Tell Me Your Fantasy

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Devin has one arm draped lazily around my shoulder. I’m curled up against him, left leg draped over his and my head on his chest. It’s a lazy Saturday. I’m in panties and an old band t-shirt, and Devin is wearing loose sweatpants. An episode of Parks and Rec plays on the laptop toward the foot of the bed.

“I still say we should put a TV in here,” Devin says.

I frown. “Absolutely not.”

“Maddy, we spend so much time in here anyway.”

“You’re not hiding out in here during NFL season,” I insist.

Devin rolls his eyes. “Yes ma’am.” He kisses the top of my head, and I tilt my face up to meet his. We begin lazily kissing, our attention drifting away from Netflix.

I pull myself closer to Devin, pressing my chest against him. A thin t-shirt is the only thing between my skin and his. Devin bites my lower lip, and my heartrate increases. His right hand reaches up to massage my breast, and I feel his cock begin to harden.

Devin slowly rolls me onto my back, pressing his body down against mine. He kisses my neck, my jaw. “Tell me about your fantasies,” he whispers. His hands pull at the hem of the shirt and pull it over my head.

“What?” I murmur.

He tosses the shirt aside and places his laptop on the nightstand. When he looks back down at me, his eyes are hazy with desire, and when he leans back down to kiss me, I feel his fully erect cock pressing against me.

“When you’re lying in bed, touching yourself, working your fingers in and out of your hot, wet body…” He slips his hand inside my panties, teasing me. “What do you think about?

My breasts are heaving. “I think about a lot of things.”

He nips at my earlobe. “Like what?”

I bite my lip, reluctant to share. Devin laughs at my uncharacteristic shyness and kisses my lips. His fingers rub slowly against my clit.

“Do you ever fantasize about girls?”

I freeze. He looks at my face.

“Knew it.”

I slap him. “Shut up!”

He laughs, then kisses me again. His mouth works its way down my torso, across my flat stomach and down to my panty line. He hooks his fingers around my underwear and pulls them down my legs. They join my t-shirt on the floor. He lifts my right leg up and slowly kisses my calf. “So in these fantasies,” he says between kisses, “Is it just you and her? Or am I ever there as well?”

“Depends.” He continues to kiss my leg, slowly working up toward my thigh. He holds my gaze the entire time, and I’m finding it difficult to breathe. “Sometimes I’m sitting on her face while you shove your cock down my throat.” His grip on my leg tightens. “Other times I lie in bed, kissing her perfect, soft breasts while you watch.” I see the spark in Devin’s eye, and I lean into it.

“I kiss her breasts, her stomach, her legs…” I murmur. Devin’s breathing is growing ragged. He puts my leg down and places his face between my legs. He kisses around the most delicate places of my body, but holds off on fully satisfying my craving. “I put my face between her legs and lick her clit. And while I’m eating her out, you finish escort ataşehir yourself off. And when you’re done…” Devin removes his tongue from my clit and hovers over me. I pull his face down to mine and press my lips up against his ear. “When you’re done, your cum flies all over her chest, and I lick it off. I lick it off, and then she flips me onto my back and fingers me until I’m screaming in ecstasy.”

Devin’s voice is tight when he growls. “Are you sure I’m the bi one?”

I smile, then shove him off of me. He obliges, rolling onto his back. I pull his pants off, liberating his erection, before climbing on top of him and kissing his torso. I run my tongue slowly across his hips. Then I kiss the tip of his cock. Devin grips my shoulders, his fingers digging into soft flesh. I let my mouth fill with saliva, then slowly lick his cock from base to tip. I lick it over and over again, lubricating it as I watch Devin’s body grow more and more tense. Once his cock is nearly dripping with my spit, I crawl up in bed beside him.

I place his cock in my hand and begin working it. I kiss his neck and breathe into his ear as I pump his engorged member. His breathing is ragged, and I can tell he’ll finish quickly.

“Shit,” he breathes, confirming my suspicion. “Shit, Maddy. You’re supposed to finish first.”

“Not if you’re man enough to go down on my after you cum.”

A half-laugh escapes his lips, but it’s cut off by a moan of pleasure. I squeeze his cock a little tighter, working my hand up and down the lubricated shaft. I can feel his precum mixing with my spit.

“Oh god. Maddy, I’m going to cum.”

I kiss him feverishly as I continue to work his cock until the warm, white semen spills across his torso. I release his cock, and before he can relax, I’m hovering over him again. My tongue runs along his body, lapping up the tart seed that’s spilled across his stomach.

“Jesus Christ,” he breathes. I glance up between licks to watch him watching me. We maintain eye contact as I lick up the last of his cum. I climb back up in the bed and kiss him.

After we kiss, I press my lips to his ear. “I’ve been fantasizing about that for a while.”

Devin groans.

“You know what else I’ve been fantasizing about?”

“Mm-mm.” He shakes his head.

“I’ve been fantasizing about you rolling me onto my stomach, and slowly kissing my back. You kiss my back and knead my ass. You cup your hands around my breasts and kiss my neck, and I can feel your hard cock pressing against me. I fantasize about lying there in my underwear while you grind me from behind, before pinning me to the bed and shoving your cock inside me.

Devin cuts me off, doing exactly as I’ve asked. Within moments, I feel like screaming. I can feel his weight pinning me to the bed as his body grinds against my own. My clit rubs against the mattress, driving me wild, and I can feel what’s left of Devin’s erection pressing against my ass.

“Shit,” I moan. “I want you inside me.”

I feel the pressure release as Devin sits kadıköy escort up. He grabs my ass and lifts it off of the bed. I feel two fingers plunge inside me. I should’ve been expecting it, but I wasn’t. I scream. The noise isn’t flattering, but it urges him to push his fingers in deeper.

I’m pressed up onto my forearms, and Devin’s fingers work in and out of me at a furious pace. He kisses my neck and breathes in my ear as he rams his fingers deeper into me. “You like that?”

All I can do is moan.

“Christ, you’re hot.” I can hear his fingers slipping in and out of my entrance. “I’m going to be hard again by the time you finish.”

“I think I can take care of that.”

His breath is hot, and my ear is filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and his fingers moving through my sticky sweet cunt. There’s a slap of skin on skin as his hand meets my ass as his fingers plunge deeper and deeper inside me.

“Will you suck my cock this time?” he whispers. “Do you want me to pin you against the headboard and shove my cock down your throat?”

I groan. I can hear the discomfort in his voice as he utters the aggressive words, but he knows it turns me on.

“Will you do whatever I want? Will you let me cum on your breasts? Will you suck on my balls? God, Maddy, I want my balls in your mouth.”

I can hear the sound of his hand smacking my ass. I imagine his balls smacking my ass as his cock pounds inside me, uninhibited by the latex of a condom. I imagine…

“Spank me.”


“Just do it.”

Devin slides his fingers out from inside me, and I feel his hand hesitantly rest on my ass.

“Christ, Devin. Do it or don’t.”

He gives my ass a tentative smack. I shake my head. “Like you mean it,” I say. He hits me again, harder. This time, I gasp. “Harder!” He smacks my ass a third time, and I feel heat radiating from the spot. “Oh my god.” He smacks me again before I can ask. The surprise adds to the sensation. “Finger fuck me. I’m so close.”

Devin flips me onto my back and shoves his fingers back inside me. He works them frantically as he lowers himself over my body. He kisses my body and eventually reaches my clit. HIs tongue works feverishly, licking up the juices his fingers are causing my pussy to spill.

I feel a warmth in my stomach. “Don’t sto-” But as soon as I open my mouth to speak, the warmth grows. My back arches, and I gasp for air. My pussy contracts, and I feel the muscles in my thighs tense. “Uhhhh!” I moan. I want to be quiet, but it’s so much better if I make noise. I continue to moan as the orgasm sends ripples of pleasure coursing through my body.

I’ve barely finished when Devin begins fondling by breasts. I feel his erection pressing against my leg. “How are you hard again?” My breathing is still shallow from the orgasm.

“I told you.” He bites my neck, sucks the skin between his teeth. My eyes roll back in my head.

“Dominate me,” I mutter.

Devin pushes me up in the bed. I follow the command of his hands until I’m sitting up, my head maltepe escort bayan against the padded headboard. My heartrate spikes as he looks into my eyes. He refrains from speaking, but his eyes ask if I’m positive he wants me to do this. I smile coyly at him, my hands sweating slightly from anticipation and nerves. Devin is naturally a gentle person. When he’s rough with me, it’s because I expressly tell him to be. I’ve never taken his entire cock into my mouth before, and I’m desperate to know what it feels like.

Devin gets onto his knees, his ample cock hovering before me. I lean forward and lick it, lubricating it. He moans and braces himself against the wall. I part my lips around the tip of his cock, intending to tease him, but Devin leans forward, slowly sliding his cock into my mouth.

My chest tightens as I take him in. I focus on breathing through my nose as Devin tests how much I can take. I look up at him and see him watching me intently. Maintaining eye contact, I reach around and grab his ass, pushing him deeper into me. I gag slightly, but force myself to take in his entire cock. As he slides himself back out of my mouth, I hollow my cheeks, creating suction. Devin groans.

Devin’s cock pops out of my mouth, and I smirk up at him. “Fuck my throat.” The words are barely audible, but I can tell he hears them. I look down at his cock and guide it back into my mouth. This time, Devin moves faster. His cock slides all the way into my mouth, grazing the back of my throat.

He slides back out, then in, his speed increasing. I feel my eyes water as I fight down the urge to gag. With each thrust, his cock rubs against the soft flesh of my throat, and I moan as he uses me to pleasure himself. Devin groans in response to the vibration of my voice on his cock, and I continue to moan around his shaft, delighted by the sensation it provides him.

I glance upward. Devin’s eyes are closed, and the muscles of his forearms are taught as he continues to fuck my throat. He’s going faster now, hips thrusting his cock deep inside me. My head bangs against the headboard. Water is spilling onto my cheeks, and I’m grateful that I’m not wearing makeup.

I reach down between my legs, and my pussy is soaked. As Devin’s cock continues to ram into my throat, I finger myself. I almost don’t want him to cum. I can’t get over how hot this is. I hear Devin groan my name, and I realize he’s seen me fingering myself. I moan around his cock as I flick my clit back and forth. Devin gasps, and I feel warm semen shooting against the back of my throat. Devin’s body tenses even more, and his thrusts become shallower as the cum spills into my mouth and across my tongue.

“Take it,” I hear him whisper. “Every last drop.” I sigh, and his cock pops out of my mouth. A trail of spit dangles from the head and falls across my breast. I swallow his semen and continue to finger myself. Devin lowers himself down beside me, and, still panting from his orgasm, coaxes me to finish.

In a few moments, I feel my body reaching the finish line. Warmth once again spreads through my stomach. My back arches, and my toes curl. I collapse down into the sheets. We know we should clean up. We’re both a mess. But we just gaze at each other in a post-orgasm fog, and without realizing it’s happening, I fall asleep beside him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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