That’s What Friends Are For!

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That’s What Friends Are For!
Fuck, it’s been a hell of a rough couple weeks. My male partner, John, got diagnosed with early on-set Parkinson’s just before Christmas last year, but fortunately, the d**gs he’s been taking have calmed everything down- more or less. Then back in July, he was diagnosed with anemia and it turns out he had this degenerative bone marrow disease called MDS.

And hell yeah- I slapped myself in the forehead and said to myself, “Shit- what NEXT!”

Don’t get me wrong- I’m not complaining! Or looking for sympathy either- just got moved to write some shit down… call it therapy… dick therapy if you count my cock being in my hand!

Anyway, my man is having blood transfusions a couple times in a month and gets started on Procrit therapy and then all of a sudden he’s gasping for air like a guppy out of its fish bowl. Fortunately, we had an appointment with his pulmonologist two weeks ago tomorrow and after a chest x-ray, they find out that a third of his right lung is filled with fluid and he gets slapped in the Kaiser hospital and they drain that shit the next day. Long and short, he spends the rest of the weekend at the hospital and on Labor Day, he still can’t stand up, so they transfer him to the Pacifica Nursing and Rehabilitation Center down on the coast and fortunately, it is a stand-up place and by this last Wednesday, he is ready to come home!

Naturally, the whole time he is there, I’d doing without in the sex department. Even missed my usual Sunday fling with the woman I’m fucking after Mass at Mission Dolores on Sunday so I can be with him. Took care of the dog- brought him to the Center once and all the Filipino nurses loved him to death- banged my knuckles under the hood of my F-250 when it wasn’t running right, and more or less took care of business until I could bring him home this Wednesday. Everything is stable- got oxygen machine in the bedroom so I can only light up in the playroom in the sling!

Small price to pay.

So anyway, yesterday morning (Thursday) after finishing up at the gym, I headed up to the Kaiser pharmacy to fill some prescriptions that he needed. I had my fucking phone on in case John called me up, and while I’m waiting, I get a buzz from my bitch, Alicia. She’s asking me if everything is OK and what am I doing. And I told her that since I saw her at the gym this morning, I’m fucking horny and cooling my heels at Kaiser and what is up with you baby.

She told me to leave my phone on (most of the time kurtköy escort bayan I have it off and don’t even have voice mail set up) and wait for a call. And so I said ok, baby, I really want to fuck you. She giggles and hangs up.

Next thing I know my cell is ringing I recognized the caller ID- it’s her ex-husband. That fucking black man is a damn stud and for the life of me, I will never understand why she divorced him and hooked up in a 2-year lesbian affair… but hell, what man can ever get inside the mind of a woman?!?! He’s got a roofing business that him and their son work in… and damn is this stud built like a brick shithouse! Bet your ass where I’m going with this- every time he joins us for a Sunday of 49er football, I want to get all over that stud. But since their son is usually there, and their daughter lives with Alicia, I’ve just been too shy to make a move.

And yeah- I’ve enjoyed the daughter on my dick- but other than playing with her and her Mom innocently naked up on Mt. Tam where we sunbathe, nobody ever knew I fucked that sweet young black Latina pussy.

Anyway, her ex asks me how everything is going and I said shit, I don’t know and that I could really use some R&R. He says yeah man I know what you mean and could I get away later- catch the football game between the Ravens and Steelers at Alicia’s place and maybe she would fix us some snacks. I said sure man- I’ll stop by my favorite place and pick up a couple nice cigars. And out of nowhere, he asks me to get some poppers!

Blew me the fuck away- and yeah- I was wearing cargo shorts in the fucking Kaiser pharmacy waiting room and my boner exploded out of my shorts!

I said cool, b*o- what time, and he said I’ll be there before you.


I fucking got back in line at the pharmacy and stood there until John’s name came up, argued with the fucking clerk about why was I picking up someone else’s meds, and got my ass out of there as fast as I could. Stopped by Cigars Plus for a couple thick ones and raced home. I told John I was horny as fuck and needed some pussy and he just laughed and said he would have an English Muffin with peanut butter and see me whenever I got home- I rang back out to the truck, then remembered I forgot the poppers, so ran back in the house to get them out of the freezer and kissed my man on the way out the door saying I love you babe!


When I got to Alicia’s apartment building, I just dialed the code and let myself in… and kartal escort bayan hell yeah, I was stripping every piece of clothing off myself until I got to her front door buck naked! When I knocked on the door, I could hear that the football game was already on her tv. No more than a minute later, Alicia opens the door and damn if I wouldn’t already smell that fucking was going on and her pussy was already looking shaggy and wet!

Alicia shut the door after I picked up all my clothes and came into her apartment. Her ex was sitting on the couch and his dick was wet from her pussy or her sucking him- probably both. I fished in my jeans and pulled out a couple of cigars and got my Zippo and we both lit up.

He asked me if I had any poopers and I said hell yeah and got the little bottle and unscrewed it. The whole time, I was looking at his big hard black cock and thinking Jesus Joseph and Mary what have I lucked into tonight!

Once we got our smokes lit, he reached up with his right hand and clenched mine and said something like fucking a as we grasped each other’s hands and pulled back and forth. I couldn’t believe it, but no sooner did he take a sniff from the poppers, than he had my rock hard boner in his mouth, sucking my dick. Alicia got down on his dick- sucking it and I saw her slip a pair of fingers right out of her pussy into his ass. He was rubbing her cunt while he sucked my Johnson and next thing I know, he’s got fingers in my ass with her juice on it and really doing great on my cock!

My knees are kind of shaking and I just sat my ass down next to him while the woman blessed his cock and balls with slobber. He bent over into my lap and kept blowing me and fucking my ass with his fingers. We’d come up for air and suck on our smokes- at one point, Alicia took a drag on my cigar and was spitting into his asshole while he put his legs up right in front of her.

I came around while she was rimming his ass and sucking his balls and hoisted myself over his face and rammed my cock in his throat. Took me like a fucking CHAMP! Wrapped his arms around my back and next thing I know- Alicia is licking my ass and balls too! I thought I was gonna fucking blow right on the spot!

The last thing I wanted to do was pull my cock out of that man’s mouth and the way Alicia was rimming both of us and sucking her ex’s cock. But hell, I wanted to taste that black dick and give my share of loving to his hole. I told the bitch to turn off the tv, and while kaynarca escort bayan she did, I got down on the floor and gave his cock and shit hole some loving while she climbed over his face and skateboarded her pussy over his face.

Even though we were going at each other like chimpanzees in heat, I heard some noise coming out of her daughter’s room. I didn’t pay much mind to it, but it sounded like porn.

We had been going at this for awhile and then we just got ourselves up and headed into Alicia’s bedroom. I grabbed the poppers, put our smokes in an ashtray on her balcony, and by the time I got in her room, they were fucking missionary style. I got on my knees next to her face and she swallowed my dick and he fucked her really hard. I pulled her around on all fours and sunk my boner in her ass and her ex got under us and ate her pussy while wrestling with her tits.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and busted my load in her ass- just the way I love doing it every Sunday after fucking Mass and before we go to the gym Monday morning. My fucking cream was leaking all down her cunt lips and her ex was still going bonkers under us. Finally, he pushes her off of him and my dick comes out of her ass. He put me on my back, grabbed a handful of cum from between her ass cheeks. Rubbed it on his dick and while I grabbed my ankles in the air, stuffed his cock in my ass and fucked me real good while Alicia sucked my cock.

While he was fucking me, I thought I heard someone come in the door, but that hot rod was ramming me and I wasn’t paying attention to anything else. Alicia got off my cock and was feeding us poppers and then that dude groaned real load and all I could feel was my ass being loaded with cum and me full of air and waiting for him to come out so I could fart.

Shit- the sheets were fucking soaked with sweat and cum and I thought all three of us were gonna collapse. Then I look up and Alicia’s daughter Arial is rubbing her pussy and cumming all over my scruffy face. Pretty soon, her Dad has his sloppy dick in my mouth and the girl is still squirting on me while her Mom licks my cock and asshole.

Ariel showered with her Dad while me and Alicia glowed in the moment on those wet sheets. Her ex got dressed and left. While Ariel waited in bed still fingering the pink inside her sexy black pussy, me and her Mom showered. No way I wanted to get out of bed this morning, but we did. Ariel headed off to her job and I took her Mom through the usual tough Friday workout at the gym and escorting her to her job at the DA’s office at the Hall of Justice.

I can only thank my man for allowing me these sessions, his understanding, and everlasting love for me… and which I pledge in return!



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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