Tempting Madhu

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I was in Goa for a conference. It was really more of a mini vacation actually. The majority of the conference had sessions on a particular area I had no interest in attending leaving me quite a bit of free time.

I’m not really a gambler which left me lots of time in the bar. Once or twice I grabbed a roll of nickels and played the 5 cent machines in my attempt to get free drinks. This proved to be a cat and mouse game of chasing down the cocktail waitress and the mindless monotony of feeding the little nickel monster pellets of food.

Goa really is it’s own little world. While the rest of the country comes closer and closer to having witch trials over cigarette smokers, Goa conveniently places ashtrays in the public restrooms and everywhere else you might be. Blinking lights adorn nearly every surface. Gambling machines blink and ding without a break twenty four hours a day. Young and old wander through happily at a chance to win a fortune and change their lives forever all on the hopes of one lucky moment. It’s a dazzling place where anything you want is right there just reach out and take it which leaves me to tell you what I wanted and was about to take.

Time has little meaning in Goa, sure there’s clocks, but they are only a reference point of how long before you need to be at the airport for your departing flight. What I mean is nothing closes in Goa. The only difference between 4pm and 4am is the amount of sunlight in Goa. Crowds thin a little but that is mainly it. I found myself wanting a little entertainment of my own. With all the things Goa has staring you in the face saying “Here, lets have fun!” I decided what I wanted wasn’t at a bar or on a roulette table. Being on my little work-vacation and feeling a little wilder, a little more free, a little bit like being in a movie, I decided what I wanted was a prostitute, a whore, a quick no strings attached fucking. It was legal here, the idea was thrilling, and who would ever know. I could feel a slow erection develop as the thought first hit. I laughed as a I strolled out of the casino bar passing by people emptying their wallets and purses thinking over and over that the machine was alive and fucking with them. I overheard one middle aged man smoking a cigar asking a dollar slot machine “Why are you doing this to me??” It had made me laugh thinking that while these people anguished over the bad treatment from the nickel monsters, sterile featured card dealers, and hawking pit bosses, I was going to actually get something for my money.

I turned the corner out of my hotel and walked towards the parking garage to where my rental car sat parked. I hopped in the white Accent and fired up the engine. The 1.6L breathed in and began to hum. I got my map out and laid it across the passenger seat, lit up a camel and made my way out of the garage onto the street. Now to be honest I didn’t have any idea where the nearest whorehouse might be. Little seedy looking guys stand out on the streets in Vegas and hand flyers out of strip clubs and brothels, but I hadn’t accepted one, but I knew places like that were along the roads once you were outside of the city. At my first red light I glanced down and picked a road that seemed like a good candidate and thirty minutes and a missed turn or two later I was rolling down Highway. Before I knew it signs were telling me where the best pussy west of Mountains could be found. The Accent rolled along until I turned off on a escort ataşehir dirt road sporting a billboard sign of women and a little ranch style house in the background. My eyes lit up as I slid the lever into park and stepped out in the makeshift parking/driveway area. A few seconds passed and the thought of leaving entered my mind. I contemplated what I was about to do. It was legal here, but was fucking a prostitute really a good idea even if it was legal? The excitement soared through my loins again and made the decision for my brain. The little guy in red tights sitting on my shoulder had clubbed the shit out of the little guy in white tights sitting on my other shoulder. I filled my lungs with the desert night air and stepped forward along the path leading to the ranch’s front door. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect on the other side.

A sign said “Open” in pink neon so I turned the knob. A woman in her late thirties greeted me.

“Hi, welcome to the ******* Ranch.” She said in a sweet southern drawl which was very cordial but occurred to me that it was probably imitated for the effect of hospitality and appeal.

I smiled and stepped up to her small hosting station.

“Have you been with us before?” She asked.

“Umm, No I haven’t actually.”

“Well then, that’s quite alright. We have nine ladies to choose from. Three are occupied at the moment with other guests if you would like to wait or you can choose one of the other six immediately.” She handed me a small booklet containing pictures of the women and charges. “All of our employees meet Goa state regulations just so you know.” She added.

I smiled and took the book. She showed me to the parlor where they were serving complimentary drinks.

“Rum and coke please.” I told the hot young woman in the small revealing cocktail uniform.

My eyes danced over the pictures and rates. Every once in a while I looked around the room. It was a nice place and everyone including the workers seemed to be enjoying themselves. Casual laughing could be heard and the pleasant drawl of the nearby hostess chatted with a leaving customer, an older man well dressed in a suite and a smile on his face. As the young woman brought my drink the hostess returned to where I sat.

“Sir, just so you know, Asha will be available in about thirty minutes if you want to reserve her.”

I nodded and said. “I think I’ll take Tempting Madhu.”

It briefly occurred to me as I said her name that probably that wasn’t truly her real name. My hostess smiled warmly.

“Excellent, I’ll call up to Madhu and let her know to be ready for you and when you’re finished with your drink just step over here and we can take care of the payment.”

I agreed and chugged down most of my drink. What was left came with me over to the little reception desk where I presented Travelers Cheques for services.

“Thank you, Madhu is expecting you, she’s in room seven.”

“Thanks.” I said a little nervously.

Reaching the upstairs area and room seven’s door I wrapped a few steady knocks.

“Come’on in Dear.”

I twisted the fancy handle and entered. A woman dressed in white garters and a teddy lay comfortably on a large satin sheet bed.

“Hi, I’m Madhu, what’s your name?” She asked.

I walked over and shook her hand kindly and replied with a semi false name. It’s my middle name actually, one that most people don’t know.


Madhu kadıköy escort sat up and pulled me down on the bed. She massaged my shoulders seeing that I was a bit nervous. I started feeling a little more relaxed. Then she reached down slowly and asked if it was ok to rub me between my legs. Of course I had said yes with a stupid boyish grin. Then she asked me what I was into, what my fantasy or kink was. I told her respectfully I didn’t really want any ropes or chains, no strap-on or floggers. She had finished my awkward sentence for me.

“That’s fine hon, maybe just a blowjob or a really good fucking?”

I smiled realizing that this was what I had paid for. No bullshit games, no dating where both people pretend to be somebody else. No before bedtime headaches, no monthly periods, no I’m not in the mood excuses.

“How about just a really great fuck.” I told her.

“Sure Dear, that’s what I’m here for.”

I smiled again and she began unbuttoning my shirt and pushed me back on the bed to make me more comfortable. After the shirt she worked my shoes and socks off. They hit the floor and then she was slowly removing my slacks. My eyes took turns switching from her to the ceiling back to her. She was beautiful. I had half expected some sleazy whore that looked like she had been having her cunt drilled since the Johnson administration. This wasn’t the case , this woman was young and pretty. She appeared to be in her middle to late twenties. Long brown hair and big brown eyes. Her breasts weren’t too big, probably a C cup and just right. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her stomach and her thighs were delectable. The strong desert sun had provided her with a gracious golden tan. As she pulled my slacks down a sharp peak pointed up at my boxers.

“Mmm what do we have here?” She said with a giggle.

Tempting Madhu wasted no time exposing my cock to her. She brought her slender fingers down over it and opened her mouth. My cock jumped a little at her first wet strokes. A strong and practiced tongue whirled and whipped around the head. I couldn’t see it, but I could sure feel it.

“Yeah she is definitely a professional.” I thought to myself.

Her fist wrapped tightly, made it’s way up and down from the base to her lips. Sucking and stroking at the same time brought my cock into a full almost painful erection. She moaned a little on my cock working three simultaneous magics on the throbbing stump. Then she slowed to a soft intense rhythm before stopping and standing up to pull her panties down. The panties hit the floor but the rest stayed on her. I watched her climb up on the bed and reach into the drawer beside the bed. She opened a condom package and massaged my balls as she used the other hand to roll the rubber down my shaft.

“I can barely get those things on using both hands. Definitely a professional.” I thought.

When the cock coat was in place she raised up and sat down slowly on it.

“Ahhhhh.” She moaned and looked down at me smilingly. I’m sure it was just an act but it was nice just the same. Half the women I had ever slept with had a facial expression close to that of a look someone has in a dentist’s chair. She didn’t need to overact but a little emotion was a nice change.

“Does that feel good baby?”

I nodded pleasantly and reached up slowly to touch her firm ample breasts. The skin was soft, but the composure was firm to the touch. She maltepe escort bayan smiled and slowly began riding. Her hips worked in a continuous steady drive. Her movements weren’t jerky at all. Back and forth she slid over my cock perfectly like a machine. She placed one hand on my shoulder and flipped her hair back with the other. I watched as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride. Her face was gorgeous and I remembered back to moments earlier when my hard dick had been pumping her cute little mouth. Then I watched as her free hand came up to meet her tongue. She licked it all around very sexily and reached around behind her. I felt a wet finger rubbing between my balls. Sensations tingled through my legs and balls. My cock jumped a little inside her. Her pussy was hot even through the condom. Surprisingly it was tight as well. Not a virgin tight but still tight and gripping at my cock. Her finger came back up to her mouth and she licked it again. This time she reached back around and I could feel a wet finger toying with my ass. It clammed up at first in defense, but relaxed once the initial fear was over. I smiled at her as she gave me a sexy seducing grin. Then the wet finger pushed a little at my hole. It was a little kinky I thought, but I wasn’t going to say a damn word to this tanned beauty. I was almost shocked at how good it felt as her finger slid in. I tightened again on instinct then Madhu began riding my cock harder. The feeling was incredibly intense. Usually when a woman is on top they come pretty damn close to breaking it off a few times, but not with her, she knew exactly how to ride a cock and make it feel good, and she was. She leaned back and pushed the finger farther up my sphincter. I could see her tight stomach muscles as she arched backwards. My cock dipped inside her even more. Her hips began to push and rotate slightly grinding my rod in harder. A little pain flared through my ass, but I could care less. Madhu’s finger slowly dipped in and out as my cock drove up in her.

“Ohhhh I’m about to cum, oh shit.” I said a little louder than I probably should have.

“Yeah baby, cum hard, get it all out.”

That’s just what happened too as I recall. My cock seemed to be the exit of a dynamite explosion. It is miraculous the condom didn’t blow into a million pieces like a balloon being popped. Every muscle in my body flexed into concrete hard fibers. I sucked in a deep breath until four explosions had fired out of my cock. I exhaled and felt two more minor expulsions of cum go free. Madhu’s undulating hips slowed to a perfect impulse of throbs. Her finger had wiggled and danced around my ass as my balls expelled the overstock of cum. Nearly forty-five seconds later I was used, spent, and empty. She released me and climbed off. Slowly returning to my previous state I regained my control and then dressed. Madhu was very nice and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thank you, I hope I was enjoyable.”

“Yes, very.” I responded.

I made a quick stop in the room’s bathroom to straighten up and then made my way back down the stairs. The perky hostess smiled and told me to come back any time. I smiled and journeyed out to my car. I felt a touch of slight guilt, but noticed that there were more cars in the parking lot than when I had originally entered which helped me feel less of a pervert. I sat in the car for a moment and played Madhu’s beautiful body over in my mind a few times. Then I started the engine and drove back out on Highway the way I had come previously. I remember finishing the night off cruising down the highway with the windows rolled down in the Accent and breathing in the fresh desert air. I think someday I may retire and move to the Goa Beach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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