Taylor , Gary Ch. 01

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The day had started out nice and sunny, but now it was storming matching the mood of a current young woman who’s serving a sentence of staying home (and school) for a month. Sitting in her favorite window seat in her house Taylor watches as nature’s fury continues to shower cats and dogs.

‘I just wanted to hang out with my friends…’ Taylor started thinking, ‘Okay so yeah it was the 5th time this week I was out past curfew but still… Daddy did say that I needed to think about being more responsible… UGH! This is so frustrating…’

Now Taylor really wanted to be out with friends but she found herself checking out her dad recently and noticed that he was actually pretty handsome. More often than not she would lay in her room and masturbate to his picture, silently telling him stuff asking if he liked what she did.

There’s 2 things she didn’t know however, one of those was that her dad had caught her masturbating and would walk away thinking that Taylor was sexier than her mother who had left them just 2 years prior. The 2nd thing Taylor didn’t know was that everyone in the family, males mainly, were cursed to want incestuous relationships with their children, siblings, or anyone in their families. Once the child turns 18, the parent is basically so in love with them it’s almost a sickness to not answer the call of the curse. A couple centuries ago one of Gary’s ancestor’s pissed off a Fae family by not agreeing to a marriage between the 2 families. The story was passed down to every male generation on his 18th birthday remembering the conversation Gary had with his own father as he wondered how the same thing would go with Taylor, this is part of what was told from that fateful day.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WON’T ALLOW IT?!” The accusation came.

“Just what I said. No Dickson is ever going to marry anyone in your family.” Male ancestor Dickson.

“Then I curse you and every male in your line to have sexual relations with every member of your family until a member of your line and mine marry!” Says the offended Fae.

After the generations through history the name changed from Dickson to Dickerson, Gary and his now ex-wife had 2 other pregnancies that didn’t survive to term. As the days to Taylor’s 18th birthday drew closer he was reminded that in order for their line to continue… She either had to marry the descendant from the offended Fae or have incestuous relations with him.

Looking at his daughter now, where she was pouting, he debated whether or not to tell her of their families curse. Sneaking up behind her Gary hugs his daughter and asks her what she’s thinking about.

“Daddy,” Taylor starts to say, “I know I’m grounded but my birthday is coming up and I don’t want a big party. I just want you and me to celebrate.”

“Where’s this coming from baby girl?” Gary responds.

“I don’t know…” Taylor answers, “Something in my heart is telling me to bursa escort stay home with you. I just want to spend time with you and forget that ‘she’ left us.”

“I know sweetheart.” He whispers, “Then junk food and movies it is… Well… Some junk food anyway.”

At this Taylor starts to plan how she can get daddy between her legs and take her virginity. During the next few days as she writes in her journal her ideas start to formulate into a plan.

When Taylor’s birthday dawns it’s very overcast and dreary, which lines up perfectly with her private plans. Today she is wearing a form fitting shirt with only nipple covers for a bra, and no panties under her skirt which is just barely on the too short side. Gary comes into the living room and stops short at the sight of the outfit Taylor is wearing.

“Hey daddy.” Taylor greets cheerfully. “Your usual? Bacon and cheese omelet?”

“Uh… Um…” He stammers, “Y-Y-Yeah that’s right…”

‘Okay… Get it together old man…’ Gary tells himself, ‘She’s just wearing what she would if the day was nicer…’

“Um… Honey?” He starts, “I-Isn’t it a little chilly to wearing that outfit?”

“Maybe if I went outside…” Taylor responds. “That I know of we’re staying inside… Right?”

“Oh… Yeah we are…” Gary answers as he sits down at the table.

Once he sat down Taylor bends over to get something out and ends up flashing Gary her bald teenage pussy. For a while all he can do is stare and think to himself about the things he would/could do with and for Taylor but has a hard time because of the internal debate between morality and the curse.

‘Oh fucking hell… I’m getting a hard on thinking about Taylor’s pussy…’ He mused silently watching her move about the kitchen. ‘Why am I thinking like this? It’s so wrong on so many levels… But the damn curse… Oh what am I going to do?’

“Here daddy,” Taylor interrupts Gary’s internal debate, “Just the way you like it.”

“Thanks baby.” He says to her breasts as they come into view.

‘Why isn’t he doing anything?’ Taylor asks herself, ‘Maybe he’s shy about acting on it… I can tell he’s getting aroused but maybe he’ll think it’s wrong…’

After sitting down she asks Gary what kind of movies are lined up as well as the snacks for it. Telling Taylor the movies are a surprise, he informs her that the snacks are the usual suspects meaning candy, popcorn, and soda’s for her beer for him.

‘Although I’d rather be tasting that pussy between her legs.. And I’d love to have her legs wrapped around me.’ Which does but doesn’t surprise Gary when he thought that he had all those thoughts under control.

“Hmm…” Taylor sighed around a mouthful, “I can’t wait to find out what the movies are. Can we start after breakfast?”

“Sure baby girl, start cleaning up and I’ll get the snacks.” Gary responds.

Nodding Taylor finishes cleaning the table, bursa escort bayan then sits on the couch with her eyes covered while Gary places the first movie in. Upon hearing the theme for the Star Wars saga, it was all Taylor could do not to spill everything when she hugged her daddy because she was so giddy. Chuckling as she hugged him, Gary could tell this would be her best birthday even when she leaned over to sit back in her spot and he saw Taylor’s bald pussy again.

‘I’m not gonna last much longer… Maybe I should give in… Or i could just ask what she wants… Yeah I’ll do that.’ Gary thought to himself. “Sweetheart? What do you really want for your birthday besides hanging out with this old man for a movie marathon with junk food?”

“Well…” She hesitated, “I want you daddy… I want to feel you inside me, on me, everywhere…”

Gary decided that at this moment he would tell her about the family curse. “Taylor… Honey… There’s something i need to tell you…”

Seeing that he was serious Taylor pauses the movie and turns towards him. “It’s okay daddy we don’t have to…”

Waving off her last statement while taking a drink he then says, “It’s not that, believe me I want to be inside, outside, everywhere with you… (chuckling) but I need you to slow down a little bit because we need to discuss something that’s very important.”

“Yes daddy.” Taylor answers.

“Well it seems that give or take 200 years ago one of our ancestors told another family who is Fae that he wouldn’t allow his son to marry their daughter. Once that happened, the offended Fae then cursed every male in the family to want sexual relations with their family members. That being said… I’m the last male in the family line.”

Hearing this Taylor just sat quietly for a minute thinking about what was just said, “Well… Maybe the family curse is why I’ve been feeling this pull towards you since I’ve been grounded…”

“What do you mean?” Gary asks seeing her in a new light.

“Well only that… Since I’ve been home and not running around so much I’ve started to see that you’re very handsome and I don’t want to go out as much as I used to anymore.” Taylor replies.

“You do know that once we start this…” Gary sighs, “People won’t look kindly on us for doing this even if you’re 18 years old now…”

“That’s their problem.” Taylor says flatly. “They’re not us, I’m an adult and can make my own decisions whether others like it or not. That doesn’t mean I’m going to broadcast it for everyone to know, only the special someone I marry later will know the truth.”

“That’s good to know.” Gary starts again, “But there’s another part to the curse I haven’t told you about yet… The curse is only lifted once someone from our line marries someone from their line… I don’t even know if they’re alive anymore or not…”

“Whether they are or not doesn’t matter to me escort bursa right at this moment daddy.” Taylor responds.

“You’re right sweetie,” Gary smiles pulling her close sliding his hand behind her neck he leans in and gives the lightest of kisses to Taylor on her lips, and it’s this little touch that is his undoing.

Sighing into the kiss Taylor lightly touches Gary’s arm which in turn has him pushing her roughly onto the couch and reaching under her skirt, if you could call it that, and plays with her pussy lips.

“Daddy…” Taylor sighs pushing him away for a second, “I’m a virgin… Please be gentle?”

Looking down at her Gary smiles lovingly nodding his head and resumes kissing her as well as playing with pussy. Feeling bold Taylor reaches down to feel what’s poking her leg while daddy kisses and rubs on her, causing him to moan and rub a little firmer.

‘Finally… I’m getting my wish… I wonder would happen if…’ Taylor was thinking.

As she’s thinking about what to do, Taylor takes the hand she’s using and moves towards his ass, giving it a light squeeze causing Gary to moan against her lips.

“Taylor stand up please…” Gary requests getting up as well. “Would you like to see what you do to me?”

“Yes please?” She responds in a little girl type voice.

Groaning Gary kisses her firmly one more time, then begins to undress by taking off his shirt, belt, and socks. As he’s taking off his jeans, Taylor notices his cock poking out partially from Gary’s underwear.

“Is that what I do to you daddy?” Taylor asks almost innocently, rubbing her hand on the tent between his legs.

“Mhmm yes baby girl…” Gary sighs, then grabs her hand. “But if you keep that up we’ll be done before we even start, and I have so much to show you about how to get pleasure out of your body.”

“Okay…” Taylor answers, “Should I get undressed too?”

“Not yet… I’ll do that for you… Part of what we’re doing is foreplay… It’s a way to excite your partner more so that when you make love it’s that much more stimulating.” Gary tells her.

While he’s talking Gary steps closer and lightly pushes up her shirt until his fingers graze her nipples causing her to gasp. Removing the covers Taylor’s using, he starts to suck on one than the other nipple and pushes her shirt up the rest of the way and off. After a few minutes of lavishing attention on her breasts, Gary reaches to the back of her skirt and slowly lowers the zipper of it making it fall to the ground. Gary then feels the stubble on her pussy lips and realizes that she shaved more recently than he thought earlier.

“Did daddy’s little girl shave just for me?” He asks.

“Mhmm daddy… That feels so good…” Taylor whimpers, “Don’t stop… Yes daddy… I thought you would like it.”

“Lets take this to one of the beds…” Gary suggests, “But first can you help me out of these boxer-briefs… They’re a little confining…”

“Sure daddy…” Taylor moans at the thought of seeing her daddy’s cock for the first time.


Next chapter to come soon… vote and comment… please be kind this is my first story.

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