The Apartment Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Mya’s Ride

I sorted my way through a stack of faded, men’s jeans to make sure that they were all in perfect condition and placed them back on the shelf with the other 500 pairs of identical pants. I sighed. As much as I had wanted this job in the beginning, it wasn’t all it was cracked up be, just sorting clothing for the men’s department of Sears. I moved over to my right and began to look through a rack of slightly darker jeans when I got a shock from a pair or freezing cold hands on the back of my neck. I gasped and spun around to find Mya standing behind me, grinning.

“You’re warm,” she giggled and gave me a kiss.

Mya and I had been going pretty steady for about two months now and the sex was more explosive than the first time, it seemed to get better every night. I pulled her close to me and rested my head on hers. I was so happy to see her.

“So what are you doing here? Come to give me a mid-afternoon blow-job?” I asked, but I wasn’t joking. I was dying for something fun to do. She played with the button on my employee shirt.

“Can’t say that’s the reason I came, my apologies, but what do you say we go out of town for the weekend?” I raised my eyebrow and smiled, this sounded promising.

“I’d say that sounds damn good. Where did you have in mind?” I asked

“Just up north. We’ll talk about it later. canlı bahis I was just passing through and decided to tell you. I should go.” She kissed me and turned to leave. “Ta.” I grabbed her coat sleeve, she turned around and looked at me. I shook my head playfully. She rolled her eyes in return.

I took her into a men’s change room and we started to kiss passionately, our hands exploring each others bodies. She moaned every time I kissed her neck and caressed her concealed breasts. My hand ventured down her curvy body and into her tight panties as I began to feel my way around her nether regions. I pressed her against the wall and began to finger her wet pussy slowly. The pleasure in Mya’s body was building as she moved her hips with my hand, exhaling a seductive breath with each movement. She was gripping me tightly and breathing heavily on my neck as her breathing became a low moan. I whispered to her to be silent, but she moaned that she just couldn’t. She began to take off my shirt and kissing my tanned back as I kept thrusting my hand into her, going slightly faster now. I could feel her cunt warming up and her juices were building as she began to climax, moaning louder.

She tried to be quiet, but the words “Oh my…. oh!” seemed to escape her and she gripped me tighter and thrust harder into my pleasuring hand. She moaned loudly a few times bahis siteleri and started to breath faster. Her erect nipples were pushed into my naked chest as she began to rub her clit while I still pleasured her pussy. She was quiet for a second or two and then, speeding up her own thrusting, let out a groan and a bunch of loud moans. I felt her juices start to flow onto my hand, lubricating everything that was being pleasured and the warmth of her own cum being rubbed over her naked clit sent her over the top, sending her into an explosive orgasm as her heavy breathing automatically became moans of intense ecstasy. She stopped trusting and panted onto my naked back.

She got on her knees and undid my pants, ready to relieve me of my erection when someone knocked on the door.

“Excuse me sir, are you finding everything okay in there?” I heard a male voice call.

“Yes. Fine.” I looked down at Mya and she didn’t know what to do. I decided not to risk getting fired and did my pants back up. She almost looked disappointed but I kissed her deeply, showing my apologies. She smiled and told me she’d meet me at my place later. She left before me and I only stayed in there long enough for my erection to go back down.


We were in the car, heading up north to a small bed she moaned and massaged them as I still kissed and licked them. bahis şirketleri I moved down her her perfect pussy and kissed in all over, doing everything but eating her out. I took of my pants and boxers so that we were both half naked with our coats and shirts.

I held her in my arms and slid my dick into her, she moaned and tilted her head back, enjoying that first plunge. I began to move back and forth, varying pressures and massaging her breasts the whole time. She panted and moaned with me and I began to speed up, going harder and harder into her.

“Deeper” she begged “Oh God, yes, ooooh.” Our bodies began to sweat as we fucked harder and harder and the car steamed up as we kept breathing and moaning. The car moved from left to right with the motion of our bodies. Mya’s moans and screams were becoming more frequent now and were getting me more and more aroused as I kept fucking her deeply.

“Oh God!” she screamed and screamed. “Ram me! Oh ram me! Yes!!! Fuck me hard!” I fucked her beautiful body as hard as I could until we both screamed together, both of our juices flowing into each other. She felt my cum shoot into her and moaned loudly. I kept thrusting gently, just to get rid of the last of the cum and we fell asleep in that position, my cock still in her wet vagina, throbbing from the wet, intense orgasm we had both had. In the morning, we put out pants back on and began to walk to the nearest gas station, which was, as it turns out, not that far away. That car ride was only the beginning, compared to what would happen in the bed & breakfast room…

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