The Accidental Model

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I have always enjoyed driving in the dark, especially down narrow country roads under overcast skies going nowhere in particular. I was allowing myself this pleasure out of pure selfishness tonight. What I dislike is Halloween, strange snotty little kids banging my door into submission expecting candy from strangers. The other 364 days a year this act is frowned upon in every state in the union except Utah and a few counties in central Florida.

Truth known, I have little interest in any holiday. I mean what real service do they provide. Right? Take Christmas for instance. Only twenty-eight percent of the world is Christian yet we have turned this day into a bigger moneymaker than a rigged slot machine.

Valentines Day, now there’s a winner. Lets just lavish dinner and jewelry onto a woman you’ve been lavishing dinners and jewelry onto for eighteen months in exchange for sex.

Memorial Day, they are all dead for Christ sake, they don’t know.

Forth of July; nothing more stupid than celebrating the pricks who take thirty-five cents out of every dollar you earn then spends most of it killing people half way around the world.

Labor Day, now this is one of my favorites. You work your ass off all year and on the one day you have to celebrate it, your drunken brother-in-law shows up with five curtain climbers, a pregnant wife who’s throwing up in your hall bath and you fucking have to man the grill.

And finally, there’s New Year’s Eve. I cannot remember one without at least two fistfights and a sixty-five year old bleach blond bimbo trying to shove her tongue down my throat.

The last holiday I celebrated was to Doctor King. I quietly lifted a beer in his honor and mentally freed everyone else in the bar from what ever might be holding them back. And not a single thank you. Thank you.

Fuck holidays and fuck Halloween.

So I left my house, tuned out the porch light and found my way out of town with an igloo cooler full of frosty Rolling Rocks on the passenger seat and a family sized bag of Doritos; cheaper that eight pounds of candy. Me and my Honda Accord were ready to travel.

I was on route 128 heading east. If nothing else developed, I knew there was a roadhouse twenty miles away where I was sure small kids would not suddenly appear, wrapped in cheap colored plastic, impersonating some made-up super hero.

The road was winding and heavily wooded on both sides. It was a steady grade upwards toward an Appalachian summit. It had looked like rain when I left. So far, the highlight of my night was imagining all of the little drowned rats scurrying back into vans dripping muddy water on new upholstery and smashing tootsie-rolls into the carpet.

The moon was trying it’s best to break the grip of lingering storm clouds and was bathing the wet pavement ahead with a soft opal glow. Taking a sharp curve around a shear rock ledge my headlights fell onto a 450 SL now nosed into the limestone. The left front fender was crumpled and steam rose from under the hood. I found a shoulder wide enough, parked and walked back.

The driver’s door was open and there was no one in the car. Dash lights told me to turn off the ignition and I removed the keys. There was a white, feathered eye mask lying on the seat, the kind with a long stick attached to one edge; you could hold the mask to your face and avoid a messy rubber band around your head putting a hundred dollar style job into disarray, very classy.

I looked around and saw nothing that made me thing the driver had not already been rescued and left the car for a tow that must now be on the way.

“That mask cost me fifty dollars.” I turned and there was a young girl setting against the rock ledge fifty feet away. Her legs were straight out in front and one shoe was missing. She wore a short white lacy dress with a hemline that was intentionally irregular, cut high up on her left thigh.

“Probably shouldn’t wear it while you’re driving.” I offered. I held up the mask.

“Wasn’t” she said

“What were you doing?” I asked

“Trying not to hit a deer.” She said.

“Admirable.” I said, “Expensive but admirable.”

“Should have plowed the fucker.” She replied

“Probably.” I said “But would you still respect yourself in the morning?”

“You always this chatty?” she asked

“I got cold beer in the car.” I explained

“Ah, of course you do.” She said

“Would you like one?” I asked

“Could it include a ride home?” she asked

“It can include a ride anywhere you want to go.” I offered.

She set quiet. “I’m nineteen.” She said, “I don’t think you should be scaring a nineteen year old who is about to get in your car.”

“It’s Halloween.” I said. I waited and she remained silent. I knelt down beside her. “I’m harmless, I assure you.” I added.

She laughed. “The last prick that said that to me is laying on a beach in Barbados with my virginity in his night stand.”

“Can you get up?” I inquired.

She held out her left arm and I helped her up. She hobbled to the shoulder.

“Where’s your other shoe?” I asked. The one she pendik escort was wearing had a four-inch heel.

She shrugged. “The deer must have taken it.” She offered

“Brut.” I said. I knelt and slipped the remaining shoe off of her foot and when I stood up I tossed it in the ditch.

“Hey, They were four hundred bucks a pair at Bergdorf’s in New York.” She said.

“Fine, I owe you Two hundred.” I explained.

‘Fuck.” She said. ‘My father is going to be so pissed.”

“Just think how mad he would have been if you had lost your mask too?”

I walked and she limped up the shoulder to my car. I felt bad about banishing my cooler to the rear seat but I was betting the girl had better legs. I opened a beer and offered it to her and she took it, tilted it up and drained it like either a seasoned alcoholic or someone just crawling out of the desert into an oasis. The two pictures in my head, I chose an oasis and opened her a second one. I twisted the top off of one for myself and slid behind the wheel.

She was, to my relief, nursing this one. “Which way?” I asked

“I live on Cedar Ridge Drive.” She offered.

“Does not help.” I said

She sat, thinking about that. “Back there.” She said pointing over her shoulder. It made sense to me. She was probably heading away from home and going to a party when she met Bambi so I u-turned and drove down the hill.

“How far?” I asked.

“Not far.” She replied. “About a mile or so, I think.” She had turned in the seat toward me and her left leg was spilling out from under her dress through the slit up her thigh. She was tall, maybe five nine. Her leg, the one I could see, was lean but it showed the muscle development a nineteen year old got from playing tennis at country clubs. It was tan and I was guessing the other one looked just a good.

Her hair was short, curly and brunette and it showed a few dirty blonde highlights. She was, for all practical purposes, beautiful and although ruffled and tossed from the accident, it wasn’t taking anything away from that fact.

As I drove past a side road with a sign partially hidden by a tree limb she said. “There, my road, sorry.” I turned around and took the turn. It was gravel and led up a steep incline and when it leveled out we sat facing a very large three story stone mansion firmly planted into the hillside. I figured the morning sun would bring with it a clear view of half of West Virginia.

“Daddy is doing well.” I said

“Mommy.” She said. “Daddy just chases golf balls and cocktail waitresses. A Former fashion model.” She offered.

“And now?” I said

“Now she’s an agent.” The girl said. “She manages a model named Veronica Stone.”

‘Nice.” I said. “By the way, I’m Charlie. Charlie Dawson. And just who is it I’ve rescued tonight?”

“Veronica,” she said. “Veronica Stone.”

When I got out of the car the front door was opening. “Who’s there?’ A feminine voice called.

“Trick or treat.” I said

“I have a gun.” She said

“I have your daughter.” I replied. I opened the passenger door to reveal the young girl.

The woman, whom I rightly assumed was her mother, ran to the car. She was carrying a Beretta nine-millimeter semi-automatic. “Fuck, you really did have a gun.” I said. “What kind of neighborhood do you live in?””

“A private one.” She countered. “What the hell happened?” She looked at me as she helped her daughter out of my car.”

“A very mean deer that was obviously not intimidated by a Mercedes.” I explained. “Might want to consider a Hummer if your going to live out in the wild like this.”

She looked at her daughter. “Do you need to go to the hospital?” She asked. Veronica shook her head no. “Who are you?” she asked.

I was trying to think of something clever, it usually didn’t take me this long. “This is Charlie. I think he’s funny.” Veronica said.

She looked at me and smiled. “I would have preferred handsome.” I said.

Mom led Veronica past me and toward the house. “Come in handsome.” She still had her gun.

Once inside the brightly lit house I could clearly see the resemblance. Mother had long hair and just slightly more mature hips but other than that they were very gorgeous peas from the same pod. Mom was wearing silk full-length wide-leg pajamas and a matching loose fitting top with long sleeves, black. “I’m going to get cleaned up.” Veronica said.

“I’ll help you.” Her mother said.

Veronica shook her head. “I’m fine.” She said and mom sat down on a counter stool in the kitchen.

She said. ” Andria.” and held out her hand.

I said “Hello.” And took it.

She realized she was still holding the gun and after looking at it and considering the options she smiled and set it on the counter. “We can’t be too careful.” She said. I nodded. “I’m assuming you don’t have one.” She added.

“Left it in my other suit.” I said “But your welcome to frisk me if you’re worried.

“What would my daughter think if she was to walk in while I did that?” she said

“She told me she’s familiar with such activities.” I offered.

“Interesting maltepe escort conversation at an accident site.” She said

“Just happened to come up.” I said

“Something’s coming up right now.” She said.

I looked at the bulge in my jeans. “Guns have that effect on me.” I said.

“You’re not embarrassed?” She asked

“Why.” I asked. “You should be embarrassed, it’s your gun.”

“Not my daughter?” she inquired.

“She helped.” I said, “The two of you make a nice team.”

“Don’t get you hopes up.” She said

“One thing up at a time.” I Said. She took my hand and led me to a grand set of stairs and we went up. I was glad she had decided to leave the gun on the counter.

We walked down a hall of thick white carpet and into a master suite that felt bigger than my house. It had a bar, fireplace and double doors to a spa like bathroom. There were also French-doors to an outside deck where I figured the morning sun would present that view. The bed was a California king and along the far wall there was a setting area complete with sofa and chairs.

“I can’t thank you enough for rescuing Veronica.” She said.

“With any luck, you’re about to.” I said.

“I’ll do my best.” She offered. She unbuttoned her top and slid it over her shoulders revealing a magnificent pair of small breasts and I am a small breast man. They were the breasts of a fashion model. She pulled a waist string and thumbed her bottoms down presenting an incredible tanned body free of the distinct white areas left behind by swimming suits. It was also free of pubic hair. She crawled upon the bed and stretched out onto her back and patted the place beside her.

I unbuckled my belt and immediately worried what underwear I had on. I tugged my zipper and lowered my jeans. I stepped out of them one leg at a time. I pealed a tee over my head. I wasn’t a workout nut and I didn’t think my body was a gift from heaven but I wasn’t ashamed if it either. My six-pack was not fully developed but it was visible. I spent enough time outside that I had a decent tan. I was just another thirty something holding on to my youth as tightly as I could.

Sneakers and socks gone, I lost my briefs and climbed onto the bed. She was admiring me and I took that as a good sign. I kissed her and her mouth felt marvelous. I let my hand explore her body. Her breasts were firm and her waist was narrow. Her ribs felt pronounced under my fingers. Running my fingers over her hips I could feel her legs move, opening herself. “You first.’ She said. “Then I’ll make you feel good.”

I rightly assumed she wanted oral and I began to kiss my way across her face and down her neck. Her fragrance was intoxicating. I took her tits into my mouth and all but swallowed her tiny nipples.

She had a flat firm abdomen and my tongue roamed it freely. When I lifted myself between her legs she drew her knees up high and laid those long legs to the sides as far as she could. She was open and inviting. I placed a kiss onto her nicely protruding pearl and slid my lips over it and let my tongue reach out and flick the tip of it. Her hips made small slow circles. I lowered my mouth and slid my tongue down between her ass cheeks and made a long slow pull up her labia pushing my tongue into her fold.

I made steady trips along her crevasse from anus to clit and back down again. I was doing my best to tongue her crazy. Andria arched her back and moaned out sounds of pleasure. She was lifting her hips urging me to go farther. I reclaimed her clit and sucked it as deep as I could. My tongue lashed at it in rapid movements. Andria grunted and tossed her head from sided to side. Her fingers searched for my head and she filled her hands full of my hair and gripped onto me.

She pulled my face tight onto her knob and I gently nibbled away at it. She was panting and gasping and rocking her ass. Her clit pulled free of my lips and she started raising and lowering herself, running my mouth along her cunt lips. She cried out as a most impressive orgasm flowed over her. She clinched her hips and her ass was off of the bed bending my head backwards. She rode me that way for a couple of minutes.

When she finally lay back on the bed I felt aftershocks hit her and when they did she squeezed the wall muscles in her vagina grasping at my tongue. When she was finally calm she rubbed the back of my head and mussed my hair and said “Fuck me, Charlie.”

“Was that a casual comment or a request?” I asked.

“You can’t fuck me. I’m saving myself for my husband.”

“Joking?” I asked,

“Joking.” She answered. “The asshole couldn’t find it with a road map.”

I moved up next to her. “Does he look?”

“Yes.” She said. “He’s looking constantly, just not between these legs.” She rolled onto me and continued. “Now shut up and let me search between yours.” She didn’t spend much time making the trip.

Finding my cock she raised it out of the way and dropped her mouth down on my ball sack. She took one and then the other into her mouth and sucked on them. She kissed up the length of my seven-inch kartal escort dick. She licked the head and kissed her way back down the shaft. Andria was a very talented lady

When she brought her lips to my dick, she looked at me and as she did, she lowered her mouth down onto me. She never stopped and took my entire length down her throat. Holding me captive, her throat muscles worked their magic and gave me sensations I had never experienced before.

She pulled back and wrapped her lips around the head and ran her tongue over it. She sucked on it making it feel like my blood was surging up to the very tip. She was gently squeezing my nuts. I was breathing hard and pressing the back of her head and shoving my hips to her mouth. She sensed my arriving climax and took half my cock into her mouth, worked her tongue in circles and sucked hard. My seed erupted in spasms and she sucked and swallowed each offering.

“Fuck me, Andria.” I said.

“Fuck me too.” A new voice heard from. Andria looked up and I raised my head. Veronica stood at the foot of the bed. She was in a tee shirt and tiny little panties. I didn’t think she was wearing a bra because I could see two erect nipples poking from beneath the cotton fabric.

“I’m not sure he can.” Andria said. “He seams a bit worse for wear at the moment.” She got off of the bed and walked over to her daughter. “Are you alright?” She asked

“Fine.” Veronica replied.

“Well. Your welcome to take him to your room and try.” She said.

Veronica held out a hand to me and I was sure I had died and floated off the heaven.

Andria opened a drawer on the nightstand and removed a condom. “You will use this.” and she handed it to Veronica.

Veronica looked at it. “But mom.” She complained.

“Fine.” Veronica said. She opened the drawer and took out another one and placed it in her daughter’s hand. “Enjoy.” She said.

I was now off of the bed and Veronica took my hand and led me to her room down the hall; it was smaller but just as lavishly furnished.

“Get on the bed.” She said.

I lie down and put my hands behind my head. My dick lay at rest and showed only modest signs of waking up. Veronica sat beside me.

“My mother seems to have sapped your strength.”

“Sapped” I repeated. She lowered her head and took my limber rod into her mouth. She used her lips and tongue to breath life into me. I felt it begin to grow and she held firm letting it expand into her. She used her throat muscles, massaging my dick to full erection.

She sat up and took my hand drawing it to my cock. “Here.” She said. “Don’t let him go back to sleep.” And I began to stroke myself.

Veronica stood up and pealed away her Tee showing me an absolutely amazing young body. She took the top of her panties into her fingers and wiggled her hips and she pulled them free and they dropped to the floor. She sat back down, picked up a foil pack and tore it open. She pushed three fingers into her mouth. Once wet she rubbed them over the head of my dick. She placed the condom on the head and rolled it down. She admired her work.

She leaned over and kissed me and let our tongues play. She finally pulled back. “I have to be in charge.” She offered. She pulled herself up on the bed and straddled me. She guided me into her and took in a couple of inches. She rocked on my cock enjoying the minimal penetration, I liked it too.

Veronica rose until the head was at her entrance and slowly sank onto my full shaft. She worked herself forward and back letting her clit rub against my pubic hair.

I humped into her and she turned her head to the ceiling. She put her hands behind her head and locked her fingers. It was as if she was separating herself from the act. She rose and dropped and rubbed herself on me. She increased her speed and was squeezing the walls of her vagina onto my shaft. She bucked and twisted handfuls of her own hair.

I placed a thumb onto her clit and rubbed it and her movement quickened. I pressed harder and she jerked and grunted and then froze and a shuddering climax took her. I shoved my hips upward and my dick was swelling and my sperm filled the tip of the condom. I watched as this beautiful young girl come down from a climax that I had been part of and it kept me hard just watching as she enjoyed the small quakes that followed. When she rose off of me she reached for tissues and knelt beside me. She took my cock and began to roll the condom off and she folded it into the tissues. He lowered her head and took me into her mouth once again and she sucked me clean.

When she looked at me Veronica was holding my still stiff penis. I was more amazed than her. But I was certain that it was the added stimulation of being with such a youthful beauty. I had fucked a New York Model for Christ sake. Two actually. I can honestly say it had never happened before, multiple erections or fucking models either one.

She took a second condom and opened it and placed it on me. She stroked me, bringing me to full girth. She straddled me again but was now facing away, a reverse cowgirl, I think it’s called. When she slowly lowered herself, she let the head of my dick touch her anus and she rubbed it around the brown ring. She was using the lubricated condom to moisten her entrance. She lowered her head and pressed herself down on me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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