Sweet Delight

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You are lying motionless on top of a large antique mahogany table. The warmth from the fire place cascades over your naked flesh like gloved hands relaxing every muscle and nerve in your sculpted figure.

A small pillow rests beneath your head as a dark satin cloth covers you eyes. The elimination of your visual sense magnifies the acuity of the remaining four.

The ambient noise from the crackling flames drowns out all other sounds in the room. A faint waft of strawberry floats in the air as you keenly observe your surroundings. The texture of the warm wood beneath you feels of hundreds of years of polish and waxing.

You wait patiently yet eagerly for the night to begin.

As we walk into the room the vision of you perfectly placed upon the table brings a smile to our faces. The object of our desire awaits us ready and willing.

Your expression is emotionless as we approach; unaware of our arrival you continue to silently relax and wait for your guest to arrive.

The tinkling of the sterling silver spreader announces the arrival of your much awaited partners. You smile and start to speak but a finger quickly covers your soft red lips as you hear a, “Shhh” come from the other side.

A sudden chill interrupts your warmth as a sticky pasty substance is smeared across the round rise of your breast. The instant cold draws the pinkish round areola tight atop you breast. The firm unforgiving blade of the spreader scrapes over the crest of the globe pinning the hardening nipple under it until it passes allowing the rock hard bulb to spring back into an erect stature.

The same deliberate action repeats itself on your opposite breast finally eliciting goose bumps all over your upper body.

Slowly a trail of cool stickiness is carved out down the slopes of the glorious mounds traveling south along the smooth rising and falling abdomen curving around the naval.

As the trail approaches the Mons it widens and covers the bald baby smooth rise just above the clitoral hood.

Deliberately and delicately the pasty substance is painted up and over your clit and down the sides ataşehir escort bayan of you dangling delicate lips. All the while your breath hastens and stomach trembles as you lay perfectly still not knowing what would happen next.

A hot wet tongue begins to trace the outer edges of the sweet smelling paste on one side as the spreader finishes its work down below. The strawberry smell begins to fill the room as both breasts are becoming devoured by two mouths. The small seeds mixed in the jam scrape along your flesh ever so lightly. The heightened awareness if touch allows you to feel each and every little pebble as it moves along the skin reacting to each nerve sensor along the way.

On one side soft tender lips and tongue clean away the sticky jam with cat like laps and kisses. On the other side a stronger more masculine tongue scoops up the pasty treat from around your breast.

You feel the whisk of well groomed whiskers cross your smooth flesh as the chin of the stronger tongue clears away what little was left behind.

Both mouths reach the tip of your breast at the same time; on the right the soft tender lips slowly encircle the hardened nub sucking and flicking it gently. On the left a wider grasp of your breast is engulfed taking in the entire crest all at once. Slowly the lips close in on the nipple as the coarse hairs tickle and rival the seeds like little fingers massaging your flesh.

As the mouth on the right finishes it departs you body momentarily only to return with a soft passionate kiss upon your lips. The tender kiss is familiar and you savor the touch of your sister as she lovingly reassures you of your passions for each other.

On the left you can still feel the tongue bathe and twist around your erect nipple. Teeth rake up the length of your nipple as the last of the strawberry treat is removed from your breast.

Leaving just as quickly as she arrived you lick your lips tasting the sweet sticky substance she left behind. Just as you suspected; strawberry jam covered your lips in a shimmering gloss.

Her soft tender tongue rejoined the other as escort kadıköy they crisscrossed each others path like two ice skaters winding down a long frozen river.

Your stomach quivers as they make their way further down the length of your body tantalizing and teasing your flesh with erotic pleasure. Passing the naval and circling around again you gasp for breath as the obvious emerges.

Stopping just shy of the Mons both tongue vanish leaving you shivering with excitement. You feel the table slightly shift and a stronger warmth hovers over you. The appearance of a sweet aroma comes within range as you breathe deeply through you nostrils.

The strong feminine scent registers in your mind as that of your sister’s wet delicious pussy. You can tell form the pheromones in the air that she is aroused and the proximity of her devilishly decadent cunny is within inches of your mouth.

Hands grasp your thighs and spread them wide bending at the knees leaving you exposed to the elements of the room. With your hips rotated outward your legs rest comfortably on the table.

You feel the soft round globes of flesh brush across you stomach as she lowers her body. The stiff nubs on her breast trace back and forth over the tight muscles of your stomach as she settles into position.

Tongues return to your flesh as the two mouths lap at the smooth hairless Mons. With deliberate strokes they smear and clear away the sticky residue of jam. Saliva mixes with the jams causing a trickle of wetness to leak down the inner creases of your thighs reuniting just below the open hole of your hungry pussy. The small river dribbles down the short distance until it flows over your puckered little bum hole tickling and disappearing between the crevasse of you cheeks.

The weight of two heads rests upon your thighs, one on each side. On the right you can feel the soft smooth skin of your sister’s jaw line while on the left a mixture of smooth manly skin interrupted by a sharp well defined line of whisker grazes your skin.

Two tongues converge on the hooded clit atop you cunny. Their rhythmic motion resembles bostancı escort that of a dance.

The tongues tango back and forth over and around your love button bring you higher and higher with each musical step.

Pleasurable torture increases your wanting and willingness to cum. The sensation quickens your breath and ripples of orgasmic joy echo down into your womb.

Clawing at the table your nails dig in slightly as the buildup to orgasm approaches.

You can feel the tongues twisting and swirling together as they play out the rhythm of the forbidden dance of love over your clit.

Slipping down lower each tongue traces the outer edge of your pussy flipping and folding the respective tender lip on their side. You pussy opens wide with desire giving each person a clear view down into you womanhood. The moisture flows as your arousal grows mixing with the saliva and jam streaming down your bum.

Each lip is suckled stretching it out as your two lovers nibble on your wanton flesh. Your moment of joy is rapidly approaching signaled by the chirping emitted from you mouth.

First one then the other tongue dives deep inside your cunny like alternating pistons. A repetitive tongue fucking ensues driving you to the edge of control.

Two strong hands grab your thighs and lift your buttocks up off the table rolling you up spreading your lower region even wider.

As one tongue continues to dip in and out of your pussy the other circles and laps at the tight puckered hole covers in spit, jam, and cum.

The warm swirling tongue clears away the mixture of juices and laps at your bum hole. Pressing firmly trying to penetrate the ringed hole, it teases you beyond control.

Shaking and twisting you relent to the overpowering orgasm that has been building. The chirping gives way to a cry out of animalistic desire as you cum hard and heavy.

Like a pack of wild dogs your lovers lap and suck at the overflow of cum seeping from your pussy feasting on you until there is nothing left.

Lying their on the table you convulse and groan as the orgasm slowly subsides. As you revel in your pleasure your sister tips back just enough to plant her wet dripping pussy on your mouth as if kissing you after a magnificent sexual encounter.

The taste of strawberry and her cum fill your mouth as you drift upon the orgasmic clouds of lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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