Taming Ruchi Ch. 03

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Warning: The story has some same sex moments, please avoid reading if you are not open to it. The incidents depicted in this story bear no resemblance to any living and true character.


Rahul’s mother Alka looked beautiful for her age. Coupled with that, she had a very well-maintained body. She dressed elegantly in a saree or salwar-kurta at home and I always found her attractive.

But, Alka’s question to her son Rahul on whether he liked sniffing his mom’s panties or my sister Nikki’s panties baffled me. I wanted to make sure that I had heard the right words, especially because earlier that day my sister Nikki had caught me and Rahul in an embarrassing situation at our house.

I surely did not want to make a fool of myself this time. Neither was I eager to miss out on action that went in the room.

My first instinct was to listen quietly, but I realized that it was a god-send opportunity to know the entire plot. What kind of parents would encourage such free discussions about sniffing women’s panties?

So, I pulled my t-shirt over my pajamas in a bid to hide my erection and continued to climb upstairs. On the first floor, I saw a big door, partially open. I took a deep breath and pushed the door wide open.

The view was spectacular!


Rahul was standing, with his pajamas down at the ankles. His cock was bobbing up and down in excitement. He held a pair of purple cotton panties. In front of him was seated Alka. Yes, the beautiful and graceful, mom. Her saree was up around her waist and thighs were apart. Her big pussy was clearly visible. There was not a hair on Alka’s pussy. Her lips were big and protruded out and glistened with cunt juices.

I inferred that Rahul was holding Alka’s panties.

A littler further away from Alka sat Ruchi. Dressed in a skirt and top, the way I saw her at dinner. But, she was also holding a pair of deep blue panties. Those couldn’t be possibly Ruchi’s, I thought. No, they were my sister Nikki’s panties- the same ones with which Rahul and me were playing earlier in the day. One look at Rahul and my suspicion got confirmed.

My parents were very conservative with money and often bought the most basic stuff for us. Nikki did not have fancy panties bursa escort and wore plain-Jane stuff that had elastic bands at the waist and thighs.

So, Rahul must have brought them surreptitiously, I thought. I looked angrily at him, but he avoided eye contact.

The other interesting part was nobody was alarmed after I walked in. Rahul remained standing, his dick ever so erect. Alka remained seated exactly the way she was, her thighs open and pussy on display.

All three of us in the room were now looking at Alka for her to say something. I looked at her and then at her cunt, but held my hands away from my dick. I knew that the smallest of touch would make me explode and I did not want to cum just yet.

There were just two chairs in the room, so Alka asked Ruchi to make way for me. I quickly took the chair, not taking a risk with my excited rod. Ruchi walked towards Rahul and casually stood beside him – both brother and sister holding a pair of panties in their hands.

Alka repeated her question to Rahul, asking him whether he liked sniffing her panties or my sister Nikki’s.

Rahul took another whiff at her mom Alka’s panties. He then asked Ruchi for my sister Nikki’s panties and had a go at it. He seemed undecided.

“Mummy, I think I am used to your panties and since Nikki’s are a novelty for me, I will go with hers,” he said.

Alka asked him to hand over both the panties to Ruchi.

“Let Piyush have a go at my panties Ruchi. Let me see if Rahul’s theory holds,” she said.

Ruchi walked towards me, both panties in her two hands. Her fingers brushed my hands when she handed over the panties to me. I will never be able to describe how that felt. I mean, my student handing me her mom’s panties in front of her mom and brother. Can it get kinkier?

But even before I could have held the two panties properly, Ruchi snatched them back. I looked up at her quizzically.

“Mummy, can I help Sir with the panties,” she asked Alka, who nodded in appreciation.

Ruchi turned Alka’s panties inside out and folded it in a way that only the gusset was visible. I could see some encrustations and spots on the gusset. By now, my dick was aching to come. I urged Ruchi to bring the panties closer to my nose quickly.

She smiled playfully bursa escort bayan and stood very close to me. She then brought her mom’s panties beneath my nostrils. The strong and putrid smell coming out of Alka’s panties triggered a violent ejaculation.

I started groaning and held Ruchi tightly. She brought her arms around me and my head was between her two small breasts. It fell very nice.


I am not sure how it happens with other men, but this was the first time for me, that even after ejaculation my dick was stiff. Besides, I still felt good. In normal course, when I ejaculate after masturbation, I feel bad and low.

Ruchi was now breathing heavily and she withdrew away from me. I looked at Alka and Rahul. Both of them were smiling. Alka asked me get out of my pajamas, which I did quickly.

She asked me to get off my t-shirt too. I obliged. She also asked Rahul to get out of his clothes. Both of us were now completely naked, standing in front of Alka and Ruchi with our half-erect dicks. I saw Ruchi was firmly focused on my cock.

I looked down at my dick and saw that a lot of cum remained stuck at the head and at the balls. I bent down to pick my pajamas to wipe my dick clean, but was interrupted by Alka.

“Nobody in this house wipes his dick,” She said. Alka asked me sit on the chair and looked at Ruchi.

Ruchi knelt beside me on the floor and even before I could utter a word, she had my entire dick in her sweet mouth. I was ecstatic. I held her hair firmly and started thrusting my cock aggressively in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Alka got up and opened her saree completely. She was now only in a blouse and bra. I saw her massive ass for the first time.

Alka then sat down and looked at Rahul. He moved and knelt beside his mom and soon his tongue disappeared in Alka’s hairless cunt.

All this was too much for me and I started ejaculating again, this time in Ruchi’s mouth. She was an expert cock sucker and did not let a drop of my sperm fall on the floor. She smiled cutely at me, but did not ease her grip on my diminishing cock.

I had to struggle to make her leave my cock. I felt extremely weak after cumming massively within such a short duration and all I wanted now was to sleep. escort bursa But that was not to be.

Ruchi was by now squatting at the other side of Alka. She held Rahul’s dick in one hand and asked him to extricate his tongue out of his mummy’s pussy. She then kissed Rahul passionately, licking his tongue thoroughly. It seemed that Ruchi wanted every single drop of her mom’s juices wiped off from Rahul’s tongue.

At that moment, Alka asked Rahul to get up. She then reclined back on her chair, but this time her legs were the air, leaving her pussy completely exposed. The new position ensured access to both Rahul and Ruchi and together they sucked and licked Alka.

After a laboured 10-15 minutes, Alka started crying out loud as she exploded. Her muffled cries were outdone only by the slurping sound Rahul and Ruchi made. They were hungrily licking all the juices coming out of their mom’s cunt.

Now, Ruchi stood up and pulled out her panties. She then pulled her skirt up and sat in her mother’s lap. Alka helped Ruchi raise her feet in the air and now her cunt was clearly visible. All this while, she was looking at me, in the eye.

Ruchi’s pussy was not shaved, which surprised me. How come the mother’s cunt was barren and the daughter didn’t feel the need for it. Yet, her thick, juicy lips were clearly visible.

By now, my dick was struggling to get back on its feet again. It would have gone up for a third time had it not been for Rahul, who obfuscated the beautiful view of Ruchi’s cunt with his head. Yes, it was the brother’s turn to lick and suck his sister. Rahul slurped Ruchi’s cunt juices, while Alka began pinching her nipples.

Ruchi was having a ball, but sitting at a distance, I could just hear her muffed moans. Her cunt was hidden and she still had her t-shirt on. Ruchi started cumming soon after. It seemed that all the exhaustion and excitement had sucked all life out of her and she fell asleep in Alka’s lap. Alka, too, dozed off.


Rahul slowly stood up, his face glistening with Ruchi’s juice. He wiped his face with a towel and asked me to go downstairs and sleep in his room.

The orgy, if I can call it that, must have gone for 2-3 hours. I looked at Rahul’s cock greedily, not for him, but for his sister’s juices, but felt so spent. I picked up my stuff and went down. I also picked up one more piece of clothing, unnoticed from Rahul. Ruchi’s cum soaked panties. It was tit for tat – an eye for an eye- a panty for a panty!

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