Tabby’s First Overseas Experience

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Stranded at a big airport in an unfamiliar city at night. This was not how Tabby had expected to start the first leg of her big overseas trip. Stuck in the airport lounge at midnight made her feel very alone in the world, still these were the things that would test her.

The announcement had come at 11.30 that the aircraft they were to use had developed a fault and all passengers were requested to wait in the airport, as engineers would attempt to repair it. A cynical traveler near Tabby had muttered that they would be stuck all night in the airport. Sure enough the announcement that the aircraft would be ready at 5.30am the next morning came soon after. A few passengers left the building but for most it would be an uncomfortable night. There had been about 70 people booked for the flight. Now only 40 remained in the airport lounge trying to find a spot to sleep.

Other than the stranded passengers, and a couple of airline staff who remained to look after them, there were only a couple of airport workers floating around doing the cleaning, looking after security and making some minor repairs to facilities.

Tabby found a seat on one of the hard plastic chairs. There would be no comfort here but then she did not really expect to get any until the plane left in the morning. The passengers were well spread out in the lounge so she was quite surprised when a man came and sat opposite her. They exchanged a nervous smile before she took out her Cosmopolitan and started to read. He had a newspaper.

It was a hot summer’s night, even though the airport air-conditioning kept the temperature controlled. Tabby was dressed in a pretty little white cotton summer dress with large purple and blue flowers. A pair of white sandals covered her delicate feet.

The article title read: Where would you have sex? She read on. The article talked about all kinds of public displays of affection and talked about a number of kinky places where couples could have sex in public. She giggled at the thought of the back row of a church. Overall the article was making her feel a little horny.

She heard the rustle of his newspaper and looked up. He had put it down for a moment. The stranger was looking in his briefcase. Their eyes met momentarily. Tabby cleared her throat and returned to her article, blushing about the thoughts that had just flashed through her mind.

“I was just going to try and buy a drink. Can I get you something?” His voice was gentle and quiet.

Tabby looked up again. She looked around to see who he was talking to, then realised it was her.

“Oh, um, you talking to me?” She asked.

“Yes, sorry to disturb your reading. I just though I would offer,” he said.

“Thank you, that would be very good of you,” Tabby smiled. Now she took a greater interest in the stranger sitting opposite. He was tall, his dark hair cut short and neat. It was difficult to say how old he was, probably in his thirties she thought. He was definitely very handsome looking.

“What would you like?” He asked.

“Um,” Tabby didn’t want to say outright that she was horny as hell and would jump on his cock if that was ok. “A coke would be fine.”

“Sure, would you keep an eye on my things while I try and find a machine or something?”

Yeah, sure,” Tabby smiled. She wriggled uncomfortably on the plastic chair as he stood. Her eyes followed his butt as he walked away into the airport.

Soon he was back with a can of coke and a hot coffee. She thanked him as he handed the cool can to her.

“My escort kartal name is Michael,” he said as he sat back down with the coffee.

“Hi, I’m Tabby,” she replied with a smile.

“This is great being stranded here all night,” he continued. “Were you expected somewhere?”

“No, not really,” Tabby said. “I am just starting my big overseas trip.”

“Oh, the big young persons adventure,” Michael contemplated. “So how old are you? You seem very young to be doing it alone.”

“I’m 18, and very independent,” Tabby said, a little indignant. Maybe he wasn’t so cool after all.

“Sorry, I meant that as a complement,” Michael corrected.

They continued to chat. Most of the passengers were quietly sleeping or resting as best they could now. There was very little movement in the large open plan lounge. Even the airport workers seemed to have drifted away somewhere.

“Michael, are you married?” She asked suddenly.

“Um, no,” he responded. There was a short pause. “I’m divorced. About a year ago.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Tabby sympathised. “ What woman would want to give up such a kind man?”

Michael smiled at her. “Actually she left me for a younger guy,” he said finally.

“That is sad,” Tabby said. “You are incredibly attractive you know.”

It was Michael’s turn to blush. The young girl was stirring thoughts in Michael’s head. As he looked at the sexy young figure sitting opposite him those thoughts soon transferred to his crotch. His cock began to harden as he looked at the firm young breasts shielded by the white summer dress and the long slender tanned legs.

“We should try to find somewhere more comfortable,” he said in a dry whisper. “Were we can get some sleep for a while. It will be a long day otherwise.”

Tabby smiled and agreed. Nervously they both stood up, picking up their things they walked away from the public seating area. Dimly lit by the reduced airport lighting was the long passage of duty free, beauty shops and banks. These small cubical like enclosures included travel shops, a book shop and rental car companies.

Michael stopped be side a rental car desk. The desk area was open, but the door to one side was locked. Michael put his case and brief case down.

“I always rent from these people. I don’t think they will mind if we get some privacy in here,” he smiled at Tabby.

“But its locked,” she responded.

“Just keep a watch for me,” he said. Tabby had no time to protest as Michael jumped over the high counter.

The door to the office behind was locked but the side door opened from the inside and lead into a small lounge area with two couches and two chairs and a coffee table. Michael opened the door to let Tabby in.

Once inside he helped Tabby put her backpack down. They were standing facing each other now. Both felt their hearts racing. Tabby gulped as Michael looked at her.

“You are really beautiful Tabby,” Michael remarked as his hand came up to brush her face.

Without replying Tabby moved forward to accept his touch. Her eyes were lost in his gaze as their lips met. It was a soft, long lingering kiss. Michael’s hand clasped the back of her head and held her gently, his other hand coming up around her waist to hold her to him.

Tabby let her hands fold around him as they kissed again. This time Tabby let out a little sensual moan, just as their mouths met. Michael’s hand dropped from her waist to her butt, feeling the gentle curve of her tight ass through the soft maltepe escort cotton dress. Tabby could feel a certain dampness in her panties, it made her squirm a little.

“Oh, Michael, that feels so good,” she said in his ear as the kiss broke.

He didn’t reply, he just kissed her ear, then her neck as his hand pushed up under the soft cotton. Tabby moaned again, one of her hands finding his chest. Slowly she unbuttoned his business shirt, exposing his broad tanned chest with its fine down of hair. It was Michael’s turn to moan as she played with his nipples.

The hand slid over her butt, feeling the silky smooth white lace panties. Her breathing became shorter and faster. His touch was soft and gentle. As they kissed again he pulled her closer. His hard cock rubbing on her thigh. That hot dampness spread in her panties.

As they broke the kiss his hand slipped into one side of the lace panties. Slowly he tugged on the flimsy white material. The panties seemed to slip down her shapely legs to the floor with ease. She smiled as she looked into his eyes. His hands slipped back up her body, caressing her breasts as he ran each big hand over them.

Tabby let her hand find the bulge in his pants. It was so large that she could grasp it easily through the fabric of his trousers. Slowly she tugged on it a couple of times. As she pulled the zip down he did the same to the zip of her dress.

Both the dress and his pants fell to the floor together. His cock stuck out at right angles through the fly of his boxers. It made Tabby giggle.

“You can laugh,” Michael said. “The girl with no panties.”

Tabby went red as she realized she was standing there dressed only in a lace bra covering her firm young 18-year-old breasts. She giggled a second time. “Well now I will be the girl with no clothes.” She reached behind her and unclipped the bra, letting it tumble to the floor.

Michael looked at the body before him. His cock twitched. She was so hot and beautiful.

He stepped forward, kissing the young girl and moving her around toward one of the couches. She melted to his movement, slowly lowering her naked body to the couch. He lent over her, kissing her lips, tasting her once more.

His cock was still sticking out erect from the white boxers. He held it in one hand as he moved between her long silky legs. Their kiss lingered as he slowly pushed her legs further apart. Then she broke the contact to moan as the head of his cock found the soft damp swollen lips of her pussy.

His lips kissed her cheek as he pushed in, deeper and deeper as she moaned more and more. There was no holding back now, Tabby felt an orgasm hit her, shaking as it tumbled through her body, tensing her pussy. He relaxed, letting her pleasure surge on.

As it subsided Michael began to thrust into her, long, hard thrusts. She could feel each one, snaking up into her hot wet pussy, hitting her cervix as he moved in and out. The thrusts were getting harder and harder.

His hands found her breasts, touching them, holding them, tweaking at the nipples. Her moans grew once more as his cock thrust up over her clit. She kissed his chest, her lips finding his nipple. Michael moaned now. She was almost ready again. The feeling was building as he grew more frantic.

“Oh, Michael, oh,” she exclaimed. “Yes, oh, harder, harder.”

In it pushed. Up into her. Filling her body. His thrusts strong and hard. The cotton boxers rubbing against her upper thighs. Every sensation was heightened.

“God pendik escort bayan Michael,” Tabby moaned as her orgasm hit. Her pelvis shuddered as he pushed in. Her pussy clamped on it, interrupting his thrusts for a moment. A flood of wet juice slid from her as he resumed his thrusts. “Yes, oh yes. Dear God, yes.”

His lips closed on her nipple as he pushed back into her. Her hands were clasped around his back, the long nails gripping him. Her legs were entwined around him, pulling his hips in toward her as he thrust in and out of her.

“Oh yes,” he called out. She could feel his body tense and his cock seemed to stiffen even harder. “Tabby, I’m going to cum.”

“Yes, do it Michael, fill me wit your cum,” she called back excitedly.

“Ohhhh,” he moaned as his sperm erupted. He thrust deep into her, holding her to him as he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum up into her womb. Slowly the cum slowed and Michael began to relax. Tabby started kissing his chest again as he sank back.

His cock slipped from her, sticky and wet. They kissed deeply. He looked at her and smiled.

“That was wonderful,” Michael smiled.

“Yes it was,” Tabby replied.

She looked at his still partly rigid cock. It glistened in the dim light. Without a thought she moved onto her knees, placing one either side of his body. She sunk her red lips to the wet, long, hard cock. Tasting both their juices she began to suck it in, sucking it in deeply, making it twitch back to life.

Michael looked the length of her body, watching her breasts hanging below her, her pussy, still red and swollen from his thrusting, a little dribble of cum at the entrance. It was too much for him. Slowly he licked her inner thigh making her jump again. Then his tongue found her swollen pink clit, flicking it backward and forward.

Tabby moaned between her sucking on his big hard cock. It was throbbing between her lips as she licked along the lower side and sucked hard on the soft head. Her tongue ran along the slit, tasting his cum that oozed out.

Michael’s tongue found her hot hole. He too tasted both their juices as he licked around it. Then he brought his finger up to penetrate her. Again the brunette moaned with a mouthful of cock. In and out he slowly eased the finger across her clit and deep into her tight pussy.

Up and down the hard red cock her mouth slid. Taking it deeper and sucking it harder. His balls were tightening as she massaged them through the white cotton boxers. Her tongue worked its magic as her lips formed a suction around the hard shaft.

“Oh God,” he let out suddenly, moments before a hot stream of cum shot from his cock. Tabby took it in her mouth, swallowing quickly. The second shot filled her mouth and the third caused a flood down her pretty chin. More and more hot jism filled her lovely mouth, dribbling over her chin.

The shock was too much for Tabby who shuddered to a climax, her hips shaking and her knees going weak. Michael lapped at her juices, sucking on her clit as she gave a moan, letting his cock plop from her mouth.

A fine dribble of cum slid down Michael’s shrinking cock as Tabby licked some cum from her chin. She bobbed down once more to lick his cock clean. Michael moaned again.

Quickly she swung her leg around again to face him. Her face was a mess with cum and his chin was glistening with her juices. She lent into him and they kissed. Then they licked up the juices from each others faces before kissing again.

“Oh babe that was great,” Michael said. “You sure know how to make a guy feel good.”

“Thanks,” Tabby said. “I really needed that. You were great too.”

They smiled at each other before falling asleep on the couch. The rental car people would be in for a shock in the morning.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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