you need it,” he replied, whilst he positioned himself between my legs and started rubbing his dick around my drenched lips. “Tell me you want me to stop,” he said. I couldn’t say it. I just stared up at him and then felt him sliding his thick cock deep inside me.

“Ohhh fuck,” I wailed. Like I said, it had been months since I had a man inside of me and it felt so good. He slowly slid his cock all the way in, then slowly withdrew and re-entered me in a surprisingly delicate manoeuvre. I spread my legs wide and wrapped them round his built, muscular body.

“Your pussy is fucking beautiful,” he panted as his powerful thighs helped drive his dick in and out of me, although he took care to avoid crushing down onto my baby bump as he held himself up with his muscular arms. It was the fuck I’d needed for weeks.

We were both panting heavily, consumed by our lust bahis şirketleri and the need to feel each other. I was so glad to have a warm, hard cock in my pussy again. A vibrator just wasn’t the same, and I surrendered myself to the feeling of my brother’s hard dick ravaging my moist little cunt. I looked round and saw George stood by the sofa watching up, his dick fully hard again. I’d never had a threesome before but thought it was important not to leave anyone out. I reached over and wrapped my hand round his dick, stroking it gently.

After a few glorious minutes I felt Aiden’s thrusting get harder. I knew he was close. “You can’t cum inside me,” I told him instinctively.

“Why not, you’re already pregnant,” he chucked and maintained his pounding of my tight cunt. He had a point and it felt so good having him fucking me so I just went with the flow. Before long the familiar juddering thrusts were accompanied by a groan as he sprayed his load inside me. I felt warm and really horny from having brought him off inside me, but not quite there yet for a second orgasm as he pulled out. “That’s such a beautiful cunt, you need to try it George”. Ever the big brother, he was taking the lead again even as he pulled his dick out of me.

George looked hesitant. “I’ve never actually fucked yet, Nina wouldn’t go further than sucking,” he said, referring to his now ex-girlfriend. It felt so naughty, not only fucking both my brothers, but taking the virginity of one of them. I had to have him. It wasn’t a hard sell, as having watched me and Aiden fuck, he was hard as rock and clearly horny as hell. With minimal encouragement, he was soon replacing his brother between my welcoming thighs.

I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him towards me. I reached down and took hold of his dick and guided him towards my now dripping cunt, containing a mixture of mine and Aiden’s juices. George groaned as my wet pussy enveloped his long hard cock. “It feels so warm, so wet,” he told me as he slid into the hilt.

“That’s it bro, everyone loves some sloppy seconds,” Aiden chuckled.

I couldn’t help myself, I’d always had a sharp tongue: “well isn’t that a bit gay”, I said, “getting your cock coated with another guy’s cum?”

Luckily George was too busy enjoying his first feeling of a pussy to care what I said. Aiden just snorted: “you’re the one letting both your brothers fuck you, so who are you to judge?”

I shut up and concentrated on the glorious sensation of another cock buried deep inside me. George’s initial movements were awkward and slow but soon instinct took over and he started thrusting in and out of my now well used pussy with abandon. He reached up and took hold of my tits again. I felt my orgasm start to build again. Aiden was now the one stood over us, but licked his finger, reached forward and started gently massaging my clit. It was all I took. “Oh oh oh shit,” I was panting as I came a second time.

I felt my cunt clasping George’s warm, hard dick which was balls deep inside me. He didn’t stand a chance and moaned my name as he sprayed his load deep into my pussy, adding to his brother’s earlier contribution. “That was the best feeling ever,” he told me as he pulled his now glistening dick out of me.

“I guess you got your Friday fun after all,” said Aiden. We all laughed but there was a slightly nervous undertone. I’d like to say we all continued but actually everyone just looked a bit awkward now the lust spell was broken by five shuddering orgasms between us. Aiden and George gathered their clothes and left the room fairly soon after, my final view two tight arses heading out the living room door.

I was happy just lying there on the sofa, naked. I’d just been fucked by my two brothers, and now I was lying naked on the family couch with their combined load seeping out of pussy. There was a lot of cum. Not quite how I envisaged my Friday night playing out, but at least I didn’t feel as insanely horny as I had before. A smile crept across my lips.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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