That Night

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All the preparations are made. You know something special is about to happen but you don’t know what or why. I have you meet me at a location you’re not familiar with but you come nonetheless out of total curiosity if nothing else. When you arrive at the house in the woods I’ve picked out for our special night, its dark and it looks abandoned from the outside. I’ve given you special instructions to wear something comfortable and not to speak unless asked.

You walk up the front steps, apprehensive, not knowing what’s coming next but the anticipation has you smiling. The curtains are drawn and you get no hints to the nights events. When you get close to the front door, I step out, wearing little but an apron, pink with black lace and garter belt and hose to match……..

I take your jacket from you as you loosen your tie and lead you inside. The room is done up in candles, pillows and soft music. You see a table loaded with trays of covered food. I sit you down on the floor near the table and take the tie from your hand, step behind you and tie it around your eyes.

You are now completely blindfolded…..

I explain that I’ve been anticipating this night for a long time. I’ve been wanting to show my appreciation for having such a sexy guy in my life. That this night is all about you and your likes, wants…..desires….

The smells from the table are tantalizing your taste buds but when you part your pendik escort lips and open your mouth to me, what I give you is not what you expected…. The first thing you taste is my pussy soaked index finger. Next to your tongue, across your lips, under your nose. You swirl it around in your mouth savoring every last drop of me and I come closer, put my lips against yours so I can taste me all over you.

I back away now, and you start to reach for me, but I know you and you want to be totally at my mercy… I put my leg up on the table, unhook my right hose from my garter and roll it down my leg. You hear shuffling but you don’t know what’s coming next.

I take the hose and tie your hands behind your back and go back to the table….this time when you part your lips for me you taste chocolate, warm and thick over my nipple. I’ve been a bit clumsy with the chocolate and it’s all over your mouth, all over my nipple and your tongues’ working furiously to get it all, the whole time searching for my hard nipple, over and over.

Your breathing starts to increase and I can tell that you’re enjoying this. I put my leg up on the table and take you by the back of the head and draw you to me. This time you’re instructed to stick out your tongue and you taste my whip-cream covered pussy. Since my pussy is your favorite food you lop up every bit of whip cream and my juices. Your tongue is very talented and it’s maltepe escort a never ending stream of juices.

Your cock is rock hard now and pushing through your pants, wanting out, wanting my touch……I stand you up and lead you to the couch, I pull your pants off revealing your boxer briefs over flowing with rock-hard cock; sit you down, spread your feet with my knees. I kneel down before you and lean into you, kissing you through your shorts, teasing you with my lips, my tongue and my hot breath……running my tongue up and down your shaft and the head peeking out from the top of your shorts.

You’re moaning now, aching almost to feel your hard cock in my mouth, skin to skin. And I oblige….slowly taking your shorts down, past your knees, sliding your ass closer to the edge of the couch so I can get to all of you. When I take your cock with my right hand and lean into you, you start moaning and squirming, you’re already ready to blow in my mouth and I haven’t even put my lips on you yet. My tongue starts to swirl around the tip of your head, I can taste your pre-cum and I use that pre-cum to lube you up one side and down the other of your cock, making you ready for the rest of my mouth. I can’t wait to choke on that long cock. Your head tips back and your mouth opens letting out sounds of want.

I take your cock in my mouth now, and start to lower myself onto it. Deeper and deeper. Slow at first kartal escort then working my mouth up and down your shaft to your natural body rhythms. The saliva and warmth from my mouth mixing with the pre-cum, coming from you making my tongue slide up and down you easily. I lean back and let my nipples run up and down you parting my cleavage with your cock.

This time when I go back to sucking you more, I start touching my wet, needy pussy. And you’re begging me to stop, you’re so close. You want me to get up on it and ride it. So again, since this night is about you, I oblige. The mental image of me still in the apron but now with my top down, breasts exposed, stiletto heels and hungry, wet pussy is almost more than you can take….

And I’m ready, ready to feel you inside me, it’s what I’ve waited for all night. Your cock fits my pussy like a glove and the moment I get it inside me and start moving my body up and down against you, I’m ready to cum with you. You love my noises, and my moans and sighs push you over the edge and you cum hard. The throbbing of you sends me in to orgasmic euphoria. My nipples sweeping across your face while your mouth chases them.

When our bodies finally start to calm, I take the blindfold off your eyes and kiss you. There is such passion in our kisses I don’t ever want to release my lips from yours. I untie your hands and clean you up with my mouth and let you get your first bite of the food I so carefully prepared for you for dinner.

During dinner, you look across the table at me…..with a twinkle in your eye and you say to me “thanks babe” and I know from your voice that my goal was accomplished….you love me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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