Tami and Bo

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The blond sleepily reached over to fondle the flaccid cock on the man sunbathing next to her. Her fingers traced a path up its length until it reached the velvety skin of the head and then she circled the end of it with one finger. The man murmured his approval and his cock started to inflate under her tender ministrations.

She was laying on a chaise lounge in the shade next to a pool under an umbrella while he was next to her but taking in the mid afternoon sun. They were next to a pool by a large mansion. Away from them were two other women laying face down in the sun, a rather lanky brunette and somewhat shorter blond. They were facedown, topless and seemingly oblivious to what was happening just 75 feet away.

The blond with the cock in her hand had a tiny yellow bikini top covering her breasts. Her arms and legs were those of a weight lifter and her skin had the healthy peaches and cream tone of someone in excellent health that did not subscribe to sunbathing. Her ample hips were encased in tight, black gym shorts that were meant for someone smaller. She had shoulder length blond hair and a beautiful full mouth. She licked her lips repeatedly as she rubbed the man’s cock.

He was obviously use to her touch and once his cock started to grow in her hand it did not seem to want to stop. He was tall, well tanned and muscular. His body was hairless except for his pubic patch and his large balls were shaved as well. He lay there with his legs apart as the luscious blond next to him made him grow in her hand.

As he got bigger she helped by moving her hand up and down slowly on his shaft. The flaccid cock she started with doubled in size and then double again as she kept stroking it. Eventually it rose upwards on its on and she helped to hold it upright by gripping it around the base.

He turned towards her and said, “Now look what you have done.”

“I like to finish what I start,” was her only reply.

With that the man stood up next to her where she lay propped up in her chaise. From this position she was able to guide him to her waiting lips, which she did. Her little pink tongue darted from her mouth and flicked the end of his large cock. He groaned his approval and she opened up her sweet mouth to suckle just the end of his güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cock head. It was not obvious that she would be able to get very much more of him in.

Tami sucks him in

She bobbed her head up and down on the end of it and he helped by giving gentle thrusts into her lips. She slowly worked more and more of him into her while she watched his face for his approval. He reached down behind her neck and undid the tie that held her bikini bra up. Letting it fall exposed her peach-like breasts with hardening nipples centered directly on them. While her breasts were rather small, her muscular chest seemed to make them stick out proudly.

He reached down to fondle one of her firm titties and said, “I want to fuck you Tami.”

She pulled him from her mouth and said, “Then shut up and do me, Bo.” with a smile on her face.

Bo moved to the end of the chaise and knelt down at the end with his wet, rigid member swaying menacingly in the air. Tami scooted down to the end and raised up her hips so that he could move her shorts over her hips. When he did so he exposed her shaven pussy and it was quite a sight to see nestled between her muscular thighs. He removed her shorts from her legs never taking his eyes off of her fat shaved mound.

Once her shorts were off she spread her legs so that he could kneel between them. Doing so showed her fat outer pussy lips that were glistening with dampness. Bo only looked at this delightful sight for a moment before he grasped his throbbing cock in one hand and guided it to the damp opening.

While Tami was a large, strong woman, her pussy was not quite as big as it should have been to take on a tool such as the one Bo was packing. He pushed the tip of it into her and the tightness of her stopped his progress when about half of the head was in. Tami reached up above her head and grabbed the chaise lounge sides in order to brace herself for the upcoming onslaught.

Bo slowly pushed his hips up to her as she groaned. With short slow thrusts he started to make progress on getting his considerable length up her love tunnel. While his girth was straining her pussy lips and obviously causing her some discomfort it was also obvious that they both wanted this and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri had done it before. Her wetness helped ease the situation and Bo relentlessly worked his cock into her now steaming cunt. In seemed like it took forever to get to the point where his balls were resting on her firm round ass. When he reached this point Tami opened her eyes and smile up at him

“Fuck me Big Boy.”

“Oh you will be well fucked before I am through with you young lady.”

With that he withdrew until his cock head was the only thing left in her and in one slow relentless thrust he reentered her to the hilt. Tami let out a groan but her hips rose up to meet his assault. When he pulled out of her this time his glistening shaft was bulging and the veins were standing out on it. Her clit was showing in her naked lips and he reached down and massaged it gently with a dampened finger. If she was hot to have him fuck her before he started doing this, she was positively mad with desire now. He continued to drill his large cock up into her as he rubbed her wet little clitty.

Her small breasts rose and fell with her deep breathing and hips were raised in the air to help him get her off. Every time he slid his big cock out of her she whimpered as it made a wet sucking sound. Every time he drove into her she braced herself and groaned softly.

He hadn’t given her two dozen strokes like this before she went off like a skyrocket, bucking hard enough to make the chaise lounge move. When she came, all of the muscles in her body tensed under her smooth skin and her cunt gripped him so hard he could no longer fuck her but merely had to wait with his cock half in her until she calmed. She had spasm after spasm on the end of his cock and Bo just kept rubbing her clit with his finger to keep her coming as long as he could. After what seemed like a long time she quieted down and opened her eyes to look up at him.

“That was great, Bo.”

“You want some more?” he asked.

“You know I do you big stud. Why do you even ask?”

“Because you are so tight I never know when I am hurting you,” he replied.

“Let’s just change positions.”

Bo pulled his cock out of her tight hole and Tami got up from the chaise lounge. güvenilir bahis şirketleri She folded a towel at the foot of it and kneeled on it with her ample backside towards Bo. Leaning forward onto the chaise lounge gave Bo a view of her beautiful cunt between her separated thighs. She grabbed on to the chaise as he guided his cock back to her opening. Her face and torso pushed into the padding on the chaise as he started to punish her little cunt with his cock. While she groaned with the pressure he was putting on her you could tell she was enjoying being assaulted from behind. Bo grabbed her hips on either side and slid his snake up into her.

He went into her easier this way but she was still deliciously tight on his shaft. As he drove into her, her tits raked across the cushion of the chaise lounge and her mound was forced onto the sharp edge at the foot, giving her clit an indirect stimulation. Bo slid into her until his balls were up against her firm ass. He then commenced to stroke her in the most workmanlike manner.

“Come in me, Bo,” she begged as he fucked her relentlessly. She could sense that she was going to go off again soon with his big cock doing the things it was doing to her.

In answer Bo just drove his cock harder into her steamy slit. The pressure of his cock and the movement of her mound on the chaise lounge made her grip the chaise harder trying to delay her next orgasm. She was successful for only a couple of more strokes before the waves of ecstasy washed once again over her body. Her body tensed, her vagina tightened and she yelped with the pleasure he was giving her. Bo stopped his thrusting until her cunt released his grip on his straining cock.

When she quieted he asked,” Had enough?”

“Not until you come in me,” she said.

“He will never come in you like that.” This came from the brunette who had been lying a short distance away but had now move closer to sit and watch Bo fuck Tami. “Want me to show you how it is done?”

Bo and Tami turned to look at the brunette, who was still topless, and obviously had been watching them intently for some time. Her elbows rested on her knees and her head was in her hands as her large brown breasts swung freely from her chest.

“Well maybe you should show her how,” said Bob with a smile, looking at her tits. “But not here. Let’s go inside to the hot tub. With that he withdrew from the freshly fucked Tami and helped her to her feet. He took the hand of the brunette and helped her up and then walked hand in hand with them to the big house.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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