The Anniversary Vacation Ch. 10

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Sorry this took so long; I’ve been busy with other projects. If you have ideas for a new story, comment or message me. All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you enjoy!


What will I do? I ask myself as I lay in my bed, watching my clock tick earlier and earlier into the morning. Today was the of the swinger party Mom wants me to go to with her and Dad. I had done everything I could to delay making this decision, not wanting to rush into anything. Finally, I huff, having decided on my next step and roll over and fall into a nervous sleep.


“Hey Kenzie you have a minute?” I ask, knocking on my sister’s bedroom door around 12:30 pm.

“Yeah come in!” My sister’s muffled voice calls from the other side of the door. I turn the knob and enter the room finding Kenzie dressed in gym shorts and a tank top, neither of which leaves much of her body to the imagination.

I sigh, “We need to talk…”

Kenzie looks at me confused, “About?”

“Mom and Dad want me to go to a swinger party with them. But you can’t tell Mom that I told you this. She doesn’t want you to know.” I reply.

Kenzie nods, seeming slightly surprised, “It’s always something with those two… sometimes I think they’re worse than us. Why are you telling me this?”

I sigh, “I don’t know what to do and wanted your input on this.”

Kenzie gives me a funny look, “Well what do you want to do? When is it? I can’t make this decision for you.”

I answer, “It’s tonight. I really don’t know if I want to go or not. Things are already… weird enough around here without something like that. Besides, I didn’t want you to judge me for it.”

Kenzie smiles at me, “Tom, I judge you for literally everything you do! I’m your little sister and that’s my job! Personally I’d prefer it if you stayed home tonight.”

“Why?” I ask.

Kenzie’s smile grows, “Well having the house to ourselves would give us plenty of time to have… fun.” She lowers her tank top, allowing her c cup breasts to spill over the top of it. Her pink nipples are already hard. I close the door behind me and feel my cock grow hard as I close the distance between myself and Kenzie. I begin to feel her breasts, while my sister strokes my cock through my shorts.

I begin to reach between her legs but Kenzie stops me, “That’s for later, to make sure you stay here with me tonight!”

“You make a good argument.” I joke, while Kenzie pulls my cock out of my shorts and drops to her knees in front of me. She smiles up at me while she slowly strokes my cock.

“Like that big brother?” She asks, kissing the tip.

“You know the answer!” I respond, hoping she takes this further. As if reading my mind, Kenzie sticks her tongue out and gently begin to slap my cock against her tongue. I groan, enjoying the feeling her warm breath and saliva has on the tip of my cock. Kenzie looks up at me into my eyes as she takes the tip into her mouth and begins to suck. She does it slowly at first and only the tip but soon, she is taking my whole length into her mouth, coating it with her spit.

She uses one her hand to massage my balls, while her other holds the base of my cock and occasionally travels up and down my length. Soon, Kenzie’s spit drools off of my cock onto her breasts, chin and clothes. Taking her mouth off of my cock Kenzie asks, “Going to cum for me soon big brother?” When she asks this, her hand begins to stroke the length of my cock.

“Yes!” I grunt, holding off the urge for another few seconds. Kenzie positions herself in front of me, and I cum, shooting several strands of cum across her face. My cum coats the middle of my sister’s face including her nose and mouth. Some of it shot far and is in her hair and the rest is dribbling down her chin onto her exposed breasts.

Kenzie smiles up at me, “Now you owe me one and I’m going to call the favor in for tonight.”

I smile down at my sister’s messy face, “Don’t worry, you made a pretty convincing argument.”

Good. Now do you mind leaving? I need to wash up a bit.” Kenzie says, standing, making her way to the bathroom that connects our rooms. I head out of my sister’s room and go tell Mom what I decided to do.


“Mom… I made my decision.” I say, walking into our kitchen, where Mom is watching TV while making her lunch.

Mom mutes the TV and looks at me with a smile, “And?”

I swallow nervously, “I’m not going to go. I don’t really like the idea of it…”

Mom frowns but nods, “You didn’t seem to object to the idea a few days ago. Why the change?”

“I took time and thought about it and… I don’t know… I just don’t like the idea of it.” I reply.

Mom nods, her voice a bit more understanding, “That’s fine. Your father and I can’t force our kinks onto you.” Mom says, watching my reaction.

“Will me not going change things between us?” I ask.

Mom shrugs, “Well I certainly was looking forward to this. But we’ll canlı bahis just have to see what happens.”

I nod, wondering what Mom and I’s relationship would be like going out. I walk up to my room thinking about how less than a month ago this would not be an issue. I was blissfully unaware of Mom and Dad’s sex life, but another part of me had enjoyed all of the many changes that happened over vacation. I turn the TV on in my room and spend the rest of the day thinking about my situation.

At about 5p.m, Mom and Dad leave the house, heading out for their ‘party’, leaving my sister and I alone. I stand and stretch, grunting as I do so, before making my way to Kenzie’s room. Before I get there, Kenzie opens the door dressed in black leggings and a loose fitting tee shirt. “You want anything for dinner” I ask her.

Kenzie nods, “Order take out Chinese. We’re going to have date night!”

“Date night?” I ask. “You’re my sister.”

Kenzie nods, “So? Date night is always fun… even if you’re my brother.”

I laugh, “Yeah… I guess you’re right. So besides take out, what did you want to do on ‘date night?'”

Kenzie shrugs, “What I normally do on dates. Watch a movie… and since you listened to what I said we could fool around a bit!” She adds the last part with a teasing smile.

“Sounds like a good time!” I reply, actually looking forward to Kenzie and I just having some alone time together. While I go and order the food, Kenzie finds a movie to watch, it being some romantic comedy I have no particular interest in. The two of us sit next to each other on the couch, eating and occasionally laughing.

About an hour into the movie, both of us have finished eating and are just sitting next to each other. My one arm is around Kenzie’s shoulders, her hair resting on top. She turns toward me and gently kisses my cheek before resting her head on my chest. I wonder if this will work like it did on my ex… I think, moving my hand from her shoulder slowly down her back. Kenzie pushes my arm off of her back. “I’m going to go to the bathroom before this goes any further.” She walks to the bathroom, her leggings showing off her shapely rear nicely.

A couple of minutes later, Kenzie comes back, only instead of sitting next to me, she sits partially on my lap, in the perfect position to put my arm around her waist. Her brown hair rests next to my head, allowing me to smell her lavender shampoo. As the movie continues, my arm now rests on her upper thigh. The only thing separating my hand from her toned thighs is her thin leggings. I shift my hand slightly, resting it just above her pussy on top of her leggings. After resting it there for a few seconds, I slide it in between her legs, resting it over her warm mound. Almost instantly, I begin to slowly rub, feeling her outer lips move as I make small circles around her entrance. Feeling my sister’s mound makes my cock grow hard almost instantly.

Kenzie leans back against me, allowing me to feel her chest rise and fall with her breaths. Her thigh now rests on my hard cock and there is no way she does not feel it. It’s time to take this a bit further… I think, sliding a hand under my sister’s black leggings, leaving her panties as the only barrier between my fingers and her pussy. Based off of the feeling, she is wearing very thin panties, which allow me to feel her growing wetness.

I begin to rub her clit slowly and gently through the thin material. Finally, Kenzie lets out a soft moan from the stimulation. This encourages me to continue rubbing my sister’s clit and after several seconds, Kenzie also loses interest in the movie. Soon, she shifts to the side and begins to slowly stroke my cock through my pants. I keep her panties between my hand and her warm pussy. Kenzie’s moans begin to grow in volume as her dampness spreads, soaking through her panties.

“Like that?” I ask her.

Kenzie nods and sighs, “Just make me cum…” I increase the movements of my hand slightly, causing my sister’s breathing to become faster. Kenzie’s juices have soaked through her thin panties and after several seconds, she lets out a loud gasp as she cums. I hold my fingers at her entrance, feeling her cum begin to slowly soak into her panties.

I pull my hand out of her leggings, and Kenzie sits up and gives my cock a slow stroke up and down its length. Smiling, Kenzie says, “Well it feels like someone is enjoying date night.”

I put my arm around her shoulder and feel her breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. “If the girl is as pretty as you, who wouldn’t?”

Kenzie smiles, “At the moment it seems like there’s a… mess in my panties. Maybe a certain someone could help me remove them?”

I smile back at her, “As long as that certain someone is me!” With that, Kenzie stands and grabs my hand. I stand also and the two of us make our way to her room. Without even bothering to close the door, Kenzie and I begin to passionately kiss as soon as we walk in. I push her against the wall while bahis siteleri her hand traces a line down my lower chest to just above my cock and back up again.

I run my hand down her flat stomach, around her bellybutton finally reaching her waistband. Giving a gentle tug, I slide her leggings down to the middle of her thighs. Seeing her panties for the first time, they are sheer and black. Her pussy is clearly visible through the thin material. Coating the inside of the material are her juices and some her cum. Her sheer panties have mostly contained the so called mess.

Our lips touch again as my fingers once again find her pussy through the sheer material, gently rubbing her clit. Kenzie pulls away from me with a gasp, “Want to help me out of the rest?”

I smile, “You know the answer to that.” Kenzie steps back and I pull her top over her head, exposing her moderate breasts to the air. Under her top, she is wearing a matching sheer black bra, both of her hard nipples easily visible through the material. “I like the outfit.” I say with a smile, learning for the first time that Kenzie wears lingerie.

“I thought you would.” Kenzie answers with a smile. I toss my shirt over my head, it landing in the growing pile of clothes at our feet. Kenzie quickly has my shorts down around my ankles, leaving both of us only in our underwear. My hard cock is easily visible through my boxers. Kenzie looks me in the eyes as she drops my boxers, allowing my cock to spring out. Before Kenzie can start sucking I say, “How about I lay on the bed and we can have a mutual thing going?”

Kenzie smiles, “Well that a blunt way to put that, but sure.” Kenzie stands and follows me to the bed. While she walks, she tugs down her sheer panties. I lay back on her bed, while Kenzie straddles my face, her bare pussy just out of reach of my tongue. I spread her outer lips, revealing more of her soft inner lips than is normally visible. I then begin to lick her wet pussy while she takes my cock in her mouth for the second time that day.

While I greedily lap at her forbidden juices, I begin to slowly circle her clit with my thumb. As Kenzie takes a breath from sucking me, she moans, “That is… keep that up…” Then she says nothing else as I feel her warm mouth once again engulf part of my cock. I work her pussy and clit alternating between using my tongue and fingering her. Soon, I feel Kenzie remove her mouth from my cock and cry out, “I’m cumming…”

I remove my mouth from Kenzie’s sweet pussy and let her enjoy her orgasm inches above me. Her fluids and cum begin to leak out as she rides it out her one hand is placed on my chest for her stability.

As her orgasm subsides, Kenzie’s fluids begin to slowly drool out of her pussy. My sister moves down my body and I see her reach a hand between her legs. She aims my cock upward as she lowers herself down on it, letting out a loud groan as it sinks inside of her. Kenzie feels a lot tighter than she normally does. I think, as Kenzie begins to work the head of my cock inside her.

Kenzie then leans forward slightly, her toned ass parting just a bit to allow me to see the base of a familiar butt plug. You little slut! I think, now knowing why Kenzie feels much tighter than normal. Kenzie begins to slowly ride my cock, taking most of my length inside her. Kenzie’s cum dribbles out of her pussy and onto my hard cock. Kenzie allows my cock to sink to the base inside her, taking it with a loud groan. She begins to slowly grind on me. Kenzie looks back at me, “Enjoying this?”

“You know it! I love how my slutty little sister wears her butt plug!” I say. Kenzie smiles at this and lifts herself off of me. She turns and faces me, once again reaching to my cock and pointing it directly at her pussy. Kenzie lowers herself down on my cock, her lips parting as my cock slips inside her. Kenzie groans as I fill her tight pussy and she begins to bounce on my cock. Kenzie alternates between slowly riding me and grinding on my cock. Her groans fill the air as the two of us enjoy the forbidden feeling of having sex.

Soon, I feel Kenzie begin to work herself to an orgasm and I feel my own building. “I’m going to cum…” I groan, trying to hold back.

Kenzie just moans, “I’m close…” With that, she begins to ride my cock furiously and just as I feel like I can’t hold off my orgasm any longer, Kenzie cums. My sister falls forward, her breasts pressing into my chest. I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock, milking me for my own cum. I shoot several strands inside my own sister’s tight snatch. As Kenzie sits up and pulls herself off of my cock, several strands of her cum mixed with mine begin to slowly ooze out of her.

“Damn Kenzie… you were so tight with the plug in…” I say, following her into the bathroom we share.

Kenzie nods, “It felt weird to be double stuffed like that but that makes what’s next easier.”

I perk up, feeling my cock begin to grow hard again, “I’m looking forward to that!”

Kenzie bahis şirketleri smiles at me over her shoulder, “I thought you would.” She reaches into a cabinet under the sink and grabs a bottle of lube. Then goes into the shower. I follow her, “Why in here?” I ask her.

Kenzie smiles, “This makes it easier to clean up the mess.” Kenzie lays on her back in the tub and lifts her legs into the air, presenting her stuffed asshole and her drooling snatch to me. Kenzie hands me the bottle of lube and I coat my now hard cock with it. Setting the bottle to the side, I grab the base of the butt plug and begin to give it a small tug. Kenzie’s tight ass grips the plug, pulling away from her body slightly as I begin to pull. Finally, Kenzie groans loudly and the thickest part of the plug slides free of her and the rest of the toy exits her ass with ease.

Kenzie’s ass is open slightly, allowing me to position my cock at the entrance to her asshole. Grabbing both of her shoulders, I slowly sink inside her, my sister’s ass taking about half of my cock in one thrust. Going slowly, I slide out slightly before easing my way deeper inside Kenzie’s ass. Kenzie’s eyes are closed and her mouth hangs open slightly, her grunts fill the air as I finally sink my cock all the way into her ass. As I’m still buried all the way in her ass, Kenzie opens her eyes, and begins to rub her clit.

“Like having your cock in your little sister’s ass?” Kenzie asks me.

I begin to slowly slide in and out, enjoying the feeling of her, “You know the answer to that.” I say, sinking to the base and beginning to kiss her lips passionately.

As our lips part, Kenzie looks me in the eyes. She begs, “Fuck my tight ass!” I begin to slide in and out of her ass once again as Kenzie returns to rubbing her engorged clit. Kenzie’s groans fill the air once again as she works her pussy and I fuck her ass. Kenzie begins to finger herself with her other hand, her fingers forcing both of our cum out of her. The cum coats her fingers, her mound, the area around her pussy and some of it has begun to dribble down onto my cock and her asshole.

Kenzie’s breathing picks up, causing her breasts to begin to heave up and down. I pull my cock from her ass and push it inside her snatch. Kenzie groans at the penetration but works her clit. The fact that she is so wet tells me she is nearing orgasm. I lean forward to her heaving breasts and gently clamp my teeth over her one nipple. This apparently pushes my sister over the edge and I release her nipple from my mouth as she cums.

Watching her face, Kenzie’s mouth forms a little O-shape and she lets out a loud groan. Her pussy squeezes my cock inside her, splattering most of the remaining cum out of her and onto both our legs and thighs. More of her cum coats my cock as she opens her eyes and begs, “Give it to me!”

I grab hold of her shoulders and begin to rapidly fuck Kenzie’s pussy. Her moans fill the air, mixing the sound of skin slapping on skin. Finally, I’m unable to hold back my cum any longer. I pull my cock from her and position myself over her moderate breasts. I blow my load, several strands of cum landing on both of her tits and her nipples. Some of it falls between and is quickly rubbed on both of them with the movements of her chest.

Finishing my orgasm, I look down at my smiling sister. The two of us smell like sweat and cum. Cum covers Kenzie’s pussy mound, part of her ass, her inner thighs and some of her tits. From her fingers and dripping off my now soft cock, there is a trail of it running up and down the middle of her stomach. Kenzie looks at me with a loving sigh, “Thank you for not going with Mom and Dad… that was so much fun.”

I smile down at her, “Any time. I love you.”

Kenzie smiles up at me, “I love you too.” I say, helping her to her feet. Suddenly, from the other room, her cell phone begins to ring loudly. “Shit… I need to get that!” Kenzie says. Can you grab my phone?”

I hurry to the other room while Kenzie cleans off her face and stands up. Looking down at it, I see a facetime call from someone named “Mark”. I toss her the phone and she picks up, careful to point the phone camera at her face only. “Hey Kenzie… why is your hair all messed up?” A male voice asks.

Kenzie smiles down at him, Hi Mark… I just worked out is all.” She lets out a small giggle.

Mark simply says back, “So Amy told me something interesting… that you were interested in going on a date sometime.”

I give my sister a confused look, but she doesn’t look up from the phone screen, “Yeah. I think that might be fun. What did you have in mind?”

The voice belonging to Mark replies, “Maybe tomorrow we catch a movie or something?”

Kenzie thinks for a second, “Let me think about it for a bit and I’ll get back to you on it.”

Mark nods, “I understand. With us going away to different colleges next year and all that now might not be the best time for something like this.”

Kenzie nods, “Yeah… Listen, I think my brother is calling me for something so I have to go see what he wants.”

Mark responds, “Alright. Let me know about tomorrow.”

Kenzie nods, “I will. See you.” Then she hangs up the phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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