Tabby Kat Ch. 07

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There’s still a long way to go. Please enjoy and leave your comments as well as your votes. I always enjoy reading what others think of my work, and never delete any from the list.

Chapter 7

Saturday late morning.

Dave woke and stretched. His mind wandered back to the night before, and he moved his hand to his cock, smiling. He wanted to jerk it, but knew that he needed to empty the piss from his bladder first. That meant that he had to go down the hall to the bathroom. And that meant that he would afterwards need to head to the kitchen, thereby having to forgo a good wank.

In the long run, it wouldn’t matter. He was very conflicted as it was. He wanted more than just a momentary one-off with Tabitha. He wanted her in the long term. He wanted to be like his Uncle Bill with her as Aunt Sue. But the indication was that she would never let him between her legs again. She had a date with Simon that night, and he was sure that that could only mean that they would be together. He was sure that they would use the bed in his van to fuck and she would only want him from that point on. Her future, he was sure, would not include her brother as her lover.

Emily looked up as Dave entered the kitchen. “Morning, sweetie. Breakfast?”

“I’m just going to have some cereal,” he replied sullenly near tears at his thoughts. He retrieved a bowl from the cabinet then cereal and milk before sitting at the table.

“Dave,” Emily began. “About last night…”

“I don’t want to talk about it, Mom. Just know that she was asking for it, and let it go.”

“You know that won’t hold up in court,” she chuckled.

“I don’t mean figuratively. I mean she verbally asked me for it. She wanted me to be her first. She said that Simon would only fuck it up leaving her frustrated and unsatisfied. Her last words before I started removing her clothes were quote ‘Dave Moore, will you fuck me please?’ end quote.”

Emily chuckled again. “Okay. Well, she certainly sounded as if she was satisfied last night. Anyway, that wasn’t what I was talking about. I’m concerned about your treatment of each other going forward. I don’t want either of you hurt, and I want to be sure that the both of you treat each other right. Don’t try to force yourself on her. Understand?”

“Shit, Mom. I’d never do anything to hurt her. You know that. Just like I told the cop you’re fucking.”

“Damn it, Dave. We only fucked once and I’m not in the process of fucking him now.

“Sorry, Mom. I meant the cop you fucked. Anyway, I’m not going to hurt Tabitha. She has a date with Simon tonight and she’s borrowing my van for it. I imagine she’ll come home afterwards well fucked by him and she’ll be with him from then on.”

“Don’t be so sure.”

“What’s that mean?” But Dave didn’t get an answer as they heard water running through the pipes and knew that someone was about to join them. Jim entered the kitchen and made his way to the cabinet to get his own bowl of cereal. “Everything alright?” he asked.

“Yeah. Sure, Dad.” Dave got up and after placing his bowl in the sink, left the room.

Within a few minutes, Tabitha walked into the kitchen humming to herself. Absently, she got a bowl of cereal and sat to eat still humming.

“You’re in a good mood,” said Emily. You must really like not being a virgin.”

“Dave was terrific,” she replied. “Don’t let him know that I really liked it with him, yet. I don’t want his head to swell. Well,” she smiled. “Not the one on his shoulders, anyway.”

“Oh, that is so bad,” said her father. Tabitha started humming again. “What is that your humming?”

“Remember the movie Star Wars? It’s from the scene where they enter the bar and the band is playing.”

“Oh. What put that in your head?”

“I don’t know. Just felt like the right thing to hum. By the way, I want to wash Dave’s van today. I’m going to use it for tonight’s date with Simon. Since it’s the last one I’ll go on with him, I might make it a good one, just so he’ll not feel left out.”

“That’s not a good thing to do, Tabitha,” her mother said. “Don’t string him along like that. Letting him fuck you is going to tell him that you like him, then when you break it off, he’ll think it’s because he’s not any good.”

“Oh, I’ll definitely tell him first. I’ll tell him at the restaurant. Then we’re going to a movie, and afterwards, I’ll let him fuck me as a going away present.”

“I’m not sure that’s the right thing to do. I agree with the restaurant part, but I’m not sure that the rest of the night is right. Let him make the choice, though. If he still wants to go to the movie, I guess that will be okay.”

Tabitha took her bowl to the sink. “I’m going to get started on the van. I’ll think about what you said, Mom. Maybe it would be better to keep my pussy hidden from him. But, maybe I’ll let him decide that, too.”

Saturday afternoon.

Dave sat in his room looking out the window that faced the front of the house. He watched as Tabitha washed the pendik escort grime off the Fuck Mobile, wishing she would have let him help her. One thought ran through his mind. He would do anything for her.

He made up his mind as he watched that he would not again ever take on another relationship. His heart belonged to his sister. As such, he would do all he could to keep her safe and happy. If she wanted Brian Roberts, he would do what he could to get him for her. If she settled for Simon, then that was her choice and he would not stand in her way. But he would make sure that whoever she chose to be with, he would know that if he ever did anything to hurt her, he would have to face her brother.

In his mind, he saw himself talking to a faceless groom before he took his vows at a wedding. He saw himself telling him that he only asked one thing of him. “Never hurt her,” he would say. “And I don’t just mean physically. If you cheat on her, that would hurt her, and I won’t stand for her being hurt. Whatever you do, I will protect my sister, whether that is from you, or from someone who would wrest your heart away from her. Do you understand?”

Tabitha scrubbed the van clean and used a chamois to push the water away to avoid water spots. Once she was done, she thought that it looked better than it ever had since Dave had customized it. Tonight was going to be a difficult night. Maybe, she thought, she ought to get some rest, especially since she hadn’t slept well last night thinking of her brother’s cock in her pussy. She had frigged herself off twice more before sleep finally overtook her. A nap would do her some good. But thinking about last night brought about those feelings again. What she really wanted was to have some time to get Dave to fuck her again. “Not yet,” she chided herself. “I need to wait until after I tell Simon tonight.” Her thought was that if Simon wouldn’t fuck her tonight, then she would offer her pussy to her brother. If Simon took her farewell present, then Dave would have to wait. She would not offer him “sloppy seconds.” A big part of her hoped that Simon would turn down the offer, but a small part wanted him to accept so that there would not be hard feelings between them. She grabbed the sack that had her panties in them from under the bed in the van and went inside to rest before having to clean up for her date.

Saturday late afternoon.

Tabitha awoke at around four thirty still horny. She had been tired enough when she finished the van that all she did was strip out of all her clothes after depositing the dirty panties from the ordeal of her kidnapping in the dirty clothes hamper and went to sleep. As she stretched, she felt the cool breeze coming through her window blow across her tits and reached for the hardened nipples. She twisted them slightly while she considered her options for making her pussy flow. Option one was to find Dave and get him to fuck her again. But that would mean that she would be offering Simon a cunt filled with her brothers cum. She didn’t think that that was a good idea. Option 2 was to use her own hand and bring herself off. That would be acceptable, but she thought that more stimulation would be better. Option three was see if her mother had a vibrator to provide the extra stimulation. But Emily had said that she had needed to run some errands since she hadn’t been able to do anything all week due to being home in case the kidnapper called. Option four was take a shower and while she cleaned herself getting ready for her date with Simon, use the shower’s massage setting to fuck herself and stimulate her clit. That was probably the best idea, especially since she had to get cleaned up anyway. She swung her legs off the bed and headed to the bathroom without dressing, not caring if her brother or her father saw her.

After flushing her piss down the toilet, Tabitha started adjusting the water temperature in the bathtub. She was bent over feeling the water coming out when she heard a gasp.

“Damn,” said Dave. “Don’t you ever close the door?”

“What? Don’t you like looking at your sister’s naked ass?” she asked looking over her shoulder and giving her hips a shake.

“Naked or not, I love looking at your sweet ass. But doing so causes certain… reactions.”

She giggled and stood, turning towards him. “Poor baby,” she purred as she grabbed his dick through his jeans. “All worked up and no girlfriend to fuck.” She leaned in and kissed him, swirling her tongue in his mouth as she undid the belt and button of his jeans. “Why don’t you take those off and join me in the shower? I would love to have you scrub my back,” she teased. “Or my front, for that matter.”

Dave didn’t wait to be asked a second time. He quickly removed his t-shirt and jeans, letting them fall on the floor as Tabitha turned the knob to divert the water to the shower. His cock stood straight up as his boxers came off and the two siblings entered the shower.

Tabitha turned once they were both in and wrapped her arms around his neck. escort pendik She leaned into him and drew his mouth to hers while rubbing her abdomen against his hard cock. Then she slowly worked her way from his mouth to his jaw.

Dave was busy with his hands caressing her ass and pulling her tight against him. As Tabitha moved her lips towards his jaw, he let his fall to her shoulder. His goal at the moment was to take one of her tits into his mouth. Then he felt her moving downward and could only kiss the top of her head.

She continued to kiss him as she worked her way down his shoulders, his chest, slowly flicking her tongue across each of his nipples before going further, her arms coming from around his neck and her right hand reaching for his dick, stroking it as she kissed and, her left gently kneading his balls.

As Tabitha had moved down, Dave’s hands had moved up. He let them move to the front of her and caressed her tits as she licked and sucked his. Then all he could do was run his fingers through her hair as she moved further down.

She licked around his navel for a quarter of a minute then finally reached her objective, licking down his abdomen then up the shaft of his rigid cock. She was already aroused and her pussy wet when she entered the bathroom, and now she was positively dripping. The hot water from the shower hit her back, pulsing and running down her ass, but she hardly felt it as she concentrated on her brother’s rod.

Dave moaned as he felt her tongue flick across the tip of his dick, gathering in the pre-cum that was leaking from it. He grabbed her head as she engulfed his cock in her mouth and pushed herself downward on it, taking as much as she could into her hot mouth before reversing direction and sucking on it hard, her cheeks caving inwards as it withdrew.

Tabitha used one hand to jack his dick as she sucked on it while the other rolled his balls inside the sack hanging between his legs. She moved up and down the shaft of his cock as quickly as she could with both her mouth and her hand, keeping up the pressure and sucking so hard that her cheeks caved each time she withdrew from his shaft.

Dave had chosen not to bring himself to orgasm so far that day, waiting for when he knew she would be on her date with Simon, probably giving him the same ministrations he was now feeling from her mouth. His breathing quickened as her mouth drew him in and his heartbeat raced. He felt her tongue twirl around the mushroom head of his dick and let out a moan. For all her inexperience, she sure was more than capable, he thought. She let his cock free from her mouth and licked it like it was a melting ice cream cone. Then she ran her tongue back down the shaft and took his left ball into her mouth, gently sucking on it before switching to the one on the right. Her hand never stopped pumping his cock and he could feel it gripping and the thumb sliding over the head to spread more of his pre-cum on it. She released his ball from her mouth with a slight pop and moved back up his shaft, moving her hand out of the way of her tongue and then regripping it. Her mouth again wrapped around the head of his dick and she pushed herself down, taking as much of his hard eight inches in as she could. As his cock reached the back of her throat and she felt the need to gag, she backed off until just the head of his thick phallus was in her mouth. Then she pushed back down, her hand pumping downward ahead of her mouth and then back up following her mouth, jacking his dick as she sucked. It wasn’t long before he felt the familiar tingle in his tightening balls announcing that he was close to filling her mouth with his cum. “Tabitha,” he groaned.

She looked up at him, still sucking him in and out of her mouth while her right hand gripped his cock and followed or proceeded her mouth up and down his shaft. Her eyes smiled at him and she let out a moan of her own around his cock as she felt it harden some more as he flexed his pc muscle.

“Fuck,” he said. “I’m going to cum.” She sucked his dick in as hard as she could, about two inches inside her mouth while she quickly jacked his cock, moving him ever closer to his release. Then with a loud moan, he erupted in her waiting mouth, ropes of his cum filling it almost faster than she could swallow. A small line trickled out one corner as she continued to milk his shaft of his cum. Finally, after six spurts, his cum diminished, and she began licking his shaft clean, pulling the remains of his cum from his cock into her mouth. Then she traced the line that had escaped her mouth with a finger and pushed it back in, swallowing it before giving his cock one last quick kiss and rising back up from where she was kneeling in the tub.

“Always delicious,” she said. “Now, me.” She turned them so that he was closer to the shower head and she stood in the place he had vacated.

Dave started the same way she had, kissing her mouth. He could taste the remnants of his cum on her tongue, but didn’t care as it was better to have pendik escort bayan that than to not be able to kiss her. Then he moved to her jaw as she had done before moving down his body. He wasn’t as patient as she had been, and soon she was holding his head to her as he flicked his tongue over the nipples of her tits, sucking as much of the flesh into his mouth as he could.

Tabitha moaned as she felt his mouth leave her right tit and moved down to her belly, circling her navel as she had done his. “Thank you for porn on the internet,” she thought to herself. If it hadn’t been for the stories she had read and the videos she had watched, she wouldn’t have even thought about teasing and foreplay.

She lifted one of her legs as he reached the mound of her pussy. He leaned her back against the wall of the bathtub stall and draped the lifted leg on his shoulder as he kissed her thigh and then licked up it to the edge of her hairless cunt. Teasingly, he circled her pussy, ignoring the quivering lips, swollen with desire.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed. “I’m so fucking horny, I’m dripping wet. Make me cum, big brother.”

Dave finally took pity on her and began to lick her pussy. He pushed his tongue into her fuck hole, lapping at her leaking juices. Then he moved upwards, flattening his tongue to brush it across her clit.

“Shit!” she nearly yelled. “Yes!”

He circled her clit with his mouth and began to suck on it. Then he pushed two fingers inside her hungry twat, curling them upwards towards the spot he knew would drive her crazy with desire. While flicking his tongue across and sucking on her clit, he pumped his fingers against the soft gravely feeling spot at the top of her pussy.

“Oh, fuck,” Tabitha cried. Her juices flowed heavily onto his fingers.

Dave dipped downward and lapped up the copious juices again and probed her cunt with his tongue. He wrapped his hands around her, grabbing her ass and pulling her tight against his mouth. Her breath left her lungs raggedly and she panted trying to gather more in as the rate of her heartbeat raised. He moved again to her clit, pulling it back into his mouth. He sucked on it and she moaned again. His tongue flicked across her clit as he alternately sucked and released, sucked and released.

“Fuck,” She cried again. “Fuck! Fuck! Shit! I’m fucking cumming.” She let out a moan than screamed “YES!” as her body was racked by the intense orgasm that rolled through it. Dave lapped at her cunt as her fluids rushed out of it, coating his face and tongue with her cum. As her body returned to a more normal state, she slid her leg off his shoulder and let herself slide down the wall.

Dave stood in front of her, his dick once again hard and wanting the feel of her pussy wrapped around it. “Let me get my feet back under me to where I am able to stand and I’ll let you fuck me from behind. I definitely want you inside of me.”

She let herself relax, then stood on wobbly legs. Once she was more sure of her strength again she moved into the water, letting it remove some of the sweat from her body. Then, she reached behind her and grabbed his dick again, stroking it calmly.

Dave felt Tabitha’s hand on his cock. He held her up and pulled her back to him, kissing her neck. Her other hand reached over her shoulder to hold his head to her as she let out a sound that was almost a purr. He wrapped his arms around her and gently caressed her tits as she stroked his cock back to full hardness.

After a few moments caressing each other, she released her hold on her brother and placed her hands on the wall of the tub’s stall, pushing her ass back towards him. “Fuck me, lover, ” she said. “I need you inside me now.”

Dave didn’t waste any time. Pressing forward, he placed his throbbing cock at the entrance of her fuck hole and pushed it in. Slowly, he began to fuck in and out of her sopping wet cunt. The water cascaded over the bodies of the two siblings as they fucked, splashing between their bodies and causing a wet slapping sound as he drilled his cock into her pussy and slammed into her ass with his abdomen. Since he had just cum a few minutes before, he was able to last longer this time. He reached around her and rubbed her clit with his fingers.

“Fuck,” she said. Her moans were loud and long as she felt her pussy release her love juices again. She felt her brother move his cock in as deep as he could, sending her into her own private heaven. Deftly, she flexed the muscles of her cunt, tightening it around his shaft. She pushed back on his cock at the same time forcing him even deeper as she grabbed his ass to hold him into her and increasing the contact to try to push him to orgasm.

“Fuck, you feel good,” Dave exclaimed. “I love you, Tabitha.” He felt her cunt grip tighter on his cock.

“I love you too, Dave, baby.” She continued tightening her muscles as his cock pushed in to her cunt. His fingers on her clit were once again adding to her arousal, and she could feel her second orgasm building. “Keep going, my love. I’m close again.” Dave pounded into her pussy as he worked his index and middle finger on her clit. Before long, her scream of release could be heard throughout the house. “Aaaaaagggh! Fucking hell, yes!”

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