Swapping Daughters Ch. 04

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This is chapter 4 of the Swapping Daughters story the first three chapters of which are listed under Orcaman47

I watched as Candie and Lisa talked enthusiastically about the upcoming events. They were excitedly planning what they were going to do tonight with Ryan. As they talked animatedly, their young titties jiggled with their gesticulations. Lisa noticed my gaze and smiled. She intentionally reached down and fingered her nipple, holding my gaze and smirking slightly. My cock began to stiffen again.

“I think it would be fun for all of us to take a bath together.” Candie said. “We could wash each other and make sure we are all squeaky clean.” Her eyes were sparkling and wide with excitement. My sweet daughter always seemed to sparkle.

“Yeah,” Lisa chimed in, “then we could like fuck the hell out of each other.” Again, her eyes met mine and she smiled brightly.

“It sounds like you two are working on a hot little plan.” Jackie said. “You two are such little sluts.” I could tell that she was as proud of her daughter as I am of mine.

Max patted his daughter on her ass, “Yeah, honey, we done good in raising this one.” He grinned proudly. I saw him intentionally brush his cock against my daughter’s ass as he also rubbed his hand across her firm buns.

Candie turned around and pressed her nude body against him. I saw her little hand touch his prick and ballsac. “What about me Daddy Max, you did a good job of raising me to be a slut too.”

He patted her on the ass too and gave her a squeeze. “Yeah baby, you’re a good little slut too.”

Julie and Jackie had yet another appointment at the resort’s spa, and the girls had signed up for beginning SCUBA lessons. Max had to make a few business phone calls and needed to join a conference call for a few hours, so I decided to hang out by the pool. Being nude, it was difficult not to “hang out”.

When I got to the pool area, the introductory SCUBA class was just starting. I am a NAUI certified Master Diver and Instructor and Chip, the instructor and I have known each other for years. He’s a big black guy, former running back in the NFL and hung like a stud horse. He once told me he loves working at this resort so much that he gave up better paying jobs as an assistant coach. His wife, Nadia, works as an activities coordinator and teaches trapeze for the guests who want to participate in the weekly circus. She has a very tight little body with nice boobs and long firm legs. And, although I’ve never had the pleasure of finding out for myself, word has it that she is a world-class cocksucker.

I dipped into the water just to cool off and then found a lounger in the shade. The class was made up of twelve students, eleven of whom were female. Of course Candie and Lisa were among them. The one male was a small built unathletic looking fellow who seemed to be paired up with a large young woman who could probably take him two out of three falls, easy. Neither of them seemed particularly adept with the equipment and it was clear that Chip was having to spend a lot of time and energy with the couple, just to keep them from getting tangled in their own air hoses. The other students, several of who were stunningly beautiful, stood there in their equipment, looking bored and somewhat annoyed at the needy couple.

“Hey, Chip, what are you doing with the class? Maybe I can help out with the rest of them.” There was one thirty-year-old blond that I really wanted to “help out” with.

“Well, I wanted to get to buddy breathing and then ditching and donning. Do you want to do that?”

I quickly introduced myself, got a tank and mask and then began going over the basic skills.

Buddy breathing is when two divers share the same regulator, on an alternating basis. It is used when there is an equipment failure or when one diver runs out of air for some reason (stupidity is the most common cause for this). There are a series of protocols and standard signals. Also, the two divers need to hold on to each other to avoid drifting apart beyond the reach of the regulator hose. Of course, if something goes really wrong, there is a chance that both divers will drown. With everyone standing in the shallow end of the pool, I came up to them pretending that I was out of air and gave the signals that I wanted to buddy breathe with them. Being the host is probably hardest, because you are secure, breathing fine when someone wants to come over and share your precious air supply. After each one did the “giver” role, I had them come to me, still on the surface, and play the “taker”. There is potentially a lot of physical contact and I made sure that I rubbed thigh and other body parts as much as I could. The hot little WILF did a great job, wrapping her thighs around my leg as she held on for dear life. It was a heart-warming experience (hard-warming?).

Ditching ataşehir escort bayan and donning equipment is a skill you very rarely use in real life, but it is an important exercise in gaining confidence with the gear and with doing things and not panicking underwater. I had my now star pupil climb out of the water so that she could go through the drill as I talked her through it. Since I was still in the water and therefore lower than the deck level, I made a special point to maneuver into such a position that I got a clear view of her ass and other parts as she climbed up the ladder. Her tight thigh muscles and firm ass made my tongue go out of control for several seconds.

She was so good at the skill that I had her demonstrate it several times. Again, I was careful to position myself strategically so that I could gaze at her pussy as she worked. It was perfect. It was a sweet looking peach, bereft of even the slightest fur or fuzz. My cock told me that he was enjoying the show as well. I think my student knew what she was doing too, since she made a point to open her legs as she faced me.

Next, I had each of the students go on to the deck and demonstrate the skill to the others. Two more of the women looked good as they first took off and then put on the equipment in the recommended order. I loved the sight of the water running down their skin and dripping off the fur between their legs and off their firm, pointed nipples. Of course by the time my daughter and her friend got to do the work, I was fully aroused and making no effort to hide it from anyone.

After I was satisfied that each knew the process, I explained that I wanted them all to wait on the bottom facing the deep end, where I would be. I would point and each of them would swim underwater to the drain in the deep end. There they would take off the equipment, come to me to buddy breathe for five exchanges and then use a controlled free ascent to surface and swim back to the shallow end. Then they should swim back on the surface until they were over the drain and then perform a surface dive to the bottom where they would put on the equipment, just like they had practiced on the deck.

As they went through the exercise, I knew that my main purpose was safety and for them to feel that I was there if they needed me. But I also intended to take full advantage of the clear view provided by the clean mask and the pristine swimming pool water to get good views of their shapely bodies as they moved around, just a few feet in front of me. And I knew the buddy breathing, this time “for real”, underwater with six or eight feet of water overhead, could be a bit intense for all involved.

Everything went well during the exercise until my sweet daughter’s turn. She took off her fins slowly and deliberately, facing toward me. I think she intentionally opened her legs extra wide to give me a great view of her pussy. I felt my cock growing between my legs. She looked me straight in the eyes and I could see the little impish look as her smile fought to maintain the seal around her regulator mouthpiece. She took off the tank and held it between her legs, with the regulator still in her mouth. I swear he moved her hips a few times so that she could rub her hot little cunt against the cold metal cylinder a few times. Then she took off the mask and, after two deep breaths let the regulator fall from her lips as she swam to me. She gave me the signal and I gave her the regulator so we could start buddy breathing. She has been diving for most of her life and was only taking the class to keep Lisa company, so she is very comfortable underwater. Suddenly, as I took the regulator back, she positioned herself so that her mouth was at the level of my cock. In one swift move, she engulfed it. Right there in front of everyone. I even noticed Chip watching us, his mask covered face dipping in the water as he lay flat on the deck of the pool. Ten pairs of eyes watched as my naked young daughter played “suck the popsicle” with her daddy’s good humor bar. She swirled her tongue around on it and then moved up for her turn at the regulator. She took her breaths, holding on to me by my turgid member and looking me straight in the eyes. Then she released me and went to the surface, blowing a stream of bubbles as she ascended. When she returned to don the gear, she made a beautiful pike surface dive, looking like a mermaid as she knifed through the water to her stuff. She put the regulator in her mouth and cleared it as she wrapped her legs around the tank again. Then she located her mask and fins and quickly flipped the tank over her head without losing the regulator and secured the webbing around her flat tummy. Now she was sitting flat on the bottom facing me with her knees drawn part way up. I made no effort to conceal that I was looking right up my wanton daughter’s escort kadıköy pussy. Again my cock began to rise. She put on her mask and cleared it, then she took the regulator out of her mouth and stuck her tongue out at me. Next, she slowly, teasingly put on her fins, flirtatiously moving her legs so that I could get the best view of all she had. After her fins were on, she rolled over so that she was on hands and knees on the bottom, facing the other students. She was giving me a breath-taking view of her ass and pussy from behind. Then she sort of hunkered back so that the hot little lips of her pussy grazed against and then fully enveloped the appreciative meat of my cock. I almost spit the regulator out of my mouth. Then she did it again and again, slowly fucking my cock with everyone watching. Then she slowly swam away.

Although my favorite little thirty-year-old WILF was next, the nice little show she gave was very tame by the standard set by Candie. I did like it though when she once again wrapped her legs around me to hold on as we did the buddy breathing. My very erect cock provided a little saddle for her to rest her very hot cunt upon. She seemed in no hurry to take her five breaths and even squirmed around on me a little.

Lisa came last. She was not as comfortable under the water as Candie, but she did a very good job. She did hold on a little tighter and seemed more reluctant to let go after the buddy breathing, but her ascent was fine and the remainder of the exercise went well. She also made a point to put on a little bit of a show after she returned to her tank and regulator. She seemed to be having trouble with one of her fins and so sat there facing me with her cunt gaping open for several minutes. All the while she was staring at me but letting her gaze drop to my raging hard-on now and then, just to let me know that she knew what she was doing.

Finally, I swam over to the group, my cock pointing ahead of my like some sort of phallic keel. I gave them a long look at me and then gave them the signal to surface and we all stood up in the shallow end. I loved the look of twenty nipples pointing at me.

Chip was now standing on the deck overlooking the group. He thanked me, reminded them of the next meeting and then excused the class. Later he told me that the other couple had gotten into a tiff and left just as I was starting the underwater part of the ditch and don and, since I seemed to be having such a good time, he let me keep going. He also confessed that he had gone to the nearby bar and gotten us a quick cup of coffee while he had the chance. He handed me a cup as we watched Candie and Lisa dry each other off.

“Damn, your daughter and her friend are a couple of hot little bitches.” He said with some jealousy in his tone. “I sure hope you’re getting’ a little of that sweetness.”

We chatted for a few minutes as his next class, basic swimming and water safety, started to form up.


As I walked past one of the outdoor cafes I saw Candie and Lisa sitting, talking with a couple of teenaged boys. I thought the boys looked like the ones who had been with the girls on the island that day Max and I had found them out there.

Candie was sitting with her feet in one of the boys lap. She was giving his cock a massage with her feet, at the same time giving him a great view of her pretty little pussy.

Lisa was actually sitting on the same chair as her guy, between his legs. He was rubbing her back but every few strokes his hands would move around to the front and rub her titties and tweak her nipples. I noticed as I walked by that his cock was erect and firmly supported by the cheeks of her ass.

“Hi daddy!” Candie said. “Where are you going now?”

I came back to the table where they were sitting, stopping just a foot from my daughter.

The boy that was with her seemed uncomfortable as she continued to tease his shaft with her dainty little foot. I noticed that the little pink strawberries of her nipples were tight little nubs. She was apparently pretty turned on too. Again, my cock gave away my state of arousal. I was getting an erection watching some kid getting a foot job from my little girl.

“I don’t know, I was thinking of going back to the room to take a shower maybe and then heading over to the main club for the amateur lap dancing contest.”

“Oh, don’t go daddy.” She said. “Just stay here with Lisa and me.”

“No, that’s okay, you have company anyway.”

I could see that the boy getting the foot job was almost in agony. His member was very stiff and bright red, almost purple, and a bead of precum had emerged from the slit on the tip.

Quickly she put her arm around my leg, pulling me toward her. My cock brushed against her face. “Please daddy, please…please stay.” He kissed the tip of my now fully bostancı escort erect fuck stick.

I noticed that the guy with Lisa was now fucking her openly. She had somehow raised her body and slipped his cock into her cunt. His one hand was still tweaking her nipple but the other was between her legs and he was openly strumming her clit with his thumb. Her eyes were closed and she was slowly moving her hips in little circles. Her hands were on the armrests of the chair and she was using her muscles to raise and lower herself as she moved on him. His eyes were tightly closed and it looked like he was concentrating for all he was worth.

“What? You want me to stand here and watch Lisa get her brains fucked out?” I said with a chuckle. I reached down and palmed her pretty tit, squeezing the tight nub of her nipple between two of my fingers. “Or do you want me to watch as you make this kid shoot his wad all over the bottom of the table?”

She leaned her head forward and kissed my cock. “If you want to, you could watch.” She looked up at me with that innocent smile that she had used on me all her life.

Then she pulled me even closer and licked the underside of my stiff cock. She licked the full length. I felt her hot breath on my sack as she nibbled, licked and kissed along my dick’s throbbing duct.

“Besides daddy, I don’t think you should go back to the room just yet.” She held her gaze. Those sweet eyes were burning in to my soul. “Mom and Jackie just passed by from the spa. They said they were like totally wiped out and they were going to our room to take a nap.”

For the first time Lisa spoke. “Yeah, I think they had had a little too much of the bubbly at the spa and they wanted to sleep it off. They were kind of unstable as they went by, holding each other up and all. I think they wanted to do some playing too.”

I noticed that the boy had taker her clit and looked like he was pinching it pretty hard. “Oh yeah…yeah…yeah…do that some more baby…I’m fucking cuminggggg.” I watched as Lisa’s tight little body shuddered and shook, like a little private earthquake had struck her. “fuck…fuck…fuck…cuminggggg.”

As this was going on, I noticed that the kid with Candie had opened his eyes and was taking in the action. Suddenly his face was almost the same color as his cock. He looked down at it, then up at me and then over at Lisa, then back at his own crotch. His eyes darted between us all and then a thick geyser of cum fired out of his rod, arching several feet into the air and then splattered all over his naked body and all over my daughter’s legs. She squeegeed the protein rich emulsion from her skin with the side of her hand and then wiped it on his back.

“Oh gross!” Candie shouted, quickly standing up as though she had never seen cum before.

Lisa looked at her and the scene and started laughing uncontrollably. I watched in awe as her boobs danced and jiggled with her laughter. I also noticed a small puddle of spunk on the cement below her chair.

“That is soooooo disgusting!” Candie said, pushing the kid on his shoulder. “Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting!”

“Yeah, disgusting!” Lisa chimed in. “Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting…you guys are disgusting…now go away!” She got up off the kid’s cock and stepped away from him. A large gob of cum slipped out of her pussy and splatted on the pavement between her feet. The guy’s cum covered cock slapped against his leg as it came free.

“Go wash that nasty thing off and go away!” Lisa said as she gave him a good shove.

Both of the boys, totally bewildered by what had just happened, got up and stumbled away. Long strands of cum trailed from their crotches as they scurried out of sight. The two girls laughed uncontrollably.

“Boys are so disgusting!” Candie said as she reached between Lisa’s legs and gathered some of the cum that was still dripping from her naked cunt. I watched as she reached her slender pink tongue out to her fingers and licked the fluid off. Then she reached over and wiped a little on Lisa’s and then her own nipples.

Lisa leaned over and kissed my daughter square on the mouth. Their teenaged breasts were pressed against each other. “Yeah, boys are so disgusting.”

Soon I found myself sitting with my leg spread apart and one beautiful teenaged girl straddling each thigh. Their beautiful firm teenaged titties were swaying and jiggling invitingly as they ground their hot little pussies into the muscle I was flexing for their pleasure.

“So, daddy.” Candie said, “What do you want to do now?”

“Yeah, what do you want to do now?” Lisa asked as she slipped her hand down between my legs and stroked my once again interested cock.

“Oh, I know!” Candie burst out. “You could put sunscreen on us!” She handed me the bottle and changed positions so I could spread the lotion on her back.

“Yeah, that’s like a totally cool idea, Candie.” Lisa said. “But I think it will be more fun if I let him do my front!”

I looked down at the growing stiffness between my legs.

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