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I walked into English literature as usual and sat down at my desk, it was thankfully right at the back of the classroom so I didn’t have to bother with the lessons as much. I so couldn’t be bothered with this lesson, our teacher had been off ill for ages and we hadn’t even completed the revision for our exam that was in three weeks. I took out my anthology as the other students filed in, they all looked as sick to death as I was. I began reading some poems before the class fell into its usual drowsy state, it was the end of the day and as it was winter it was getting dark early, and the Head teacher put the heating up so high you felt yourself nodding off.

My best friend, Katherine, sat two desks in front of me and threw a note at me which hit me square in the forehead making her laugh. I unfolded the crumpled piece of paper frowning at her, secretly very glad no one saw the paper hit me as I would have went red. It had scribbled across it in her writing this:

“Lottie!! The sexiest man alive will be coming into the classroom in at least 3 minutes time. Love K x”

I looked up at her and she winked then tapped her wrist watch. I looked around and none of the other girls seemed to be awaiting a gorgeous guy, so what the hell was Katherine going on about. I opened my desk and pulled out my note pad and gel pens, I thought why not doodle seeing as I have nothing else to do. I uncapped a gold glittery pen and began to drawing on my notepad and I looked up as the classroom door opened.

Two men stood in the doorway, shit head Mr.Grandthorpe and a someone who had their back to the class, this must be him. He had a nice bum, and broad strong shoulders and muscular arms. I strained a little to get a better look but failed as everyone in front of me seemed to be doing the exact same thing, I sat back in my seat, disappointed.

They were muttering about something so I slid my things back into my desk and looked at Katherine who turned around and fanned herself with her anthology, fluttering her eyelashes playfully before turning back around to stare at the man. I wish I could see his face, go away Grandthorpe you loser! Then he looked up, no not handsome backed man, but Grandthorpe, straight at me.

“Why do you not have your anthology out?” he drawled, his voice was like oil, or gloopy ink running towards me at a sloth pace through the room, all of his words dragged out. I glared at him and felt my cheeks blush slightly as the other man turned around, he was breathtakingly gorgeous. Grandthorpe entered from the doorway, his B.O filling the room making me want to wretch.

“Well seeing as we in fact haven’t had a teacher for about…6 months then I’d like to announce I’ve learned it all by heart.” Both men just stared at me and then the gorgeous man spoke.

“Well, it’s a good thing that I am taking over, hopefully you’ll have the same amount of dedication to the Lord of the Flies book which you’ll be studying with me, we’ve delayed the mock exam you are having also so to give you all time to catch up as well, I do hope your pleased Miss -“

“She’s called Charlotte. She has a wicked mouth on her so you’re best to keep your eye on her.”

“I think he meant your ears Sir, as using your eyes to listen to my wicked mouth wouldn’t be very clever, would it Mr. Grandthorpe? Also, I prefer being called Lottie.” He glared at me and the apparent student teacher grinned, his green eyes staring at me twinkling.

“See what I mean? Lottie indeed! I best leave you to introduce yourself, school finishes at 3.10 pm. Goodbye class.” Mr.Grandthorpe glared at me and left at the students mumbled goodbyes. I then returned my attention to the gorgeous student teacher.

He walked to his desk, all of the girls giving him an amazing amount of attention as he did this, and put his files in his desk drawer.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him, he had a manly chiselled jaw with stubble which made him look even better, and his hair was slightly messy, as though he had just gotten out of bed, this made me think of… well lets not think about that, he’s a teacher I reminded myself. His eyes were a gorgeous green colour, I was mesmerised by him to be honest. I was just staring at him, my mouth slightly open, he must have noticed every female looking at him.

“Well class, I’m Mr…never mind that, I’m Steven,I prefer Steven to be honest. Today we’re going to get to know each other instead of studying the boring stuff. So, um, lets start with you.”

He pointed at a flustered Katherine who began to giggle strangely. I snorted at this and so did the rest of the class, the gibbering fool.

“Your name?”

“Oh, Katherine Smith.”

“Lovely too meet you.” he smiled at her and his flash of white teeth stopped every girl in the room. I wasn’t able to tear my eyes away from him.

“And you?” he was going round the entire room, ataşehir escort bayan making all the girls turn to mush and all the boys try to turn on some macho persona to compete with him.

Then it came to me, my turn to introduce myself, although I didn’t need to.

“Lottie, hello again.”

“Hello.” I said smiling, trying to prevent my cheeks from turning into two red apples.

“Now, it would seem I already know your name…hmmm, tell me something else about you?”

I looked at him and all that went through my head was you’re gorgeous and I can’t believe I even have your attention! This amazingly sexy man was looking at me with a slightly raised eyebrow, the corners of his smooth lips curling into a cheeky smile, slight dimples appearing in his cheeks making me melt.

“Well Lottie? I am your teacher and I demand you to take part in this exercise just like everyone else.” Our eyes never tore away from each other, we were staring and the class noticed too.

Katherine spoke up.

“Lottie fancies someone in the class, there’s a fact for you Steven.” she cooed, grinning at me and winking. I went red. Some of the girls giggled and Steven raised his hand to silence everyone.

“Now, who is the boy? Or girl?” he said, a playful tone in his voice that only I seemed to have caught.

I opened my mouth to argue that I was not gay but Katherine spoke up again

“Oh its someone who’s a little bit out of reach for her-“

“Shut up.” I said, Katherine couldn’t possibly know that I fancied him, he’d only been in the room fifteen minutes.

“Come on then Kathy, who do you think I fancy then?” I dared her, and she smiled and shrugged. I crossed my legs and pulled my pleated skirt into place, I noticed his green eyes trailing slowly up my bare legs and then catching my eye.

“I don’t know Lottie… you never said his name.”

I felt relieved that she wasn’t going to embarrass me further. Stevens’s gaze was still on me and I could feel sweat gathering on my skin. Why was he so good looking? Why did he keep staring?

“Oh well then, we’ll keep that for another time.” He winked and I gasped, why did he wink? Did he know I fancied him? I was suddenly thinking rude thoughts about him. What did his body look like under that shirt? And how I liked the way his brown eyes glimmered when they became amused or interested… and how he couldn’t take them away from my legs or chest.

He’s a teacher I reminded myself. But I wanted him all of sudden, not just finding someone attractive… but lusting after him.

I gulped as I watched him write on the board, his muscles flexing. He told the overly eager girls at the front to hand out the books, they all swooned but he didn’t take any notice. We were a class of 18 year old girls acting like love sick 14 year olds every time he moved, or flexed a bicep. I even became jealous when he gave another girl student any attention, but he always made glances towards me.

We read the first chapter of the book, but I couldn’t concentrate as he paced the classroom, brushing his hand on my shoulder as he passed, and even stopping to ask how I was doing, his breath on my neck making me shudder, the way I noticed him licking his lips as I read. I glanced at him, why was he doing that? Why was he making me focus on his lips?

Then the bell rang.

It was the end of school and I made sure I moved as slowly as possible out of the classroom knowing I had to wait another 18 hours ( yes, I had counted ) until I could see him again… and then I heard it. His voice saying my name, and I turned to see him beckoning me towards him. I looked around to double check it was me he wanted but the corridor was deserted. It was me he wanted. I walked back into the classroom.

“Yes?” I said as he showed me to a seat in front of his desk.

“Oh, I just thought you worked very well today, despite the warning from your other teacher.” I looked at him smiling, sweet of him. I still wanted to kiss him… and touch him…I put my bag down and looked up at him.

“Oh thank you, he just doesn’t like me.” I said twisting in the seat as his eyes were still on me.

“I don’t see why, you’re a beautiful…” he trailed off, his eyes widening at the slip of his tongue, and noticing he’d brought more attention to his mistake

“I mean well, um attractive and intelligent-“

“I think your sexy too.” There. It came out of my mouth, just went whoosh, I had no control over what my tongue was doing alongside my vocal cords.

His mouth opened and closed, and he looked down , a smirk spreading across his mouth. He got up walking towards the classroom door and closing it and leaning against it with his arms crossed against his chest.

“Now, Lottie, you just did that thing, where you put a teacher like myself into a very dangerous situation.” he looked up, escort kadıöy the grin still there.

I had to have him. I really did. I could feel my pussy getting wet between my crossed legs, underneath my pleated skirt. I bit my lip.

“Oh, no don’t be biting your lip…why are you doing that?” he said, a slightly pleading sound in his voice, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from me.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“You didn’t” he said softly, I felt myself moving my hand up my leg, inching my skirt up a bit so he could see my thigh.

“Lottie what are you doing?” he said moving forward slightly, he was clearly confused as to what he was going to do.

“Nothing.” I said, innocently letting my skirt fold so it became shorter, making it look like an accident, even letting him glimpse my red french underwear…His eyes lit up.

“My first day… and you caught my attention immediately… and now you’re trying to seduce me?” Steven said, looking at me with a hunger in his eyes. I looked at him, smiling slightly, trying not to be turned on, but I really was. He’s a teacher, he would get in so much trouble if he got caught, but I wasn’t stopping.

I stretched a little, pushing my chest out, making sure he looked at my breasts.

“Sir, what’s wrong?” I said playfully. I looked down at his pants and I could see his hard dick pushing against the material. I gasped and he realised, strategically putting his hands on his crotch. I laughed.

“Why do you have to be so gorgeous?” his voice quiet as though he had gone shy… I looked up at him. I longed for him. Why was this attraction between us so sudden? I had never gotten like this before over anyone.

He clicked the lock on the door and I stood up, my heart beating hard

against my chest.

I didn’t know what to do, was he going to take me here in the classroom? Or was he going to send me home in embarrassment at even attempting to seduce a teacher? My mind raced alongside my heart which was thumping so hard against my chest. He walked towards me grabbing me by the shoulders so my lips were inches from his, he traced a finger along my full lips and a tingle went down my spine, he gripped my face in his hands and pushed his soft lips against mine. I moaned against his lips, pushing my body against his, grabbing onto his tie and pulling him deeper into the kiss. I felt his dick press against my hip and we both opened our eyes and I pulled away, becoming shy all of a sudden, but he soon changed my mind again.

Grabbing my body and kissing me frantically again he slipped his tongue into my mouth making me moan again as my tongue searched for his, to taste him again, his sweet taste. I then found my hands dragging themselves slowly up his body, un-tucking his shirt and running my fingers over his gorgeous skin, slightly moist with sweat as I pushed my hands over his muscles and towards his chest feeling every inch of his skin, he was panting leaning against me his eyes closed.

I kissed his lips again and his eyes snapped open as I took his hands and pushed them onto my breasts, I could feel my nipples harden under the lace of my bra. I gasped as he began to unbutton my shirt so I did the same to his, revealing the most gorgeous body I had ever seen. He was every inch perfect… I tugged at his tie and it slid to the floor, I gasped at his body. He was amazingly sexy.

He slung aside my shirt reaching around and unhooking my bra letting my breasts feel his breath and he licked them and kissed them.

He pulled me against him so my chest was against his, the feeling of his skin on mine was indescribable. I rubbed him through the material of his pants and he shuddered, I wanted him to touch me, I wanted him to make me come.

He picked me up and sat me on his desk hiking my skirt up so it sat neatly around my waist, leaving my French knickers on show. I blushed. I couldn’t help but do so even though I was half naked something about being this exposed to this gorgeous man made my teenage body ache with shyness, and as though he had heard my thoughts he leaned forward and whispered

” I want you so much, please let me be inside you…”

I closed my eyes and nodded, this was like a dream, a lustful fantasy, a smile creeped across my lips as I slid my underwear down. He undid his trousers and let them drop, then only his tight boxers were left, leaving nothing to the imagination. I leaned forward sliding them down his muscled thighs and they dropped to the floor. He came closer to me, his dick throbbing, long hard and thick.

I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me. He looked at me straight in the eye, like we did in class and I parted my legs so he could stand in between, where all the wetness was, he moved forward holding onto his hardness and guided it just to the entrance of my pussy, he began to slide maltepe escort the tip up and down my pussy lips, feeling all my wetness and making me even more turned on and he brushed against my clit, I moaned, so he did it again, my clit was swollen and sensitive and I gasped each time he rubbed his cock over it. Then he pulled away, I looked at him longingly and he thrust his fingers into me unexpectedly making me moan loudly. He kissed me to silence me as he thrust his fingers in and out of my tightness, my juices leaking onto the desk. He licked his fingers and licked his lips.

I blushed again, this intimacy with a stranger was so new to me. He leaned forward and whispered

” You taste so sweet…”

He moved forward again so his cock was at my tight hole again. I looked into his eyes and he smiled teasingly. I moaned in anticipation, I’d never seen a cock so big and was just desperate to feel him fill me. He pressed it so it slid inside me ever so slightly making me stiffen. Suddenly lust just took over me, I wanted him to fuck me hard immediately so I grabbed his arse cheeks and slammed him all the way inside me, his eyes widened as he let out a loud moan. So did I, his length filled me to the brink, I gasped as he stretched me. I moaned so loudly I covered my mouth, shaking with fear at the thought of someone discovering me with this gorgeous teacher but the longing for him making me go on.

He stayed still for a second or two, letting me get used to his size and he slid out of me making me gasp, then back in picking up the pace, I pulled his head towards me and moaned into his ear

” Please please fuck me…”

He stopped moving and looked down at me, he bit his lip as he looked my naked body up and down, his cock pulsing inside of me… He drew it out a little then… started fucking me hard. The wood surface of his desk sticking to the tops of my thighs and cheeks of my arse as I got sweatier, the desk rocking as he went deeper and deeper into me, knocking the breath out of me, his breath moist against my breasts, the smell of his aftershave and sweet sweat filling my nostrils. I pushed him away from me and he looked at me in desperation, I didn’t want him to stop, but I wanted to be on top of him.

I pushed him to the floor and straddled his body letting my wet pussy hover over him for a little while as the tingling sensations of sex subsided slightly, I lowered myself onto him and began to rock backwards and forwards, grinding against him, moans escaping his soft lips. I was in pure ecstasy… the feeling of him so deep inside me as he grabbed onto my hips and drove me harder down onto him.

I moaned and panted, sweat starting to roll down the valley between my bouncing breasts, my long hair sticking to my back.

I tossed my head back as he began to touch my clit with one hand while he massaged my left breast with the other. I gasped as he began to touch my clit faster making my pussy get wetter and wetter. I could feel myself begin to orgasm, the building up and rising of sensations until I couldn’t keep it in anymore and my pussy clamped around his dick, he moaned loudly and shouted out “Ohhh fuck Lottie!” his voice filled with lust as he came at the same time as me, feeling him fill me with his juices. I moaned as wave after wave of pleasure took over my body, my sweet juices pouring from me over him and onto my thighs,until my I became too sensitive and I had to push myself from him, feeling our skin peel from each other and his dick slide out of me.

I was lying on my classroom floor with my gorgeous teacher, the cool of the floor making my back not want to peel away from it, but it did as he pulled me towards him so our naked bodies were pressed against each other. I looked at his face, his stubble rubbing against my soft cheek, the perfect manliness of him grasping me in his strong arms. I looked into his green eyes and was mesmerised. I smiled as our heart rates returned to normal, our chests pressed against one another. I kissed his lips and he returned it passionately as we embraced. He pulled away and shook his head and laughed and kissed me again.

“I never thought I’d fall for a student, in under two hours and have sex with her after class” he paused “Lottie?” I was so flattered that I didn’t look away from his mouth as he spoke.

“Yeah?” I said, still panting slightly, my clit still throbbing between my legs.

“You are absolutely amazing…just wow.”

“Steven, I want you too know, I’m not a slut. I’ve never done this before… with a teacher…” he raised a finger to my lips and shook his head, looking deep into my eyes he said softly

“No, I knew you weren’t like that as soon as I saw you, only a special kind of girl attracts my eye.” He kissed my forehead and I smiled and lay my head on his chest feeling that he was going to end this, making me feel like a stupid student. There was a moments silence, and then all the lights went out.

“Oh, they’re locking up… Hmmm, I’m feeling a bit sweaty…you fancy a shower back at my place?”

I looked up at him, he was deadly serious…And I was in no way going to refuse…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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